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Texas police Taser boy into coma while he was trying to break up fight between girls at school

By Mason White 11:30 AM December 29, 2013
Noe Nino de Rivera 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A boy was left in serious condition after being Tasered by a police officer because he was trying to break up a fight between girls, according to a lawsuit filed in a Texas court.

The 17-year-old boy is in a coma after being Tasered last week by a police officer in a school hallway after he tried to stop a fight between two girls.

Noe Nino de Rivera had intervened to stop a fight between girls at Cedar Creek High School, according to his mother, Maria Acosta.

Bastrop County Deputy Randy McMillan, arrived on the scene and Tasered Rivera, who fell on his face and was knocked unconscious.

McMillan reportedly handcuffed the unconscious boy, who had only been trying to help the situation.

Rivera‘s devastated mother is now suing the Bastrop County School District and McMillan, who works as a school resource officer.
She claims in the lawsuit that school officials delayed medical assistance to her son despite the fact that her son was in an obvious state of medical emergency.

The teenager was airlifted to St. David’s Medical Center, where he immediately underwent surgery to repair a severe brain hemorrhage. He was also placed in a medical induced coma.

Rivera remains in a coma, and was unable to communicate with his family since his hospitalization, according to the lawsuit.

The mother said that the police officer was never in danger, and the defendant kept working at the school, even after he shot a student with a Taser last year.

That created an “immediate danger” that led to the injury of her son, the mother said in her lawsuit.

She is seeking damages and medical expenses for excessive force, lack of training and discipline, and civil rights and Education Code violations.