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Female army officer faces jail for saving pregnant cat

By Mason White 12:17 PM December 24, 2013
Cat illustration 

By: Moses Gold
A female army officer is facing jail after saving a pregnant cat, according to military court proceedings in Italy.

The medical officer in the Italian army, is being prosecuted for saving the life of the pregnant cat while on duty at a NATO base in Kosovo.

According to the indictment filed by the military prosecutor, “Lt. Barbara Balanzoni violated a written order not to approach or be approached by wild animals, stray or unaccompanied near the Army installation known as the Italian Village.”

Lt. Balanzoni was charged with gross insubordination for disobeying the order, signed by the commanding officer of the base in May 2012.

If convicted, she faces a minimum prison sentence of one year.

Balanzoni helped a pregnant cat that ran into complications during birth. There was no veterinarian on base.