Little boy dies from poisoning in car while his father shoveled snow

Large amount of snow on the ground in Massachusetts 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A little boy died in a car while his father was outside shoveling snow in order to be able to get the car out on the road, according to emergency workers in Massachusetts.

The 11-year-old Massachusetts boy died of carbon monoxide poisoning Saturday after being overcome while sitting in a running car in order to keep warm, while his father was shoveling snow to get the car out of a snowbank.

A Fire Department spokesperson, Steve MacDonald of Boston, said that the boy was helping his father shovel snow in the Dorchester neighborhood but he was cold, so his father started the car and the boy got into the vehicle. MacDonald said the car’s exhaust was covered by snow, causing gas fumes to build up in the car.

"I do not know how long the child was in the car, at some point, the father was still shoveling and was not aware of the child's condition," Boston firefighter, Octavio Rowe, who lives nearby and went to help, said. "This is very, very unfortunate," he added.

When the boy was overcome by the fumes, the father suffered from respiratory arrest and emergency workers took both to Boston Medical Center, authorities said. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital. No names were released.

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Donald Duck accused of refusing to hug black people

Donald Duck 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) It seems like Donald Duck has some serious problems with black people these days, according to a new lawsuit filed against Disneyland.

A second family has filed allegations that a Disneyland character ignored their children because of the color of their skin.

In a photo, a smiling 5-year-old Razzi White is seen next to a Star Wars character. His mother, Nastasia White, said it was the only picture she took that day with a character, but her son wanted one more.

"I was upset and hurt. He was very sad," White said.
Several months ago, the White family celebrated the birthday of two-year-old, Ryder.
On Disneyland's Main Street, White said Razzi came within three feet of Donald Duck.

"Donald Duck was sitting there with open arms, saying, ‘Donald, Donald!'" White said.
White said Donald Duck made ​​a deliberate move away from her family and went to play with a baby in a stroller.

The White family waited a foot away, for the first inline and urged Donald Duck to give Razzi some attention. White said she asked twice for a quick photo.
Instead, according to White, Donald Duck approached a white girl near the bench and hugged her.

White said that after three minutes of waiting, they left out of frustration. When we turned around, White said they saw Donald Duck hugging white children who were behind them.

White said that Razzi asked this question: "’Why did Donald Duck not want to take a picture with me?’ Inside, I wanted to cry. It was discrimination."

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250 left homeless after large fire in Long Island New York

Large fire in Long Island New York 
By: Moses Gold

A large fire left behind dead, wounded and hundreds of homeless families, according to fire officials in Long Island, New York.

Police said an apartment fire that spread to several buildings has forced 250 people out from their homes, killed one and sent to 11 to hospitals on Long Island.

The Nassau County police said that one victim is in critical condition after a fire Saturday morning in Hempstead. The rest have wounds that are not seen as life-threatening.

Police have not released the identity of the person who died. A newspaper said that the victim is a child of 8-years-old and the other is a pregnant woman who suffered a heart attack.

Detectives are trying to determine what caused the fire. They do not believe it was intentional. It all started in a third floor apartment on Paul Road North, around 6:20 am.

About 300 firefighters were called from 13 departments. It took several hours to extinguish the fire.

8-year-old boy dies firefighters injured in Brooklyn New York house fire

Brooklyn New York firefighters at the scene of a fire 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A deadly house fire broke out in Brooklyn, New York, today during the biggest snowstorm of the season, according to fire officials in Brooklyn, New York.

An 8-year-old Brooklyn boy died early Saturday after a heater caused a house fire, the Fire Department said.

Firefighters found heavy fire conditions just before 3:00 am when they arrived at 2773 Bedford Avenue, a two-story red brick house in Flatbush, Firefighter Daniel Glover, who is a department spokesperson, said.

The fire started on the ground floor, the firefighter said.
The boy, whose name was not released, was pronounced dead at the scene. Eight others escaped from the burning home, police said.

Henry Barnes, who lives across the street, said he was awakened by the screams. He went to a window and saw the flash of flames against the dark. Then he went out on a snowy sidewalk, where he saw two women standing on the street.

"One shouted, 'Get my kids, my kids,'" Mr. Barnes, 57, said on Saturday afternoon.
Another neighbor, Sherrihan Attia, 22, heard the screams and ran to the street. Attia said she offered blankets to a woman and two teenagers. The boys wore shorts, the women were wearing stockings and had no shoes.

"They were shaking and hysterical," Attia said.
The area is heavily populated by the Jewish community.

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New York man arrested after rubbing himself against woman on train

Cody Santiago 
By: Shifra Unger

A man was arrested and charged after he rubbed himself against a woman on a crowded train, according to a statement by the New York Police Department.

The Brooklyn, New York, man who promised to change his life after snatching a purse from a woman in a wheelchair was arrested for groping a woman on the subway in Manhattan, police said Friday.

The police handcuffed Cody Santiago, 20, after he was seen rubbing his crotch against a 27-year-old woman on train Number 5 in Union Square at 5:30 pm on Thursday, police said.

Police sources said the arrest was the 10th for Santiago since he was arrested for assaulting a 76-year-old in a wheelchair near his home in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Santiago vowed at the time to turn his life around once he got out of jail.
He pleaded guilty, but his string of arrests since his release includes at least two charges for sexual offenses, police sources said.

He was released without bail after being arraigned on charges of sexual abuse Friday morning.

After 16 years of marriage man finds out 3 of his 4 children are not his

Child support order 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A man was devastated when he found out that three of his four children are not his.

The man in Montreal, Canada, had been married for 16 years to the same woman.
The couple, had four children ages 16, 14 and 12, who are girls along with a boy of nine-years-old.

The couple separated in 2010. While going through the divorce and custody issues, the man found out that he was not the father of his three daughters, although their son is his.

Even more bizarre: all three girls have different fathers.

But the worst yet to come, even after learning that the kids who he loved and raised as his own were not his, the judge ordered him to pay his former wife child support for all the children.

Since he is the only father the children have known and he raised them as his own, he is responsible as if he was the father.

In another case, a man named, Pasqualino Cornelio, was paying child support for his twins, but he later demanded DNA testing. When he found out that he was not the father of the twins, now 16, the judge ordered that he has to continue paying child support.

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Beitar Jerusalem club house torched after hiring Muslims

Worker at Beitar Jerusalem cleans out burned items 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A Jerusalem club house belonging to a leading soccer team was torched in a suspected arson attack after the team hired several Muslim players, according to press reports in Israel.

The suspected arson attacked damaged the main club house of Israeli Premier League Beitar Jerusalem on Friday, a day after four fans were charged in court in connection with the racist incitement against the recruitment of Muslim team players, police said.

Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said that the fire, which caused no injuries, caused damage to the premises near areas of training. Trophies and other memorabilia were destroyed by the fire.

"Initial results show that the fire was caused by a number of suspects and the police were investigating a possible connection with the protests after the team signed up two Chechen Muslim players last month,” Rosenfeld said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the violence and said in a statement Friday: "This is shameful behavior. We will not accept racist behavior."

He added: "The Jewish people had suffered from boycotts and persecutions, therefore we should serve as a light to other nations."
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said that the police would take a hard stand to end this matter and praised the club for what he saw as a step towards the fight against racism and violence.

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A look at the beautiful presidential King David Hotel in Jerusalem

King David Hotel 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) The beautiful in King David Hotel in Jerusalem, is the place where many foreign heads of state and diplomats who were visiting Israel stayed.

Among the most famous hotel guests are: U.S. Presidents: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush as well as Barack Obama who came to Israel before he became president of the United States. George V, Jordan’s King Hussein, British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, and Tony Blair, the Prince of Wales, as well as famous people such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Gere, and Madonna.

In 1929, Palestine Hotels Ltd. purchased 4.5 acres in the Milky Julian of Jerusalem, today King David Street. Half of the construction costs were paid by Ezra Mosseri, an Egyptian Jewish banker and director of the National Bank of Egypt, and another 46% was purchased by other rich Jews from Cairo. The remaining 4% was paid by the National Bank.

In the video below, you can get a glimpse into the beauty of the hotel at 2:40 in the video you can also see the hotels display of pictures from the many dignitaries who stayed at the hotel. At 3:30 in the video below you can see signatures on the floor from many rich and famous people who stayed at the hotel.

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