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Teacher, mother of 6, sentenced to 8 years in prison for having sex with students

By Mason White 12:31 PM November 6, 2013
Jamila Williams 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A math teacher has pleaded guilty to having sex with her students.

Jamila Williams, 36, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been sentenced to at least eight years in prison after she had sex with four teenage students.

Williams was sentenced to between 8 and 15 years in prison after she admitted to four counts of criminal sexual misconduct in relation to sexual encounters with two 15-year-olds and two 16-year-old students.

In exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors agree to drop three counts of criminal sexual conduct against her.

Williams, who is a mother of 6, four of which are her biological children and two are step children all between the ages of three and 19, is banned from having unsupervised contact with children under 16-years-old.

Williams taught in the Grand Rapids University Prep Academy when the incidents took place.

Investigators said Williams had sex with children in a number of different places that included her classroom, a victim’s home, a restaurant and a car.

At Kent County Circuit Court, the teacher apologized for her crimes, but she denied the accusation that she preyed on her victims.

“I don’t feel sorry for you,” Judge Paul Sullivan said during sentencing. “You brought this on yourself and you are smart enough to know different,” the judge added.