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Smartphone application allows kids to control movements of live cockroach

By Mason White 11:40 AM December 9, 2013
The RoboRoach 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Kids can now control the movement of a cockroach through a smartphone application.

While some see the technology as a teaching device, other call it animal cruelty.

The Backyard Brains company said that their product called RoboRoach, is designed to teach children about neuroscience.

The live, remote-controlled cockroach, allows children to learn through controlling the movements of the insect.

RoboRoach works by attaching a backpack to the cockroach.

The cockroach’s antennas are cut and a hole is put through its thorax with a needle.

Electrodes are then attached to the insect.

This allows one to control the movements of the cockroach from left to right using a smartphone application.

The costs for the Roboroach is $99. It comes complete with an electronic gadget and the insect.