New York fire department under fire for hosting squirrel shooting contest

Hunter showing off squirrel catch 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A New York fire department has announced that it would be hosting a squirrel shooting contest, according to press reports in New York.

The weekend squirrel shooting competition in upstate New York, is now a sold out event, with all 1,000 tickets gone, according to organizers, despite an effort by animal rights and other pro gun control groups, to cancel the event.

The seventh annual Hazzard County Squirrel Slam, will raise funds for the Holley Volunteer Fire Department, who is the sponsor of the event.

Prizes range from $50 to $200 which will be awarded on Saturday, for the biggest five dead squirrels. Five rifles and shotguns will also be given away, according to the fire department’s website.

Critics have tried to stop the event through online petitions and protests, calling the event cruel and a bad example for children. The contest for red and gray squirrels is open to anyone over 12-years-old with a hunting license.

"Declaring someone a winner for killing the most animals affects children and the community at large who believe that wildlife is important. Also, killing for a monetary award is not commendable," Brian Shapiro, who is the state director of New York Humane Society, said in a letter to the Holley fire chief.

State Senator Tony Avella, a Queens Democrat, called the contest crazy during a news conference in Albany with the group Friends of Animals earlier this week. The group planned to protest at the Holley Fire House on Saturday afternoon.

Squirrel hunting event angers activists

Mothers turn to stripping to save school bus services

The group of Spanish mothers posing for calendar 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) After receiving notice that their children will no longer be picked up by the school bus, some mothers had no choice but to turn to stripping, according to video uploaded to the internet.

A new law was introduced during the summer months which cuts funding for the school bus that runs in the Monserrat district of Valencia in eastern Spain. A group of mothers met and posed for an erotic calendar to raise money for the transportation of their children.

The problem was that under the previous Spanish law, the government only had to provide transportation if students lived more than three miles away from school. However, according to the new law, the distance is now calculated in a straight line and this meant that Monserrat, was no longer eligible for a school bus.

However, as Silvia Lucas, one of the mothers, said: "We have to climb a mountain and down a ravine to get to school. On foot, using the most direct route it is 4.5 km, if you walk in the road it is 6 km."

Some of the parents are unemployed and have problems paying for gas to drive their children to school. For this reason and to try to raise $50,000, the group of mothers gathered, undressed and posed for an erotic calendar.

It took just over a month after the launch of the calendar to raise enough money for the bus to run for a period of three months for the 83 affected children.

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Man offers free money to California residents, but some refuse

Mark Dice 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man offered free money to California residents but shockingly some refused his offer, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Mark Dice, who is an author and critic, likes to describe what he calls the ignorance of United States residents. His latest video showed him giving local residents the option to receive a free $5 bill or a U.S. silver dollar coin, totally free.

The YouTube video showed him asking people what currency they prefer. Most California residents chose the $5 bill because they believed it was worth more than the silver dollar, which is trading at around $30. Other reasons are that the paper note was lighter than the silver dollar coin.

Several people simply refused to accept the $5 bill or the silver dollar, simply saying that they have enough money.
"These people do not even want free money," Dice said.

At the end of the video, someone finally accepted the offer. She took the $5 instead of the silver bullion coin.

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Rapper Jim Jones arrested after not shoveling snow outside his home

By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A popular rapper had a run in with a police officer and ended up under arrest, according to police reports in New Jersey.

Fair Lawn resident and rap mogul Jim Jones, was arrested Wednesday after he went over the line with a police officer who was handling a complaint in front of his home, police said.

Jones, whose real name is Joseph, was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction for refusing to peacefully resolve two outstanding arrest warrants, police said.

Sergeant James Corcoran was in the process of having an illegally car parked blocked by snow outside Jones's house towed, when Jones approached him to ask what he was doing, police said.
According to police reports, Jones agreed to move the vehicle off the road and pay the towing fee.

However, when Corcoran proceeded to run Jones’ name in the police database he found two warrants out for arrest, one for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle and one for for not removing snow from a sidewalk.

When Corcoran asked Jones to go with him to the police headquarters to solve both active orders, Jones denied its existence, became disorderly and tried to walk away as the sergeant was placing him under arrest, according to reports police.

As a result of his lack of cooperation, Jones was arrested and taken into police custody. He was later released on bail for outstanding warrants. This is not the first time the rapper was arrested. Recently, Jones was arrested after being involved in a casino brawl in Connecticut.

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Police handcuff 6-year-old girl for several hours

Salecia Johnson 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A little girl was arrested and handcuffed for several hours after throwing a tantrum in school, according to police reports in Georgia.

Georgia police on Tuesday defended their decision to handcuff and arrest an elementary student, who is just six-years-old, after the school called to report that a child had assaulted a principal and was damaging school property.

Milledgeville police said they were called to Creekside Elementary School on Friday to a young girl, who was supposedly throwing a tantrum.

According to their report, when the officer arrived, he observed Salecia Johnson, a kindergartner on the floor of the office of the principal, while screaming and crying.

The officer said in the report that he realized damage to school property and tried several times to calm the girl, who finally turned away and began actively resisting and fighting with the officer.

"The child was then placed in handcuffs for her safety and the police proceeded to take her down to the police station," police chief Dray Swicord, said.

Despite the behavior of the child, her family said police should not have been involved.
"I do not think she misbehaved to the point where she should have been handcuffed and taken down to the police department," Johnson's aunt, Candace Ruff, told a local television news station.

The girl was released to Ruff after numerous attempts to reach her parents failed, the police report said.

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Police officer in trouble for lending his uniform and squad car to drug dealer

Miami Beach police car 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Police made a drug bust at a house of a drug dealer. Along with the drugs, they also found a police officer's uniform.

A police officer from Miami Beach, Florida, is facing a long list of offenses including allowing a known drug dealer to use his uniform and patrol car.

George Navarro Jr., a six-year veteran with the Florida police department, has been suspended without pay after he was accused of racketeering and fraud. While investigating the officer, it was discovered that Navarro, 26, was involved in a series of attempted drug smuggling operations.

Two men were arrested after police found methamphetamine and ecstasy in their apartment, while the arresting officers also found Navarro’s police uniform in the apartment.

The two men, Marlon Mayoli, and the other drug dealer, Rafael Guedes, both 27, who were arrested for drug possession, are both friends of officer Navarro, according to press reports.

The men told officers, that Navarro, planned to leave the force after making a big drug deal, while a neighbor and parking attendant in the apartment complex told officers that one of the drug dealers drove Navarro’s police car, carried a police badge and wore a bulletproof vest, according to court documents.

According to Navarro’s attorney, Michael Band, Mayoli made ​​a copy of Navarro’s car key and drove the police car around while Navarro was on vacation with his family.

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Drunk man arrested for making love to an ambulance

By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) While being drunk, some people do very weird things, sometimes making for great entertainment for everyone around.

25-year-old Calum Ward, was caught on surveillance camera making out with an ambulance.

At first, Ward was seen setting a bag of peanuts on fire.

Then, Ward went over to a parked ambulance, pushed himself against it and simulating a sex act, according to the police report.

Ward has been convicted of drug possession, being drunk in public and disorderly conduct.

Ward was sentenced to a community service, six months probation and was ordered to pay $90.

This is not the first time a man was caught “having sex” with an object.

Robert Stewart, 51, was caught trying to have sex with his bicycle. He was arrested and later sentenced to three years probation.

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Priest calls police after getting stuck in handcuffs

Tom Donovan 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A priest had no choice but to make an extremely embarrassing call for help, according to a police recording released to the public.

A Catholic priest from Illinois had reportedly taken a leave of absence after he called police in order to get help getting out of a pair of handcuffs.

"I need help getting out of handcuffs before it becomes a medical emergency," the Reverend Tom Donovan, of the St. Aloysius church said during the call. The audio recording, was released to the press recently.

During the call, Donovan, who was in the rectory of the church at the time, told the operator that he had been playing with the handcuffs and was having trouble getting them off. According to a newspaper report, Illinois police also found a mask on the priest.

Late last year, Donovan, had been granted a leave of absence to attend to personal matters. Donovan, who had been the pastor of St. Aloysius church since July 2010, said he had requested permission to leave from Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, some time ago.

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Woman goes to police station after getting stuck in handcuffs while playing around with boyfriend

Woman in handcuffs 
By: Sarah Weiss

A woman voluntarily walked into a police station while handcuffed, according to a police statement in New York.

A young couple walked into a police station in Poughkeepsie, New York, Monday morning because the woman got stuck in a pair of handcuffs, the New York State Police reported.

They were playing around with the handcuffs belonging to the man, but when he tried to remove it from her wrists he broke the key by accident, police said.

The broken key got stuck inside the lock cylinder of the handcuffs, police said.
A state police officer cut the handcuffs off the wrist of the woman, who was identified by police as a 20-year-old.

The woman was extremely embarrassed, but thanked the police for their help, police said.
New York State Police did not release the photos of what happened to protect everyone involved, an official at the New York State Police, said.

Israeli looking in Germany's Stolpsee Lake for Nazi looted Jewish gold

Yaron Svoray 
By: Shifra Unger

A man is on a mission to find millions of dollars worth in gold believed to have been dumped in a German lake by the Nazis during World War Two, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The Israeli investigative journalist has launched a search for almost half a ton of Jewish-owned gold and platinum believed to have been stolen by the Nazis and thrown in a remote lake north of Berlin, during the last days of World War Two.

Yaron Svoray, which is also an anti-Nazi activist, announced that he has begun a new attempt to find the stolen gold using sophisticated sonar equipment, following a series of previous failed bids.

"This is a treasure that belongs to the people. It's time to get some justice," he told a German newspaper.
The lost gold and platinum is believed to be locked in 18 boxes located on the bottom of Lake Stolpsee in East Germany.

In 1981, the Stasi, the hated communist secret police, used an army of dredging barges in the 40 feet deep lake, but found nothing.
According to some reports, the boxes contain 350 kg of gold and 100 kilos of platinum bars that were stolen from prisoners in the Ravensbruck concentration camp, near Stolpsee.

Another report claimed that the precious metals were seized during the pogrom of Kristallnacht, where countless Jewish businesses were looted by the Nazis in November 1938.

Nokia changes Israeli street names from Hebrew to Arabic

Nokia maps showing Hebrew street names in Arabic 
By: David Ross

What happened after Nokia and Microsoft, have decided to translate the names of streets in Israel from Hebrew to English? Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv became Kablan Street, Pinkas Street became Binkas Street and Arlozorov Street became Arlozorof Street.

Nokia, which provides maps for various phone companies, demonstrated a lack of sensitivity and has turned names of streets with Jewish names to Arabic sounding names, apparently without realizing that some Israeli consumers will not even understand the newly named streets. More examples include, Talpiyot to Talbiyot, and David to Dafid.

Nokia maps come on products that the company provides, such as navigation and online maps, as well as when it exports the maps to Bing Maps, which is Microsoft’s mapping service.

Sheeran Baruch, who is a director of Nokia Maps in Israel, explained that the company's maps come in four Languages: English, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew.

"Every language has its transcript and at the present time, the English version is transcribed from Arabic," Baruch said.
Nokia is in no hurry to fix the problem and a corrected translation will only be released at the end of the month. "It's not insensitive, but accidental," Baruch added.

President Obama to receive Israel's Presidential Medal

President Obama and President Peres 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Despite the rocky relationship President Obama had with the State of Israel in recent years, he will still receive a prestigious medal award, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

Barack Obama will receive one of the most prestigious honors of Israel, during his upcoming visit to the Middle East. On Monday, the office of Israeli President Shimon Peres announced that Obama will receive the Presidential Medal of distinction.

A statement said that Obama will be recognized for his "unique and significant contribution to the consolidation of the State of Israel and the security of its citizens."

Obama's political opponents have complained constantly that he has tried to distance himself from the traditional U.S. support of Israel. During the recent U.S. presidential elections, the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, accused Obama of repeated efforts to throw Israel under the bus.

A recent pick by Obama for Secretary of Defense has also been criticized because of comments allegedly made ​​by Chuck Hagel on the power of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

The Obama White House has always maintained its support for Israel, but the president has had a tense relationship with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular with regard to the settlements in the West Bank and the lack of a peace process with the Palestinians.

President Peres and the prize committee behind the award, note Obama's friendship and support of the Iron Dome missile defense system. Obama's visit to Israel will be his first visit to Israel as president. He did visit Israel as candidate Obama.

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Florida Football Stadium named after private prison company

GEO Group stadium 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) One of the largest for-profit prison companies won the right to name a new sports stadium, according to press reports in Florida.

For over two years, Florida Atlantic University has been looking for a corporate sponsor to name their new 30,000 seat football stadium.

The public university announced that the nation's second largest operator of for-profit prisons, GEO Group Inc., will name the stadium, as part of a $6 million payment from the company’s charitable foundation, which is payable to Florida Atlantic over 12 years.

The United States has a long tradition of corporate sponsorships for stadiums, like the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland and Enron Field in Houston. But GEO Group Stadium puzzled experienced experts in sports marketing.

Stadium Sponsorships usually involve a product that a company wants to sell to consumers, like cars, in the case of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, or banking, with Citi Field in New York. GEO Group clients are government agencies that offer contracts. Prisoners have no choice of where to land behind bars.

"It seems to be a charity that is trying to market and that does not make much sense," Paul Swangard, managing director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon School of Business, said. "To link yourself to a sports stadium, when your business is locking people up is simply does not connect very well," he added.

21-year-old father arrested for biting his newborn baby in hospital

Matthew Wayne Strawn 
By: Shifra Unger

A young father was ordered to stay away from his newborn son, after he bit the baby in the hospital.

21-year-old Matthew Wayne Strawn, was spending time bonding with his 11-day-old baby, who was in intensive care unit at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, in Virginia.

Strawn, works in an administrative position at the medical center. When a nurse came by to check on the baby, the nurse saw bite marks on the newborn’s face and back.

Caring for a newborn baby is not easy, but while in the hospital, it is the job of the nurses to care for the newborn. If a parent feels overwhelmed with caring for the baby they can call a nurse to take the baby back to the nursery.

Police were called to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, on a report of possible abuse. The Naval Medical Center staff, informed police that the baby was with Strawn, in a private hospital room so they could spend some time together and bond, according to press reports.

After police interviewed Strawn, officers believed that he had bitten his son. Strawn was arrested and charged with child abuse and assault. A restraining order was filed against Strawn, stating that he was not allowed near his son.

A hospital spokesperson said that the baby is in good condition and was taken home by his mother.

Pizza shop offers 15 percent off for gun owners

Woman carries gun 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A pizza shop owner had a strong desire to show his support for the first amendment even if it means losing out on profit.

A Virginia Beach, Virginia, pizza shop owner, is showing support for the rights to carry firearms by giving gun owners a discount of 15 percent on their order.

Jay Laze, who is the owner of All Around Pizzas and Deli, has received media attention for his novel idea.

In order to get the discount, customers have to either bring their weapon or they can present their permit to carry concealed weapons at the time of purchase.

The offer began after a frozen yogurt shop in Utah, made ​​headlines for giving discounts to gun owners.

"I thought it was a great idea. It should be happening all over the country," Laze said, according to press reports.

Since the discount began, Laze says 80 percent of his customers have brought weapons into the pizza shop.
Laze is also a legal gun owner and he has always been an advocate of the right to carry firearms.

Initially, he planned to offer the discount for a short time,
but since the response has been overwhelming, he might make it permanent, according to reports.

Gun owners get pizza discount

Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol catch thief who stole 75 pounds of almonds

Juan Ayala under arrest 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A thief with a fetish for nuts was caught thanks to the help of the Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol, a citizen watch group in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York.

A man tried to flee with 75 pounds of almonds in Brooklyn, but soon dropped the heavy boxes while fleeing from police. The man ended up being detained by the Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol, police sources said.

Juan Ayala, 35, allegedly grabbed three 25-pound cases of nuts from a delivery van parked in Williamsburg on South 8th Street, near Bedford Avenue one afternoon, according to police reports.

He tried to flee with the loot, the sources said, but the 5-foot-8, 180 pound man ended up dropping the boxes on South 8th Street, police said.
The driver called 911, but Ayala managed to flee before the police could catch him.

But two hours later, Ayala smashed his car into a parked, unoccupied van on Wythe Avenue and South 8th Street, two blocks from the crime scene, police said.

A person spotted him trying to flee the scene of the accident and called the helpline of the Williamsburg Shomrim Patrol, a volunteer civilian patrol group.
The patrol group detained Ayala until police arrived. The driver of the van identified Ayala as the thief.

Authorities charged him with third-degree burglary, attempted petit theft and trespassing, as well as leaving the scene of an accident.
Ayala is being held on bail of $2,250, according to the court documents. slammed after security guards wear Nazi clothing warehouse 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) came under fire after an investigation disclosed that its security guards have links to neo-Nazi groups, according to televesion reports in Germany.

Now, said that it has fired a German security company amid growing criticism after reports that temporary workers had been mistreated.

An spokesperson in Germany, Ulrike Stoecker, said Monday that the online retailer has terminated its relationship with the European Hensel Security Services, effective immideatly.

A documentary broadcast on German public television last week showed that security guards spelled the name of Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Hess, with clothes linked to neo-Nazis in Germany. It also interviewed people who say they were abused by staff.

Stoecker told the press that has a "zero tolerance policy for discrimination or bullying and expects the same from other companies with which it works."

The company, a subcontractor hired by, last week denied that it supported the views of the extreme right.

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Jewish West Bank residents fight back against terror on the road

Car window smashed during roadside terror attack 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

The Jewish residents of the West Bank or Biblical Judea and Samaria are responding to the recent surge in roadside terror attacks by taking their security in their own hands, according to press reports in Israel.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

Following the recent deterioration of the security situation in Judea and Samaria, local residents have decided to take their security into their hands, re-initiating the civilian based recon unit which was operative during the second Intifada.

In recent months there has been a sharp upsurge in terrorist attacks against the residents of Judea and Samaria. The number of stone and fire-bomb attacks on the roads has increased dramatically. To contend with this reality the local security councils have decided to reestablish the civilian security patrols on the roads.

The IDF has lately decreased the size of its forces in Judea and Samaria. As a direct result, Arab terrorists are freer to operate. Furthermore, the IDF has reopened some roads to Arab traffic which have been closed up until now for security reasons. This further endangers the Jewish motorists.

The security councils of Neve Tsuf and Ateret, in Benyamin, dispatched a letter to Minister of Defense Ehud Barak protesting their current precarious condition.

"The situation is ablaze and there is no response provided, and it seems that the peak is still ahead of us", they stated in the letter, "… The residents have come to one conclusion – the authorities have left us with no proper response and we must care for our own security.

In a joint decision, we have decided to reestablish the civilian patrols which will scout the roads during the dangerous hours and will provide security to the residents against terrorism." They further stated that "As citizens of the State of Israel, we regret that the trust we had in the security system no longer exists and we can no longer rely on the military to provide the necessary security to our communities and the roads leading to them."

The residents' representatives concluded the letter with a demand that the IDF restore a presence in the region, thus providing the required security which will enable them to conduct their lives in a proper fashion. Copies of the letter were sent to top IDF officers in the region and to members of Knesset

The civilian patrols are deployed at crucial points, serving as spotters and deterrents. They are equipped with first aid kits and communications. They were directed to travel slowly to detect any looming danger. If attacked, they are to block the roads and warn other drivers of the upcoming perils.

On Feb. 18th, several cars were significantly damaged after being attacked with stones on the Trans-Benyamin highway. It took the army a long time to arrive on the scene, so a significant numbers of cars were hit until the IDF stopped the attacks.

Last Friday, several Israelis were ambushed with stones at several points on the roads. Earlier that day a driver spotted two youth who were about to attack him. He drew his weapon and waved it at them and they escaped. In a different incident, a driver was attacked and fired in the air, and the terrorists fled the scene.

Yitzchak Shadmy, Chairman of the Benyamin Residents Council and a lieutenant colonel in the IDF reserves told Tazpit News Agency: "The IDF has lately left various areas in Judea and Samaria. Now, every time something happens it takes the IDF a long time to respond, up to the point where they are not relevant.

It is upsetting that the IDF has not yet comprehended that a new Intifada is on the rise, and that it can be stopped early on. We call on all the residents to join and create a standing by force that will protect the women and children, before someone pays a heavy price."

Neve Tsuf's secretariat stated for Tazpit that: "Following the IDF's decrease of its forces in the region they are unable to fulfill their mission. With the knowledge of the security forces, a civilian patrol has been established. Its mission is to warn the IDF of security related incidents in real time.

We regret that as citizens we are forced to replace the security forces guarding our lives. We demand that the political echelons get involved to restore a sense of security and peace to our area."

An IDF official told Tazpit News Agency that they are doing their utmost, overtly and covertly, to contend with these attacks. The IDF categorizes stone attacks as terror and relates to them accordingly.

He further added that the IDF has not decreased its presence in the region, but rather has redeployed its forces. He reaffirmed the IDF's commitment to the residents of Judea and Samaria.

Maryland police accused of killing Down syndrome man in custody

Robert Taylor 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Maryland police officers were accused of killing a man with Down syndrome while in police custody, according to press reports in Maryland.

The death of a man with Down syndrome who was killed after lying face down in police custody has been declared a homicide.
Robert Taylor, 26, of New Market, Maryland, was strangled last month, according to the decision of a coroner last week.

A police source familiar with the case, told a television news station that Saylor choked to death when officers put him face down on the floor.

The incident happened when police were called by employees of a movie theater after Saylor refused to leave the premises. He had gone to the theater with a home health aide, but apparently remained at the theater after the movie was over.

Dr. George Kirkham, a criminologist and former police officer, told a local newspaper that the death of Saylor may have been caused by positional asphyxia.

Positional asphyxia is usually the result of an intense struggle and often involves a person who is handcuffed and lying on their stomach. Kirkham said that people often panic and cannot catch their breath. People with big stomachs are particularly vulnerable, he said, because his belly was thrust in his sternum, it made his breathing difficult.

A police department spokesperson said that the case is still under investigation and that the three officers involved in the death of Saylor, Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford, and Deputy First Class James Harris, were not fired and continue working their normal duties.

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Police sergeant who falsely accused other officers of threatening Obama gets fired

President Obama speaking in Virginia 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A police sergeant who falsely accused other police officers of threatening President Obama was fired from his job, according to press reports in Virginia.

The Richmond police sergeant whose allegations led to two firings and a Secret Service investigation was himself fired today, police sources revealed.

Accusations from the sergeant came after Obama's visit to Virginia Commonwealth University. He alleged that the two officers made inappropriate comments about harming the president. The story became national news. The Secret Service found no criminal act, but the two white skinned police officers were fired amid the uproar.

The fired officers have been fighting to get their jobs back. Their lawyer, James Towey, said that the allegations were completely made up and that the layoffs were the result of the interference by the mayor's office.

The sergeant revealed that inappropriate comments were made by a 20-year police veteran who was on the phone with another officer assigned to provide external security for the president and first lady Michelle Obama.

The complainant reported that the veteran officer suggested that the other officer "take a couple of shots," while another voice in the background was talking about putting a bomb under the stage.

Their lawyer said that the accusations are completely false and the mayor pressured the firing of the police officers before any investigation.
It is unclear if the sergeant was fired for making the allegations or for sharing the story with the press.

CBS News anchor vows to kill his wife when he is released from police custody

Rob Morrison 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A popular television news anchorman was arrested and charged after strangling his television news anchor wife inside their home, according to court proceedings in Connecticut.

The New York City television presenter issued a death threat against his wife when he was arrested on charges of attacking her at their home in Connecticut, according to a court document released Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the New York Police Department revealed that they were called 11 times to the couple's home when they lived in Manhattan. One call led to an arrest, but the case was sealed, they said.

Over in Connecticut, a Darien police officer wrote that Rob Morrison, who works for CBS News in New York, threatened that if he was released from police custody, he was going to kill his wife.

The statement was featured in the Stamford Superior Court in support of a protective order against Morrison. Judge Kenneth Povadator ordered Morrison to stay 100 yards away from Ashley Morrison except when both are at work.

She works for CBS MoneyWatch.

Rob Morrison, 44, was charged Sunday with strangulation, menacing and disorderly conduct. Officers had been called by his mother-in-law to the couple's home in Darien. They said that Morrison had been belligerent toward his wife all night and had wrapped his hands around her neck, leaving visible red marks.

Orthodox Jewish woman gives tips to fight Purim alcohol hangover

Sara Chana Silverstein(right) 
By: Sara Chana Silverstein, IBCLC, RH (AHG)

(Scroll down for video) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate is the most important thing to do. Okay, you already know that. You have been around enough to know that you need to drink water, sleep, and repent for your sins.

But what if you don’t want to drink water? What if you are too agitated to sleep? What if your stomach is in knots? Well, here are a few other suggestions you can try to help get back on track! You can choose from rehydrating smoothies, herbal teas, homeopathic remedies, or perhaps hot/cold contrast water therapy.

Hydrate doesn’t just mean drink water. There are many fruits and vegetables that can help you to hydrate, or rehydrate, and also replace the important vitamins and minerals that you either used up, or threw up, as we shall soon see. But if you find yourself in the kitchen and water is not alluring enough, or within reach, you might want to grab that "empty' pickle jar and drink the remaining pickle juice! Sound a little odd? Well, this is a popular Russian hangover cure. And it works because pickle juice is a seasoned form of brine that cucumbers have been cured in.

Brine is salt water, and the curing process not only turns the cucumbers into pickles, but it also helps absorb some of the contents of the cucumbers—which are high in water and minerals—into the salty brine. The salt helps the body to retain the mineral-laced water so that it can stay hydrated and recover quickly. But if you just can’t imagine bringing that pickle jar to your lips for a swig, you can try a vegetable or fruit smoothie instead. Of course, the vegetables and fruits that you want to choose are those that are high in water content, vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that carrots are 88% water, broccoli is 91% water, and cucumbers are a whopping 96% water? Watermelon is a hydration powerhouse and is 93% water, grapes 82%, even bananas have a lot of water in them at 73%. These vegetables and fruits are also filled with other important components that the body needs to replenish after a night-on-the-town. So, take out your blender and try a few of these combination drink and food hydration specials!

You can start with water as the base for your smoothie, but if you can substitute coconut water instead, you will also be giving your body important electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous to super-charge your smoothie. However, you should know that coconut water differs from coconut milk because it is only found in the younger, less ripe coconuts.

Here are a few of the smoothie suggestions for managing a hangover:
Vegetable super-hydration smoothie: Take cucumber, broccoli,celery, and carrots, put them into a blender and press the liquefy button. After this blend is liquefied, add either water or coconut water.

Fruit variation super-hydration smoothie: Take grapes, watermelon, bananas, strawberries, apples or grapefruit, liquefy them in a blender and then add either water or coconut water.

Here are a few alternative suggestions for managing a hangover:
Herbal teas such as peppermint or ginger, with some honey, can help knock out that nauseas feeling. Note that peppermint is a cooling herb and is therefore suggested if you are feeling hot and sweaty with an unsettled feeling in your stomach. Ginger on the other hand is a warming herb, famous for helping to relieve nausea. Ginger is used if your nausea makes you feel cold and nauseas. By adding honey, you are giving your body fructose which is purported to help the body rid itself of alcohol at a faster rate than drinking the tea by itself.

If you want to try homeopathy, you should know that homeopathic remedies are chosen from specific symptoms, which often differ from one person to another with the same condition. And hangovers affect people differently. In general, however, the homeopathic pellets can be dissolved under your tongue and taken every hour, for four to six hours, until your symptoms begin to subside.

Here are some homeopathic remedies that I would recommend:
Coffea 6c - If everything is bothering you and you feel hyper-sensitive to noises and light, try this remedy.
Pulsatilla 6c - If you are whining and complaining and feel like you need to be comforted, try this remedy.
Nux Vomica 6c - If you generally enjoy stimulants like coffee and alcohol, you often suffer from stomach upset and you can be grumpy and controlling, try this remedy.

As a last suggestion, if you really are in a rush to get better, try hot and cold-contrast water therapy—which is simply alternating back and forth from a hot to a cold shower! This works to increase circulation and helps rid your body of toxins. When the body is subjected to cold external temperatures, the flow of circulation is directed inward toward the internal organs, and as the outside temperature gets hot, the flow of circulation goes outward toward the skin. Alternating hot and cold makes the circulation move in and out like and accordion. This has the effect of increasing circulation, helping to both detoxify and move nutrients more readily to various parts of the body.

Here is how this hot and cold-contrast water therapy is done. Begin with a warm shower, and after two to three minutes under the warm shower, switch to cold water. However, don’t switch to ice cold water immediately. Lukewarm water will seem cold after a warm shower, so just slowly change the temperature until you find a suitable cold temperature that you can endure for thirty seconds. After thirty seconds under the cold water, switch back to warm water, then increase to a hotter temperature, and then a colder temperature—at the temperature your body can tolerate. You can repeat the process as long as you are comfortable with it, and provided that it doesn’t, of course, feel worse than the hangover.

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Man dies after his body explodes from the inside

House fire 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man died after his body exploded from the inside, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma authorities who were investigating the mysterious death of the man, have come to a weird conclusion. They claim that the 65-year-old died after suddenly bursting into flames.

Family members found 65-year-old Danny Vanzandt, dead Monday inside his home. Sheriff Ron Lockhart said: "The body was totally burned from the inside."

Lockhart said that he believes the death could be a rare case of spontaneous human combustion. Lockhart said: "I think there are only about 200 cases worldwide.”

Lockhart said that the fire did not damage the house and there were no signs of a struggle. He said: "There was no damage to furniture or anything from the fire."

Detectives sent the body to the medical examiner's office in Tulsa. Lockhart said: "If you read about spontaneous human combustion that is what we have here."

The sheriff said that Vanzandt was an alcoholic and an avid smoker. When asked if it was possible that Vanzandt accidentally killed himself after dropping a cigarette, Lockhart said, "a burning cigarette is not going to do that."