Man arrested after throwing McDonald's sandwich

Geoffrey Weglarz 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct related charges after throwing his McDonald’s sandwich because he didn’t like it, according to police reports in Connecticut.

Fairfield police have arrested the man, who is 55-years-old, accused of throwing the sandwich at a McDonald’s employee because he did not like the way his sandwich was prepared.

Police received an emergency call at 9:47 pm from McDonald’s, located at 1835 Black Rock Turnpike, because a man was out of control at the drive-through window, police said.

Police said Geoffrey Weglarz, of Fairfield, placed an order at the window of the drive-through, moved away and came back and hit the front door, which was locked, police said.

When an employee told Weglarz that he could not enter the restaurant, he went back to the drive-through window, yelled and cursed at the manager, who is a pregnant woman and then threw the bag of food through the window, hitting the manager in the chest, police said.

“This is the first time I see a man go crazy over a sandwich at McDonald’s,” a McDonald’s customer at the drive-through window told
Weglarz was charged with violation of the peace.

Shark born with two heads discovered in The Gulf of Mexico

Shark with 2 heads 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A shark that was born with two heads was discovered in The Gulf of Mexico, according to a confirmed report by researchers.

The study conducted by experts at Michigan State University confirmed that the shark was a single shark with two heads, instead of Siamese twins.

"This is definitely one of those interesting instances and rarely detected," Michael Wagner, assistant professor at the University of fisheries and wildlife, said.

"It's good that we have this documented as part of the natural history of the world," he added.
Professor Wagner and his team used MRI to reveal the shark had two different heads, hearts and stomachs, while the rest of the body in the back was formed from a single queue.

The two-headed bull shark was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, after a fisherman cut open the uterus of adult shark and discovered the baby.

It was brought to the department of marine sciences at the Florida Keys Community College and then taken to the University of Michigan for further analysis.

It is believed that similar creatures may have died before birth.
"You'll see many more cases of two-headed lizards and snakes," Professor Wagner said. "That's because these organisms have been bred in captivity, and breeders are more likely to see these anomalies," he added.

“It is a very cute shark or sharks,” Jack Davidson, who saw the shark told

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Convert to Judaism sells Israeli city's chametz to his non Jewish father

Jewish man sells the chametz to his non Jewish father 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

In an unusual pre Passover chametz sale, a man sold the city’s chametz to his father, according to press reports in Israel.

The unusual sale ceremony was held at the Viznitz Hasidic sect in the Israeli city of Elad.

The man, who converted to Judaism was sitting alongside his father, still a non Jew, with the local rabbi, where the son represented some city residents by selling their chametz to his father.

The two, immigrated to Israel from Russia several years ago.
The son, converted to Judaism three years ago. He is married and now lives in Elad. "The father has not yet decided if he will convert to Judaism in the near future. Anything is possible," a friend close to the family told

Israeli settlers give leftover chametz to needy Palestinians

Pita breads 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Jews in Israel and Israeli settlers in the West Bank in particular have come up with a solution for their leftover chametz, which can benefit the poor, according to press reports in Israel.

Israeli settlers have distributed hundreds of loaves of bread to needy Palestinians this week, combining the religious edict to discard leavened bread items before Passover and sending a message of peace to their Palestinian neighbors.

For the third consecutive year, members of the Eretz Shalom peace movement collected forbidden Passover foods at six distribution points throughout the West Bank and distributed the items to nearby Palestinian communities as part of an initiative called "Shalom L’Chametz" or farewell to the leavened bread.

According to some estimates, 500 to 700 fresh loaves of bread and pita bread were discarded by supermarkets in the West Bank settlements of Eli, Shilo and Ofra, which were then handed over to needy palestinians.

The peace organization volunteers also distributed candy to Palestinians with a similar message of peace during a Muslim holiday, which received very positive reactions.

“This is a wonderful idea. Every year I burned a lot of good food items because of Passover. Now, I am able to help poor children who enjoy all those fresh chametz items,” a Jewish resident of the West Bank told

“My wife and my children loved those Jewish baked cakes and cookies,” a Muslim resident of a Palestinian village in the West Bank told “I’m looking forward to next year,” he added.

Happy Passover from New York, Harlem Shake style

Happy Passover 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) This week, the Jewish people are celebrating the holiday of Passover.

Before the onset of Passover, Jews around the world did a thorough cleaning of their houses to make sure their are no leavened bread items to be found in the house.

One group of young people did the Harlem Shake dance while cleaning for Passover.

According to the video uploaded to YouTube, this video was done in New York, although the description is written in Hebrew.

“As Jews around the world are in a cleaning frenzy, we here in New York are having a good time with it,” they wrote.

The Harlem Shake, is best known as the video meme with the dance done to the song Harlem Shake, by Baauer.

The Harlem Shake meme consists of a 30 second short video, which begins with one person dancing, typically wearing something that covers the head.

The person enters a room and casually bops the head to the music, while other people around go about routine business.

Then the camera shot changes and suddenly an entire crowd of people appear, as they dance along with doing silly moves. They also wave their hands while moving their feet. They may seem silly but they are actually doing the popular Harlem Shake.

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Parents slam Victoria's Secret for naming new collection 'Bright Young Things'

Victoria's Secret "Bright Young Things" underwear 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Parents from all over the United States are angry at Victoria’s Secret after they named their new line of underwear “Bright Young Things”, according to press reports in the United States.

Victoria’s Secret is known for its daring fashions, but some parents think the brand has crossed the line with the elements of their "Bright Young Things" campaign. A father wrote an open letter to the company while other parents started a petition and a Facebook page was created based on the provocative underwear which is aimed at teenagers.

The elements of the campaign with the slogan PINK from "Bright Young Things", reportedly include underwear with words and phrases such as "Dare", "Feeling Lucky" and "Call Me" on the front and back. PINK is the line of items of Victoria’s Secret targeted to younger women.

A Texas father of a 3-year-old girl wrote an open letter to the company that has since gone viral.
"I do not want my daughter to ever think that her self-esteem and acceptance by others is based on her choice of underwear," Evan Dolive wrote.

"I do not want my daughter to ever think that in order to be popular or attractive she has to have words adorn her behind," the father continued.

Similar comments condemning Victoria’s Secret were seen throughout the internet. “Victoria’s Secret has done enough with sexualizing women for many years. They need to stop targeting our small innocent girls,” a concerned mother told video not loading? Click here to view

Media reports the Passover story and the ten plagues

The ten plagues  
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) In an interesting collection of media reports, the Aish Hatorah organization attempted to show how today’s media would have reported the occurrence of God saving the Jewish people from slavery, while hitting their masters, the Egyptians, with the ten plagues.

Aish HaTorah has created an interesting video (see below) which suggested how CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The Huffington Post, among others, would have reported each of the ten plagues as they happened.

Aish HaTorah, is an outreach program that encourages Jews of all backgrounds to discover their heritage.

They also promote Jewish pride by sending young U.S. Jews to Israel.

The organization’s headquarter is in the Old City of Jerusalem, opposite the Western Wall, where they provide intensive study programs for Jewish men and women, of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge.

As a US-accredited college, the Aish HaTorah yeshiva offers degrees to college and university age students. Classes include studies in Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Jewish history, Hebrew language, and Jewish philosophy.

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Company unveils fashionable bullet proof clothing for men, women and children

Bulletproof polo shirt 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A new market for specialty clothing is emerging. This time it is bullet proof clothing for men, women and children, for everyday use.

The bulletproof clothing are now available in the U.S. through Sterling Elite Security LLC, a distributor based in Denver, Colorado. The clothing line includes: jackets, shirts, blankets and backpacks.

The company is the U.S. distributor of the Colombia-based Miguel Caballero Company which makes the line of bullet proof apparel.

According to the company spokesperson their best selling item for men is the polo shirt which are priced at $6,300. The bullet proof leather jackets go for over $3,000. People are willing to pay for their safety. The best selling children’s item is the bulletproof backpack.

The company's high profile clients include among others: action hero Steven Seagal, King Abdullah of Jordan, President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and Prince Felipe of Spain, according to their website. “If the bullet proof clothing can prevent even one child from getting hurt through gun violence it is worth any price,” a concerned parent told
In the video below you will see the fashionable line of bulletproof clothing.

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Woman records herself having sex with her 14-year-old daughter

Lisa Biron 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with child sexual assault related charges after she was caught having sex with her underage daughter, according to court proceedings in New Hampshire.

Now, the perverted mother was found guilty of sexually abusing her own daughter.

The mother was not the only one abusing the 14-year-old girl. She also allowed other men to have sex with her daughter while the mother recorded the acts.

A jury deliberated in record time in a case against the deranged mother, a so called Christian attorney, Lisa Biron. The 43-year-old woman from New Hampshire was found guilty of eight sex-related offenses.

The mother, who recorded herself giving oral sex to her daughter is facing a minimum mandatory prison term of 25 up to 100 years in prison when she is sentenced.

The mother was convicted of possession of child pornography and six counts of sexual exploitation and transporting her child across state lines to produce child pornography.

The two men who appear in the videos testified in court that they met the mother and her daughter in Ontario, Canada, several times just after the 14th birthday of the girl.

Defense attorney James Moir argued that the sexual acts were never forced, and asked the jury to remember to put their feelings of disgust aside.

After only two days of trial and one hour of deliberations the guilty verdict was given. ''This case is graph in which the defendant made ​​the video evidence that speaks for itself,'' U.S. Attorney John Kacavas said.

The 14 year old victim, who did not testify at trial did come to court to hear the verdict. “How can a so called attorney commit such violent crimes?” A woman who knows Biron told

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Teens viciously beat up old man who told them their headlight wasn't working

Elderly man was beaten by teenagers on right 
By: John Roberts

An elderly man was left bruised and hardly recognizable after two teenagers beat him up.

The 78-year-old man was waiting at a bus stop when he noticed a passing car’s headlight was not working, so he alerted them to the problem.

He tried to tell the couple that their headlights were not on. Instead of switching on the headlights, the couple stopped at the side of the road next to the elderly man and viciously attacked him. They
pushed him to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched him. Then, they drove off.

Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton, both 19, were arrested shortly after the incident, but they initially claimed that they had not left their house all night. The two live in Bromley, United Kingdom.

Witnesses identified them as the perpetrators. Police officers examined the car. They found that the car has been driven as the engine was still warm. “It is horrific how teens can beat up an old man just for trying to help,” a Bromley woman told

Graney and Fenton were both convicted of assault and are awaiting sentencing. Graney was remanded into custody pending sentencing, while Fenton has been released on bail.

Justin Bieber caught on video having problems keeping his clothes on at airport

Justin Bieber half naked at airport in Poland 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Justin Bieber seems to be on a downward spiral recently.

Now, he is at it again.
Justin Bieber seems to be having trouble keeping his clothes on during recent public appearances.

The teen music sensation decided to go shirtless through a security checkpoints in Poland on Monday night.
The 19-year-old was leaving the country after his world tour when he was discovered of showing off his abs to the world.

He also had trouble with his pants as it was halfway down revealing his white undies, according to video uploaded to the internet.
However, it seemed that the Canadian singer had a blast while he was there when he took to twitter to thank the fans.

He wrote: "Thank u CRAZY SHOW POLAND!"

The temperature in Poland was pretty low so Bieber must have been freezing. A woman accompanying Bieber is seen wearing a long wool coat and a scarf. “Justin Bieber needs to learn how to behave in public because so many young children look up to him,” a Justin Bieber fan told

Another fan came to Justin’s defense saying: “There is nothing wrong with Bieber showing off his hot body to his fans out there. Bring it on.”
But this is not the only time the paparazzi have caught Justin half naked, unexpectedly.

The world star was in London recently, when he was seen returning in the morning to his hotel without his top.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Connecticut priest admits in court to being a drug dealer

Kevin Wallin 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A Roman catholic priest was arrested and charged with drug dealing related charges after he was accused of profiting $300,000 from the drug trade, according to court proceedings in Connecticut.

Now, the suspended Catholic priest accused of taking in more than $300,000 from the sale of methamphetamines will plead guilty to one of the charges against him, according to a court filing this week.

Kevin Wallin is scheduled to appear in the U.S. Hartford District Court next week for a hearing in which he will plead guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine, according to the court document.

Police said the the 61-year Wallin, was sent meth from California and earned over $300,000 selling the drugs out of his apartment in Waterbury in the second half of last year.

He also bought a small adult video and sex toy store in the nearby town of North Haven called Land of Oz & Dorothy Place, police said.

Wallin was the pastor of St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport for nine years until he resigned in June 2011, citing health and personal problems. He previously served six years as pastor of St. Peter Church in Danbury until 2002.
He was granted a sabbatical in July 2011. The Diocese of Bridgeport public ministry suspended him last May.

“It is quite shocking to learn that your priest is a drug dealer and owner of an adult store,” a former member of the priest’s church said. “I’m glad that he has taken responsibility and was suspended from the church,” a resident from Waterbury, said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pennsylvania Sheriff arrested after threatening to cut off man's hands and eat them

Sheriff George David 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) The head Sheriff of a Pennsylvania county was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats related charges after threatening a man with cutting off his hands and then eating them, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

The sheriff of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, was arrested this week and faces 11 charges including making terroristic threats, simple assault, and intimidation of witnesses that were the results from a pair of alleged angry diatribes.

In the first incident, Sheriff George David, after re-election, is accused of telling a campaign volunteer who was going to cut off his hands, and eat them.

During his testimony before the grand jury, the volunteer said: "Sheriff David is a very powerful man. He walks with a powerful circle of people and so he is able to not just take my job away but also capable of hurting me or my family. "

The second criminal complaint, cites an incident in which George allegedly pointed a gun at a reporter, and threatened to kill him.
Witnesses, and journalists said that the sheriff became furious, and at one point threatened to severely beat a journalist.
The documents said that the sheriff also said: "If I was going to die today, I would blow your brains out."

Sheriff David has been arraigned and was allowed to return to his post in the department.
A spokesperson for the police said: “Such behavior cannot be tolerated.”Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Vial of extremely deadly virus goes missing from Texas laboratory

Vials of viruses illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A deadly virus is now unaccounted for after going missing from a leading laboratory, according to press reports in Texas.
Authorities said that a bottle containing the virus that can cause hemorrhagic fever has disappeared from a research center in Galveston, but said there is no reason to believe that there is a threat to the public.

The University of Texas Medical Branch, said Saturday that there was no violation in the safety of the Galveston National Laboratory and there is no evidence of a crime. Authorities suspect the missing vial containing the Guanarito virus was destroyed during the cleaning process in the laboratory, but the investigation continues.

The medical branch said that the virus, a native of Venezuela, is transmitted only through contact with Venezuelan rats. It is not believed to be able to survive in United States rodents or to be transmitted from person to person.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was notified immediately after the vial was discovered missing Wednesday.
"Extra security measures will be put in place after this incident," an official said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman caught on video screaming at judge for jailing her despite admitting to attempted murder

Blanca Regalado in court 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with attempted murder related charges after admitting to stabbing her drunk husband, according to court proceedings in Florida.

Despite admitting to the attempted murder the woman yelled at the judge after the judge denied her bail, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, known to have a lively courtroom, produced another viral video of his Miami-Dade Circuit Court.
Rodriguez-Chomat first became famous on the Internet when he scolded Penelope Soto, a Florida teenager who was jailed after laughing throughout the procedure and flipped off the judge in court. She avoided a month in jail after apologizing to him in person.

On Monday, the woman accused of trying to kill her husband exploded in the court. She was so loud that she can make viewers want to lower the volume. The video shows the woman, shouting at Rodriguez-Chomat, in English and Spanish, and refusing to leave the room.
Blanca Regalado was denied bail after admitting to stabbing her husband several times. She started screaming and saying that her leg was broken.

"She did make spontaneous statements to our officers that she is tired of her husband, so she stabbed him, and he's a drunk," the officer Freddie Cruz, said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Little girl attacked while asleep by large rat

Francesca Williams 
By: Moses Gold

A little girl was attacked by a hungry large rat during her sleep inside her own home, according to press reports in the United Kingdom. Even the family dog and cat did not scare the rat away.

The 7-year-old girl was attacked by the rat, who left bite marks on her face and arms while sleeping in her bedroom.
Francesca Williams of Symonds Yat, a rural town in Herefordshire, England, awoke her parents with her piercing screams around 2:00 am one night last month.

"When we heard her screams we really thought it was just a nightmare," her mother said. "I never thought it would be really something frightening going on in her room," she added.

The rat had slipped under the bed of her daughter when she and her husband, Darren, arrived to find Francesca crying and bleeding. Francesca told her parents that she awoke when she felt something on her leg and when she moved, "a large white animal had bitten her."

Darren helped his daughter out of the room, when he saw a long brown thing running on the ground. He quickly closed the door and nudged the family dog​​, Hattie, on the rodent. The dog killed the rat.

The family now calls their Jack Russell "Hattie the Hero".
A doctor gave Francesca some antibiotics after warning the parents to be alert to any symptoms of the flu.

Wendy said that the incident has traumatized her daughter and that she refused to sleep in her room for a week.