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Female banker cuts off her husband’s privates because she refused to give her money

By Mason White 12:23 PM December 25, 2013
Female banker illustration 

By: Eva Fett
A woman was arrested and charged with assault after she cut off her husband’s privates because he refused to give her money, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Lagos State Police said that a local female banker has been arrested on Tuesday, after being accused of assault.

The incident occurred on Monday at 2:00 a.m., at their home, which is located at 99 Falolu Street in Surulere.

The woman became angry after he refused to give her money because she threatened to kill him.

The victim, Olamilekan Idowu Daniji, 34, said that his wife of three years, Nofisat, woke him up from his sleep and threatened to kill him.

“At first, I thought armed robbers broke into our house because she hit me hard. I woke up and realized that she is holding my privates. It was like a movie,” Daniji said.

Before I could say anything, she cut my private part. “I saw blood all over, I cried and she told me ‘you are going to die.’ She left me and fled from the house,” Daniji also said.

Daniji was rushed to a private hospital in Surulere by family members.

The victim filed a complaint with Surulere Police, and the woman was arrested.