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Man publicly wrestles with wife after she belittles him for getting lost with GPS

By Mason White 6:12 PM December 28, 2013
Man seen sitting on top of his wife 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A man became frustrated when his wife would not stop nagging him when he was lost on the road.

Police had to intervene in the dispute between the woman and her husband in Hangzhou, China.

Police were called after onlookers saw a man sitting on top of his wife while she tried to push him off of her.

The two began to fight in public after the woman would not stop nagging him about driving the wrong direction despite using his GPS.

When police arrived, they had to forcibly restrain the husband in order to stop him from fighting with his wife, who was annoying him.

“I went the wrong direction after following the GPS and she had been complaining about it for the entire drive,” the man told police.

The couple has been arguing constantly for a while and were contemplating divorce, but they decided to stay together for the sake of their son.

However, after their latest fight, which has been uploaded to the Internet for all to see, the woman said she might just seek a divorce.