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Cat seen on video visiting a pet shop every day

By Mason White 8:45 AM November 1, 2013
Cat inside pet shop 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) In recent months a cat has been visiting pet stores in the United Kingdom every day.

Every day at 9:00 a.m., the adorable cat sits outside the Boston, Lincolnshire pet shop, waiting for workers to open the store.

A video shows the cat named Graham, sitting in front of the automatic doors of the store, waiting to be let in.

Once inside, the cat walks around and stops to look at the pets in their enclosures.

“Sometimes the cat sits on the carpet and greets customers as they arrive,” Store manager Vicky Coker said.

“The animals here don’t react to him. They’re not scared at all. They are protected in their cages so it cannot cause them any harm,” George Tarbox, 19, who has worked at the store for five months, said.

“At first we discouraged Graham from entering the store, but it kept coming back. We did not think it would be good to keep shooting it out, as pets are always welcome here,” Tarbox added.

Graham spends hours in the shop. Employees occasionally feed it treats to stop the cat from stealing the products that are for sale. They also allow the cat to play with toys that are not for sale.

The cat has become a celebrity at the store with the customers.

It is believed that the cat has an owner, because it has a collar. Staff members have no idea who the cat belongs to.

Graham never spends the night at the store, as it has a motion activated alarm that would go off.

Instead, they place the cat outside at the end of the day and the cat finds its way home to its owner, whoever that is.

“I always say ‘see you tomorrow’” Tarbox said. “We know that it will be back,” he said.