Pennsylvania rabbi charged with seriously injuring baby ‘with total disregard’ during circumcision

Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg 
By: Sarah Weiss

A rabbi is facing accusations of seriously injuring a baby during a ritual circumcision, according to a new lawsuit filed this week.

The Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania rabbi, caused a life changing and catastrophic injury for an 8-day-old boy, the boy’s parents claim in the civil lawsuit.

The family’s attorney called the incident unimaginable.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday states that Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, 54, performed a ritual circumcision on the child April 28, as required by Jewish custom.

Rosenberg is an Orthodox Jewish mohel or ritual circumciser.

“Rosenberg acted with total disregard for the boy,” according to the lawsuit.

The parents, who witnessed what happened to their son, rushed him to Children's Hospital for emergency surgery and reconstructive leech therapy.

Leeches help a body accept parts that were reattached by promoting blood flow and tissue regeneration. The baby required several visits.