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Police detective caught recording his stepdaughter taking showers

By Mason White 12:35 PM December 29, 2013
Keith Tabron  

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A woman was disgusted when she found out that her husband was secretly recording her daughter in the shower and in her bedroom.

Detective Keith Tabron, 51, was named the “Detective of the Year” in Washington D.C.

Now, he has lost his job and his wife after he has pleaded guilty to secretly recording his adult stepdaughter as she undressed.

Metropolitan Police Department Detective Tabron pleaded guilty on Thursday, to multiple counts of video surveillance with prurient intent.

Authorities said that the victim moved into the home with her mother and stepfather after she fell on hard times.

The victim told investigators that she realized she was being spied on when she found fresh paint in her bathroom wall.

Upon closer inspection, she found a camera, which was pointed toward the shower.

She called a cousin, who found a second camera in her bedroom.

They tracked the cables back to Tabron’s home office.

The victim now believes that she has been spied on for 9 months.

Tabron has been suspended from the D.C. police without pay.

Tabron pleaded guilty to the charges, and received a 5 year suspended sentence and 5 years of probation, Prince George County State Attorney’s Office spokesperson Gina Ford said.

Tabron joined the police force in 1990, and was named “Detective of the Year” for using his excellent interviewing skills to bring closure to crimes.

In one case, he got a suspect to confess to 28 burglaries.

Now, the tables had turned, and it was Tabron who confessed to a crime.