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Drunk man seen impaled on top of spiked metal fence outside bar

By Mason White 12:36 PM December 24, 2013
The man impaled on metal spike 

By: Eva Fett
A drunk man who was desperate to get his hands on some more alcoholic drinks, climbed over a spiked metal fence, according to rescue workers in the United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, the 30-year-old remained in good spirits as he hung waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

He did not even make it into this particular bar because he had been refused entry at the door.

The man ran into trouble after trying to climb the fence in order to get into the bar.

An ambulance and firefighters were called to the bar to rescue the Wellingborough drunk. The man said that he could not feel any pain despite the fact that the metal spike had gone through his lower leg.

After a half an hour, the fence was cut into seven parts, and the party animal was transported to Northampton General Hospital.

“The man was silly because the back door was open, so he really didn’t have to climb over the fence to get in undetected,” a witness at the scene said. The incident occurred at the fiddler’s lounge.