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Cheating police officer kills himself when girlfriend breaks up with him

By Mason White 2:46 PM December 30, 2013
New York police car illustration 

By: John Roberts
A police officer was devastated when his girlfriend would not forgive him after she caught him cheating.

Michael Williams, 24, of Long Island, New York, shot at his girlfriend on Friday, at their home, hitting her in her ankle before turning the gun on himself.

Officer Michael Williams, who joined the New York Police Department about 5 months before the incident, was distraught that his girlfriend, who was the mother of his child, left him over his infidelity, police sources said.

On Friday, at about 7:35 p.m., his girlfriend came to their apartment to take some of her belongings.

As the woman, who was not identified, went out with some of her clothes, Williams shot at her with his gun.

She was able to escape and called 911.

Sadly, when an officer arrived at the apartment, he found Williams dead.

He apparently died of a gunshot wound to the head.

He was lying face down on the floor of his bedroom, the source said.

May he rest in peace.