Michelle Obama calls herself a ‘single mom’

Michelle Obama 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Being the wife of the most powerful man in world is not easy. Being the First Lady of the United States involves sharing your husband with the world and taking on more responsibilities, alone.

In an interview with a Burlington, Vermont Television station, First Lady Michelle Obama mistakenly called herself a "busy single mom." When she realized her mistake she jokingly said: “when your husband is president it can feel like a single mom.” Then she changed the phrase to: “I'm a busy working mother."

During the interview which focused mainly on Michelle Obama’s "Let's move" initiative to combat childhood obesity, the First Lady also addressed the competitive pressures faced by mothers who have to juggle work and family life.

Discussing the struggle many parents face in balancing work and family life, the First Lady took on a sympathetic tone.

Obama seemed to recover almost immediately from the flub. "You know, when you have a husband who is president, you may feel a little single, but he's there," she smiled referring to her husband President Obama.

"As a busy working mother, and before coming to the White House, I was in that position as well, working, driving the kids to practice, not having enough time to shop or cook, and not having the energy," she said.

“Being a public figure and having people scrutinize your every word must be a difficult thing. Michelle Obama had a lot on her plate, and we should give her a break with the “single mom” slip of the tongue comment,” Debra Millowitz, 23, from Washington, D.C. told YourJewishNews.com.

“Obama comes across as a mother who understands the everyday struggling mother,” Miley Totenberg, 41, a working mother of 5 children in Long Island, New York, told YourJewishNews.com.

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Catholic leader opposes recognizing Jewish and Muslim holidays

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn 
By: Shifra Unger

A leader of the Catholic church is opposed to official recognition of Jewish and Muslim holidays, according to press reports in Austria.

The Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, has spoken out against suggestions to add high Jewish and Muslim holidays to the list of official holidays in Austria.

"Both the Jewish and the Muslim community are not sufficiently large in Austria that the holidays should be holidays for the entire population," he said in an interview with a local television news station.

Since 80 percent of the country's population is Christian, mostly Catholic, Schonborn said it was "necessary to take into account the views of most people in the country." The Catholic leader was responding to calls from Muslim leaders to declare one day during Ramadan and the Eid al-Adha day as national holidays.

The general secretary of the Jewish Community in Vienna, Raymond Fastenbauer, told the newspaper that the community supported the idea of turning Jewish holidays into national holidays, but this idea was rejected because of objections by the people involved in trade.

“I don’t think it is appropriate for a country to declare any religious holiday as a national holiday. Religion and government should be kept completely separate,” Julian Pichler, 36, an aspiring politician in Vienna, Austria told YourJewishNews.com.
The Islamic Religious Community in Austria estimates that there are between 400,000 and 500,000 Muslims in Austria. The country has about 8.5 million inhabitants. There are About 15,000 Jews living in Austria, mostly in Vienna.

New Jewish 'Semitic Swag' brand explodes into the fashion scene

Semitic Swag Keffiyeh 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Several Jewish artist have joined forces to create a hot new fashion and music brand called “Semitic Swag.”
Their most popular product so far that has caused controversy is the Arabic style “keffiyeh for Jews”.

The company recently released a new music video for its Semitic Swag brand. The company said that first was the Israeli Keffiyeh, which broke boundaries in the fashion world after its feature in the New York Times. Now, the Semitic Swag builds on the Israeli Kef’s success with the launch of its brand new fashion, art, and music site, semiticswag.com.

The live launch featured music from the city’s hottest underground artist, interactive art exhibits, and a fashion installation previewing the latest apparel by Semitic Swag’s chief designer and creator of the Israeli Keffiyeh, Boris Chertok.

The event brought together musicians and painters, fashion and wine, jewelry and sculptures to fuel the celebration of freedom and Jewish tradition.

“This is definitely the weirdest Jewish brand I have ever seen. I believe this brand will be quite popular, but it will draw a large amount of criticism because it adopts Arabic style fashion for Jews,” Daniel Morgan, 29, an artist in New York City told YourJewishNews.com.

According to Diwon, Shemspeed’s founder and artist, “We envision a very unique brand that combines fashion, art, music, and performance in a way that breaks down the boundary between the artwork and the audience. We hope to create an environment in which the viewer is, in a very real sense, part of the artistic experience.”Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Turkish flotilla activist vows to use Israeli compensation to fund Hamas

Mavi Marmara flotilla ship 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A Turkish activist who participated in a Gaza flotilla vowed to use the compensation to fund Hamas terror activities against Israel, according to press reports in Turkey.

One of the so called victims of the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara aid flotilla has announced that he will donate the compensation to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Israel apologized to Turkey for the assault on the Mavi Marmara in which nine Turkish citizens were killed and agreed to pay compensation to the families of the victims.

Mehmet Tunc said he would donate the payments he receives from Israel to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine itself, adding that he would not touch even one "Turkish Lira" of it, in a press conference today.

“Israel should take this as a warning of what happens when it capitulates to terrorists,” Nathan Hillman, 49, a political activist in Brooklyn, New York told YourJewishNews.com.

Israel's decision to apologize to Turkey was slammed by civil right groups, according to a press release by a prestigious law firm.

"Israel's decision to apologize to Turkey is pathetic pandering to an Islamic extremist who compared Zionism to fascism and is still trying to indict Israeli officers for war crimes.

Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan should be tried for the deaths of the activists on the Marmara" – this according to Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center.

On Friday, the Israeli government decided to voice regret for the 2010 Marmara flotilla incident which led to the deaths of nine Turkish citizens who attacked Israeli soldiers enforcing the Gaza blockade.

Darshan-Leitner: "The United Nations has investigated the Israeli blockade of Gaza and has determined that it is in full compliance with international law.

The flotilla, which was provided material support by the Turkish government, was a provocation designed to endanger the lives of Israeli sailors. As we head into Passover, the festival of freedom, the Israeli government displays that it is still not free from US pressure."

In 2011, Shurat HaDin's legal actions against the Mavi Marmara's insurance companies prevented it from once again sailing to Gaza's shores.

Shurat HaDin—Israel Law Center is an Israeli based civil rights organization and world leader in combating the terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them through lawsuits litigated in courtrooms around the world. Shurat HaDin seeks to bankrupt the terror groups and grind their criminal activities to a halt – one lawsuit at a time.

In December 2012, the law center representing two American families won a successful $338 million lawsuit against the government of Syria. The decision, handed down in the United States district court for Washington D.C., ruled that Syria was liable for the PKK's 1991 kidnapping of a group of American archeologists leading an excavation in Turkey.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Freedom activists join international topless jihad day

International topless jihad day protester 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Freedom activists participated in the international topless jihad day in order to fight oppression against women and other religions perpetrated by Muslims, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Topless protesters rallied near mosques and Tunisian embassies in Europe on Thursday to express their support for oppressed freedom activists.

"We are free, we are naked, it is our right, it is our body, our rules, and no one can use religion, and some other holy things, to abuse women," Alexandra Shevchenko, a Femen member in Berlin, Germany told the French press.
"We will fight them, and our hearts will be stronger than the stones," she added.

A Tunisian student, Amina Tyler, sparked controversy last month in Tunisia after publishing topless photos of herself on facebook, with the slogans "F*** Your Morals" and "My body belongs to me,” painted on her body.

Islamists hackers responded with an attack on the Tunisian Femen Facebook fan page, replacing the topless photos with quotations from the Koran. An Islamic preacher even stated that Tyler should be stoned for her act of defiance.
In support of the plight of Tyler, Femen labeled April 4, as the "International Day of topless Jihad" and staged mass protests.

About two dozen activists gathered in Paris, where Femen has its international headquarters. The women tried to reach the Tunisian Embassy, ​​but were repelled by police.

Five activists gathered near an Islamic cultural center in Brussels, Belgium. Italian women protested outside the Tunisian consulate in Milan, carrying signs that read "Free Amina" and "naked breasts against Islam".

“We will fight all those who oppress others in the name of religion. We will fight until we win. Religious people have no right to force their views onto other people,” Anastasiya Karev, 24, of Kiev, Ukraine told YourJewishNews.com.

"Femen activists also blocked the entrance of a mosque with a car, where they were arrested by the police," a police report stated.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Drunken soldier seen on video crashing army tank in residential area

Drunken soldier crashes into light pole 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A soldier faces disciplinary action after he was caught on video struggling to drive the armored tank before crashing into a lamp post.

The Russian army held a drill in the town of Ryazan, in Russia. Police officers halted traffic so that the army vehicles can pass.
Ivan Ivanov was in his car when police stopped traffic armed with his dash cam, when he suddenly saw the soldier struggling to drive the army tank. Ivanov adjusted the camera so it can capture what happened next. The video showed that the tank smashed into a light pole.

A soldier from another tank came running to see if the driver was hurt.

“The driver is not some street kid. He is a commander, and he is an experienced soldier. The question we all need to ask is why is he drinking on the job? We trust these people to keep us safe,” Viktor Bezborodov, 54, from Moscow, Russia told YourJewishNews.com after seeing the video.

The Ryazan Margelov airborne training academy is located in the city and the army vehicles are often seen driving around in the area.

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Greek neo-Nazi party expands into the United States

Golden Dawn party leader 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A neo-Nazi party that became extremely popular in Greece is now eyeing expanding globally, according to press reports in Greece.

The Golden Dawn Party of Greece reportedly embarked on an international expansion campaign.

The neo-Nazi party, which is linked to the black-shirted gangs that terrorize ethnic minorities and immigrants in Greece, has established a group to preach transatlantic party policies in the United States.

According to reports, the sub-division group intends to promote the cause of the party "wherever there are Greeks". There are about three million Greeks living in the United States.

Father Alex Karloutsos, a leading figure in the New York Greek community, told a British based newspaper that "nationalism, fascism, xenophobia are not part of our spiritual and cultural heritage. We do not see any gold in the Golden Dawn Party."

The party also had the intention of establishing offices in Germany, Australia and Canada to lead the estimated seven million Greek residents living abroad.

“I just hope that people around the world will reject this clearly fascist party. The Golden Dawn Party should have no place in the civilized world,” Anthony Drexel, 38, of Washington, D.C. told YourJewishNews.com.

Golden Dawn, whose logo appears to be a modified version of the swastika, currently holds 18 seats in parliament. Party members have been associated with Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

New survey shows Israelis are among the happiest in the world

Proud Israelis 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Israelis are among the happiest people in the world, according to a new international study released this week.

The latest international study suggests that contrary to the conventional view that Israelis love to complain, they are very happy.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Better Life Index, which rates aspects of quality of life in member countries and affiliates, Israel came in at eighth out of 36 in the category of "satisfaction".

People of member states were asked to rate their overall satisfaction of life on a scale of 0 to 10, with zero being bad and 10 being good, Israelis responded with an average of 7.4, above the OECD average of 6.7.

Israel ranked very high in the life expectancy and good health categories, but in other categories Israel, did not rank so well. Israel came in 28th place in housing and 32nd place in assault rates. 6.5 percent of Israeli respondents claimed to have been the victim of assault in the last 12 months.

“I am a very happy Israeli and former miserable U.S. citizen. I disagree with the opinion that Israel’s housing prices are high. It all depends in which neighborhood you choose to live. Also, wages as compared to the United States is not low. Many people I know earn more per hour in Israel than in the United States, Abraham Cross, 46, a former U.S. resident currently living in Jerusalem, Israel told YourJewishNews.com.

Haifa University sociologist Sammy Smooha, said Israelis tend to take the internal problems and security threats in stride. "Israeli Jews are proud of their country and feel it is the country that they want to live in, so while there a lot of problems, including the cost of living, low wages and safety conditions, they simply do not care," Sammy Smooha told a British newspaper.

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling might be released from prison 15 years early

Jeffrey Skilling 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) The man behind the famous collapse of Enron, in the beginning of the last decade, might soon be a free man again, according to press reports in the United States.

The former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, who is serving a sentence of 24 years after the spectacular collapse of the company, may have a chance to get out of jail soon.

The U.S. Department of Justice issued a notice indicating that prosecutors are considering entering into an agreement with Skilling that could result in having his sentenced changed.

The notice that was released Wednesday, gives former Enron employees, shareholders and other victims of the Skilling fraud that led to the bankruptcy of Enron in 2001, the opportunity to object to his release.

Skilling's lawyers said that they are negotiating with the Department of Justice about a reduced sentence.
Daniel Petrocelli, is currently listed as the attorney for Skilling.

“I lost a lot of money due to the Enron collapse. I cannot believe that the government is willing to release him 15 years earlier. What about all the victims who lost their life savings and all the employees who lost their jobs?” Marc Jacobs, 61, a former Enron investor told YourJewishNews.com.

According to federal prison records, Skilling is scheduled to be released from prison in February 2028.
It is unclear how Skilling’s term could be reduced under a new sentencing agreement.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Angry mob undresses woman and rip her clothing after she dressed provocatively

Victim who was stripped 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A group of men attacked a woman who was dressed in a mini skirt.

The men attacked the woman claiming that she was dressed inappropriately. The woman was spotted walking on the street in Kitengela, a town in Kenya.

The angry mob claimed the dress was too short. They argued with the woman to change into something more appropriate. When the woman ignored their request the men attacked her and undressed her.

The men then ripped her clothing apart so she could not put them back on, claiming that “it was better for her to go naked because her intentions were clear,” according to press reports in Kenya.

According to a witness, the crowd gathered around the woman and forcibly undressed her. Her clothes were torn and thrown away ensuring that she had nothing to cover her body as a punishment for dressing provocatively.

“Most women in the town of Kitengela, dress modestly, and everyone is expected to adhere to their standards,” Aminah Wangai, 62, from Kenya told YourJewishNews.com.

Many people gathered to watch as the drama unfolded.

The woman was left on the floor with nothing to cover her body.
A Good Samaritan who witnessed the incident offered the woman a long dress so she could go home.

The victim's mothers was warned not to let her daughter leave the house without her approval, according to press reports in Kenya.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Babysitter gets 30 years jail for raping one-year-old boy

Ryan Sheppard 
By: Eva Fett

A babysitter pleaded guilty to raping a one-year-old boy while babysitting the baby.

Ryan Sheppard, 19, was jailed without bail after he raped a baby so severely, the child required multiple surgeries to repair the damage.

According to police, Sheppard, who lives in Maryland, sexually assaulted the one-year-old, while he was supposed to be babysitting the child.

After committing the sexual assault, Sheppard reportedly called the child's parents and told them that the child was bleeding and having trouble breathing.

Investigators said that the baby's parents arrived shortly thereafter and found that the child's lips had turned blue.
The child was taken to Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC, where the child underwent surgery for a torn colon.

The injuries were so severe that the baby also needed a colostomy, a procedure that allows waste to pass through an opening in the abdomen in a bag that is worn by the patient.

“We are glad that this man is off the streets. Justice has been served for the baby who suffered horrific medical problems due to this perverted man. The man was trusted by the family to care for and protect their baby,” Sophia Griffin, 28, a mother of 2, from Baltimore, Maryland told YourJewishNews.com.

Sheppard reportedly admitted to detectives that he had abused the child.
Sheppard was jailed on charges of first-degree sexual offense and first-degree sexual assault, he was denied bail.

The charges were subsequently dropped to a second-degree sex-offense charge, to which Sheppard pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Students develop underwear that helps fight sexual abuse

Niladri Basu, left, Rimpi Tripathy and Manisha Mohan, right 
By: John Roberts

In order to combat the problem of women being raped in India, three students developed underwear that will help reduce sex abuse.

The students have developed a bra that they said has an "anti-rape" feature that helps women protect themselves against attacks.

The bra has a shock wave system that will shock the perpetrator. It will also alert police and the girl’s parents through the built in GPS technology.

“I understand that with this technology police will be able to track the victim, and send help immediately, thereby saving the victim from the being sexually abused which is a very good thing, but what happens if a girl is promiscuous and fools around with a boy? Will police be alerted, which will result in the boy being arrested?” Aamir Ibrahim, 21, from Mumbai, India told YourJewishNews.com.

If a person tries to molest a girl he will be shocked when the pressure sensors are activated. The GPS is connected to a cell phone transmitter which sends a text to emergency service as well as the parents of the girl.

The GPS and sensors are close to the chest. If someone attempts to rape the girl he will be attacked first, hopefully giving the girl enough time to escape.

The developers of the project are three engineering students.

Mohan is an engineering student of Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University in Chennai, while her two colleagues, Rimpi Tripathi, and Niladri Basu Bal, are students at the Instrumentation & Control Engineering at SRM University in Chennai.

Get your pictures in an instant, Polaroid cameras roar back in digital form

14 Megapixel digital Polaroid camera 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Remember those days when you took a photo and a picture instantly ejected from the camera?

In 2008, the Polaroid company stopped making their well known camera, and they focused on updating the equipment to the digital standard of today. Now, they have succeeded.

The new 14 Megapixel digital camera was developed by Polaroid, which is the inventor of the original instant film camera.

The digital polaroid camera can record and print photos in under a minute. You can even view images on the 2.7 inch color LCD screen and crop the picture before you print it. The pictures and video can also be stored on a SD memory card.

“I am excited about this new camera. I loved the original instant Polaroid camera. I cannot wait to get my hands on the new digital version,” Marry Parker, 35, from New York, told YourJewishNews.com.

Snapshots are the same 3'' by 4'' as any other digital pictures all of us have come to know and love.
The camera can print up to 25 pictures on one charge.
You can buy the camera for just $250.00 on Amazon.com. You can also buy a pack of 100 papers for about $65.00 on Amazon.com.

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Young women assault employee after receiving wrong pretzel dip

Fresh pretzel 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A violent fight broke out at a shopping mall after several women received the wrong dip with their pretzel they purchased at a kiosk, according to police reports in Michigan.

Troy police are investigating the fight that took place at the mall.

Authorities said it all happened at Auntie Anne’s Mall in Oakland, when two women who had ordered pretzels realized that they were given the wrong dip.

Police said that is when they returned to the store to demand another dip with a new pretzel. The employees told them that they would have to pay for another dip, as they already ate part of what they originally purchased.
That's when the women claim that an employee threw dip at them, as well as a security guard who stood nearby.

Police said that the women, aged 19 and 22-years-old, then tried to jump over the counter, causing a fight. One of them suffered a minor injury.
“Some people are really particular when it comes to their food. They will beat you if they do not receive what they ordered,” Lucie Redford, 21, a restaurant worker in Troy, Michigan told YourJewishNews.com.

The Troy city attorney is reviewing the case to determine if charges will be filed.

This is not the first time a fight broke out over food.
Several new recruits with poor understanding of the Passover holiday got into a scuffle over the sudden change of the food menu at their army base, according to press reports in Israel.

The new recruits who were stationed at an Israeli army base in southern Israel faced off with a cook in protest at the small amount of food served at the base because of regulations related to Passover.

The altercation quickly turned physical. Witnesses said that the fight also involved several soldiers at one point.
However, a military leader at the base said no one else was involved in the fight, only the soldier and the cook.

The unusual event occurred at a training camp after a group of recruits expressed frustration with the small amount of food on the menu when the kitchen was in the process of being prepared for Passover.

One of the soldiers came into the kitchen with the intention of taking food for him and his friends. A kitchen assistant noticed him and ordered him to leave. The two soon began exchanging blows.

An IDF spokesperson said: "There is absolutely no shortage of food at the base and no soldier has been hungry. According to the orders of the General Staff, the IDF goes through an extensive process of preparation before Passover.”

“Some new recruits, who often are non Jews from the U.S., fail to understand the importance of Passover. After the first Passover in the army they have a better understanding of Judaism, so problems like these do not happen again,” a person familiar with the situation told YourJewishNews.com.

“The soldiers go through a hard day of work and at the end of the day instead of getting a hot meal they get some cold sandwiches,” one person told YourJewishNews.com that one soldier complained.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pennsylvania man arrested after offering to pay taxi fare with marijuana

Bags of marijuana 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with drug related charges after attempting to pass marijuana as currency, according to police reports in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia man, who was short of money, learned a lesson the hard way when he allegedly tried to pay his $8 cab fare with marijuana, according to a local newspaper report.

A Philadelphia Police Captain, Brian Korn, told a local newspaper that 23-year-old Michael Medvec, attempted to give the taxi driver a bag of marijuana instead of paying for the ride in cash Friday night on Chestnut Street.

Unfortunately for him, the officers were within several feet of the car and responded quickly when the driver reported that Medvec could not pay what he owed.

"The police just could not ignore it," Korn told the newspaper. “The suspect did it in full view of police. You do something stupid, you need to get spanked a little," the police officer added.

“The man basically tried his luck. I am sure that some taxi drivers would have taken the bag of marijuana as payment. Medvec however, is not too smart, as the bag of marijuana probably was way more valuable than the $8.00 taxi fare,” a taxi driver in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania told YourJewishNews.com.

Medvec was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana Friday and was released the next day.
Medvec is not the only one who tried to pay his tab with the other green. A Niagara Falls, New York man allegedly offered a cashier at Denny $1.00 and a bag of marijuana as payment for a $9.91 bill. As the taxi driver, the cashier refused the payment and called police instead.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman arrested after exposing her behind to her former boyfriend

Suzanne Wasden 
By: Eva Fett

A woman was arrested and charged with public nudity related charges after exposing her behind to her former boyfriend, according to police reports in Florida.

The incident, which also involved papayas led to the arrest of the woman in Vero Beach, Florida.

Suzanne Wasden, 49, was brought before a judge this week to answer charges that she beat up a former boyfriend with papayas in the beginning of this month and exposed her backside to a male under the age of 16.

When Vero Beach police responded to a disturbance that day, they said they found a very intoxicated Wasden, whose pants were partially down and whose rear was partially exposed.
According to a police affidavit, Wasden said that the former boyfriend came to her house looking for birthday sex.

The 16-year-old boy told police that Wasden came over to his trailer because she wanted a cigarette and a beer. When he refused to give her what she wanted she started screaming. Then, the woman allegedly began beating her boyfriend and throwing papayas at him.

After that, Wasden allegedly turned around and dropped her pants and said, "Kiss my ***".

The teen told a Florida based newspaper that he could see "all" and "that was something none of us wanted to see."
“The woman is known in the neighborhood for her bizarre behavior. I hope she now learned her lesson and will behave more appropriately,” a woman, who lives in Wasden’s neighborhood told YourJewishNews.com.

Wasden was arrested on charges of disorderly intoxication among other charges.

Woman arrested after slashing her boyfriend in April fools' day prank

Tori Wheeler 
By: Moses Gold

A woman was arrested and charged with assault related charges after she slashed her boyfriend while playing a prank on him, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

An April fools’ day joke has gone horribly wrong as it ended with the woman locked in jail and her boyfriend recovering from a stab wound.

Police officers in Wagoner County, Oklahoma said that 18-year-old, Tori Wheeler told her boyfriend, Derek Bauer, she was pregnant as the April fools’ day joke.

Without seeing the humor in her comment, Bauer became angry. Wheeler allegedly brandished a knife and threatened him. Police officers said that Wheeler said this was just another April fools’ day joke.

Bauer responded by threatening to call the police, and that's when Wheeler apparently stopped joking. Investigators said she admitted that tensions rose, and cut his throat through and bit him twice.

“People need to stop making over the top April fools’ day jokes as this case showed,” David Montgomery, 54, of Daytona Beach, Florida told YourJewishNews.com after reading about the case.

Wheeler was charged with assault, while her boyfriend needed seven stitches in a hospital.
This is not the first over the top April fools’ day joke that ended up with an arrest.
As we reported this week, people try to come up with different April fools’ day pranks, but for one woman, her prank landed her in jail.

Susan Alexandria Tinker, 21, who works at the Waffle house was jailed after she allegedly called police to report a burglary, but police later determined that it was nothing more than an April fools’ day prank.

According to Hampton police, officers were dispatched to the Hampton Inn, Waffle House, in Hampton, Virginia around 6:00 am after police operators received a report that the restaurant had just been robbed.

When officers arrived at the scene, they used a K9 unit to search for the alleged thief. After reviewing surveillance camera footage, investigators determined that there had not been a robbery.

During an interview with police on the scene, Tinker admitted that there had not been a robbery and that she called 911 as a joke for April fools’ day. Apparently, police officers did not find it funny at all. She was taken into custody.

“Some April fools’ day pranks are cool. However, some people make pranks that are way over the line such as involving law enforcement,” Guy Weberman, 31, of Atlantic City, New Jersey told YourJewishNews.com.

Tinker was booked into jail and charged with falsely summoning police. If convicted, she could face up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine up to $2,500.

Man arrested after whipping his daughters for publishing dance video to the internet

Greg Horn 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with child abuse related charges after he was seen on video beating his own daughters, according to court proceedings in Ohio.

The man, Greg Horn, 35, of Dayton, Ohio has received worldwide condemnation after publishing a video that showed him whipping his own daughters. The whipping came after the daughters published a dance video of themselves on the internet, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The video of the father beating his teenage daughters for posting the "twerking" video to Facebook was posted to the internet this week.

The 30-second clip, that showed Horn, hitting the young girls with an electrical cord, has drawn condemnation from viewers around the world, but some said that corporal punishment was coming to them for their behavior.

The man is seen slamming the screaming girls for posting the sexy video. It is not known when the video was taken.
“Beating your children like that is a form of torture and has shown to be counter productive. I'm glad that the authorities hunted down this man for what he did to his own daughters. There are other means of punishment like taking away internet access for a certain period of time,” Harry Goldfinger, 52, a child therapist in Miami, Florida told YourJewishNews.com after seeing the video.

Twerking is a type of dance that focuses on the backside.
Many in the online community called for child protection services to investigate the matter.
"No matter what these girls did, nobody deserves to be beaten like that. How do you keep going when the child is crying like that?" one online viewer of the video asked.

"He did the right thing," said another commentator.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view