Man arrested after showing photo of himself holding baby and gun

Domonic Gaines
By: Shifra Unger
A man was arrested and charged after posting a photo of himself holding his baby along with a gun, according to police reports in Ohio.
The Ohio father was arrested after police said he posted a picture on facebook of himself with his baby daughter and a pellet gun, according to press reports.

Domonic Gaines, 22, was charged with child neglect. Police told a television news station that the proximity of the child to the gun in the photo is of concern. Gaines was initially believed to be holding a firearm in the photo, according to previous reports.

Gaines was in court Monday and called the incident a misunderstanding. I was playing with the gun while visiting relatives, he said. His lawyer said Gaines’ former wife saw the photo and alerted authorities, according to court records.

"What had happened was that he was with his nephews and his daughter, everyone was playing. He was playing with a BB gun with his nephews. His brother came and wanted to take a picture of him with his daughter at the same time he was holding the BB gun," his lawyer told the television news station.

Dykes Wilson, the girl's grandfather, told the television news station that the issue has been exaggerated.

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Missing Australian teen survives alone in the woods for 2 months

By: David Ross
Matthew Allen
A teen survived despite being lost in the woods alone for two months, according to press reports in Australia.

The Australian teen, who is 18-years-old, was found alive after surviving more than two months in the woods in northern Sydney.

Matthew Allen was reported missing after he did not return home in late November, according to the Australian press. Despite extensive searches by police and emergency workers, there was no sign of the teen.

Allen did not take along his phone or access his bank accounts while he was away, so his family feared the worst.
But last Saturday, two hikers found Allen lying in dense growths. He had lost half his body weight, was extremely disoriented and covered with insects and leeches, according to police.

Officials also said that Allen was suffering from gangrene in the lower legs and feet.
A rescue helicopter took the dehydrated teen to a local hospital, where he was reunited with his family.
"His family is delighted that he is alive and well," Detective Inspector Glyn Baker, told the local television news station.

Despite the severe exhaustion, Allen was able to tell his rescuers that he had only survived by drinking the water of a stream that was almost dry. During the two months he was missing, Sydney temperatures experienced a record heat wave.
Police believe there is more to the story, but have not yet had the opportunity to talk to Allen about what happened to him in the woods.

New York police officer dies of heart attack during drug bust

New York City police cars 
A police officer’s heart couldn't take the stress of a drug bust, according to police reports in New York.
The New York Police Department narcotics sergeant died of an apparent heart attack, while in the streets doing a buy-and-bust in Brooklyn.

Sergeant Patrick Divers, a 25-year veteran assigned to Brooklyn North Narcotics, was in a police car near Myrtle and Nostrand Avenues, when he suffered the heart attack at about 10:30 am, sources said.
Divers died shortly afterwards at Woodhull Medical Center.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly rushed to the hospital to talk with the fellow sergeant, who was 51-years-old and the family.

As his body was moved from the hospital, uniformed officers lined up to greet the officer who made ​​more than 1,000 arrests and won 35 awards in his career for excellent and meritorious police work.
Another 50 or so plainclothes police narcotics were seen leaving Woodhull,many in tears.
"It's a tragedy," an official said.

"He was a really good guy," the officer said.

"He was one of the nicest people I've ever met," said the police officer Noreen Murray, who was sworn in with Divers. "He took care of everyone and did not leave anyone out," he added.
Divers was married and had a daughter and a son.
He joined the NYPD in 1987 and was promoted to sergeant in 2003.

New York teen arrested after throwing off little boy from roof

By: John Roberts
Bronx New York street 
(Scroll down for video) A New York teen was arrested and charged after throwing off a boy from the roof of his house, according to police reports in New York.

The 9-year-old was clinging to his life after the teenage neighbor threw him off the roof of his five-story apartment building in the Bronx, police said Saturday.

The youth, Freddy Martin, cried for his mother as soon as he landed on the cold concrete sidewalk in front of his Nelson Avenue building in Morris Heights around 8:30 pm on Friday, neighbors said.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Moaned the boy lying bloodied on the floor, unable to move.
Emergency workers initially suspected that the child was seriously injured after falling from the fire escape outside his third-floor apartment, until he told a police officer that he was the victim of a crime, police said.

The boy told police during an ambulance ride to downtown New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center in upper Manhattan that a neighbor threw him off the roof, sources said.

"The boy told a police officer as they drove to the hospital, that he was launched from the roof," a source said. "The boy named the suspect," police said.
Freddy, before losing consciousness, told police that 17-year-old Aska Casmine threw him off the roof.

Investigators soon learned that the teenager, who lived on the fourth floor, took the child from his apartment and dragged him to the roof and threw him off, witnesses said.
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Man sues business owner after wife fell in love with another man at work

By: John Roberts
A man sued his wife’s employer after she fell in love with another man at work.

Ramnath Dessie, filed a lawsuit against FirstBank, in Johannesburg, South Africa, claiming that the bank was responsible for his wife’s affair with another man.

He alleged that the company was responsible for the pain and suffering that resulted from the case because his wife met the man while working at the bank.
The Judge, Willis, called the lawsuit “bizarre”. The Judge dismissed the claim and he ordered Dessie to pay the bank’s lawyer fees and court costs.

In the decision the judge wrote:
“I know that litigants can be imaginative in Johannesburg, but this one deserves a special prize, there’s no such claim recognized in our common law.I am quite confident that no matter how much judges of this division may try to develop the common law, we are not, in this country, going to start allowing awards of damages against employers because people fall in love while they are at work.
This happens all the time. It has happened and will no doubt continue to happen until the cows come home.” Judge Willis wrote.

Inventor of Etch A Sketch toy dies in France

By: Eva Fett
Etch A Sketch toy 
The inventor of the Etch A Sketch toy has died in France, a U.S. company said in a Statement.

A U.S. toy maker said that the inventor of the Etch A Sketch, the famous red toy that generations of children grew up on, shaking and starting again, has died in France.

The Ohio Art Company based in northwest Ohio, said that 86-year-old Andre Cassagnes died in a Paris suburb. The cause of death was not released.

Ohio Art President Larry Killgallon said the company will always be grateful for an invention that brought joy to so many people.
The Toy Industry Association said that Cassagnes came upon the Etch A Sketch concept in late 1950. He removed a sticker from a translucent plate light switch and found pencil marks transferred to the opposite side.

The toy, with its gray screen and red frame has two buttons that are twisted to create drawings. A shake erases the image.
The toy shot back to fame after Mitt Romney was called an Etch A sketch candidate.

Missing New York woman found dead in Turkey

By: Eva Fett
Sarai Sierra 
(Scroll down for video) A New York woman who disappeared in Turkey last week was found dead, according to press reports in Turkey.

The Turkish state news agency said that a missing New York City woman has been found dead in Istanbul, and that the police have arrested nine people in connection with the case.

Sarai Sierra, a mother of two, who is 33-years-old, disappeared while vacationing alone in Istanbul. The family last heard from her on January 21, the day she was due home again.

Her body was discovered on Saturday near the remains of some ancient city walls in a low-income neighborhood.

Police in Istanbul reported that nine people were arrested at the scene when the body was found near the ancient walls.

The local newspaper said that police have detained the people for questioning.

It gave no other information about the arrests.

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Central Park Gallery slapped with lawsuit after selling fake antiques

By: Eva Fett
Antiques market
Not everything sold at a gallery is authentic even though the gallery is located in New York City, according to a new lawsuit filed in court.

An Ohio man said he was duped by an alleged Faberge fraudster in a luxury gallery in Central Park, a new $1.2 million lawsuit claims.

The man shelled out more than $165,000 for five fakes in a real old Russian bazaar at the Essex Gallery House in August 2002, the court documents state.

A New Jersey dealer named Ronald Safdieh, boasting experience in Russian antiques, allegedly marketed fantasy objects for a company called José de Bellas Artes, the documents state.

At the time, David Butt, 59, of Dayton, Ohio, was dazzled by the items laid out at the gallery.

Butt allegedly only discovered that he had been duped when he went to an auction of Antiques Roadshow in Cincinnati in the summer of 2012 and the New York City expert considered the pieces to be fakes.

The man was shocked. Safdieh, whose shop in the Essex House closed in 2009, denied the allegations.

“I sold both genuine antiques and new pieces, but never made false statements,” he said, adding: "People believe what they want to believe.”

San Francisco California police honors Shomrim of Baltimore Maryland

By: Eva Fett

Yitzy Schleifer
The police in San Francisco, California, honored the Shomrim patrol group in Baltimore, Maryland, after saving a woman that got locked inside a storage locker in San Francisco, according to press reports in California.

Baltimore Shomrim member Yitzy Schleifer, received a certificate of recognition from the Police Department of San Francisco.

The certificate, was for his work last month, when he helped San Francisco police find a woman and her children, who were trapped in a California storage unit.

"With deepest appreciation for his outstanding performance of duty to help a person in San Francisco, who was trapped in a locking storage facility with their children," the certificate, signed by the Chief of Police, said.

"An example of dedication is worthy of the highest esteem by the City of San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco," the statement continued.

Schleifer said he does not know why the woman in San Francisco called the Shomrim hotline which is 410-358-9999. It may have been a mistake, he said.

But, Schleifer, a member of the group of volunteers who patrol neighborhoods and helps find missing people in northwest Baltimore, Upper Park Heights and Pikesville Greenspring areas, helped coordinate the effort to search from thousands of miles away.

He contacted the police department of San Francisco, talked to the mostly Spanish-speaking woman who was trapped for information on where she might be, helped police locate and rescue her.

Since Schleifer was on the phone with the woman and helped, rather than defer the matter to 911, showed his dedication, police said.

Israeli company shows off new “SmartTap”, controls shower with remote control

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Every parent wants to protect their child from mistakenly being burned in the bath or shower, so this new “SmartTap” is a patented technology for your faucet that will allow you to control the temperature of your shower and bath, just set it once and it will always be the same.

Unlike the traditional thermostatic taps, SmarTap allows each family member to save his/her own showering preference. 

There is a unique touch button for every family member to activate his / her preferred shower conditions, without the need for any further adjustment.   

You can also select how strong you want the shower to work. In an effort to save water the remote control device will let you know how much water you use during each shower, and then it will give you a total amount of water used by the household.

Companies are always looking for ways to combine technology with their products. Now, your sink faucets and showers can be hi-tech.  

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College for female nannies accepts man for the first time

By: Debbie Gross
Michael Kenny (right) 
In an era where men and women are supposed to be equal, there was still one job that was mainly done by women, a nanny.

A famous British collage that has trained women to be nannies since 1892, has accepted its first man, according to reports.

Michael Kenny, 18, began college where he will spend the next four years among the 47 women, learning the art of caring for children of the rich and famous.
Before deciding to pursue a B.A. Honors degree in becoming a nanny, Kenny, taught English and math to severely disabled children in an orphanage in Uganda.

"I wanted to work with children because I can understand young people better. I find them a lot easier to get along with,” Kenny said.

"I think I want to be a nanny for a few years, but ultimately, I want to teach young children,” he added.

During the past 120 years, Norland university, has trained more than 7,000 female nannies.

Company claims businessmen are best customers of its smell proof underpants

By: Ryan Lee Hall

Woman holding nose
A product that was originally designed for hospital patients especially those who suffer from “irritable bowel syndrome,” turned into an instant hit with businessmen.

When scheduling an important business meeting or a date, one may not be able to cancel, despite suffering from stomach cramps. Yet the bad smell of a fart at the wrong time might ruin things. 

A Japanese company claims it has solved this problem.The Seiren Group, has introduced deodorized underwear that eliminates unwanted odors.

According to the Seiren Group’s spokesperson, Nami Yoshida, it took some years to develop the first deodorant pants that are comfortable enough to use in everyday life, but efficient in the rapid removal of strong smells.

Because of the comfort in wearing them, many businessmen take advantage of them.

Initially, the company thought of selling them for medical reasons, but they were surprised when a lot of ordinary men, including businessmen, bought them, according to Yoshida.

According to their website, The Seiren Group has about 20 locations, with their headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. Their overseas office locations include the U.S., Thailand, France, Brazil and more. “Our goal is to create new value, thereby "adding value to people's lives," their website states.

Cans of “fresh air” go on sale in China

By: Shifra Unger

Chen Guangbiao holding can of "Fresh air"
Millionaire Chen Guangbiao, came up with a bizarre new product, “fresh air” in a can. 

Guangbiao, gave away thousands of cans of air to raise awareness of the air pollution problem in China. 

Guangbiao is an environmentalist who wants people to be aware of the polluted air in china. “If we don’t do something about our air pollution now, our children will have to walk around with gas masks,” Guangbiao said.

According to China's media, "the air is obtained from revolutionary regions, including Jinggang Mountain, some ethnic minority areas and from Taiwan, and sold for five yuan, or 80 cents each. 
Each can of air contains a chip that will automatically close once the can is full of air. The container looks like a soda can, According to Guangbiao, people can “drink” it or deeply inhale the air. 

Guangbiao, is the CEO of a recycling company. 
He has made fortunes by using recycling materials from demolished buildings. Guangbiao, is known to promote environmental causes. He gave away 5,000 bicycles to encourage people to use alternatives to driving a car.

Guangbiao, is also known as a great humanitarian. After the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, in 2008, he went to the affected area with a fleet of 60 cranes and trucks to rescue survivors. He also delivered cash to those left homeless  and donated more than 100 million yuan or $15 million for the post-earthquake construction.

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Dog scheduled to be killed after owner abandoned it for being gay

By: Ryan Lee Hall
The dog with its new owner Stephanie Fryns
(Scroll down for video) In a shocking case which angered many people, a dog owner decided that his dog does not deserve to live because the dog was “gay.”

According to reports, the owner claimed that the dog was seen repeatedly “bent over” another male dog, therefore, in the mind of the owner, the dog is gay.
The owner apparently did not know that a dog’s being "bent over" or humping behavior is often a sign of dominance in dogs, rather than something to indicate the sexual orientation of a dog.

The dog owner, who lives in Tennessee, took the dog to a shelter because he did not want a gay dog. Workers at the overcrowded shelter decided to euthanize the “gay” dog. 

One animal rights group in Jackson, Tennessee, tried to find a home for the dog, so they posted the address and phone number of the shelter, resulting in hundreds of phone calls to the shelter. People asked the shelter not to kill the dog until a good home was found.

Luckily, at the last minute, the dog was saved by an animal lover with a good heart. Veterinary Stephanie Fryns rescued the dog. She named it Elton.

A male dog on top of another male dog is not considered conclusive evidence of it being gay, according to reports. Biologists have recorded homosexual activity in over 450 species, including flamingos, bison and beetles.

Gay rights activists have looked as these reports of animal homosexuality as proof that same-sex couples are a natural phenomenon.

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Retiring postal worker never took sick day in 44 year career

By: John Roberts
Deborah Ford
(Scroll down for video) Every boss would love to have a loyal worker like Deborah Ford, as she never took a sick day. Ford, was on the job every day for the past 44 years.

Ford, who is 64-years-old, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Recently, she announced that she is ready to retire. The announcement comes after 44 consecutive years of faithful service, performing administrative tasks at the main post office in Detroit.

Many workers, have come and gone but Ford, was always there. If she had to go to a doctor’s appointment, she would go after work or during vacation time.

Most of Ford's colleagues, knew about the amazing commitment to her job, since she was honored by the U.S. Postal Service after 30 years of service. 

For now, she is training another employee to do her job.

Ford said that her father, who is now, 86-years-old, also never took sick days in 30 years. "Its part of our work ethic," she said. 

She did not see why people are making a fuss about her.  
Ford, is looking forward to retirement, but has no specific plan other than spending more time with her father.

"I'll relax and see where life takes me. I’ll do some volunteer work, take some enrichment classes and the usual," Ford said.
At her goodbye party, it was stated that she had a sick leave balance of 4,508 hours which will allow her to receive a 5 percent increase in her pension. 

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Syria retaliates against Israel strike by attacking websites

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Syrian Electronic Army 
Several days ago Israel attacked targets inside Syria, according to press reports in the Middle East.

Now, several hours after Damascus admitted that the attack took place, an organization calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army, said: "We have hacked 50 Israeli websites in central Israel."
Syrian officials were quick to say that the attack would face a harsh response, however, it is doubtful that this is what they truly meant.

"After Israel attacked our Center for Scientific Research in rural Damascus, we decided to respond, but in our own way. The Syrian Electronic Army hacked dozens of websites of the Zionist entity," the hacker group's website, said.
The hackers, who are affiliated with the regime of President Bashar Assad said on its facebook page that further attacks can be expected and that it will show the world that the Syrian Electronic Army is willing to take on anyone who threatens pure Syrian lands.

Despite the harsh words, a short review of the websites attacked revealed no connection between them and Israel's security.

In a list published by the hackers, it named websites of vacation locations in northern Israel, the website of a small town, websites that offer workshops on nutrition and diet, a website that offers a course in online advertising, a website for alternative medicine and even a website that displays time from around the world.

First Synagogue in 80 years being built in Budapest Hungary

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Cornerstone ceremony in Budapest 
With all the bad news for the Jewish community coming out of Europe recently, there is some good news for a change.

The construction of the first synagogue in Budapest in 80 years began this week, as the first stone was laid in a ceremony, the City Council of the Csepel district of the city, said this week.

"There has been no new synagogue built in Budapest for 80 years. Our council has contributed to this project through the provision of land for the construction for free," it said in a statement.

Construction began on the same date as the world celebrated Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the 1945 liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp.
The council said that the construction of the synagogue is expected to be completed in 2014.
The synagogue, is being built to act as a meeting point for religious and cultural events, which is expected to house 120 people at a time. 

During the ceremony, the historian Szilard Nemeth said: "Like all other parts of the country, Csepel was affected by the persecution of the Jews, and by World War II. According to our information, 960 people of Jewish descent were deported from Csepel.
Only 60 returned, with some of them still alive today," he said.
The ceremony was also attended by Cardinal Peter Biboros, Defence Minister Csaba Hende, and Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor.
During World War II, some 450,000 Hungarian Jews were deported and murdered by the Nazis.

Tokyo Japan receives its first Jewish women's ritual bath

By: Sarah Weiss
New ritual bath in Tokyo Japan 
Jewish women in Japan received some exciting news this week, according to press reports in New York.

Twelve years of planning and finally the Jewish female population of Tokyo has its first ritual bath.

Jewish women in Tokyo reported that previously they had to travel 325 miles to the nearest Jewish ritual bath in the city of Kobe.

Rabbi Sudakevich and his wife have been working on the project for years and an Israeli resident of Kobe, Yair Levy, helped finance the construction of the ritual bath.

The ritual bath was inaugurated last week in the presence of the Israeli ambassador in Japan, and was named Mikvah Mordechai, in memory of the father of Yair.

Levy, owner of  cosmetics and jewelry stores in Japan, told news reporters that before starting a new business, he wanted to do a good deed.

A major obstacle to the construction of the ritual bath was the fact that Japanese construction companies turned down the job because they had no experience in building such a facility.

Jewish man hospitalized in Yemen after suffering anti Jewish beating

By: Sarah Weiss
Few remaining Jews in Yemen 
Yemen’s Jewish community is fuming after one of the few Jews left in the country was beaten in an anti Jewish attack, according to press reports in Israel.

Although the Jewish population of Yemen has long been in decline, the Jews who remained in the nation's southern Arabian Peninsula remain the target of attacks.

Members of the Jewish community in the Yemen central city of Rada'a, south of the capital Sanaa, said Wednesday that resident Joseph Re'ati was beaten in a  anti-Semitic attack. He was hospitalized in very serious condition.

Jews in Yemen are apparently protected by the government, but in reality the situation has not improved. After becoming targets of attacks by Islamist elements, many Yemeni Jews have chosen to leave their homeland in recent years.

Largely impoverished Yemen has maintained a fragile stability for some time, although the country has seen violence soar since protesters inspired by the Arab Spring took to the streets in January 2011. The uprising led to the ouster of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Foreign media recently reported about Israeli efforts to help the rest of the small Jewish community of Yemen to immigrate to Israel.

Naked man shot while choking family dog

The unidentified suspect
(Scroll down for video) With Florida’s stand your ground law it isn't too smart to commit crimes in that state.

A naked intruder was shot after allegedly choking a family dog in Miami, and trying to bite its owner.

The homeowner heard the dog barking around 5:00 am Wednesday and went to investigate. Police said that the homeowner saw the naked man attempting to strangle the animal so he rushed to help his dog. That's when police said the naked man bit the homeowner.

The homeowner told police he feared for his life and shot the intruder while other family members called 911.

The intruder was hit once, but continued to do battle as officers arrived. He was finally arrested and taken to a hospital, where he refused to give his name.
Police said the intruder faces multiple charges, including animal cruelty.

Man gets $5,000 bill after falling into icy lake

By: Debbie Gross
The bill Neil Robbescheuten received 
If you need the assistance of emergency workers be prepared to pay up. A man claims he had received a bill for $5,000 after falling into an icy lake, according to press reports in Ontario, Canada.

The southern Ontario, Canada, man says he will fight the $5,400 bill received from a fire department for rescuing him after he went through the ice while fishing.
Neil Robbescheuten, 62, was fishing on Lake Scugog, earlier this month when a dense fog rolled in and he became disoriented trying to find his way back to shore.
The man said he was crossing the ice lake in a marshy area near reeds and he was able to pull on a tree trunk while he called police after which three fire trucks responded to rescue him.

He later received a bill for $5392.78 for the rescue and said he plans to fight it because of concerns that people will think twice before calling the emergency services when they are in trouble.

Scugog Fire Chief, Richard Miller, said that although this is the first such bill ever issued, the town of Oshawa has had the ability to issue bills for years.

Miller said the temperature was warm and rainy that weekend and local conservation authorities had issued warnings urging people to stay away from water bodies.

Applebee's fires waitress for uploading God receipt to the internet

By: Shifra Unger
God receipt 
(Scroll down for video) A waitress lost her job after uploading a customer receipt to the internet, according to press reports in Missouri.

An Applebee’s waitress who published a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about a tip added to the bill automatically onto the Internet was fired Wednesday after the pastor who wrote the comments on the receipt complained to her manager.

Chelsea Welch, the waitress, told news reporters that the pastor, who has since been identified as Alois Bell, told her manager at the Saint Louis-area Applebee’s that the firestorm that followed the publication of the receipt had ruined her reputation.

"I give God 10 percent," Bell wrote on the receipt, crossing out the automatic tip added to the receipt. "Why are you 18?" There were more than eight people in Bell's party, causing the automatic tip.

Welch, who took a photo of the bill from another server and uploaded it to the internet, defended her right to publicize the receipt. "I thought the note was insulting, but also funny," she told a news website. "I thought that other people will find it entertaining," she added.

Bell, who is a pastor at the Truth in the World Deliverance Church Ministries, was not amused, and she called the manager to complain against Welch.

"It was an oversight in my character and judgment," Bell told a news website, who added that she did not realize that so many people will realize that it is her signature. She also told the news website that her friends called her to tell her that she is viral all over the internet.

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Man finds valuable vomit on the beach

By: Shifra Unger
Ken Wilman with his dog and the whale vomit 
A man got really lucky after finding vomit on the beach.
Just because something is disgusting does not mean it is worthless. 

Time to get to know whale vomit. A man taking his dog for a walk along the beach found a deposit of whale vomit. Now, he could stand to earn more than $250,000 from the disgusting find.

The reason whale vomit is so expensive is because perfume companies use the vomit to manufacture perfume. The substance, which stinks when it first hits land becomes a huge asset when its dried in the sun and is used to prolong the scent of perfume.

Ken Wilman's dog began sniffing the substance known as ambergris, while walking on the beach at Morecambe England. Wilman went to investigate, picked up the stone-like object, gave it a smell and then dropped like a bad habit. Wilman told the a television news station: "When I picked it up and smelled it, I put it back down.”

Wilman left the beach, but the stinking discovery was on his mind. He did some research and discovered that the stone was likely ambergris. So he then returned to the beach and recovered the object that weighed three kilos. A French trader has already offered him more than $250,000.

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Woman uses test drive car to rob bank

By: Shifra Unger

Gail Castle 
(Scroll down for video) A woman robbed a bank while she was test driving a car, according to police reports in California.

A California man unknowingly became the getaway driver of a bank robbery when a woman taking a test drive in the car stopped to rob a bank.

A local newspaper reported that Gail Castle asked to take the 1987 Chrysler 5th Avenue for a test drive, but the owner, who asked to remain anonymous, insisted on coming along for the ride.

A few blocks into the ride, Castle allegedly asked the man to stop at a nearby Bank of America to withdraw the funds necessary to pay the asking price of $2,200 for the vehicle.
She reportedly left and a few minutes later, flashed him a bag stuffed with bills, according to a local television news station.

The couple went to the man's house to complete the transaction. However, the police were also on their way.
Castle, 51, allegedly supplied the Bank of America teller a note reading, "This is a robbery and I do not want anyone to get hurt."

"I turned left across the pedestrian crossing here and that's when the sirens went off. I thought, 'What the hell is going on,'" the man told the television news station.
The police, who were not aware at the time that the man was not involved in the crime, ordered him out of his vehicle. 

Castle, then threatened to kill the man, if he complied with the authorities.
"I'd rather take a chance on her to shoot me in the back," the man said, explaining why he decided to leave the car. Fortunately, police said Castle did not really have a firearm in her possession. 

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Orthodox Jewish woman gives flu remedies on television

Sara Chana Silverstein (right) 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) An ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman was on TV, to talk about remedies for the flu.

Sara Chana Silverstein, who specializes in herbal medicine, gave some tips to beat the flu with natural remedies made with vinegar.

“I love helping women make educated choices that improve their overall emotional and physical health,” she wrote on her website.

Sara Chana Silverstein, is a devoted wife and mother of seven, from the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York. She is an internationally Board certified lactation consultant, classical homeopath, herbalist, teacher and author.

Silverstein, is mentor to women, on how to navigate the challenging worlds of being a working mother and/or nursing mother. She is a highly sought after speaker, presenting a variety of topics.
With her expertise, Silverstein, helps women be in charge of their own health and that of their families.

She helps women along the journey from birth to menopause all with natural remedies.

Silverstein, gives women the knowledge on how to treat and cure health conditions naturally. She strongly believes in working with the medical profession. She is in contact with many obstetricians, midwives and pediatricians in the New York metropolitan area.

She is geared to teaching mothers how to ask the right questions of their doctors to ensure that they and their children receive the most appropriate care.

According to her website, her education includes: a B.A. from UC Irvine, and she is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant. She also has 2,500 clinical hours in breastfeeding, 4-year certificate course on Homeopathic Medicine, 250 clinical hours in Homeopathy and 2-year certificate apprentice program in Herbal Healing.

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