Girl suddenly bursts into flames inside Oregon hospital

Ireland Lane 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A little girl who was hospitalized for injuries suddenly caught fire while playing inside her hospital room, according to hospital officials in Oregon.

The cancer survivor, who is 11-years-old, was hospitalized with a head injury and is now recovering from third degree burns after her shirt mysteriously caught fire in a hospital room in Portland, Oregon.

The girl, Ireland Lane, had been painting in her room at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Suddenly, she ran down the hall screaming, with her shirt on fire.

"I've been in medicine for 30 years and had never heard anything like it. I hope I never see it again," Doctor Stacy Nicholson, chief physician at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, said.

"Our security experts are working closely with the Office of the State Fire Marshal of Oregon in their investigation," Nicholson said in a statement. "We look forward to the results and will certainly make adjustments if the cause was preventable," she added.

Hospital staff extinguished the flames, but the cause of the fire remains a mystery. Ireland said she used disinfectant to clean a table near her bed, where she painted a wooden box as a gift for her nurses.

Authorities are investigating whether the alcohol-based disinfectant and static electricity could have caused the fire, a spokesperson for the Oregon State Fire Marshal, said.

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Boy gets new inedible room after being caught eating the walls

Zach Tahir and his mother in his new room 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A British boy who was caught eating up his bedroom walls finally received a new inedible room, according to press reports in the United States.

After Zach Tahir began to chop off the plaster walls of his bedroom in order to eat it, his mother, Rachel Horn, had an idea for a perfect gift for his sixth birthday, an inedible bedroom.

Tahir suffers from “pica”, a condition that is defined as a pattern of eating non-food materials. Besides eating plaster, he has also eaten window shades, stones, moss and paper.

To pay for the new room, Horn got 26,000 pounds from her local board for her child's disability and then raised an additional 10,000 pounds through fundraising and an extensive campaign that featured celebrities on twitter, as well as being featured on a local television news station.

Horn said that Tahir, who is also autistic, enjoys the sensation of eating products that are overly crunchy in texture, but Horn has not succeeded in replacing safe food products for his favorite non-food.

"Bless him because Zach has to eat the real thing," Horn told a television news station in the United States.
The new room features chew proof walls, a non-slip floor that can not be picked off and unremovable window blinds.

For Horn, looking after Tahir has become a full-time job. The 32-year-old had to quit her job as a bank teller in order to take care of Tahir and his 3-year-old sister.

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Woman arrested after spraying gasoline on friend's face

Lashawn Dernette Johnson 
By: Moses Gold

A woman was arrested and charged with assault related charges after spraying her friend with gasoline, according to police reports in Virginia.

A Woodbridge woman was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning for allegedly pouring gasoline on the face of an acquaintance while filling up her tank at a Shell gasoline station.

Prince William County Police officers responded to the service station at 13313 Occoquan Road in Woodbridge around 4:20 am. The victim, a 34-year-old woman, told police she was pumping gas when she got into a verbal altercation with 39-year-old Lashawn Dernette Johnson.

The victim said that Johnson grabbed her pump and sprayed her face with fuel, causing her eye injuries requiring a visit to a local hospital.
Johnson fled the area on foot, but was located by police shortly thereafter. She was charged with malicious wounding.

Woman with no arms flies a plane

Jessica Cox flies airplane 
By: Debbie Gross

An armless woman, was declared the first person certified to fly an airplane with only her feet.

The Guinness World Records, has recognized Jessica Cox, 30, for her amazing accomplishments.

Due to a birth defect, Cox was born without hands and arms.

Cox, who lives in Arizona, went to college and earned a Bachelor's degree in psychology.

She also took up martial arts and became the first person without hands to earn a black belt in the American Taekwondo Association.

Cox later married her former instructor of Taekwondo.

Cox is very talented and very determined to live life to the fullest. She plays the piano, she drives a car and now she flies a plane, all with her feet.

Cox travels the world to share her story and encourages others that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

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Man, 24, chokes female police officer who tried to arrest him

Matthew James Tello 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A Female police officer was saved by another officer who arrived in the nick of time, to wrestle the man who was choking her.

A drunk 24-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly tried to strangle a police officer, while resisting arrest after being drunk in public.

Officer Beth McNalley responded to a call. Witnesses reported seeing a belligerent man cruising around on a bicycle. The officer found Matthew James Tello, riding his bike drunk.

Tello, refused to follow the officer’s command to get off the bicycle and repeatedly cursed the officer. McNally was able to get the handcuffs on one hand when Tello grabbed her neck with his free hand to restrict her breathing.

Luckily, another officer arrived just in time and tackled Tello to the ground. McNalley was treated at a nearby hospital and later released, while Tello is facing a series of charges.

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Overweight woman denied massage because massage table might break

Woman gets a massage 
By: Debbie Gross

An overweight woman wanted to get a massage after she ran in a marathon.

Laura Smith went to the Natural Healing Center, in Colorado,
for a massage but she was denied services because of her size. She was told that she is “too fat” for a massage.

Smith wanted a massage to relieve the side effects of a marathon she ran the day before. She was looking forward to a relaxing massage.

Instead of leaving with her muscles relieved, the owner of the Natural Healing Center told Smith: "I'm sorry, but you're too fat for our table. You’re probably going to break it and you’ll have to pay for it.”

Smith, who is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds, was surprised because she had received massages at other spas before.

Although the table is supposed to hold people up to 500 pounds, Penny Wells, the owner of the Natural Healing Center, said that the table has been broken in the past after a 165 pounds man laid down on it, which is why she was worried about Smith breaking the table.

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Gynecologist commits suicide after being caught secretly recording patients on video

Doctor Nikita Levy 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A doctor who was caught secretly recording pregnant patients was found dead, according to police reports in Maryland.

The former Johns Hopkins Hospital gynecologist, who was suspected of secretly recording patients has been found dead at his home in Towson, Maryland.

Police said that 54-year-old Doctor Nikita Levy, is believed to have committed suicide.

Johns Hopkins officials said in a statement that they began investigating Levy earlier this month after an employee reported that he had been using personal equipment to take pictures and videos of his patients. Levy was suspended and police were notified. Hospital officials said that Levy acknowledged his conduct and was dismissed on several weeks ago.

Baltimore Police detectives assigned the sex crimes unit in the case.
Johns Hopkins said it has launched a call center for patients who were seen and treated by Levy and that the hospital is conducting its own investigation. A statement from the hospital said that any invasion of patient privacy is intolerable.

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Britney Spears grocery shopping list goes viral

Britney Spears with her grocery shopping list 
By: Sarah Weiss

Ever wondered how famous celebrities do their grocery shopping? Well, now it is no longer a mystery after a popular celebrity’s grocery shopping list went viral on the internet.

A photographer captured Britney Spears wearing a sweatshirt on her way to the grocery store, with a list in her hands.
Yes, it seems that Spears, like many of us, needs a grocery shopping list. But the list of Spears’ shopping trip last weekend has become a trending topic on twitter.

Curious about what's on the list?
The list of the mother, who is 31-years-old, included two ginger ale, tomatoes, Lunchables, ham, orange juice, 2 percent milk, bread and chicken.

What's next for Britney Spears?

Shopping was not the only thing the pop star did ​​this weekend. A celebrity news website published photos of her playing golf with a mystery man, the man himself told the website that he took her to dinner on Valentine's Day.
According to the news website, he's a regular guy, not a celebrity, and a fellow Southerner.

Spears broke off her engagement with her former agent, Jason Trawick, last month.

Matt Damon goes on toilet strike to help global water crisis

Matt Damon announces water strike 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A popular celebrity is going on a weird strike in order to raise awareness of the global water crisis, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Matt Damon announced today that he is going on a toilet strike in order to save water.

In a YouTube video of a mock press conference, the Oscar-winning actor and philanthropist announced that he will refrain from using the toilet in order to raise awareness of the 780 million people worldwide who lack access to safe water and the 2.5 million who are without a toilet or sanitation.

"In protest against this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everyone has access to safe water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom," the actor vowed. "More people have cell phones than toilets," he added.

The three-minute video is sure to draw laughs, but Damon, a co-founder, who posted the video earlier this week, is taking the matter seriously.

"Does anyone have any idea what invention has saved more lives than any other idea in the history of humanity," the actor said at the start of the press conference. "The bathroom,” he answered his own question.

The video is part of a viral campaign designed to draw attention to the global water crisis through the website,
According to Damon, for only $25, a person can get clean water for life.

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Israeli schools begin giving out free fruits and vegetables for students

Fruits and vegetables 
By: Sarah Weiss

Israeli schools have begun a new program of giving out free fruits and vegetables to students, according to press reports in Israel.

Sweets and snacks, out, apples and dates, in. Today, several elementary schools began the nationwide project of free distribution of fruits and vegetables during the lunch break, initiated by the Ministries of Education and Health.

The national program aims to promote active and healthy lifestyles by the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Health. The new project will promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy snacks.

The project in the school system, hopes to change students’ buying habits and help fight obesity in children and adults. The first step, is a pilot program conducted in nine primary schools in the cities of Holon and Tur'an, which will be distributing fruits and vegetables twice a week at the lunch break in the presence of the teachers. The project will run for four months until the end of the school year.

Based on data from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Bureau of Statistics, the past decade has seen an increase of obesity among children as a result of increased consumption of processed foods and soft drinks, and a decrease in consumption of fruits and vegetables.

It also showed that the last decade has seen a decline of 14 percent in real family spending on the purchase of fruits and vegetables.

"The program is designed to expose students to a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables and help in different ways to consume the recommended daily amount," Tzipi Friedkin, a program coordinator, said.

Israeli West Bank company Sodastream reports sharply higher earnings

By: Shifra Unger

An Israeli company which operates out of the West Bank, reported sharply higher earnings despite boycott efforts, according to a statement by the company.

Sodastream International Ltd. provided an even stronger growth forecast for 2013 after posting double-digit growth in the fourth quarter and full year of 2012.

Fourth quarter revenues increased 55 percent to $132.9 million from $85.7 million for the same quarter of 2011. GAAP net profit rose 41.6 percent to $7.5 million or $0.36 per share from $5.3 million for the same quarter of 2011, while non-GAAP net income was $9.4 million or $0.45 per share up from $6.7 million.

For the year, revenue rose 51 percent to $436.3 million from $289 million in 2011. GAAP net profit rose 60 percent to $43.9 million or $2.09 per share in 2012 from $27.5 million in 2011, and non-GAAP net income rose to $50 million or $2.34 per share from $32.9 million last year.

Analyst had expected the company to earn $0.39 per share on $121.5 million in revenue for the fourth quarter and earnings of $2.14 per share on revenue of $424.9 million for the year.

In its guidance, Sodastream predicts revenue growth of 25 percent to $545 million in 2013. It predicted 25 percent growth based on GAAP net income of $62.5 million and 18 percent non-GAAP net income growth of $54.9 million.

"Our efforts during 2012 was to increase global awareness of our brand and category and expand our retail presence. We had a very successful holiday season. For the first time we exceeded 1 million soft drinks sold in a quarter, resulting in approximately 3.5 million soft drinks sold for the year," the CEO said in a statement.

Israeli journalist wounded after Palestinians throw stones at his head

Wounded Israeli being evacuated to a hospital 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A Palestinian protest in support for jailed hunger strikers turned violent when stones were thrown, according to police reports in Israel.

An Israeli journalist was wounded in the head, from a rock during a protest at the Beitunia crossing near the Ofer Prison. He was evacuated to a local hospital where he was given medical attention.

Hundreds of Palestinians were protesting near the prison in solidarity with a group of terror detainees who are on a hunger strike. The protesters began throwing stones and setting tires on fire.

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Palestinian movie maker faces deportation at Los Angeles airport

Emad Burnat 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An amateur Palestinian movie maker along with his wife and child was facing deportation at Los Angeles Airport, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The Palestinian movie maker, who was on his way to the Academy Awards, was held at Los Angeles International Airport and threatened with deportation before entering the United States.

Emad Burnat, whose “Five Broken Cameras” movie is competing for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category, said that U.S. immigration officials took him, his wife and his 8-year-old to a side when he arrived in Los Angeles from Turkey Tuesday night.

"Immigration officials asked for proof that I was nominated for an Academy Award. I was also told that if I could not prove the reason for my visit, my wife Soraya, my son Gibreel and I would be sent back to Turkey the same day," Burnat said in a statement.

Oscar-winning documentarian, Michael Moore, who is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in a series of posts on twitter revealed that he intervened to help resolve the situation.

"Although Burnat was invited to the Oscars, that was not good enough and he was threatened with being sent back to Palestine. Apparently, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents could not understand how a Palestinian can be an Oscar nominee. Emad texted me for help. I called Academy officials who called lawyers. I told Emad to give my officials the phone and say my name a couple of times," Moore wrote on Tuesday night.

Burnat said that he and his family were detained for about an hour.

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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem

Senator Marco Rubio met with Netanyahu 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A U.S. Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, met with Netanyahu this week in Jerusalem, according to press reports in the United States.

At the beginning of the meeting, the prime minister told Rubio: "I appreciate your support. I appreciate the great support of the American people, bipartisan support for our security and our quest for peace. It's a daunting task, both security and the search for peace, but we know we have your support and we thank you. I look forward to speaking with you about our challenges."

Senator Rubio said: "Well, you live in a tough neighborhood, but the relationship between Israel and the United States, is one of our most important positions. I am also pleased that president Obama is coming here in March."

Rubio also held a working meeting with President Shimon Peres. According to a statement from the presidential residence, the two discussed the changes in the Middle East, Israel's relations with its neighbors, the importance of resuming peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, the Iranian nuclear threat and further strengthen strategic relations between Israel and the United States.

President Peres welcomed Senator Rubio and said: "We are a democratic island in a restless and insecure ocean, which today is stormy. We must defend our island and do everything possible to calm the ocean."

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Two Israeli drones reportedly shot down at the Lebanon-Syria border

Israeli military drone 
By: David Ross

Reports that claimed that an Israeli drone was shot down at the Lebanon-Syria border was nothing more than a used anti-aircraft missile, according to press reports in Israel.

Conflicting reports from Lebanon and Syria swirled around the announcement of the downing of an Israeli military drone. Wednesday, the press in both countries reported that an Israeli drone was shot down while trying to enter Syrian airspace and crashed in the area of ​​Rashaya, which is in the valley of Lebanon.

But on Thursday morning, military sources revealed that witnesses who reported the incident were wrong and the object was a falling anti-aircraft missile, apparently from Syria.
The announcement has not been verified by Syria, while the Israeli military has denied knowledge of the incident.

At the same time, there are those who insist on the original version. A Lebanese security official said he was in contact with senior officials in Damascus that said that the Syrian army shot down two Israeli drones who had tried to enter the country's airspace. According to reports, the incidents occurred in the mountains of eastern Lebanon, between Der Al-Azhar and Yanta.

A Lebanese newspaper reported that according to the country's military, nine Israeli drones entered Lebanese skies within 24 hours.

The first report of an Israeli drone downing was revealed Wednesday night and was attributed to a Palestinian security source in the organization of the Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine.

This was followed by a report on the website affiliated with the Syrian government, which reported the same. There were witnesses who were quoted as saying that they saw drone parts falling from the sky.

Hezbollah planning to attack kosher restaurants in Europe

Hezbollah chief 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with terrorism related charges after planning to attack kosher restaurants in Europe, according to court proceedings in Cyprus.

While Israel and the United States are trying to convince the European Union to add Hezbollah to the list of terror organizations, a Cyprus court trial has revealed the plans of Hezbollah, to attack Jewish targets across Europe.

24-year-old Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, who has both a Lebanese and Swedish passport , has admitted in court to being a member of Hezbollah. He also revealed information about his communications with his coach, the use of codewords and the European activities of the Shiite organization.

After his arrest, the assumption was that Yaacoub intended to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in Cyprus. He denied it, but admitted that his handlers told him find kosher restaurants in Limassol. He also said that he was sent by Hezbollah to other areas where there were a large presence of Israelis and Jews, as Antalya and Amsterdam.

"Although I was asked to participate in a terrorist act, I refused. I could never do that," Yaacoub said. "I'm just trained to defend Lebanon," he added.
Yaacoub was arrested during the summer and according to reports, the Mossad was involved in locating him.

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Israel sets up hospitals near Syrian border to treat Injured Syrian refugees

IDF soldiers 
By: Sarah Weiss

Israel has been known for its humanitarian aid to countries around the world when disasters strike.

Now, Israel is at it again and amazingly they are helping those who see them as the enemy. Syria is a war zone where two Muslim groups are fighting each other, leaving hundreds of people dead every day.

Recently, five people from Syria were rescued by IDF soldiers, as they were found injured at the Syrian border. The were transported to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, for treatment.

Now, the The Israel Defense Forces is preparing to build field hospitals near the Syrian border in the Golan Heights, to treat wounded Syrian citizens who are affected by the country's civil war.

There were a number of issues involved in the decision of setting up the hospital. First and foremost was the humanitarian aspect.

Amongst other reasons were Israel’s national security. With the hospital near the border, Israel will be prepared to help the wounded Syrian people, without having to take the injured for treatment into Israel.

The United Nations’ 1951 Refugee Convention prohibits any government from forcibly repatriating asylum-seekers.

Therefore, building hospitals on the border would allow Israel to help the wounded Syrians without opening the borders to thousands of refugees trying to get into the State of Israel.

Syria and Israel are still officially at war. President Bashar al-Assad claims that Israel is behind the violence in their country.

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Couple loses over 140 pounds after ‘imaginary’ weight loss surgery

Rena Greenberg helped the couple lose weight 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A couple was fed up with trying many different diets with nothing having a long term effect.

The couple did not want to go through surgery and they found an interesting way to lose weight. The couple imagined that they had the gastric bypass surgery, earning them amazing results.

Roy and Susan May, have been married for fifteen years. They have have reached rock bottom with their weight, as both of them were overweight since childhood.

They have tried different diets which never had the desired results.
Susan, reached 300 pounds. She said that she was so depressed and ashamed of what she had become. She also said that she had enough.
Roy said: “I was the fat kid in class.” He always struggled with his weight.

The couple decided to try the unconventional method of losing weight with what is called “gastric bypass hypnosis” with Rena Greenberg.

Although the couple did not believe that it will work they said: “we had nothing to lose except for the weight.”

By now, Susan, has lost 75 pounds after the hypnosis gastric bypass surgery. Her husband, Roy, has lost 74 pounds.

The couple is very happy with their results of the imaginary surgery, as they feel better and they have managed to keep the weight off.

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Teenagers arrested after using iPhone application to pull over drivers

Ryan Schulze (left) and Matthew Levi Davis (right)  
By: David Ross

Playing with their iPhone application caused a pair of teenagers to be arrested.
Two teenagers pulled over at least two cars by making the drivers believe they were being followed by police officers.

It happened near the Coastland Center mall in Florida, where a couple of teenagers used an iPhone app to mimic police officers.

Just before 7:00 pm, a police officer, patrolling the parking lot at the Naples shopping center, noticed a marked tan Ford Ranger with red and blue lights while attempting to pull over another vehicle, according to the arrest report.

The officer pulled over the Ford Ranger and asked for ID after suspecting that he was not a real police officer. The teenage driver was identified as Ryan Schulze.

Schulze, 19, and his passenger, Matthew Levi Davis, 18, told the officer they were just messing around because they were bored while waiting for a friend who worked at the mall, according to the police report.

They two admitted that they had been using an iPhone application called "Police Lights" that mimics the emergency lights and sirens of police officers.

While searching the truck, the officer found a marijuana pipe with a small amount of marijuana inside.

Schulze faces charges of impersonating an officer and illegal use of blue lights.

Davis, faces the same charges as Schulze, but he has added charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

13,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies trashed by tractor

Girl scouts cookies  
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Girls were devastated to learn that their cookies were being destroyed by tractors.

Officials in Riverside, California, were shocked when they saw the video of over 13,000 boxes of perfectly good Girl Scout cookies being run over by tractors and were destroyed.
All the cookies were still fresh, with an expiration date still months away.

These cookies were destroyed after they were unsold by the girls and returned to the ABC bakery where they were bought. The ABC bakery destroyed the cookies.

Homeless shelters and food bank organizers, were also disappointed to find out that more than 13,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies were crushed rather than given away to the needy.

One person recorded the video of two tractors crushing the cookies before they were sent to a landfill. In the video, a worker can be heard laughing and saying, "Goodbye, Girl Scout Cookies!"

A representative of the Girl Scouts of America, whose headquarters are in New York, said that there is no national policy on what to do with unsold cookies, adding that "it's a shame" what happened in Riverside.

Council vice president of San Gorgonio Girl Scouts, Chuck Mackinnon, said he had no idea this was going on. “It is waste of food,” he said as he placed the blame on the ABC bakery.

Mackinnon said that the Girl Scouts can return one percent of the unused cookies to the bakery without paying for them.
The cookies which were destroyed were from the one percent returned to the bakery which was a total of 13,200 boxes of cookies.

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Nigeria discovers terror group planning attacks on Jews

Abdullahi Mustaphah Berende 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A terror cell that plotted attacks against Jews was discovered by police in Nigeria, according to police reports in Nigeria.

Nigeria's undercover police unit said Wednesday that they were alerted about a terrorist group backed by Iran, who wanted to assassinate a former military leader and gather information on places frequented by U.S. Jews and Israelis.

The State Security Service, responsible for domestic spying in Africa's most populous country, gave no details on who actually controlled and funded the group. However, they said they had detained three suspected terrorists, including the group's leader, before they could launch any of the planned attacks.

“The leader of the terror group successfully implemented monitoring and collection of relevant data operations for possible attacks,” secret police spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, said in a statement. "The leader personally took pictures of the Israeli cultural center in Ikoyi, Lagos, after getting instructions from his handlers," she added.

The police identified 50-year-old Abdullahi Mustaphah Berende, as the leader of the local sect of Shia in Ilorin. Ogar said that Berende was arrested along with two other suspected members, while another remains at large.

Berende first traveled to Iran in 2006 and studied at an Islamic university, Ogar said. He later returned in 2011 and learned to use Kalashnikov assault rifles and pistols as well as make and detonate homemade explosives, she said.
Berende also received about $30,000 in cash to fund planned operations of the group.

Kellogg issues recall after glass found in cereal

Kellogg Special K Red Berries cereal 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A popular cereal maker issued a recall after it feared that glass may have slipped into the mix of cereal, according to a statement made by the company.

Kellogg said that 36,000 packages of Special K Red Berries cereal may contain glass fragments and are dangerous, have been recalled, the latest in a series of recalls of popular brands.

Company spokesperson Kris Charles said late on Wednesday that three product sizes were involved which were distributed in the United States, to a limited number of retailers. No injuries of consumers have been reported, he said.

"The company took this precautionary measure due to the possible presence of glass fragments of a single batch of an ingredient," Charles said. "This is a very small recall. We took the step out of an abundance of caution," he added.

Special K is touted by the company as a choice for consumers seeking a low calorie cereal.
Last year, Kellogg recalled 2,800,000 boxes of its Mini-Wheat cereal after flexible metal mesh were found inside the packages.

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Woman sues psychologist after son was killed during recommended visitation with father

Prince McLeod Rams 
By: Eva Fett

A child was killed during a psychologist recommended visitation session with his father, according to a new lawsuit filed in Maryland court.

The mother of a 15-month-old boy who was murdered during a court-ordered visit with his father filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against the psychologist who supported the visitation sessions.

Hera McLeod of Gaithersburg, Maryland, filed the $20 million lawsuit in Fairfax County, Virginia, against Ashburn Psychological Services and against psychologist Margaret Wong, alleging professional negligence resulting in the wrongful death of her son, Prince McLeod Rams.

McLeod said at a press conference that Wong was instrumental in the decision of a judge to grant unsupervised visits to the father of Prince, Joaquin Rams.

Prince was murdered during the fourth visit and last month, Joaquin Rams was charged with murder by prosecutors in Prince William County, Virginia. Officials taken out life insurance policies on the son totaling over $500,000.

McLeod objected to turn her child over to unsupervised visits on concerns that he would be in danger. She said that the psychologist ignored clear warning signs that the father was dangerous, including testimony at custody hearings that the Manassas police considered him a suspect in the death of his former girlfriend.

New York mother arrested after hiring strippers for her underage son

Judy Viger 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged after hiring strippers for her underage son at a birthday party, according to a statement by the New York State Police.

South Glens Falls police, who arrested Judy Viger, on Monday accused her of organizing and paying for strippers at a surprise 16th birthday party for her child.

Viger, 33, was charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child, according to police reports. The incident occurred at the Spare Time Bowling Center in South Glens Falls, New York, last year.

Viger is accused of hiring two women to dance and strip for the teens in the upstate bowling alley. Images of the party, which were widely available on the internet, seemed to show scantily clad women with tattoos clinging upside down on teenagers.

The Saratoga County District Attorney, James Murphy, said that police had interviewed numerous witnesses and parents. Authorities said some children at the party were as young as 13-years-old.

Tops In Bottoms, was the company that supplied the strippers.
Similarly, a man claiming to be a friend of Viger argued that the police have it all wrong.
A Tops In Bottoms spokesperson said that it did not know that there were underage children at the party.

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12-year-old girl leads police on high speed highway chase

Car turned over after police chase 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A little girl led police on a high speed highway chase after she got mad on her father, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Police said that a 12-year-old girl from South Carolina led police on a high speed chase through part of Charlotte.

Investigators said that the girl got into an argument with her father Monday night in their Gaffney, South Carolina, home. After the argument, the girl waited for her father to fall asleep before jumping into his van to go see her friend in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The police saw the van about 50 miles away driving about 20 miles per hour on Interstate 77, in Charlotte. She did not stop until authorities forced her off the road near Interstate 85. The girl's top speed reached 70 miles per hour, according to police reports.

She was charged with several traffic violations and her family was contacted by authorities. Police are still investigating the incident leading up to the chase incident.

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