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Man selling human skull for $19,000 arrested after dialing wrong number

By Mason White 6:35 PM December 14, 2013
Musa Ibrahim Kamuku with the skull 

By: Moses Gold
A man was trying to sell a human head, but he accidentally called the wrong person.

Musa Ibrahim Kamuku, 23, of Niger, Nigeria, was arrested after a human head was found in his possession.

Kamuku was looking forward to making a lot of money when he called his client to set up a time and place to sell the human head.

However, he made one crucial mistake when he dialed the wrong number.

The number belonged to Abdullahi Akayaga, the former Chairman of Nigerian Union of Teachers.

Kamuku called the former union leader and urged him to get the money ready as he had gotten the kind of human head that he wanted.

Akayaga played along and pretended to know what the man was talking about. They decided on a meeting place, and the chairman promised to have the N3 million ($19,000) ready.

Akayaga immediately alerted police about his telephone conversation between him and the suspect. Police were ready for the man at the predetermined location.

Kamuku was arrested with the skull in his possession.