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Granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister dies after Israeli doctors fought to save her life

By Mason White 5:10 PM November 28, 2013
Ismael Haniyeh with his granddaughter Amal 

By: Sarah Weiss
The 1-year-old granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister has died after a long illness, according to a statement released by the leaders of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli doctors tried to save the child’s life last week, but they failed in their efforts.

Ismael Haniyeh agreed to transfer his granddaughter to Israel, in a last-ditch effort to save her life.

The girl was taken to Israel in serious condition, but was returned to the Gaza Strip a day later after Israeli doctors determined that they could not help her.

A statement from Haniyeh’s office said that the girl, Amal, died in a children’s hospital in Gaza on Wednesday.

Amal’s father, wrote on his Facebook page that she had suffered brain damage.

Haniyeh’s office declined to comment about his granddaughter seeking treatment in Israel, but a friend of the family said the move had no political significance.

Hamas and Israel are enemies and there is little travel between the two territories, but Gazans often receive medical treatment in Israel.