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Kindergarten student, 5, sexually assaults classmates in school bathroom

By Mason White 2:47 PM November 10, 2013
River Roads Lutheran School 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A 5-year-old boy is accused of raping several of his classmates.

Parents are outraged after a school kept quiet and allowed a young boy to stay in school after he sexually assaulted his classmates.

Parents claim that the River Roads Lutheran School in Houston, Texas, knew about the abuse and chose not to deal with the issue.

Tamara Wilson said she was shocked when her son came home from school claiming that another 5-year-old performed oral sex on him.

“I was devastated. I was in shock, and I had him repeat it three times,” Wilson said.

Another parent, Channa Hyster, said the same boy assaulted her son earlier this year.

Hyster said that she reported the incident to the school after her son complained that the same 5-year-old boy performed oral sex on her son, but the school ignored the situation.

The school’s spokesperson responded by saying that they had no knowledge of Hyster’s claims, but admitted to having more recent allegations of sexual abuse against the 5-year-old.

The spokesperson said that the incident between the two students was “serious and troubling in nature.”

The spokesperson also claims that the school acted quickly, all while protecting the privacy of the kids.

Parents do not believe that any action has been taken against the abuser because the abuse did not stop and other children were victimized since the time the school was made aware of the crimes.

Parents are calling on police to investigate the school.