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Girl dies on street after pharmacist refuses to give her EpiPen without prescription

By Mason White 12:25 PM December 25, 2013
Caroline and her daughter Emma Sloan 

By: Moses Gold
A family outing ended in tragedy after a teen girl did not have her essential medicine with her when she had an allergic reaction.

Emma Sloan, 14, of Dublin, Ireland, died after a pharmacy refused to give her mother an EpiPen that would have saved her from an allergic reaction to peanuts.

The family was eating at a Chinese restaurant when the teen ordered what she thought was curry sauce.

The sauce turned out to have been made with peanuts. Shortly thereafter, Sloan began to have a severe allergic reaction.

The girl’s mother, Caroline Sloan, 40, ran to the corner pharmacy to ask for an EpiPen.

The EpiPen is an injection of adrenaline, which would have reversed the effects of the allergic reaction, saving Sloan’s life.

The pharmacist however, refused to hand over an EpiPen without a prescription, and told the mother to rush her daughter to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Emma Sloan collapsed on the ground in an anaphylactic shock surrounded by her two sisters and a crowd of onlookers.

After being refused an EpiPen by the pharmacist, Carolina Sloan tried to take her daughter to the nearest hospital, but was not able to get that far.

A doctor, who was passing by, tried to assist in saving the girl, but the rescue attempt was unsuccessful.

The 14-year-old girl succumbed to the reaction and died in front of her broken-hearted family members.

Caroline Sloan is furious that her pleas were ignored by the pharmacist.

“My daughter has always been very careful, and she would check the ingredients of each bar of chocolate and other foods to make sure they do not contain nuts,” Caroline said.

Both, the police and the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, are investigating the tragic death of the young girl.