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Man jailed for telling his girlfriend he was mugged after spending his cash at the bar

By Mason White 11:03 AM December 12, 2013
Christopher Kimberley 

By: Moses Gold
A man was arrested, charged and convicted of perverting the course of justice after making up a story about a mugging so his girlfriend wouldn’t get angry, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

Christopher Kimberley decided to go out with friends to a local bar, and managed to empty his bank account buying drinks.

Later, he worried that his girlfriend would get angry because he spent all the money on drinks, so the 24-year-old decided to lie, saying that his money was stolen.

The lie spiraled out of control. Kimberley said that his boss, Jamie Cox, was the mugger.

He stated that Cox took his bank card, demanded cash and stole all the money from the account.

The man’s girlfriend and her father reported the story to the police. Cox was arrested and interrogated.

Kimberley stuck to his story, while his boss was questioned and detained in a police cell for 12 hours.

The baffled Cox told police that Kimberley must have made ​​up the story to avoid problems with his girlfriend.

However, investigators realized that the money came out of the account before he was allegedly mugged.

Now, Kimberley has been jailed for wasting police time after he pleaded guilty to intending to pervert the course of public justice and fraud.

Kimberley has since apologized to Cox.