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Man called ‘big fat Jewish slob’ because his dog barked

By Mason White 12:58 PM November 29, 2013
Dogs fighting illustration 

By: John Roberts
A Jewish man is demanding justice after he was racially attacked during an argument over a barking dog.

Now, a senior citizen, who told the Jewish man “Hitler was right” does not have to apologize because he has done nothing wrong, an Australian court has ruled.

Kenneth Dingle, 70, hurled the abuse on Michael Bennett, calling him a “big fat Jewish slob” and saying “Hitler was right about you motherf***ers.”

The outburst came as Dingle was walking his two dogs in a park in Berwick.

There was a commotion with their dogs after Dingle’s dog caused Bennett to fall.

“Dingle entered into a verbal tirade. He had a lot of bad words,” Bennett told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

He said that when Dingle started walking away he began making the anti-Semitic comments.

Bennett said he was traumatized by the incident, and that he was undergoing therapy.

Dingle admitted to losing his temper, but strongly denied making any racially charged comments.

“I admit calling him an a**hole and a pig, but that’s it,” Dingle said.

The court however, ruled that Dingle had not incited hatred, therefore, he had not violated the Racial Act and Religious Tolerance law.