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Female pianist faces 7 years jail for driving neighbor crazy with her music

By Mason White 3:30 PM November 13, 2013
Laia Martin and her parents in court 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A woman is facing time in prison after she played music in her own home.

The professional pianist in Spain, is on trial and is facing a 7 year jail term, for playing her piano many hours each day, which gave her neighbor no peace.

The pianist, Laia Martin, 28, is accused of making too much noise and causing psychological injuries to her neighbor.

The charges came after her neighbor suffered hearing loss, a stressful pregnancy and other psychological issues from the accessive music played by Martin.

Martin is said to have played her piano forty hours a week, and she allegedly played it louder than the law allows.

Martin played her piano eight hours a day, five days a week, according to her former neighbor Puigcerda Girona.

Prosecutors are seeking punishment for crimes against the environment, noise pollution and the psychological damage caused to her neighbor, who was identified as Sonia B.

Defense attorneys for the musician, have asked that the judge to dismiss the case, describing the complaint as “totally disproportionate.”

Their request was denied.

Martin’s parents, who are also facing charges as accomplices, deny the claims of Sonia B.

Medical reports indicate that Sonia B. suffered hearing damage, panic attacks and problems during her pregnancy as a result of “environmental auditory stress.”

In addition to the prison sentence, prosecutors are trying to have Laia Martin banned from playing at any profession that involves a piano for four years. They also want her to pay a fine of 10,800 euros (about $14,400) and damages of 9,900 euros (about $13,200).

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