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Peyton Manning responds to random fan’s wedding invitation

By Mason White 3:47 PM December 4, 2013
The invitation response 

By: Sarah Weiss
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Brides put in a lot of effort to perfect their wedding guest list.

They want to make sure to include close friends, family and loved ones.

One bride, Anna Bozard of Virginia, decided to invite her favorite football star to share in her special day.

Bozard has been a Peyton Manning fan all her life, so when the time came for her wedding, there was no doubt that she was inviting him, although she said that she knew there was only a 25 percent chance that he will actually respond.

She sent him an invitation, but she did not get her hopes up.

On Monday, five weeks after the card was due, and three weeks after the wedding, she received a written response from the Denver Broncos quarterback.

The excited bride opened the envelope to find that Manning had filled the RSVP card.

Although he checked the box that said “respectfully decline” he added “Best Wishes” and signed his name, along with his No. 18.

“I’ve always liked watching him and admired the wonderful person he was,” Bozard said. “Getting the response totally sealed my thoughts about him. He is a person of good character and good heart,” she said.

“I’m so excited that he took the time to do it, I’ll put it in a nice frame,” Bozard said.