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Man rapes teen before killing her brother and mother because police were looking for him

By Mason White 1:50 PM December 2, 2013
Scene of the crime 

By: John Roberts
A man raped a teen inside her home, according to police reports.

However, if that was not enough, the suspect later returned and killed the teen’s mother and brother, prosecutors said.

Guyana Police are searching for the man they say raped a 13-year-old girl near a rural mining town in the South American country.

Police spokesperson Ivelaw Whittaker said on Saturday, that 33-year-old Molly James and her 15-year-old son Aaron, were stabbed to death at their farm near Linden.

The police spokesperson also said the man, who had fled after raping the girl, later returned to kill her family after learning that police were looking for him.

Whittaker said that the girl survived because she fled from the home after being sexually assaulted.