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Two pastors accused of engaging in ritual killings and selling body parts

By Mason White 7:13 PM December 7, 2013
One of the suspects 

By: Shifra Unger
Six people including two pastors were arrested and charged with murder after they were accused of engaging in ritual killings, according to police reports in Nigeria.

The Nkwerre Vigilante Network said that they arrested a gang of six men, who engaged in selling human body parts for rituals and transplants.

The men confessed to kidnapping victims across the state and using them for religious rituals. Some body parts were sold to people who were in need of transplants.

The men, who work in construction, admitted to selling body parts for up to $6,500.

The men took police to their hiding place, which was located in a forest in the Nkwerre Umugara Village, where they performed some of the ritual killings.

There, police found the decomposing bodies of some of their victims, mostly women and children.