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Naked Utah man bites police dog in Costco parking lot

By Mason White 6:05 AM December 11, 2013
Officer Todd Zahlmann and his partner K-9 Lobo 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man refused to surrender to police, and decided to bite the police dog that attempted to subdue him, according to police reports in Utah.

In most criminal cases, when the suspect faces a police dog, there is an immediate surrender, but a naked man in a parking lot in West Valley City decided that he was not going down without a fight.

Officer Todd Zahlmann and his partner K-9 Lobo, were called to the local Costco, where Zahlmann faced a naked man pulling the gas pumps.

“I told him that I have a police dog, but he didn’t care and came charging at me,” the police officer said.

Lobo was released from the police vehicle, and when he bit the suspect, he retaliated by biting the dog’s neck.

Other officers who arrived at the scene tasered the man and arrested him. Lobo’s injuries were not serious.

According to court documents, Erasmo Garcia-Serna was arrested and was charged with interfering with a police animal, lewdness, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.