Nazi "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign discovered at Detroit Michigan plant

"Arbeit Macht Frei" sin in Detroit Michigan 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) For Jews visiting a plant in Detroit, Michigan, it almost seemed like they are at the entrance of the Auschwitz death camp, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Now it was reported that the sign at the Packard plant in Detroit that attracted outrage for its similarity to a sign in the Auschwitz concentration camp was finally removed.

A Detroit activist told the local newspaper that the words were removed at 5:00 pm today, because "like most reasonable people, I was shocked and disgusted by the use of a concentration camp sign in such fashion. I can not imagine what people were thinking when they did it."

Earlier, Jewish groups had expressed concern about the placement of the sign at the Packard plant that was similar to the one placed at the entrance to the extermination camp in Poland.

"This graffiti is offensive to Jews and especially Holocaust survivors," Heidi Budaj, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, the leading Jewish civil rights group in the U.S., said.

As previously reported on Monday, the new sign that was placed in the Packard plant read "Arbeit Macht Frei", the same words used at the entrance of the German concentration camp in Poland, where Jews were forced to work and were later killed. There is no word of a police investigation looking for suspects.

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Little son of New Jersey rabbi seriously injured in car accident

Car accident in New Jersey 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) The little son of a New Jersey rabbi is in critical condition after getting hit by a car, according emergency workers responding to the incident.

Three people, including a child with a serious head injury, were injured after a car grazed a truck on a residential street in Clifton, New Jersey, and then flew onto a driveway and grazed another minivan.

The car was traveling west on South Parkway when it struck a woman carrying a child in a van parked on the street. Then, the car traveled further in the street before rolling into a driveway of a house on the same side of the street, hitting a 2-year-old as he was being put into a baby seat by a babysitter in another minivan.

The boy, Joel Feder, a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Feder, was pinned between the car and the truck. After he was freed from being pinned down, the boy was taken to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey. The nanny was not injured, emergency workers at the scene said.

Besides the child, the driver of the car and a woman were injured when their vehicles struck the first minivan and were taken to the hospital.

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Stash of weapons found inside Muslim school in Northern Israel

Some of the weapons found inside a Muslim school in Northrn Israel 
By: John Roberts

It is well known around the world that Muslim extremists use schools and hospitals as a place to store weapons and attack the enemy, as they believe the West will hold off from attacking hospitals and schools.

Now, a stash of weapons was discovered in a school, inside a kindergarten classroom in the village of Abu Snan located in the Western Galilee, during a police raid on Tuesday.

The weapons found included, missiles, rocket propelled grenades, explosives and grenades. It was also found in a drainage canal and a pond.
The weapons were transferred to be destroyed by officials at a northern police district.

Commander of the North District Police Unit, Chief Superintendent Michael Shipshak, said: "in this operation, we discovered numerous weapons, before they fell into the hands of criminals, or were used by local crime families. We had success in preventing injuries to persons and property."

Northern District Commander, General Rony Atia added: "Our mission is to fight against the possession and use of weapons. Our efforts to reach this goal is to work within the district and beyond."

Bulgaria to show evidence Hezbollah behind bus bombing which killed Israelis

Bulgaria bus bombing 
By: John Roberts

Bulgaria revealed today that it has completed an investigation into a bus bombing that killed several Israelis, according to a statement by a Bulgarian government official.

Bulgaria said on Tuesday it had evidence that the Lebanese Hezbollah militant movement carried out a bomb attack on a bus in the Black Sea city of Burgas that killed five Israeli tourists last year.

The Bulgarian investigation findings, showed a clear connection of Hezbollah with the attack on E.U. soil, which could pave the way for the E.U. to join the United States in naming the Iranian-backed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Three people were involved in the attack, two of which held genuine passports from Australia and Canada, the Bulgarian Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, told reporters after the National Security Council discussed the investigation.

"There is evidence showing that funding and the connection between Hezbollah and the two suspects," Tsvetanov said.
"What can be set as a well-founded hypothesis is that the two people whose true identity is determined belonged to the military wing of Hezbollah," he said.

Israel blamed the attack on Burgas, which killed five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian driver, on Iran and Hezbollah, a Shiite militia that is part of the Lebanese government and fought a brief 2006 war with Israel.

Anti-Semitism causing hundreds of Hungarian Jews to flee to Austria


(Scroll down for video) Although the Austrian Jewish community is happy to welcome its Jewish brethren, the situation under which the Hungarian Jews are coming to Austria, is deeply troubling. 

The Austrian Jewish community consists of approximately 8,000 people and growing rapidly as they are joined by some 150 Jews fleeing Hungary each year.

Just 70 years after World War Two, when so many Jews were forced out of their homes, it is happening again. For years, we have heard from Jewish leaders “never again” will we tolerate Jews being the targets of hate and anti-Semitism. But sadly, anti-Semitism is back and fashionable, causing many Jews to flee their country in fear of being persecuted.

Hungary, which has a Jewish population of about 90,000, has been experiencing a lot anti-Semitism since the ultra-nationalist party picked up 47 seats during the parliamentary elections in 2010.

The ultra-nationalist party sparked outrage recently, when it asked for a list of all Jews in the country as a matter of national security. Since when were Jews a national security threat? Those in Hungary, who see history repeating itself, are fleeing from the country.

Anti-Jewish incitement has become a daily occurrence, as Jews are being blamed for the financial problems of the county. Many people in Hungary, accuse the Jews of controlling the media in Hungary, and the ultra-nationalist party also named Israel a "Nazi state", causing local Hungarian Jews to suffer. Israel is still the best place for Jews to live in without being persecuted.

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12 musicians among 14 found dead in Mexican well

Kombo Kolombia band members 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Members of a musical band who went missing recently were found dead, according to police reports in Mexico.

A Mexican official said that police have pulled 14 bodies from a well and that 12 of them have been identified as members of a musical band kidnapped by gunmen in northern Mexico last week.

Nuevo Leon state security spokesperson Jorge Domene said that police continue looking Tuesday for three members of the band who are still missing.

The Kombo Kolombia band was playing on a ranch, when 10 armed men entered and forced the 18 musicians and crew members into waiting vehicles.

One of the musicians escaped and led authorities to the well. Authorities have not said how the man managed to escape from his captors.

Domene told the press that detectives are investigating whether the attack was revenge for the killing of drug traffickers, but did not reveal more information.

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North Korea shows video of New York completely destroyed

North Korea test fires missile 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) North Korea has uploaded a video showing New York completely destroyed, according to video uploaded to the internet.

North Korea is preparing for a new nuclear test and has posted a bizarre video online depicting New York, under an apparent missile attack with the "We Are the World" soundtrack playing in the background.

The three-minute video posted on YouTube Saturday was released by Uriminzokkiri, which distributes news and opinion directed by the state media in North Korea. It featured a young man in a dream sequence in which he finds himself aboard a space shuttle North Korea launched into orbit by the same type of rocket Pyongyang successfully launched in December.

A densely populated city that is wrapped in a U.S. flag, was showed to the tune of "We Are the World", the charity single recorded in 1985.
"Somewhere in the United States, the clouds of black smoke is billowing," reads a title translated from Korean. "It looks like the nest of evil is burning with the fire started by itself," it added.

The video ended with the young man saying that his dream will probably come true. As of early Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 100,000 times.
"Despite all kinds of imperialist attempts to isolate and crush us, no one can stop the people who will march to a final victory," a final title said.

Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, in a statement, said the video is another disturbing reminder of what a nuclear capable North Korea would mean for the world.

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Family horrified after dead woman's organs delivered in buckets to funeral

Coffin at funeral home 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) As a family prepares for a funeral the last thing they want to face is a body in pieces.

The family of a deceased woman was shocked and horrified after the body arrived to be buried with the organs removed and submitted separately in two plastic buckets.

When the body of 82-year-old Rhoda Callwood of Westchester County was transferred to a funeral home in the Bronx last week by the New York office of the coroner without her organs, her family was forced to place the body in the coffin with her organs in two buckets.

The family has hired a lawyer because of the dreadful mistake so other families can avoid a similar situation.
"Who will want their mother treated this way after an autopsy?" Rhoda's son, Glenn Callwood, told a local television news station.

The debacle began after Callwood’s body was transferred at the request of her family, from New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she died, to the coroner's office in the city for a second autopsy.

The body had been stripped of the organs, by the time she had reached the office.
Investigators from the coroner's office were to collect the organs the next day and complete the autopsy. But when the body was sent to the funeral home, they did it in separate shipments.

"The body arrived at the funeral in the body bag of the New York City medical examiner office, but the organs were removed. The organs were in two separate plastic containers," Bill Curran, a director at the funeral home in New York, told news reporters.

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Police find $10 million in cocaine inside man's home

Jose Pelayo Aguilar, Roger Zeni and Patricia Sugey  
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged with drug related charges after police found $10 million worth of cocaine inside a home, according to police reports in Illinois.

Prosecutors said police found 79 kilos of cocaine with a street value of about $10 million in a man's house after he was arrested in McKinley Park on Friday night.

Jose Pelayo Aguilar, 21, of the 3600 block of South Leavitt, was charged with manufacturing, delivery and possession of cocaine after police said he admitted to having Patricia Sugey deliver a kilogram of cocaine to Roger Zeni in the 2600 block of West 36th Street.

Chicago Police confirmed that Sugey and Zeni also face charges of drug possession.
Police arrested Aguilar into custody and executed a search warrant at his home, according to court documents. They said they found 79 kilograms of what they suspected was cocaine along with $539,406 in cash.

The Cook County judge, Israel Desierto, ordered Aguilar held on $75,000 bail and granted a request by prosecutors to have a hearing to determine the source of the money if he tries to post bond.
Joseph Lopez, who is Aguilar’s lawyer, said his client was caught in the middle of a drug deal that had nothing to do with him.

Fire spitting actor gets severely burned by fire

Wesley Daniel 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) An actor who is good at spitting fire was suddenly severely burned by fire during a test rehearsal, according to a report from emergency workers.

A little drama unfolded Monday afternoon during a dress rehearsal at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, when a fire spitting performer was injured in an accident.

While on stage at the Civic Opera House, an actor, who is 24-years-old, was burned while wearing stilts, while his critics watched in horror.

A Fire Department spokesperson, Larry Langford, said that the actor had alcohol in his mouth for some kind of fire-breathing act when the actor's face and chest were burned.

The man was taken to a hospital in critical condition just before 5:00 pm
The actor was later identified as Wesley Daniel. He was wearing a fire suit and mask when the accident happened. The fire department had previously approved the act, which will not be performed again, the opera said in a written statement.

"An emergency plan was activated immediately. Trained Guards immediately extinguished the flames. The fire curtain fell," the opera house said.

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Woman’s spy alarm clock captures roommate abusing her cat

Jordan Scott Bean
(Scroll down for video) Living with a roommate can be challenging, it means putting up with things one is not used to. But it is a choice that many young people have to make in order to be able to move out of their parents’ home and live on their own.

One Florida woman, lived with a male roommate, who she suspected was touching her stuff while she was at work. On many occasions when she came home from work things were not in the place where she left them.

Uncomfortable that her roommate might be going through her personal stuff while she is out, Alanna Jenkins, 23, bought a spy camera disguised as an alarm clock to catch her ​​roommate touching her stuff.

But what she was discovered left her in tears and the roommate arrested. Jenkins saw her roommate Jordan Scott Bean, torturing her cat.

25-year-old Bean, was arrested after police saw the video where he was seen clearly abusing Jenkins’ two-year-old cat while she was gone.

According to reports, Bean took the cat named Chompers, wrapped the cat in a blanket and strangled the cat. He also got on top of the cat and choked it.

After watching the video, Jenkins showed it to the police, who arrested Bean on charges of animal cruelty, a felony in the third degree.
Bean was released on $3,000 bail. According to reports, Bean claims he was simply playing with the cat.

Chompers, was examined by a veterinarian and appears to be in good health.
If convicted he could face a year in jail plus a $5,000 fine.

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3 people stabbed in Queens New York subway platform

Queens New York subway platform 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) The violence in New York City’s subway system continues with 3 more people stabbed, according to police reports in New York.

Three people were stabbed Monday at the Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue subway platform in Queens.
The three victims, all men, were taken to Jamaica Hospital. A local news television station reported that the injuries are not considered life threatening.

Three other men fled the scene, authorities said.
Police told news reporters that two of the victims were stabbed in the stomach, while the third victim was stabbed in the leg.

The incident took place around 3:30 pm, when a group of teenagers were fighting and the fight continued on the subway platform.
Police also said that a dispute between the two rival groups led to the assault.

People familiar with the incident said that the stabbing may have occurred after a fight at school that resulted in a suspension from school and that the attack may have been in retaliation.

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Chicago police will no longer respond to some robbery calls

Chicago Police symbol 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Chicago, Illinois police, will no longer respond to robbery crimes if the suspect is not at the scene in order to free up police officers for increased street patrols, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Starting this week, Chicago police are changing their response policy to 911 calls. They will not come down personally to reports of things like criminal damage to property, theft, theft of vehicles, theft in garages, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, or the victim is not in immediate danger.

The move will free up the equivalent of 44 police officers a day to patrol duties.
Many residents in Chicago however think it is the wrong move by the police.

"I think it's ridiculous. I believe that if there is a robbery, they have to come. It's what we pay for. They have to come," one Chicago resident fumed.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy emphasized the crime prevention occurs when officers are patrolling the streets, not when taking reports in places of non-violent incidents.

Police said that officers will always take information about crimes in the district stations by phone but they will not come down to take a reports in person.

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Chinese government installs dog bathrooms on its streets

Dog park 
By: Debbie Gross
Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Some people train their dogs to go to the bathroom when they are in the house.

But when they go outside for their daily walks, dogs, just do their business whenever and wherever they are, leaving its owner to clean up the stinky mess. After that, dog owners have to carry the smelly droppings until a garbage can is found.
Some people don’t bother cleaning up after their dogs, they leave it on the floor causing others to accidentally walk into the stinky mess.

In an effort to combat this problem many countries have passed laws forcing people to pick up after their dogs of face fines.

Before passing a law to force people to clean up after their pets, the Chinese government is doing its part to make it easier for its citizens to keep the country clean. The government has installed about 80 of the animal bathrooms, which are now being tested in South China's Guangdong province.

The bathrooms for pets are placed near parks and alongside sidewalks, so they are convenient for dogs to use. The pet bathrooms are filled with sand, so they don’t leave the area with a bad smell.

According to reports, if the trial bathrooms are successful, there will be an additional 1,200 public toilets for pets. Under the new law, Chinese residents who do not pick up after their pets will get a fine of $80.

Burger King admits to selling horse meat in its beef burgers

(Scroll down for video) Burger King has become the latest company to be involved in the horse meat selling scandal. Their burgers were tested and found to contain horse meat.

For two weeks, Burger King has denied the allegations that their burgers contain horse meat, but now, they have admitted that after further testing, horse meat was found in its burgers, in the United Kingdom.

The fast food chain, which has more than 500 restaurants in the U.K., had given a series of "absolute guarantees” that its products were not involved in the horse meat scandal. However, new testing has revealed that these guarantees were incorrect in a revelation that threatens to destroy the confidence of its customers.
It also raises serious questions about whether the food company, which sells about a million burgers a week, has an idea of ​​what goes into their products.

The contaminated hamburgers were made by the processing company called Silvercrest, which is based in Ireland, and is part of ABP Foods Group.
After one of its suppliers was being investigated for the sale of beef products potentially contaminated by horse meat, Burger King, concluded that none of its products were affected. But two weeks later they announced that their product did in fact contain horse meat.

Burger king, said it has stopped buying its burgers from Silvercrest, as a result, some menu items from Burger King were "temporarily unavailable", the chain said, apologizing to customers for the inconvenience.

"While the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, has stated that this is not a food safety issue, we are deeply concerned by the results of our investigation and apologize to our customers who trust us to serve the highest quality 100 percent beef burgers," Diego Beamonte, Burger King global vice president of quality, said in a statement. “Our supplier has failed us and in turn we have failed you. We are committed to ensuring that this never happens again," he added.

Several other major food retailers allegedly bought meat from Silvercrest.
Earlier this month, the supermarket giant Tesco, has apologized to customers after learning that some of their beef products contained horse meat. Tesco took all affected meat off the shelf and offered a full refund to customers.

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Herbalife shares plunge after law enforcement investigation is revealed

By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) The bad press for Herbalife just continues just weeks after a popular hedge fund manager called the company a giant pyramid scheme.

Herbalife shares fell more than 6 percent after a New York newspaper reported that the company was the subject of a law enforcement investigation.

In early trading on Wall Street, shares of Herbalife lost $2.25, to $32.82. Herbalife shares are off 44 percent compared to the same time last year.
The newspaper cited documents obtained through an application of the Freedom of Information Act, from the Federal Trade Commission.

According to the newspaper, the FTC cites "pending police action" and withheld part of the information requested on Herbalife. The newspaper said that the FTC released 729 pages of complaints against Herbalife.

Herbalife has been on the defensive from New York hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, who declared the company a pyramid scheme in late December.

Ackman announced a short position of $1 billion against the company, which calls itself a multi-level marketing company that sells vitamins, nutritional supplements and food.

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Florida couple and child found living with half eaten animals

By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A Florida couple was arrested and charged after police found them and a child, living with half eaten animals inside their home, according to police reports in Florida.

The Florida man and his wife are now in jail on charges of child abuse and animal cruelty, after deputies discovered the living among about 300 animals, including snakes, lizards and rats, some of which were dead or half eaten.

Jeffrey O'Neil, 28, and Jennifer Kovacs, 26, of Clearwater, near Tampa, were arrested Sunday after a family member found their baby daughter crying inside the jungle.

The family member found the child crying and could not wake O'Neil, a television news station said. The relative took the 16-month-old and left a note.

The couple reported the child missing to police and when members of the Pinellas County Sheriff arrived, they found the animals in 88 cages inside the home.

Besides snakes, lizards and rats, there were mice, birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, gerbils and other rodents.
Some had died, others had been partially eaten by other animals, the television news station said.

Police said the couple bred animals and sold them illegally on the Internet or at flea markets.
The couple was detained in the county jail. A relative was caring for the child and the Humane Society of Tampa took custody of the animals.

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U.S. judge found do be legally insane, will continue to get salary

Judge Cynthia Brim 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A U.S. judge will continue to get her salary despite being found legally insane, according to court proceedings in Chicago, Illinois.

The Cook County Judge, Cynthia Brim, who suffered from a prolonged mental illness, was found not guilty by reason of insanity Monday after being charged with assaulting a deputy.
Brim, now must undergo an assessment to determine if she requires additional treatment or hospitalization.

Brim, was accused of pushing a police officer in March 2012 in the Daley Center, and had been hospitalized five times for psychotic episodes since 1993, a year before she was elected as a judge.

She suffers from bipolar disorder and had been taking medication, but she has since gone off the medication. Witnesses saw the judge assault a police officer inside a hospital, according to the court proceedings.
Brim’s lawyers asked the judge to find her not guilty by reason of insanity.

Brim, 54, has been a judge since 1994, and won a new six-year term in November, despite her low rating from the local bar association in recent years and her arrest. Just days after her arrest, she was suspended indefinitely, while still keeping her salary of $182,000 a year.

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Acupuncturist arrested after sexually assaulting woman during treatment

Piotr Zaniewski 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Just because you treat people with acupuncture does not give you a licence to sexually assault women.
An acupuncturist working out of an office in Lisle, Illinois, faces a charge of sexually assaulting a woman of Mount Prospect.

Piotr Zaniewski, located at the 5800 block of Oakwood Drive in Lisle, was charged with criminal sexual assault and was held Sunday in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Prosecutors said that he began sexually stroking a woman while giving her a massage at the 1200 block of North River Road in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Arkansas couple win the lottery twice during fishing trip

Stephen and Terri Weaver 
By: Eva Fett

Sometimes you just get lucky for the day and the good fortune just keeps pouring in all day long.

An Arkansas couple who decided to go out for a day of fishing came home with quite the catch. They purchased two winning lottery tickets, including a $1 million prize.

The Arkansas Lottery Commission, said that Stephen and Terri Weaver were on a fishing trip when they stopped to buy the first ticket at the convenience store, T-Ricks, located in Pangburn, which is about 60 miles northeast of Little Rock. They stopped at the store on the way home and bought another ticket.

That first ticket was a winner of $1 million. The second ticket scored another $50,000.
The lottery said that the Weavers collected their money on Monday and plan to pay bills and invest for their retirement.

Donald Trump sues Bill Maher for $5 million after ape sex joke

Donald Trump 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) If you do not have the money to mess around with Donald Trump, you better leave him alone.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last month, Maher joked that Trump had to be "the seed of his mother having sex with an orangutan." In a response to the Trump offer to give $5 million to the charity of choice of President Barack Obama, if he released his college paperwork, Maher said he would do the same if Trump, the real estate magnate supplied evidence that he is not a descendant of a monkey.

Well, Trump wasted no time to get a copy of his birth certificate from New York, with Fred C. Trump, a human, appearing as his father, to Maher within two days of the appearance on Leno's show, but Maher has not provided the $5 million promised.

On Monday, Trump revealed the lawsuit on national television in the United States, and announced over the phone that Maher was sued for $5 million on behalf of charity.

When it was suggested that the liberal comedian, Maher, could have been making a joke, Trump said: "I do not think he was joking. He said it with venom. That was poison. That was not a joke.

Indeed, he was nervous when he said it.”
On television, Trump did not mention to what charities he will donate the money from Maher.

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TV reporter caught on video getting punched in the face

Reporter gets punched in the face 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A TV reporter learned the hard way that he does not have automatic access to private property, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The Atlanta, Georgia, television reporter was sucker punched in the face while trying to interview a man about a tax preparation business he runs out of a questionable used car shop.

The reporter was on the trail of 43-year-old Richard Wilder, who stole tax refunds of at least 32 people, according to a police report in Georgia.

An undercover reporter posed as a customer in the business of Wilder, EZ Auto Sales in Gainesville. When making a sales pitch for a vehicle, Wilder was caught on a hidden camera offering his tax preparation services.

"If you have, like, your last receipt of payment from the other company and the second company you work for, I can calculate the taxes out of that," Wilder said on hidden camera.

Wilder is not licensed to sell used cars or prepare taxes in the state of Georgia.
"Your son is facing pretty serious felony charges and you seem to be back in business now in a new place where people do not know," the reporter told Wilder.

But this time, his line of questioning ends with a hard punch to the face. The punch hits the reporter and his microphone to the ground.

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