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Man sentenced to life in prison over loud video game incident

By Mason White 12:32 PM December 17, 2013
Alex Koser (left) Eric Brandon wife Patricia (right) 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A man was annoyed when his stepson played his video game too loudly.

Instead of dealing with the situation, he shot his stepson, causing him to end up in prison for life.

Eric Brandon, 48, married his wife Patricia, and lived with her and her son in Milton, Georgia.

One day, when 16-year-old Alex Koser and a friend were playing video games too loudly, Brandon asked them to keep it down.

However, when the teens continued to play loudly, Brandon pulled his gun and fired three shots, killing his stepson.

Before shooting the teen, Brandon vented his frustration on Facebook.

“Flipping out! Our oldest pulled another stupid move. I’m really losing my patience!” He wrote the night he killed his stepson.

The jury took just 25 minutes to find him guilty of all charges.

Brandon, who is a former United States soldier, then called 911 and told emergency workers that had killed his stepson.

Koser was pronounced dead at the scene. His mother was out shopping at the time of the murder.

Brandon was sentenced to life plus five years in prison after being convicted of murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

Koser’s friends in Alpharetta High School said that the boy had complained that he and his stepfather were always arguing.