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Woman ordered to repay child support after lying about boyfriend being her baby’s father

By Mason White 1:02 PM November 7, 2013
Regina Zima and Joseph Mazhinji Marikite 

By: David Ross
A court ordered a woman to pay back the money she received as child support from her former boyfriend after it turned out the child was not his.

Regina Zima of South Africa, petitioned the court to order her child’s father to pay child support.

Joseph Mazhinji Marikite, 36, of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, told the court that he has doubts about the child bein ghis, as Zima cheated on him.

Regardless of his claims, the court ordered Marikite to pay $60 a month child support for his former girlfriend’s son, who is now 4-years-old.

$60 a month is a significant amount of money in Zimbabwe, as the average salary is about $200 a month.

Now, Marikite demanded that his former girlfriend return more than $700 of child support money after a paternity test proved that he is not the father of her child.

Bulawayo judge Victor Mpofu, cancelled the child support order and then ordered the woman to make a payment plan to repay her former boyfriend for the money she wrongfully obtained by deceiving him.

Zima is employed by the Ministry of Health. She works at the Ingutsheni Central Hospital where she earns $280 a month.

Zima still believes that Marikite is her child’s father.

Although Zima made ​​a commitment to return the money to her former boyfriend, she wants a second round of DNA testing because she is not convinced that the results, which were done at the Unistel Medical Laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa, were accurate.