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Woman caught hiding another person’s urine inside her private parts

By Mason White 12:07 PM November 12, 2013
Jade Cullen 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman was arrested after her probation officer discovered that she was hiding another person’s urine.

Jade Cullen, 26, of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, was jailed on Monday, after she hid the urine of another person inside her vagina during a drug test.

Cullen was reporting for a drug test at the Monroe County Courthouse on Monday. Her probation officer realized that she was shaking abnormally in her seat.

The officer then realized that she had something between her legs.

A thorough examination revealed that Cullen hid a condom inside her vagina. The condom was filled with clean urine from another person.
Cullen later admitted that she tried to falsify the urine test because she had inhaled heroin earlier in the month.

Earlier, Cullen was sentenced to prison for 6 to 23 months on child endangerment and drug charges.

She was released on parole to attend drug rehabilitation, Monroe County detectives said.

Cullen was ordered to meet with a probation officer and submit to random drug testing when she was released.

She violated her parole less than a month later by doing drugs again, authorities said.

Cullen was booked at the Monroe County Correctional Facility, and was charged with possession of an instrument of crime and furnishing drug-free urine.