Scientist in Turkey find the gate to real hell

Gate to hell 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) If you ever wanted to visit hell on this world without dying well, now you can.

It sounds like something out of a horror movie. However, Italian scientists said that they discovered the "Door to Hell". The scientist claim that this is the real deal with poisonous fumes and all.

The announcement of the discovery of the gate of Pluto or Plutonium in Latin, at an archeology conference in Turkey last month, was recently reported by a U.S. national news station. Francesco D'Andria, professor of classical archeology at the University of Salento in Lecce, Italy, who has been excavating the ancient Greco-Roman World Heritage Site of Hierapolis for years, led the research team.

D'Andria told the television news station that ancient mythology was used as a guide to locate the legendary portal to the underworld. "We found the plutonium by reconstructing the path of a thermal spring," the scientist said.

This is not something new, scientists said. Strabo, in 64 BC wrote: "This space is filled with a mist so thick and foggy you can barely see the ground. Any animal that passes inside meets its instant death."

The portal to the underworld seems unhealthy today. The professor said: "We could see the lethal properties of the cave during the excavation. Several birds were killed as they tried to approach the hot opening. They were instantly killed by carbon dioxide gas."

“People love to jump to mystical conclusions. It is important to study all the facts before calling something the ‘gate of hell,’” Charles Applewhite, 71, an expert in archaeology in London, England told

Surprisingly, this is not the first entrance to the underworld which was found in the world. In the Karakum desert, a fire pit has inspired visitors to Derweze in Turkmenistan and on the internet.

Geologists drilling in the area found a cavern of natural gas. Hoping to burn the gas, they set it on fire. The flames are still burning, leading people to believe that the site is the "gate to hell.”Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Burglar on crutches wanted by police after stealing from three homes

Ernest Sarabia 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) He wouldn’t let a disability hold him back from his illegal work.

Oklahoma City police are searching for a man they said robbed three homes, at least one of them while on crutches.

According to press reports from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, police said that 28-year-old Ernest Sarabia limped to the door of a house and opened it. Once inside, he filled jewelry and electronics into a backpack before being expelled with his crutches by the homeowner.

"When he leaves, he has been seen being chased away by the homeowner, who basically caught him in the act, and chased him out," police officer Jennifer Wardlow of the Oklahoma City Police Department told a local television news station. "He is seen hopping on one leg," the police officer added.

The suspect fled the scene in a waiting truck, the video showed.
“There is a saying that a person should not let a disability get in the way of a dream. Sadly, this person, took the lesson the wrong way,” Gerald Newton, 67, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma told

Police are asking anyone with information regarding the theft or break ins to call 405-235-7300 1-800-632-TIPS.
There were 9,853 robberies reported in Oklahoma City in 2012, according to crime statistics published on the website of the city. That figure remained virtually unchanged since 2011, when there were 9863.

Woman arrested for slapping child at school she thought was her son

Tyshekka Collier 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested after hitting the wrong boy in the principal's office after she mistook him for her own son.

The mother of the middle school student in South Carolina, was called down to the school to pick up her son who was being suspended from school.

Tyshekka Collier, 36, was angry at her son over his behavior that led to the suspension. She walked into the school office and slapped the boy who was sitting there.

Collier entered the office. She saw a child sitting in the office with his head down and she mistook the boy for her son. She then slapped him in the face. Fairforest Middle School Principal Ty Dawkins said the other child was sick and was sitting on a sofa waiting for his mother to pick him up.

When Collier realized that she hit the wrong boy she apologized to him and then she went to look for her son. When she found her son, she slapped him in the face and head. Collier hit her son in the head and face, knocking him to the ground, according to the arrest report.

“Kids will be kids and they will misbehave sometimes, that does not give a mother a right to abuse her child,” Jaclyn Brown, 35, from South Carolina, who has a teenage son told

Dawkins called police to the school. Collier was arrested and charged with disturbing school and two counts of assault and battery. Collier’s three children have been placed in protective custody.

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500 university students hospitalized after mass poisoning

Egyptian university student falls ill during protest 
By: Shifra Unger

Chaos broke out at a large university after hundreds of students fell ill and were rushed to area hospitals, according to hospital officials in Egypt.

About 500 students from Al-Azhar University in Cairo have been admitted to hospitals with suspected food poisoning, a senior health official told news reporters.

The official, Khaled el-Khateib, said 479 cases of food poisoning came from college dormitories in the capital district of Nasr City.

The victims were taken to several hospitals in Cairo. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi visited students being treated in a hospital overnight.

The poisonings occurred after a meal was served in the dorms on Monday.
“Everyone was in panic as hundreds of students became extremely ill in a short period of time. Emergency workers were scrambling to find hospitals with available room,” an emergency worker at the scene told

Food poisoning is common in Egypt residence halls, where the basic rules of hygiene are not often seen, but the latest outbreak is the largest in years.

On Monday, hundreds of students outraged by the incident demonstrated outside the homes, blocking roads and shouting slogans against the university administration. Al-Azhar students were planning more protests outside the offices of the university on Tuesday.

The university belongs to the Al-Azhar, the world's most important seat of Sunni Muslim learning. Along with religious studies, the university teaches science.

Egypt's top prosecutor ordered an investigation into the case.

Whirlpool slapped with lawsuit after new washing machines emit bad odor

A washing machine 
By: Shifra Unger

Several consumers who thought they bought a high end nice washing machine were left baffled after their apartments were left sinking, according to a lawsuit filed in court.

The class action lawsuit against Whirlpool said the high-efficiency washers were defective because they emit unpleasant odors.

Whirlpool lawyers, in a petition for high court review, said the case would also affect similar lawsuits against the company and other manufacturers, including General Electric and Sears.

“People spend a nice sum of money to buy those high end washing machines so it shouldn't stink up their entire apartment,” Michael Yumbar, 51, a consumer advocate in New York City told

The reason for the bad odor is because mold accumulates inside the machine, according to the lawsuit.

Jonathan Selbin, an attorney who represents consumers in the litigation, said he considered the Supreme Court decision as a victory, because the judges refused to hear oral arguments and rule on the request by Whirlpool.

New video shows Syria's oldest synagogue completely destroyed

Syrian synagogue destroyed 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) New video showed that Syria’s oldest synagogue built thousands of years ago, in complete ruins.

The civil war in Syria has taken a huge toll on the Jewish community after the ancient synagogue in Syria was destroyed, according to video uploaded to the internet.

One of the oldest synagogues in the world was destroyed by bombing, according to the video posted on YouTube Friday night.

The Jobar Synagogue, located in a suburb of Damascus, is about 2,000-years-old and is said to have been built on top of a cave where the prophet Elijah hid from persecution of an evil Jewish king.

“This is a very sad for the Jewish community as one of the oldest synagogues outside Israel is shown to have been completely destroyed. Jews all over the world are in complete shock as Syrian forces have shown no respect for holy sites,” Rachamim Ben Tzion, 68, of Jerusalem, Israel told after seeing the video of the destruction.

Rebels claim that Syrian government troops had fired mortars at the building. The video, uploaded by military council of the Syrian opposition, seems to show that parts of the building and the roof were torn, with debris seen on the floor in front of the synagogue.

An inscription in English reads: "Sanctuary of the prophet Elijah and synagogue since 720 BC", although the exact date of the building of the structure remains unclear. One of the first mentions of the synagogue is in the Talmud, which states that Rabbi Rafram Bar Pappa prayed there.

The synagogue is one of the holiest sites for Jews of Syria.
It is possible that Syrian rebels used the synagogue to fire at government forces, hoping that Assad’s forces would refrain from hitting back at the synagogue.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Gaza rocket slams into Israeli preschool

Gaza rocket that hit Israel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A rocket that has slammed into Israel from Gaza during President Obama’s visit hit an Israeli preschool, Israeli officials revealed today for the first time.

The rocket could have had devastating results and radically changed the situation between Gaza and Israel. Two weeks after the visit of U.S.President Barack Obama, it was discovered that during his visit, a rocket fired from Gaza had slammed into a Sderot kindergarten, an Israeli school near the Gaza border, penetrating the roof and only partially exploding.

The rocket made its way through the roof of preschool Margalit in Sderot, which is usually packed with three-year-old children, and partially exploded.

The rocket has been fired from the Gaza Strip on March 21, which was the day Obama gave his speech in Jerusalem. This rocket hit Israel along with four other Qassam rockets fired at Sderot and the communities around Gaza that day.
The projectile was discovered on Tuesday after staff returned to the school after the long Passover holida break.

The children were scheduled to return to preschool on Wednesday. Staffers who arrived Tuesday at the building to prepare for the arrival of the children discovered a hole in the ceiling and saw the Qassam rocket on the floor. The staff immediately alerted the security officials.

“We are extremely lucky that there was no school because of the Passover holiday. There would have been numerous injuries had there been hundreds of little children inside the school when the rocket hit,” Elisheva Segal, 39, who is a resident of Sderot and a mother of 5 children told

The IDF initially believed that this particular rocket failed to cross into Israeli territory and exploded inside the Gaza Strip. In the video below you can see one of the five rockets that were fired on March 21, which landed inside a home.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Palestinians riot after Palestinian dies of cancer in Israel

Palestinians riot 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A Palestinian jailed in Israel for organizing terror attacks died of cancer at an Israeli hospital, according to hospital officials in Israel.

However, Palestinians blamed Israel for his death and began to riot, according to prison officials.
Israeli prison guards had to fire tear gas to quell the disturbance of Palestinian prisoners on Tuesday after a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment for an attempt to bomb an Israeli cafe died of cancer.

Abu Maysara Hamdeya’s death threatened to raise tensions in the Israeli controlled West Bank, where Palestinians, who believe that terrorists imprisoned in Israel are heroes in the struggle for statehood, have held several protests in recent weeks in support of the prisoners.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel had ignored a long standing request to release Abu Hamdeya, 64, sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 for hiring a terrorist who planted explosives in a cafe in Jerusalem. Luckily, the bomb failed to detonate.

A Prison Service spokesperson said that Abu Hamdeya died in a hospital in southern Israel on Tuesday before an early release process, which began last week after doctors diagnosed his terminal cancer.

"The Israeli government refused to respond to Palestinian efforts to save the life of the prisoner," Abbas told members of his Fatah party in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
“Israel is responsible for every Palestinian death,” Mohamed Bin Ismail, 56, a former resident of the West Bank, now in Brooklyn, New York told

“The Palestinians need to learn that not every person who unfortunately gets sick with cancer is somehow connected to an Israeli conspiracy. This type of talk is just lunacy,” Joseph Goldstein, 39, from Miami, Florida told

The news of the death of Abu Hamdeya triggered protests from Palestinian prisoners in several Israeli prisons. In the Ramon prison in southern Israel, prisoners threw objects at the guards, who responded with tear gas, the Prison Service spokesperson said.

Sweet hamsters do the Harlem Shake

By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) In this adorable video, hamsters are seen doing the Harlem Shake.

Hamsters seem to have gotten into the Harlem Shake craze.

“We were just lucky to pass through a pet shop and saw these cute animals doing the Harlem shake. They were doing it on their own,” Ronggowisnu Prihadi who uploaded this video to youtube, said.
“I watched the video and it is the cutest thing I ever saw hamsters do,” Matt Timberland, 21, of New York City, told YourJewishNews.ocm after seeing the video.
Seems like animals are enjoying the music and dance as much as humans. In the past we brought you a video of seals doing the gangnam style dance.

A four-year-old walrus seal entertained its audience in China, with its ​​Gangnam Style dance moves.

Just like every popular song has many parody videos, this one is no different. Harlem Shake parodies are popping up on YouTube every day.

The Harlem Shake, is best known as the video meme with the dance done to the song Harlem Shake, by Baauer.

The Harlem Shake meme consists of a 30 second short video, which begins with one person dancing, typically wearing something that covers the head.

The person enters a room and casually bops the head to the music, while other people around go about routine business.

Then the camera shot changes and suddenly an entire crowd of people appear, as they dance along with doing silly moves. They also wave their hands while moving their feet. They may seem silly but they are actually doing the popular Harlem Shake.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman takes provocative pictures of her young daughter and posts it online

Gary Michael Johnstone 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man received two years in prison after he encouraged a mother to take inappropriate photos of her young daughter.

An Australian man pleaded guilty to several offenses, including access to child pornography and making it available to others online.

The court heard that Gary Michael Johnstone, 54, had email conversations with a woman and asked her to take sexually explicit pictures of her daughter and send it to him. Sadly, the mother complied. She took the photos and sent it to Johnstone, who then made it available to other child predators.

In one email, Johnstone wrote to the mother: “Well you're amazing. I've never heard of or seen a woman who would do this with their daughter.”

Johnstone also contacted an 11-year-old from Sydney, through an Internet chat room, with sexually explicit questions and encouraged her to send him pictures of herself.

Police could not locate the girl but found evidence of the online conversation when they raided the house of Johnstone and analyzed his computer equipment. His computer also had 658 images and 33 videos of child pornography, according to court proceedings.

“I am shocked that a mother could do such a despicable thing to her own child, and then share the photos with a random man on the internet,” Lauren Jackson, 46, a mother of two daughters told

Johnstone’s lawyer claimed that it all began when he developed depression after the death of his mother in 2000. Johnstone felt socially isolated as he was never married or had a girlfriend.

He has been diagnosed in the early stages of multiple sclerosis.

In the past, Johnstone had sought treatment for his sexual attraction to children, according to court proceedings. The judge said the crime warranted an immediate prison sentence.

Judge Cuthbertson sentenced Johnstone to two years in prison,

Judge seizes World War II Cannon from man’s private collection and sends it to museum

World War II Cannon 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A 24-year-old man who is a war enthusiast, was jailed after he bought a canon built in 1945.

An Australian man landed in court on a charge of purchasing and possession of a prohibited firearm without a proper license.

In an attempt to declare his canon and to get the proper paperwork, Phillip Hoare called police, to let them know that he had received the canon. Instead of getting a license to keep it, officers came to his house and arrested him, according to local press reports.

At the trial, his lawyer argued that the weapon was not a threat as the firing pin was missing. Prosecutor said the missing components could be bought on the internet g thereby making it dangerous.

“Nobody wants a potentially dangerous weapon in their neighborhood,” Daniel Campbell, 32, from Darwin, Australia, told

The judge found him guilty of purchasing and possession of a prohibited firearm without a proper license.
Instead of being jailed the judge ordered the barrel be donated to the Darwin Military Museum.

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Nightclub in Paris caught on video playing Hava Nagila

Playing Hava Nagila at a Nightclub 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A nightclub in Paris was seen rocking the house by playing the Hava Nagila.

Israel’s national anthem, Hava Nagila, has become famous around the world. Many videos have been uploaded to YouTube of different non-Jewish groups singing Hava Nagila.

Recently, a nightclub in Paris was heard playing Hava Nagila.
Nightclub Le Gibus, which is a popular nightclub and concert hall normally features Rock and Hip Hop music.

The Hava Nagila song in the nightclub was played by the up and coming Chemical Klezmer group.

Hava Nagila in Hebrew stands for “Let Us Rejoice”, it has become an iconic Jewish song.

Many people request the song to be played at their wedding, bar mitzvah and any other special occasion.

“For me, Hava Nagila reminds me of good memories. When we reached Israel for the first time, when making Aliya 15 years ago, we all sang Hava Nagila as the plane landed in Israel,” Aliza Steinberg, 52, who lives in the Israeli settlement of Efrat, told

Hava Nagila has gotten a lot of attention after American Jewish gymnast Alexandra Raisman, performed a floor exercise routine to the tune of Hava Nagila.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage is doing a documentary on the song of Hava Nagila, showing famous non Jewish singers, singing the ‘Hava Nagila” song.

Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Macy's mistakenly sells $1,500 necklace for just $47

Macy's $47 dollar necklace 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Macy’s mistakenly sold expensive jewelry for just pennies on the dollar, according to press reports in the United States.

The giant department store catalog sent out to customers earlier this month mistakenly listed a $1,500 sterling silver and 14 karat gold necklace for just $47. The title of the item read: "SUPER BUY."

The actual selling price should have be $479, according to a statement made by Macy’s, but the Macy's printed the 44 page circular without the last digit.

According to a local television news station in Dallas, customers flocked to the Collin Creek Mall in Dallas, Texas, to purchase the necklace before Macy’s was able to notice the error.

Robert Bernard, a newcomer who wanted to buy the necklace as an anniversary gift for his wife, came too late for the sale, as a customer before him had bought the last remaining necklace of the store. However, an employee offered Bernard to have two of them sent to his home. Bernard’s receipt read: “Total savings of $1,400.”

But a few days later, a call center employee of Macy’s left a voice message:
“This article had the wrong price of $47 listed. The correct price is $479 and because of the pricing error, your order has been canceled and I apologize.”

“I am fascinated by the people who always manage to capitalize on these errors and manage to purchase stuff for huge bargains. I always miss out on these terrific once in a lifetime sales,” Marry Hunter, 29, of Houston Texas told

When the error was caught, a sign was put up at the department of fine jewelry that alerted customers that a mistake has been made," a spokesperson for Macy’s said in a statement this week.

Teen kills and robs grandfather in order to pay for tattoos

William Strickland 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after he killed and robbed his grandfather in order to have money to pay for tattoos among other things, according to police reports in Chicago, Illinois.

The Chicago 19-year-old man, fatally shot his 72-year-old grandfather, and stole his money to buy tattoos, shoes and a cell phone, police said.

William Strickland allegedly shot the elderly William Strickland six times in the back after the man left his house to take a shuttle to his dialysis appointment. The old man died a short walk from his South Side home he shared with his grandson, neighbors told a Chicago, Illinois based newspaper.

The younger Strickland had no criminal record, but is an admitted gang member. The teenager is seen with several neck tattoos attesting the his gang membership.

Friday's arrest came nearly a month after the heinous crime. Police said the semi automatic pistol used in the crime belonged to the elderly Strickland. The youth allegedly stole the gun and robbed the grandfather of his wallet, police said.

Strickland was charged Friday with first-degree murder and armed robbery with a gun. The teenager was denied bail.
Family and friends told the local newspaper the old man had just retired after 30 years working in a steel mill and cared enough for his teenage grandson to provide shelter for him.

“The education system clearly failed this young man. A person should know better than to kill their own family member especially a grandfather. This teen will definitely need lots of therapy before he will be able to return to society,” Deborah Salzberg, 42, an expert on teen behaviors, told

"I only know that he was living with his grandfather," a neighbor, Mario Farmer, said about the grandson. "I never expected this to happen. This is sad. This is very sad," the neighbor added.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Ambulance workers complain after being banned from eating lollipops at work

Child eating lollipop 
By: Eva Fett

I want my lollipop! This is what some emergency workers in Australia are complaining about after they were banned from eating the candy during work, according to press reports in Australia.

Ambulance workers in Brisbane, Australia, who are under fire for bungling a call to save a man who was seriously injured last year, say they are being micro-managed to death and cannot even eat candy at work.

Documents published by a local Australian newspaper revealed on Saturday that a Brisbane man who was trapped under a truck in a driveway had died of a heart attack after waiting nearly 40 minutes for paramedics to arrive. According to the report, a dispatcher mistakenly coded the case as not life threatening before going on break, while the station supervisor was in the lunchroom.

Dispatchers in southeast Queensland are forbidden to keep food on their desks, the paper notes, which allegedly led to unwelcome snack breaks and low morale.

"It has been a long-standing problem," ambulance coordinator Jeanette Temperley said. "You cannot even have a snack, like a granola bar or anything. We are definitely micro-targeted,” she added. "You cannot have even eat a lollipop," complained a dispatcher who wished to remain unnamed.

“I cannot believe that grown men and women who are emergency workers complain about lollipops like little children. They should take their serious job more seriously,” Ron Marker, 71, of Brisbane, Australia told

Man injured after being shot by tree

Tall tree 
By: Eva Fett

A man was shot and injured not by another man but by a tree, according to hospital officials in Wisconsin.

The Iowa man is expected to survive, but will have a weird story to tell people after he fired his gun at a tree only to be shot when the bullet bounced off the tree right back at him.

27-year-old Logan Bunn drove himself to a nearby hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Office of Allamakee County Sheriff said the incident happened around 4:30 am on Sunday.

“This shows that you got to be smart when choosing a shooting target. This man shouldn't have stood so close to the tree. People need to be more careful where they fire their guns,” Anthony Guana, 41, a shooting expert in Iowa told

Georgia city passes law that make gun ownership mandatory

Gun store 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) In one U.S. city, you must now own a gun along with ammunition and be ready to fire it in order to protect the safety of your family and the residents of the city, according to a new law passed in Nelson, Georgia.

The city council in the small city in northern Georgia on Monday night voted to mandate gun ownership.

Council Members in Nelson, a city of about 1,300 residents that is located 50 miles north of Atlanta, voted unanimously to approve the Family Protection Ordinance. The measure requires each household to own a firearm and ammunition to "provide for the emergency management of the city" and "provide and protect the safety and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants."

Not every family has to go out and buy a gun.
The ordinance exempts those convicted of a felony and those suffering from certain physical or mental disabilities.
Councilman Duane Cronic, who sponsored the measure, said he believes it will make the city safer.

"I compared it to a safety sign that people put in their front yards. Some people have security systems, some people do not, but put up those signs," he said. "I really felt like this was a sign ordinance for our city. The ordinance was a deterrent to potential criminals to tell them that they might want to go down the road a bit," he added.

“This is a great law. Crime in the area will definitely go down as statistics show that areas with loose gun laws enjoy a lower crime rate. Criminals will look elsewhere to commit their crimes,” a man from Nelson, Georgia told

However, not everyone agreed. “The law can cause guns to fall into the wrong hands more easily. Therefore, this law is not such a good idea,” a woman of Nelson, Georgia told

The agenda for the council said that another objective of the measure is "opposition to any future attempt by the federal government to confiscate personal firearms."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view