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Man returns from trip to find his parents laying flowers on his grave

By Mason White 12:48 PM November 27, 2013
Man laying flowers at grave illustration 

By: Moses Gold
A couple was standing over their son’s fresh grave and grieving the loss when their son, who went missing for a long time, arrived.

Police found a body in a forest near the border of Ukraine, and they identified the body as Jaroslaw Carolinski, 38, from Siedliska, Poland.

His parents identified him at the morgue, and Carolinski was officially pronounced dead.

As the couple paid their final respects and laid flowers on his grave, their son suddenly showed up.

Seeing his parents standing at “his” grave, he said: “Hi Mom and Dad, I’m back.”

His mother fainted when she saw him. Mr. Carolinski said the whole incident was surreal.

Although they were shocked, his parents were both surprised and delighted to see me.

It all began two years ago, when Carolinski went “soul searching,” but left without telling his parents of his plans.

His parents, who haven’t heard from their son in a long time, were sure that their missing son was gone forever, until he showed up at his grave.

Officials are now working to determine who was actually buried in the grave.