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Woman calls police to report drunk people inside a bar, but she was the only one to be arrested

By Mason White 12:08 PM November 12, 2013
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By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman claimed that she was a good Samaritan and a concerned citizen when she called police to report drunk people inside a bar.

The Florida woman was arrested after she called 911 to report that there was too much drinking going on at her neighborhood bar.

Mary Jaggers, 58, called police dispatchers six times on Monday, to report the presence of intoxicated people at Artie’s Sportsman Lounge in Hollywood, Florida.

Jaggers wanted all bar patrons arrested as they might be driving drunk after leaving the bar.

Officials finally came to the bar and arrested Jaggers.

She was charged with abusing the 911 system.

During a search, they found hydrocodone on the woman and charged her with drug possession.

Jaggers appeared in court on Tuesday, and told the judge that she made repeated calls to 911 because she did not want people to drive home while they were drunk.

Broward Circuit Court Judge John Hurley ordered Jaggers to stay away from Artie’s Sportsman Lounge and from alcohol in general.

“I have a feeling that the mixture between Artie’s Sportsman Lounge and the hydrocodone probably led to her calling 911,” the judge said.