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Selfies on Instagram lead man to be charge with 142 felonies

By Mason White 2:34 PM December 16, 2013
Dupree Johnson 

By: David Ross
Be careful what you post online as it can be used against you.

Dupree Johnson, 19, learned this the hard way, when his selfies was used by police to get a warrant to search his house.

A sheriff in Palm Beach County, Florida, came across the Instagram page of Johnson.

Noting that Johnson had a criminal record that included theft, robbery and illegal possession of a firearm, the deputy decided to look more closely at his photos.

The officer found many incriminating selfie images of Johnson.

Based on the photos, authorities issued a search warrant for Johnson’s house in Lake Worth.

Deputies found many stolen items including a Glock, a loaded 9mm pistol, along with $250,000 in stolen jewelry and electronics.

Investigators believe that Johnson may have been one of several people responsible for up to 40 burglaries in communities, which are geared towards people who are 55 years and older in Boynton Beach.

By the time the authorities arrested Johnson, they were able to charge him with 142 felony counts.

Johnson is behind bars in lieu of $60,000 bail.

His Instagram page “Duce22ceritfied” with all those incriminating photos no longer works.