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Pilot seen on video opening beer with helicopter

By Mason White 9:06 AM November 1, 2013
Pilot opens beer with helicopter 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) What a cool way to open a beer bottle.

Pilots in China, used helicopters to open beer bottles mounted on poles as part of a contest to show their control over the aircraft.

The challenge was to remove the top of a beer bottle with a can opener that was attached to a pole on the helicopter.

The challenge involved removing the cover, but it had to be done without damaging the bottle.

For the final event of a three-day tournament, Chinese helicopter pilots had eight minutes to open five bottles of beer.

“The game mainly tested pilots’ manipulation of the helicopter. We have to get the bottle opener as close to the beer bottle as possible,” pilot and competitor Wang Xuefei said.

Unfortunately, the pilot in the video failed in his quest to win the title this year, as it was decided that the bottle he opened was too damaged to qualify for any points.

The winner of the competition, pilot Zhang Zhiqiang, managed to open three of the five bottles in the required time.