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Woman fractures skull of mistress after finding her husband in the woman’s car

By Mason White 6:18 AM November 22, 2013
Beatriz Angela Fernandez 

By: Shifra Unger
A woman went wild when she saw her husband in a car with another woman.

Beatriz Angela Fernandez, 37, of Lakeville, Minnesota, was arrested after she beat her husband’s mistress with an iron baseball bat.

Fernandez faces charges of second-degree assault after police said she rammed the back of the woman’s vehicle, eventually causing it to spin out.

Her husband managed to run away.

When Fernandez was unable to get to her husband, she took out her anger at the woman who was driving the car.

Police were dispatched to the scene after a passerby reported a female assaulting another woman.

The victim suffered a skull fracture after being hit with the bat.

The victim was able to tell police that Fernandez hit her before fleeing the scene in her white Saturn.

Officers found Fernandez in Hastings, with an open bottle of wine and pills in her vehicle.

Fernandez’s husband told police that the two were still married, but he had moved out of the home and was now dating the victim.