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Man freed after claiming he had no choice but to drive drunk

By Mason White 6:18 AM December 5, 2013
Breathalyzer test illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A man was acquitted of drunk driving charges after he claimed he had no choice but to drive drunk, according to court proceedings in Canada.

The Nova Scotia man successfully argued a drunk driving necessity defense after stating that he had no choice but to drive an injured friend to the hospital last year.

Roger Pleau and his friend Eldon Deegan were drinking beer in Deegan’s apartment in Upper Nappan, while their wives went out to play bingo in Amherst.

Pleau and Deegan went out to smoke a cigarette. The apartment was on the second floor of a complex. Deegan stumbled down the stairs, cut his scalp in an iron railing and sustained a concussion.

The men were locked out of the apartment building, and the two keys to the building, the main and the spare, were with their wives. None of them had a cell phone.

Deegan was incoherent and having trouble breathing. Pleau, 54, from Maccan, panicked and drove his friend to a local hospital, according to court documents.

In the hospital, the nurse noticed that Pleau was drunk so she called police.