Woman arrested for having sex with young boys, tells police she has cancer

Jennifer Dempsey 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with child sexual assault after luring her young victims by claiming she is just 16-years-old, according to police reports in Arizona.

After her arrest, Jennifer Dempsey, 35, allegedly told police she could not have had sex with the under age children because she was too sick and underwent chemotherapy to treat her cancer.
It would be a decent excuse for someone who really had cancer.

Phoenix Police said that Dempsey not only posed as a 16-year-old on Facebook to lure two boys of 14 and 16-years-old into sexual acts, but she also pretended to have cancer in the past five years, shaving her head and taping a chemotherapy port against her chest.

Her family and neighbors all believed her act. "She had a tube all the time," Carolyn Chavez, who is the director of Dempsey’s condominium complex, said. "We've had other residents with cancer and I thought she fit the profile," she added.

When Dempsey was under investigation for allegedly having sex with minors, she attempted to use her non-existent cancer as an excuse, according to police.

"She said that cancer is the reason she did not participate in sexual behavior because she was constantly sick from chemotherapy, all of which we have learned over the following days, was not true," a spokesperson for the Phoenix police, Sergeant Trent Crump, said.

Dempsey also allegedly pretended to be pregnant, telling his two victims, she was pregnant with their child.
She was caught after one of the parents suspected that she was much older than the 16-years-old and notified the police.

Police said that they found several cell phones at Dempsey’s house containing incriminating text messages sent to her victims. She was arrested on charges of sexual conduct with minors.

Man arrested after receiving drug stuffed teddy bear in the mail

Drug stuffed teddy bear 
By: Moses Gold

A man was arrested and charged with drug related charges after his clever plan to smuggle drugs failed.

A teddy bear is usually a gift of love unless it is used as a cover to smuggle drugs.

That's what authorities say happened to Lawrence Ligocki of Chelsea, Massachusetts, who allegedly received a package containing not only many heart shaped boxes of chocolate, but also a teddy bear with three bags of methamphetamine worth about $10,000.

Authorities first suspected the possible drug violation on last week, when postal inspectors reported a suspicious package to the police and the presence of drugs was confirmed by a drug-sniffing dog.

The Methamphetamine stuffed teddy bear was given over to Ligocki, 62, by a postal inspector posing as a mail delivery person. According to the account of the inspector, Ligocki initially said he was waiting for the package, but after the officer handed him a warrant to search the house, he quickly changed his story.

During the search of the house, investigators say they found an additional methamphetamine bottle.
Ligocki was charged with possession and trafficking of drugs and was released on $150 bail after pleading not guilty.

Woman kills her husband after catching him with child porn

Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon 
By: Moses Gold

A woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after killing her husband because she caught him looking at child porn, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

The former basketball star was allegedly stabbed to death in his sleep by his wife after she caught him looking at child pornography, the woman told police.

Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon used two knives to kill Matthew White in the early hours of the morning at their home in the suburbs in Media, Pennsylvania.

The woman, who is also a teacher allegedly stabbed her husband, who played for the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Quakers, several times in the throat.

The 53-year-old, who also played professionally for the Portland Trail Blazers and for a team in Spain, woke up during the assault and tried to fight off the frantic lady.

But he was too weak because of his severe injuries and died.
Garcia-Pellon, who also attended the prestigious Ivy League, told police: "I found him watching porn. Little girls. I love children. I had to do."

After the attack, she changed clothes and went to a friend's house. Police were called to the couple's home and White was found dead in his bed.

Garcia-Pellon also came to the house, where officers arrested her and charged her with first-degree murder.

Restaurant customers receive fine for not finishing their meal

Restaurant were you must finish your food 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) When you were a child you probably heard that you must finish all the food on your plate. Now, a restaurant is making sure their diners also finish all the food they ordered or face a fine, according to press reports in Japan.

A restaurant in Japan is punishing customers who do not finish their meals.

The seafood restaurant in Sapporo, Japan, charges customers that do not end the last bit of food on their plates. The experience is a bit like being a kid again. But instead of not having dessert because you failed to clean your plate, you leave with a wallet that is a little thinner.

One customer who experienced the ordeal explained that the fine is really for a good cause. The restaurant owners want to honor the fishermen who defy the dangerous conditions at sea to provide delicious food for the public.

Customers ordering the meshi tsukko, a bowl of rice topped with salmon roe, are warned in advance: "You may not leave even a grain of rice on your plate. Customers who do not complete their meshi tsukko have to shell out a nice donation."

There is no word on the amount of the fine, but it seems to be rare that someone does not really end all their food. A customer wrote that he was nervous at first about ordering food that comes with those conditions, but the waitress assured him that almost no one leaves their meshi tsukko unfinished.

4,500 people do world record Hula Hoop dancing together

Hula Hoops record in Thailand 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) If watching someone doing Hula Hoops for several minutes makes you dizzy what about watching 4,500 doing Hula Hoops together?

About 4,500 participants in Thailand celebrated victory after scoring a world record for the largest number of people dancing with Hula Hoops simultaneously in one place.

Guinness World Records judge, Seyda Subasi-Gemici, said Tuesday that 4483 people had swung Hula Hoops to dance music for seven minutes without interruption.

The event attracted 5,000 participants to an outdoor stadium at Thammasat University, but 517 were dropped of the total after those participants failed to keep their Hula Hoops up.

The event was organized by the Department of Public Health and the Ministry of Health and aimed to create health awareness among Thai citizens.

The previous world record was established in Taiwan in 2011, when 2496 participants turned Hula Hoops in a continuous motion for 2 minutes.

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Girl wins $109 million after losing her skin by taking Motrin

Samantha Reckis 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Johnson & Johnson swallowed another bitter pill this week after getting whacked with $109 million judgment, according to court proceedings in Massachusetts.

Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay a Massachusetts teenager and her parents $109 million after suffering a potentially fatal drug reaction and losing most of her skin when she took a children’s pain reliever almost 10 years ago.

A Plymouth Superior Court jury decided Wednesday that Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary McNeil-PPC Inc. must pay Samantha Reckis and her parents a total of $109 million, including interest.

Family attorney Brad Henry said that Samantha was 7-years-old when she was given Motrin, which is an ibuprofen brand. She suffered a rare side effect known as toxic epidermal necrolysis and lost 90 percent of her skin and was blinded.

A spokesperson for the New Brunswick, New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. said that the girl's family has suffered a tragedy, but the company disagrees with the verdict and is considering other legal options.

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Zoo to teach young children about animal poop as an attraction

Boy holding nose 
By: John Roberts

Kids are curious and they love to learn new things. They also love to explore new things, but to learn the difference between animal poop? That might just be over the top.

Taiwan zoo officials, decided to cash in on something that is readily available to them and they have a lot of.

The zoo is offering a strange point of interest to attract young visitors during the winter season: animal poop. They hope to attract visitors by showing what the poop is made of, which will give people insight into the animals' diet and breeding behavior, according to reports.

The Taipei Zoo, is trying to capitalize on the renewed interest in the animals after the release of the 3D movie "Life of Pi" directed by Taiwanese director Ang Lee.

The movie shows a young Indian boy who survives a shipwreck and finds himself trapped in a lifeboat for 227 days. Several animals accompanied him on the surreal trip.

According to reports, zoo officials hope that the renewed interest in animals will bring kids to the zoo to learn more about them. By offering their unique class on animal poop, directors hope to spark kids interest in their zoo.

"Somehow the topic of poop is very exciting for kids especially those between the ages of 5 to 9-years-old. They might be our target for the winter holidays," project director Lin Jun-lan, said.

Worker finds $10,000 in casino bathroom only to turn it in

Meuy Saelee 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) If you find $10,000 in cash laying in a public bathroom would you turn it in?

A cleaning woman at the Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, California, won the jackpot when she found $10,000 cash in the restroom last week. But lucky to the one who lost it she did not take the money and run.

Instead, Meuy Saelee turned the cash over to her supervisor and she got a nice bonus in exchange for her honesty.
Saelee spoke to news reporters about the discovery. She said she found the cash at about 2:30 am at a high risk casino bathroom. Saelee said that she did not hesitate to do the right thing.

By giving the $10,000 to its rightful owner, Saelee was presented with $500 as a thank you.

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Pope Benedict gets his head whacked while in Mexico

Pope Benedict in Mexico 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Pope Benedict got his head whacked during a recent trip, according to press reports in Italy.

The Vatican said that Pope Benedict XVI, hit his head during his trip to Mexico, during last year, but it denied that the incident had a significant role in the Pope’s recent resignation.

An Italian newspaper reported this week that Benedict hit his head and bled when he got up in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar room in Leon, Mexico. According to the report, blood stained his hair and clothing.

The Vatican spokesperson, the Reverend Federico Lombardi, confirmed the incident, but said that the incident was not relevant to the pope’s trip and it did not affect the decision to resign.

The Vatican newspaper reported earlier this week that Benedict had decided to resign after the Mexico trip, which was physically exhausting for the 85-year-old Pope.

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Woman, 87, dies after it took 3 hours for ambulance to arrive in Toronto Canada

Toronto ambulance 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A woman died after it took an ambulance about 3 hours to arrive at the scene, according to press reports in Toronto, Canada.

The elderly woman died after seven Toronto ambulances sent to the home were diverted to other calls that were considered a higher priority, according to the documents.

The main Canadian press agency reported this week that its investigation revealed that the woman, who was 87-years-old, suffered from abdominal pain late last year. She died after it took more than three hours for an ambulance to reach her retirement residence because the Toronto Emergency Medical Services has limited resources.

At 3:14 pm her emergency call was given low priority, which according to Toronto EMS guidelines meant an ambulance should have arrived within 21 minutes. However, it was not until she had stopped breathing that EMS upgraded the call to "VSA", or vital signs absent, that it was given high priority and an ambulance finally arrived at 6:29 pm. By then, the woman was dead.

A dispatcher said that the delayed response was due to limited resources.
"Once we received the notification about the change in the patient's condition, we responded with our highest level of response and the paramedics were there within five minutes of the change of status of the call," Toronto EMS said in a statement.

It also said that the Ministry of Health of Ontario and Toronto EMS are investigating the incident.

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Synagogue near Auschwitz in danger of collapsing

Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue 
By: Sarah Weiss

The synagogue near Auschwitz is in danger of collapsing, according to press reports in Israel.

An official warned that the only synagogue near the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, may crumble if the hillside it sits upon is not reinforced soon.

The Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue is the only one which still exists in Oswiecim, the southern city where Nazi Germans executed Jews in the Auschwitz death camp during World War Two. The synagogue was rededicated in 2000 to try to revive Jewish life which was vibrant in the city before the war.

The leader of the Jewish center, Tomasz Kuncewicz, said this week that the building is on shaky ground. Work is needed to shore up the foundations in the spring, but organizers are seeking $330,000 for the effort.
Some 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, were killed in Auschwitz.

World Jewelry Confederation to hold its annual CIBJO Congress in Tel Aviv Israel

Business district in Tel Aviv Israel 
By: Shifra Unger

The World Jewellery Confederation will hold its annual Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel, for the first time, according to press reports.

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, will hold its 2013 annual conference in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 7 to 9. The annual Congress, CIBJO, is a forum to discuss some of the issues of the industry and the place in which leaders in the industry analyze their diamonds, colored stones, pearls, precious metals and Gemological Blue Books are updated.

The conference, organized by the Israel Diamond Institute, will be preceded by pre-congress meetings beginning on May 5 and the annual meeting of the World Diamond Council.

"We are very pleased to hold the CIBJO Congress in Israel. We thank the president and the board of the Israel Diamond Institute for their generosity in issuing this invitation," Gaetano Cavalieri, who is the president of CIBJO, said.

"Israel is known as one of the world's largest diamond and gemstone centers, but also is a major jewelry manufacturer in its own right and is a powerhouse for the development of many of the most sophisticated technology used in our business today. The conference will provide our members a fascinating insight into this exciting country," he added.

"We will have the privilege to welcome the leaders of the jewelry industry in the world to Tel Aviv, and be able to extend our hospitality," Moti Ganz, Chairman of the IDI, said.

"Our commitment to the health and welfare of our company and its stakeholders is absolute and in this regard we are willing to support dialogue and cooperation provided by CIBJO. It will be a wonderful conference, which will give CIBJO members the opportunity to learn about our facility and experiencing first hand Israel and its ancient history," he added.

Israel demands Tunisia provide more security to Jews

Synagogue in Tunisia 
By: Shifra Unger

Since attacks against the Jewish community in Tunisia increased after the Arab Spring revolution, Israel has now demanded the world community to pressure the Tunisian government to provide more security to Tunisian Jews.

The move comes amid growing animosity toward Israel and a growing number of anti-Semitic attacks, allegedly initiated by religious officials in Tunisia against the Jewish community. There is about 2000 Jewish people living in Tunisia at the current time.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel instructed Israeli embassies in the United States, Germany, France, Britain and Italy, to ask the foreign ministries of their countries to pressure the Tunisian government to safeguard the assets and property of the Jews in the country.

Israel expects that the head of EU foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, will personally ask the Tunisian government to provide more security to Jews.

In the last month, about 80 Jewish graves were desecrated in Kef and Sousse, a report said. Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali condemned the attacks and said that the security forces are working to prevent vandalism in Jewish cemeteries, a newspaper said.

The report said that last November, during the visit of Prime Minister of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, to the country, there were public cries of "Kill the Jews". Several synagogues have also been burned and anti-Israeli protests were seen outside the central synagogue in Tunisia. Flags of Israel were seen outside the airport bathrooms for people to wipe their feet on the flags.

Roland Sa'adon, the cantor of a synagogue in the neighborhood of La Goulette Tunis, told a German newspaper that since the revolution of 2011, the future of the Jewish community is at risk.

"The Islamists have taken control of the revolution, a revolution that was led by young people," he said.

He warned that if the Tunisians choose the extremist Muslims to rule the country, then there is no place for Jews in Tunisia.

Drew Barrymore removes her tattoos as she accepts the Jewish faith

Drew Barrymore's tattoos 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) After her recent announcement that her child will be raised as Jewish, Drew Barrymore, has announced that she is undergoing a painful procedure because of the Jewish faith, according to press reports in California.

The longtime actress, 38, will undergo laser surgery to remove tattoos following her recent transition to the Jewish faith.

While the actress has not yet managed to become Jewish, Barrymore shared with a Hollywood, California based newspaper that she and her husband, Will Kopelman, will raise their four-month-old daughter, Olive, according to Jewish tradition.

"I have not made the conversion ​​yet, but I will raise Olive according to the Jewish tradition. I had a very Jewish traditional wedding with Rabbi Rubinstein and I did the ketubah. We had the chuppah and wore yarmulkes. It’s a beautiful faith and I'm so honored to be around it."

Barrymore also said that she wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, so she decided to have her tattoos removed from her body.
A source said: "Drew wants to be a Santa Barbara type mom and that clashes with tattoos. She is growing more conservative by the day."

The actress has a total of six tattoos, a butterfly, a flower bouquet, two angels, a crescent moon and even a cross. She has tattoos on many different body parts ranging from her shoulder to her toe.

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Pizza Hut launches its own perfume that smells like pizza

Pizza Hut perfume 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Are you a pizza lover? Do you love the smell of fresh hot pizza?

Would you like to attract men with the aroma of delicious, hot and fresh pizza? Well, Pizza Hut has a perfume for you.

Pizza Hut is now selling its own line of perfume, named "Eau du Pizza Hut.” The new fragrance aims to capture the smell of a box of Pizza.

It all started as a fun message on Facebook, when Pizza Hut asked fans how much they loved the smell when they open a fresh box of pizza from Pizza Hut. After getting a lot of positive responses,
Pizza Hut launched their own pizza smell perfume.

But do not go looking for the Pizza Hut perfume at your local store yet. Apparently, Pizza Hut produced in small quantity of the perfume and it is being sold online for Facebook fans of Pizza Hut.

The limited edition fragrance was designed to commemorate Canada Pizza Hut for reaching 100,000 fans on Facebook.

If people like the fragrance and it is successful, Pizza Hut might continue to sell it.

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Man breaks into house to steal used diapers

Dillon Makuski 
By: John Roberts

A 20-year-old man was arrested after he broke into a house.

He did not steal money, flat screen television, computers or jewelry.
Shockingly, he stole the baby’s dirty diapers.

Dillon Makuski, from Wisconsin, has a weird diaper fetish, where he likes to wear dirty diapers.

At first, Makuski, looked through the garbage bin outside of the home, but he could not find any dirty diapers, so he decided to go inside to look for dirty diapers. according to reports.

Makuski found the diaper bin in the house and he took some diapers. That’s when the homeowner confronted him and detained him until police arrived.

When police arrived they arrested Makuski for breaking into a house and they found six dirty diapers in his pockets.

At sentencing, the judge said that he does not believe the man has to go to jail and instead said that the man needs help.

Judge Frederic Fleishauer, ordered Makuski to 30 months probation, 200 hours of community service and he must undergo a psycho-sexual examination for his diaper fetish after stealing dirty diapers from someone's home.

Woman drinks detergent from Coca-Cola cup at McDonald’s

By: David Ross

A man went to McDonald’s, to buy takeout food for himself and his girlfriend. When his order was ready he took it and left. Little did he know that he grabbed the wrong cup of Coca-Cola.

When his girlfriend became ill after consuming the drink, Mr. Liu, returned to the restaurant to ask questions. An employee admitted that she placed the cup of detergent on the counter.

Liu, took his girlfriend to a hospital after complaining of a burning sensation in her esophagus and stomach. A doctor determined that the woman had erosive gastritis.

McDonald’s in Shenyang, in northeast China, apologized to the customer after she drank detergent left on the counter in a cup where there should have been Coca-Cola.

"This has caused great harm to me and my girlfriend. My girlfriend is still receiving treatment in the hospital," Liu, who ordered two meals at the restaurant, said.

The restaurant apologized for the error and they agreed to compensate the woman, but the amount has not yet been agreed upon.
Liu wants the restaurant to agree to take responsibility if his girlfriend has health problems in the coming years related to the incident.

Soros makes $1 billion after betting against the yen

George Soros 
By: Debbie Gross

After reportedly earning $1 billion by betting against the British pound he now earned $1 billion by betting against the Japanese yen, according to press reports in the United States.

U.S. hedge fund investor George Soros has earned $1 billion in the last few month after betting against the yen, people with knowledge of the position of the company, said.

The yen lost nearly 20 percent against the U.S. dollar between November and early February, picking up speed as the new government of Japan put pressure on the Bank of Japan to ease monetary policy more aggressively to defeat deflation.

Investors have bet against the yen, in various ways, from simple to complex derivative put options, according to reports.
Soros became famous after short selling the British pound many years ago that led to a near collapse of the British economy and profiting $1 billion in the process.

New York and Israeli Leaders Pay Tribute to Top Jewish Activists at Young Israel Gala

Young Israel event 
By: Daniel Perez

Celebrating nearly three and a half decades as one of the premiere Jewish congregations in New York, and one of the most vibrant centers of Modern Orthodox life in America, Young Israel of Jamaica Estates held its 34th Annual Gala on Sunday night, Feb. 10.

The dinner, which took place at the elegant Sephardic Temple of Cedarhurst, was a veritable who's who of Jewish leaders from near and far. Among the former were New York State Assembly Members Dov Hikind and David Weprin.

Coming from a little further afield were senior Likud official (and advisor to the last five Israeli prime ministers including Benjamin Netanyahu) Gershom Stav, as well as Israeli millionaire philanthropist Sam Domb.

Honored at Sunday's event were were Dr. Joseph and Karen Frager, alongside Michael and Robin Appel. Both being renowned for their leadership at Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, the Fragers are perhaps best known for their political activism and outspoken support of the State of Israel, whereas the Appels are more rooted in local Jewish causes, youth education in particular.

Together, these two families exemplified the kind of dedication to both medinat Yisrael, and am Yisrael (the Jewish state and the Jewish people respectively), which are cornerstones upon which the nationwide organization of Young Israel is founded.

Prior to the evening's presentation, Dr. Frager spoke of Sam Domb as “the one who started me on my path to activism for Israel and America.” Domb, a Holocaust survivor and veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, came to the United States and, pulling himself up by his own proverbial bootstraps, started out as a humble dishwasher, eventually rising to prominence as a hotel developer.

Using his professional clout in the service of numerous worthy causes, Mr. Domb helped build up, among others, the Jewish community of Jamaica Estates. Domb funded the construction of the synagogue building itself, as well as the youth center next door, the latter in memory of his wife, Sarah. As a token of his dedication to the continued growth of the community, Domb concluded his address to the gala by pledging $10,000 to the synagogue.

An English translation of Domb's autobiography, entitled “He Hath Not Let Me Die” was recently released.

Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, spiritual leader of Young Israel Jamaica Estates for the last 23 years and former president of the Rabbinical Council of America, offered divrei chizuk (words of inspiration) to those assembled, as well as some well-deserved accolades to the evening's guests of honor.

Speaking of the importance of unwavering dedication to one's goals in life, he noted that “[The Fragers and the Appels] are fully engaged and energized in every facet of their lives, as Religious Zionists, Modern Orthodox Torah Jews.”

Addressing Robin and Michael Appel, Rabbi Hochberg spoke of their distinguished lineage, coming from families whose names “are synonymous with Torah, Zionism, chesed, community service, and leadership.”

He commented on Michael's tireless devotion to the community, having served in various capacities on the synagogue's Board of Directors, and his pivotal assistance in planning the expansion of the synagogue, as well as running the youth minyan.

Robin, he noted, is an active member of the YIJE sisterhood, organizing numerous fundraising activities and serving on the shalach manot committee.

In addition to the above activities, the Appels have earned the esteem of their peers by their endless dedication to community education programs. Dr. Jay Lisker, former synagogue president, tells of how he met Michael as a child, when Michael was a counselor at Camp Morasha.

We used to learn together,” says Lisker, recalling how, as a camper, he and his bunkmates would study Torah with the young Mr. Appel.

Michael Schreiber, a longtime friend of the Appels, points out that one of Michael Appel's most noteworthy accomplishments, not mentioned in the ceremony, was his setting up a weekly shiur for “working men” who couldn't necessarily find a lot of time for intensive learning during the week.

“[Michael] is responsible for a lot of Torah learning for a lot of people in this community,” says Schreiber. Both Lisker and Schreiber referred to Appel as a source of great inspiration in their lives. One of Appel's most endearing qualities, Schreiber relates, is how, although “he is friends with everyone, he makes everyone feel like they're his best friend. He's that kind of guy.”

Similar sentiments were widely expressed regarding Dr. and Mrs. Frager. But whereas the Appels concentrated most of their energies locally, the Fragers lead the way in Israel advocacy. Dr. Ron Kahn, President of Young Israel of Jamaica Estates and a practicing pediatrician, recounted that when he first met Frager, a gastroentorologist, he thought the two of them would be able to discuss medicine.

He drew an outburst of laughter from the audience when he recalled how a mutual friend warned him that, for Frager, “gastroentorology was really a sideline,” and that Israel was the doctor's real passion.

Kahn went on to laud the Fragers' multifaceted efforts on behalf of Israel. Thanking them for their many years of ongoing service of the shul, the local community, and the Jewish state, he noted in particular the Fragers' impressive ability to persuade high-level dignitaries, including chief rabbis and prominent Israeli and American politicians, to visit the community, acknowledging Sam Domb as the latest example.

Dr. Paul Brody, who works closely with the Fragers on numerous causes, such as serving on the executive board of American Friends of Ateret Cohanim (of which Dr. Frager is president), and organizing the popular Israel Day Concert in Central Park every year, noted that Dr. Frager is a “very creative mind when it comes to doing things for Eretz Yisrael and Klal Yisrael,” and that his wife Karen, “though she prefers to stay out of the limelight, is nonetheless a driving force behind their work.”

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and his wife Shoshana also had a great deal to say about the Fragers. “Joe Frager is a hero to me,” said the Assemblyman. He added that he didn't know when Frager finds the time for his medical practice, “because he is so busy being involved in so many causes, and making a difference.”

“He should be an example to all of us that you can do whatever you do in life – be a doctor, a lawyer, or whatever else, and you can still do remarkable things for the Jewish people.”

No less eloquent in her praise of the evening's honorees, Mrs. Hikind tells reporters that “I wish we had more doctors like Dr. Joseph Frager and his aishes chayil Karen. I've known Joe and Karen since 1991 … and I consider them among my most precious friends. They are the greatest ohavei Yisrael and ohavei Yerushalayim.”

And it is perhaps for that love of Israel and Jerusalem that Dr. Frager couldn't keep from discussing pressing political concerns during his acceptance speech.

Frager began by expressing his admiration of the Appels, with whom he was honored to share the evening's accolades, and of longtime friend Sam Domb, whom he credited with introducing him to then-General Ariel Sharon, which in turn helped to, among other things, facilitate the purchase of St. John's Hospice (now Neot David) in East Jerusalem on behalf of Ateret Cohanim.

Turning to more contemporary matters, Frager noted the many pro-Israel initiatives in which he is proud to play a role, including those mentioned above. Ultimately, he summed up his motivation by offering the audience a glimpse of his view of Israel-Diaspora relations. “Our work in America is never done. We are vital to the security and survival of the State of Israel,” he declared, looking to Likud representative Gershom Stav for confirmation.

Frager lamented how, in his view, the role of American Jewry in ensuring Israel's welfare has, since the administrations of Prime Ministers Begin and Shamir, been largely downplayed, if not completely forgotten. “Our work is never done, fighting the BDS [the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions] movement,” said Frager, warning of their rising influence, as evidenced by the participation of pro-BDS (i.e. anti-Israel) groups in last year's New York City Israel Day Parade. “It's our job to fight them, and don't worry, we'll fight them – we'll beat them, too.”

Indeed, many of the dinner's guests expressed similar concerns to those raised by Dr. Frager – the recent nomination of anti-Israel bigots to key positions in the Obama administration, and the selling of F-16 fighter jets to a belligerent Egyptian regime, both mentioned during Frager's speech, were also hot topics of discussion among the politically-savvy attendees.

Despite a laundry list of woes facing pro-Israel advocates, Dr. Frager inspired his audience, drawing on the great past accomplishments of the American Jewish community. “Remember, it was American Jewry that saved Russian Jewry; Bukharian Jewry too.”

“I look forward to continued success,” continued Frager, “health, smachot (joyous occasions), Torah and spiritual growth, nachat (parental pride) from all of our children, siyata dishmaya (heavenly assistance) [here at] Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, until Moshiach comes, may it be speedily and in our days.”

Contact the writer of this story at Daniel@PerezConsulting.org

Judge declares mistrial after victim's glass eye falls out on the witness stand

By: Eva Fett

An assault victim had his fake glass eye fall out of his eye socket while testifying on the witness stand, causing the judge in the case to declare a mistrial, according to court proceedings in Pennsylvania.

During the assault trial held in a Philadelphia courthouse, the prosthetic eye of the man fell out, causing members of the jury to gasp for air and a mistrial.

A Pennsylvania based newspaper reported that John Huttick was on the witness stand, demonstrating the loss of his left eye in a brutal fight in 2011. The victim began to cry and the force of his tears caused the prosthesis eye, also known as a glass eye, to fall out. Several jurors stood up like they have to leave. Shortly thereafter, the judge declared a mistrial.

The Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, Mark Gilson, said: "I've been a prosecutor for 26 years and have never seen anything like that happen. It was shocking."
Defense attorney Eileen J. Hurley said: "He was crying, and when it came out, he held it in his hand. It was a shocking event to watch."

Judge Robert P. Coleman felt the incident probably would have created additional sympathy for Huttick among jurors.
Huttick was working as a bar bodyguard in 2011 when he was informed about a fight in a nearby parking lot.

He went to intervene but was allegedly beaten by a man named Matthew Brunelli. Brunelli claimed self-defense.
The case will be retried next month.

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Woman accidentally gives away her engagement ring to homeless man after removing it from her finger

Billy Ray Harris 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman accidentally gave away her engagement ring to a homeless man after removing it from her finger because it was bothering her, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The homeless man who won the prize when the diamond diamond ring ended up in his change cup, had a heart of gold by returning it.

The woman who accidentally left her engagement ring along with all her spare change in her pocket in the cup later noticed the mistake that she had given the expensive ring to the Kansas City, Kansas man, Billy Ray Harris.

Sarah Darling, who had no intention of being so generous to the man in the street, told a local television news station that she kept the ring in her pocket because it was bothering her finger.
Darling said she had not realized what she had done until the next day.

"I was so incredibly disappointed because more than the value of the ring, it had sentimental value," she said.
Needless to say, Darling ran back to that street the next day.
Harris told the television news station: "The ring was big. I knew if it was real, it was expensive."

"She came back the next day bent over to me and asked me if I had the ring. I said yes and gave it back to her,” Harris told the television news station.

Harris added that he was not the type to take advantage of someone's misfortune. "My grandfather was a minister. He raised me since I was 6-months-old and thanks to the good Lord. I still I have a bit of character in me," he said.

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Human Rights Watch slams Canadian police for raping women

Highway of Tears in Canada 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A human rights group slammed the Canadian police force for abusing and raping women, according to a statement released by Human Rights Watch.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are failing to protect Aboriginal women in the northern regions from violence, according to a report by an international human rights group which also alleges abusive behavior by police officers themselves.

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday urged the Canadian government to investigate dozens of murders and disappearances of women along a northern strip of road in the Pacific province of British Columbia known as the "Highway of Tears".

"The threat of local and random violence on one hand, and abuse by members of the Royal Canadian Police Force, on the other, leaves indigenous women in a constant state of insecurity," Meghan Rhoad, who is an investigator at Human Rights Watch, said.

"Where can they turn for help when police are known to be insensitive and in some cases, abusive?" She asked.
Human Rights Watch said it sent investigators to the area between Prince George and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, in the summer and interviewed 50 indigenous women and girls, while talking with the affected families and native leaders.

The group said it was informed of excessive use of force, strip searches of women by male officers, as well as physical and sexual abuse.

"One woman said that four police officers took her to a remote location, raped her and threatened to kill her if she told anyone," the report said.

British Columbia Police said that no one named in the report submitted a complaint.

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