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Teen kills his father for saying that he couldn’t handle Megan Fox in bed

By Mason White 1:41 PM November 17, 2013
Jason Beckman and his father Jay Beckman 

By: John Roberts
A teen was offended when his father made fun of his manhood.

The teen claimed his father told him that he would not be able to handle Megan Fox in bed.

In a fit of rage, Jason Beckman, then 17, of South Miami, Florida,
grabbed a gun and shot his father to death.

The teen waited until his father, Jay Beckman, 52, who was a South Miami city commissioner, went to the shower to kill him.

Beckman was arrested for murder and was held without bail.

Beckman told his cellmate, Michael Nistal, that during a conversation with his father about the actress Megan Fox, his father told him that he “wouldn’t know what to do with that.”

Beckman, who talked openly for years about his hatred against his father, grew enraged by this insult.

“He took a shotgun, and shot his father in the face and neck,” the cellmate told authorities.

Beckman was charged with first-degree murder.

His defense attorneys suggested that the shooting was accidental.