Girl, 6, killed after trying to jump onto grandfather's moving car

Censere Mosly-Wedemyer 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A little girl has been killed after she tried jumping onto her grandfather’s moving vehicle, according to police reports in Nevada.

Authorities said that the 6-year-old girl has died after her grandfather accidentally ran over and dragged her while she tried to get into his moving car in southwest Las Vegas.

Metro Police said that the girl was standing right behind the Dodge Magnum this week when her grandfather started moving.
They said that the girl grabbed the car and tried to get into it, but the 52-year-old grandfather, Michael Gant, did not notice. The child was dragged about 40 feet until the vehicle stopped.

The girl, Censere Mosly-Wedemyer, was taken to University Medical Center where she was later pronounced dead.
“People need to be very careful with their vehicles especially when backing out of their driveways where little children can be present. Such type of tragic accidents happen all around the country and are preventable,” Larry Jones, 56, an investigator in Nevada told

Police said that they are calling the death an accident. They also said that this death is the 35th traffic-related death this year in the police jurisdiction of Las Vegas.

These types of incidents is not unique to the United States.
Recently, in Israel, a tragedy struck a nice family, when a father accidentally ran over his 18-month-old son with his car, according to emergency workers in the Israeli city of Rosh Ha’ayin.

The father accidentally killed his own son, while reversing his car carelessly Wednesday. According to a police statement, it appears that the child was killed by his father when he reversed the car, not knowing that the child had left the vehicle.

A helpless Magen David Adom emergency crew was called to the scene and declared the child dead at the scene.
The tragic incident occurred on Hotmey Hamegila Street in Rosh HaAyin. MDA emergency forces, whose station is nearby, were called to the scene.

According to the preliminary investigation, it appears that the father was driving down a narrow path between two buildings and was not aware that his son was behind the car.
"The father is in total shock, we are waiting for him to recover in order to properly interrogate him," police said.

An emergency worker responding to the scene saw the mother holding the blood covered baby in her hand and screaming that he was run over by the car.

"I took the child and saw that he was unconscious and had no heartbeat. There was nothing I could do. I said he was dead. I've been a paramedic for many years and this is one of the most difficult cases I've seen," the emergency worker said.

Rosh Ha'ayin Police Commander Brigadier General Ratzon Peretz said the father assumed that the child already was in the house and therefore began to back up the car.

"The child died on the spot, the parents are in very poor condition. Currently we are working with the municipality and welfare services for help,” the police commander said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman kills her former husband with boiling water after he was seen with another woman

Jesusa Ursonal Tatad 
By: Moses Gold

A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of murdering her former husband with boiling water because she believed he dated another woman, according to court proceedings in California.

The Northern California woman now faces 16 years to life behind bars after being convicted of killing her former husband by pouring boiling water over his body while he slept.

Prosecutors in San Mateo County said that the 41-year-old Jesusa Ursonal Tatad pleaded no contest to second-degree murder this week. She is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Tatad and her former husband, 36-year-old Ronnie Tatad, shared an apartment in Daly City. Prosecutors said she pulled back the covers in his sleep, and threw a pot of boiling water over him. The woman also hit the man in the head with a baseball bat.

Prosecutors also said that the woman was upset at her former husband because she thought he was seeing another woman.
“This was just a senseless killing. This man was divorced so he should have been able to date any woman he wanted. Besides, catching a cheating spouse does not justify murder,” Julie Evans, 28, of San Diego, California told after reading about the case.

Ronnie Tatad died about two weeks after the incident from a blood infection as a result of his burns. This is not the first time an angry jealous woman got back at her man.

A woman who discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating cut off his private parts in his sleep with a kitchen knife and flushed it down the toilet, according to reports in the news media.

Julia Munoz Huaman, 41, confessed that she castrated her boyfriend Ramon Arias, 46, in a jealous rage. The shocking incident at a resident’s hostel stunned the Brena Lima neighborhood where they lived.Security guards grabbed the woman and detained her as Arias complained of pain.

He was taken to a hospital and placed in intensive care, according to a report in the local newspaper. He will likely need psychological treatment for several months or longer.

Julia Munoz Huaman, was charged with aggravated assault and faces many years in prison.

100,000 Muslims rally to demand death by hanging for atheists

Bangladesh protest 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) The lives of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh is now on the line after a huge crowd of thousands of Muslims demanded their death by hanging, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Hundreds of thousands of Islamists rallied in Dhaka after a night "long march" to the Bangladeshi capital, demanding the execution of atheist bloggers for defaming Islam.

This was just the latest of a series of protest in Bangladesh, deepening tensions between secularists and the largest Islamic party, Jamaat-e-Islami, whose leaders are on trial for crimes committed during the 1971 war of independence of the country.

Islamists gathered in the main commercial center of Dhaka to protest what they say are blasphemous atheists.
Police said 100,000 people attended the rally at which protesters shouted "God is great, hang atheist bloggers".

Protest organizers, who called for the "long march", with many traveling from remote villages, put the number at over half a million, as Dhaka Motijheel commercial area became a sea of ​​white robes.

"I came here to fight for Islam. Bloggers will not be allowed to blaspheme our religion and our beloved Prophet Mohammad," Shahidul Islam, an imam at a mosque outside Dhaka who walked 20 kilometers or 13 miles said.

Hefajat-e-Islam, an Islamist group that has the support of tens of thousands of seminars, organized the demonstration in support of their demand for 13 points, including the enactment of a blasphemy law to prosecute and hang atheist bloggers.

This week, four online writers were arrested on charges of hurting religious sentiments through their writings on the Internet against Islam.

“I now fear for my life here in Bangladesh, just because I am not a Muslim. I think I will have to leave this country very soon,” Patricia Walker, 29, of Dhaka, Bangladesh told

The government has established a task force, which includes intelligence chiefs to control the blasphemy on social networks.
Under the country's cyber laws, blogger or Internet writer could face up to ten years in prison for defaming a religion.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Machete wielding New York man killed after falling on broken bottle outside restaurant

Broken glass bottles illustration 
By: John Roberts

A man was killed after falling on a broken bottle outside a Brooklyn, New York restaurant, according to emergency workers in Brooklyn, New York.

The Brooklyn man was killed early today when he fell and cut his arm on a broken bottle during a fight, police sources said.

Miguel Jimenez and a friend were expelled from Rodriguez La Cabana Restaurant on Flatbush Avenue near Beverley Road shortly before 4:00 am when they started fighting over who should pay the bill.

Jimenez and his friend got into a fight on the sidewalk outside the restaurant, and can be seen on surveillance video taking out a machete, the sources said.

Jimenez dropped the weapon when he and his friend decided to fight with fists instead, witnesses told police.
Out of sight of surveillance video, Jimenez fell on a sidewalk full of broken bottles and cut open his right biceps.

He got up and started chasing his friend, but soon collapsed outside a nearby pharmacy, sources said.
People on the street at the time called police, who found Jimenez bleeding profusely from his arm.
Jimenez died at 4:30 am at the Kings County Hospital. Police could not locate the friend of the man.

“The two shouldn't have physically fought over a restaurant bill, but I would like to know why there was broken glass bottles on the floor outside the restaurant. After all, the broken glass bottles caused the death of this man,” Jose Rodriguez, 29, of Brooklyn, New York told

Jimenez was a native of Mexico and lived nearby in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn New York.

Teachers Union of Ireland approves academic boycott of Israel because its an apartheid state

Anti Israel banner in Ireland 
By: Sarah Weiss

Irish citizens have again shown their dislike for Israel, as The Teachers Union of Ireland has voted to boycott all academic collaboration with Israel, including research programs and exchange of scientists, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

This is the first full academic boycott imposed by a teachers union of the European Union.
A motion, asking all union members to finish the job with their Israeli counterparts, was approved unanimously at the annual conference in Galway, last week.

The union requested the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to increase its campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the "apartheid state of Israel until they lift the illegal siege of Gaza and the illegal occupation of the West Bank."

The TUI, asked all its members to "end all cultural and academic cooperation with Israel, including the exchange of scientists, students and academics, as well as all the cooperation in research programs."

Dublin sociology professor and anti-Israel activist David Landy said the measure "is a historic precedent."

"We congratulate the The Ireland Teachers Union and ask all academic unions, Irish, British and European, to adapt similar motions,” Landy said.

“This is a sad day for Ireland. Ireland has again shown its extreme dislike for Israel and its anti-Semitic stance,” Hans Gauld, 49, a Jewish activist in Ireland told

The TUI represents teachers and academics working in all levels of education throughout the country and has more than 14,500 members.

Professor and father of two sentenced for watching child porn during commercial flight

Grant Smith 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A Utah professor was arrested after he was seen publicly watching child porn.

Grant Smith, 50, a father of two, was accused of viewing child pornography on a commercial flight, bound for Boston, Massachusetts.

Prosecutors said a passenger who traveled first-class saw Smith viewing pornographic images of young girls on his computer during a flight from Utah to Boston.

The passenger took a cellphone photo of Smith watching child porn and alerted a flight attendant. Smith was arrested in Boston as soon as the plane landed. Initially Smith pleaded not guilty but later he changed his plea to guilty.

“More than anything, his lack of shame is very disturbing. The professor was watching child porn in a public area with many people in close proximity and he did not seem to feel any shame doing it,” Dorothy Macaulay, 39, from Utah, a mother of a young girl told

“I would never have believed that this professor can do such a thing. He seemed to be a nice guy. He was well liked by many students,” Jim kimball, 20, a student at the University of Utah told

Prosecutors said that 50-year-old Smith, a resident of the city of Salt Lake, Utah pleaded guilty on Thursday to possessing child pornography.

A judge in Boston gave Smith a 2 1/2-year suspended sentence and five years probation. Smith also has to continue sex offender treatment, comply with the requirements of Utah Sex Offender Registration and follow the restrictions on contact with children and Internet use.

After the scandal became public, Smith quit his job as University of Utah engineering professor.

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New York women left frightened after man steals their panties

By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A panty thief has left some New York women frightened, as they are scared to go down to their building’s laundry room where the theft took place.

Women, have done their laundry in the same laundry room for a long time and they felt relatively safe, until now that is. Recently, someone began stealing their underwear from the laundry room.

Elizabeth Santana first noticed that the panties were stolen while collecting her laundry. “Everything was there, except for my underwear and work-out clothes,” Santana said. She asked the superintendent to review the surveillance video from the laundry room and was surprised by what she saw. A young white man can be seen entering the laundry room as soon as the victim left, the perpetrator then went through the clothing in the dryer and sneaked out with her panties.

She was not happy, to say the least. "I was totally disgusted. The fact that it happened in my building, I felt unsafe and violated," Santana said.

“We have heard of people stealing money and Jewelry but panties? That is outright scary. Who knows what the man will do next. He might attack a woman and sexually abuse her,” Mira Jacoby, 24, from New York City told

Santana is not the only woman who is the victim of an underwear thief. There was another incident three months in ago in other buildings in the area where women’s panties have been stolen, according to reports.

The women have filed police reports on the theft. A photo of the thief will be posted in their building and around the neighborhood.

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Hasidic Rabbi named best dressed man by GQ magazine

Rabbi Yosef Tiefenbrun 
By: Sarah Weiss

A Hasidic rabbi was named by a British magazine as the best dressed man at the Golden Shears Awards ceremony, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

Rabbi Yosef Tiefenbrun is at the forefront of London's fashion scene.

Tiefenbrun, who is also an apprentice in Savile Row tailor Sedwell Maurice, was so well dressed at the ceremony of the Golden Shears Awards last month that GQ magazine named him "best in show".

The Golden Shears Awards recognize the best of British design and manufacture.
Tiefenbrun was given named "the best dressed man", in an article by GQ fashion editor Nick Carvell. The piece includes a photograph of the rabbi at the event at the Merchant Taylors' Hall in London wearing a matching bow tie and pocket square.

"There is no reason why religious people should not dress well," the rabbi said.
After two years as a rabbi in the Chabad synagogue in Singapore, Rabbi Tiefenbrun, 23, studied design at Newham College in London.

As the oldest of ten children, Rabbi Tiefenbrun was accepted as a student and apprentice at chief tailor Andrew Ramroop in Maurice Sedwell.
The rabbi described his mentor as an inspiration and very understanding when it came to leaving early for Shabbat and other Jewish holidays.

“I was surprised to see a young rabbi inside GQ magazine, but I am very happy for him. It is nice to see Hasidic rabbis showing off their fashion and design and being recognized for it,” Yocheved Marko, 24, an aspiring Jewish artist in London, England told

Tiefenbrun’s father is the singer in Hackney and East London United Synagogue. "The Jewish Roots of adaptation are well known. My family is very religious, but very open-minded and supportive," he said.

Tiefenbrun maintains that he has passion for designing and sewing clothes. Although he did not win this year, he said he hopes to win in the upcoming Golden Shears in 2015.

Ethiopian Israeli models surge in popularity after black Miss Israel 2013 dines with President Obama

Ethiopian model 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Ethiopian Israeli models are surging in popularity just weeks after the first black woman was crowned as Miss Israel, according to press reports in Ukraine.

Just weeks after being crowned Miss Israel 2013, Yityish Aynaw, had dinner with U.S. President Barack Obama, during his visit to Israel last week, according to press reports.

Now, many black Israelis have decided to take another shot after being discouraged from pursuing a modeling career in Israel.
“I always thought that being a model in Israel is extremely competitive and there was no room for black Israelis in the industry.
However, all that changed, when the first black Israeli was crowned as Miss Israel 2013. I was very excited and decided to give modeling another shot,” Aneeja Bin-Yuck, 19, a black Israeli woman and aspiring model told

As hundreds and maybe even thousands of Israelis were waiting for an invitation to listen to the speech of Barack Obama at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, the first black Israeli Miss Israel, was invited to have dinner with the president.

Organizers of Obama's upcoming visit to Israel have included the new Miss Israel, who was born in Ethiopia on the exclusive guest list for the dinner that was hosted by President Shimon Peres to honor the U.S. president. "I had butterflies in my stomach," the beauty queen, 22, said.

As Obama’s task force arrived in the country to organize the visit and began searching for the new Miss Israel. On Monday, the task force team contacted Ethiopian-born activists and asked them for help in contacting the Miss Israel after reading about her history.

The connection was finally established on Tuesday, and Obama’s team invited her to participate in the festive meal that was held Thursday at the presidential residence in Jerusalem.

Only 120 people have been invited to the event, including the Prime Minister, the Chief of Staff and Chairman of the Knesset. While dining with the president of the United States, the first Ethiopian-born Israeli beauty queen had the opportunity to share her story with him.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pork found in Ikea’s lasagna prompting a recall

By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Ikea is embroiled in another scandalous recall. This time, traces of pork were found in lasagna sold by the Swedish furniture giant.

Ikea said it has removed 17,000 packages of lasagna from their stores in Europe after traces of pork were found in a batch of lasagna during testing in Belgium.

“The product had only been on sale for a month, when it was pulled from shelves, Tina Kardum, an Ikea spokesperson said. Follow-up testing confirmed the lasagna contained 1.4 percent pork.

“Ikea was known as a home furniture store. Since they added food to their stores, they have been involved in many scandals involving their food production. I believe Ikea should stick to what they do best, which is furniture,” Rasmus Olofsson, 38, from Sweden told

In the past, Ikea pulled frozen meat balls from shelves after horse DNA was found while testing packages of frozen meat balls labeled as beef and pork. They have also pulled cake from shelves after fecal bacteria was found in their chocolate cake.

Health authorities in China have seized nearly two tons of chocolate cakes imported from Sweden by Ikea after finding high levels of bacteria commonly found in human waste.

According to Chinese press reports, the high levels of coliform bacteria found in a shipment of chocolate and almond Ikea cakes, led authorities to seize and destroy to 1.87 tons of the dessert.

The shipment arrived in Shanghai from Sweden in the beginning of the year.
Coliform bacteria are universally present in large numbers in the feces of warm-blooded animals and bacterial indicators are used to check the sanitary quality of foods and water.

Ikea officials have already indicated that the bacteria was not healthy.
"Now we know that this is a coliform bacteria that is not that dangerous to the health of the people, not like E. coli or something similar," an Ikea spokesperson, Sara Paulsson, said.

"But we will never know exactly what bacteria was present because the cakes have been destroyed," she added. The cakes were not sold in Sweden.

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Brad Pitt slams the U.S. war on drugs

Brad Pitt 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one of the most admired couples.

They are accomplished actors, have a beautiful family, and they seem to have everything going for them.

Now, Brad Pitt has shown that he is not only a successful Hollywood actor and producer but he is also a talented writer. In a recent essay, Brad Pitt criticized the U.S. war on drugs. Pitt has written an essay, blasting the U.S. war on drugs, calling it a "failure." Pitt said that a person in any U.S. city can get their hand on any drug they want within 24 to 48 hours.

He writes: "Since declaring war on drugs 40 years ago, the United States has spent more than a trillion dollars, and arrested more than 45 million people. The U.S. has also achieved the highest incarceration rate in the world. Yet, it is still ridiculously easy to get illegal drugs."

Pitt said that when police focused on restricting the amount of drugs on the street, the market price becomes inflated. It boosts the potential for serious profit, offsetting the risk of being caught and punished.

“I hope the U.S. government takes Brad Pitt’s advice seriously. He has a family of his own and I am sure he, like most parents, wants to protect his six children from getting their hands on drugs,” Harry Labato, 67, a grandfather of three from Minnesota told

Pitt proposed that beyond trying to eliminate drugs, the government has to spend resources for education and treatment of drug abusers.

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Five schools suspend exams due to Justin Bieber concert

Justin Bieber 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) Students in Norway are looking forward to the visit of the all famous pop star, Justin Bieber.

In anticipation of the upcoming concerts, five schools within 230 miles of the Justin Bieber concert in Oslo, decided to delay exams until after the concert.

Kristin Halvorsen, Norway's Minister of Education, agreed with the decision to postpone the exams. “We've all been 14-years-old, and know that the interest can be intense," Halvorsen said. The principal of a school said that it is best to schedule the exams at a time when students are more likely to be in their seats, Roar Aasen, Blindheim secondary school principal, said.

“We all want our children to do well on the exams. Yet, a Justin Bieber concert does not happen every day. Every teenager wants to be there. We are happy with the schools decision to postpone the exams,” Laila Reitan, 46, a mother of two teenage boys from Norway told

The schools have made their final decision about changing the exam date when they learned of how many students had already bought tickets to see Bieber in concert. Last year, Bieber gave a free concert on the roof of the Opera House in Oslo. Thousands of people came to the area for a chance to see Bieber resulting in bridges being closed. As fans fought for a better spot to see the pop star, people were pushing and shoving each other causing 88 people to be wounded, according to a Norwegian newspaper.

This year, buses are scheduled to depart from 22 cities to try to avoid a transportation nightmare as thousands in Oslo head to the concerts.

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Real crocodile skin t-shirt sells for $91,500

$91,500 t-shirt 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A designer has unveiled his collection which included a t-shirt with a price tag of $91,500.

French luxury designer Hermes is making headlines after it was discovered that the men’s store is selling crocodile skin t-shirts for $91,500. Hermes, has stores around the world.

The expensive shirt was originally introduced as part Hermes Spring 2013 "Crocodile chiffon" collection. The t-shirt was recently spotted in the men’s store at 690 Madison Avenue In New York City. The French designer’s clothing has a reputation for outrageous prices but this t-shirt tops it all. Hermes sells many leather products, including handbags for men and women with price tags of almost $6,000.

While most people do not pay more than $100 for a shirt, that did not stop Hermes from slapping a $91,500 price tag on the black crocodile t-shirt. Crocodile skin clothing are said to be very comfortable, they are lighter and less sticky during the summer months.

“Hermes, knows their clientele, they are usually the rich and famous. If they made this luxury high priced crocodile skin t-shirt and displayed it in the New York City store, then, most probably people will buy it,” Richard Blumenstein 25, from New York City told

While most people laugh at the idea of ​​spending almost $100,000 for a single shirt, animal rights organization PETA does not think this is funny at all. "The high price for this Hermes, cheap looking and ridiculous shirt is paid by the crocodiles that were beaten to death or even skinned alive for it," PETA spokesperson Colleen O'Brien, said.

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Student, 22, shocks her family by inviting them to her own funeral

Zeng Jia in her coffin 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A 22-year-old woman surprised her family when she invited them to her rehearsal funeral.

Zeng Jia, a 22-year-old from Wuhan, China decided to hold her own funeral in order to participate in the festivities, while she is still alive.

The young student told the press that she came up with the idea for the funeral event after realizing people spend a lot of time, effort and money on the dead who never have the opportunity to appreciate or enjoy it. Determined not to let that happen to her, Zeng Jia used all her savings to prepare a full funeral service. She had a coffin, flowers and photographer, then she invited friends and family to mourn the loss of life.

To make the whole thing look realistic, Zeng hired makeup artists who specialize in working on dead bodies to give her the look of a dead person, according to press reports. Jia spent an hour playing dead, while her family and friends passed through her casket to say goodbye. After an hour, she jumped out of the casket to attend the funeral, she even delivered a eulogy for herself.

Jia said she wanted to “enjoy all the attention people get at funerals, and she was curious what people will think of her in her final moments.” Jia has no regrets about her funeral staging, and said that the death experience made her appreciate life more.

“This is definitely strange. There is a lot of ways a person to appreciate life. I think the young woman should have spent her savings on an education or a house instead of a mock funeral,” Huian Peng, 30, from China told

She is not the first person to use a coffin for purposes other than laying a dead person to rest. Stepan Piryanyk, a coffin maker in Truskavets, Ukraine, offered customers the chance to rest in peace, with a coffin therapy session. “Customers relax with the lid open or closed. It is their choice,” he said. “They leave in a peaceful state of clarity and bliss,” Piryanyk said.

"After a hard day of work you can come and relax. It's great. You go home in a completely different mood," Anna Petrukhina, 51, told news reporters. Treatment that usually lasts 15 minutes each session costs $25.
It was discovered that lying in coffins may help treat psychological problems as well as stress.

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Hamas police arrest children for wearing Western style clothing and spiky haircuts

Banned Western style haircut 
By: David Ross

The rulers of the Gaza Strip, Hamas, have banned all Western style clothing and haircuts and those caught will be severely punished, according to press reports in China.

The ban imposed by the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip against Western style clothing and stylish haircuts was criticized by human rights groups and lawmakers in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

Parents in Gaza have said recently, that the police arrested their children after being spotted with Western style spiky haircuts.

Ayman Batniji, a police spokesperson, confirmed that police arrested some youths who have violated the general moral traditions. "They were charged with disturbing young women in the streets and with the imitation of habits that contradict aspects of Palestinian society," the police spokesperson confirmed.

In recent days, witnesses said that there is an increase of police and security vehicles patrolling near schools, universities and public markets.

Furthermore, Ihab al-Ghussein, head of the press office of Hamas, said on his facebook page that the measures "are part of an organized campaign to restore the traditions and Islamic laws."

Many young men in the Gaza Strip said they were beaten by police and warned not to wear Western style clothing or get Western style haircuts ever again.

An official denied the beatings saying that the police asked the detainees to sign a pledge not to wear this type of jeans or get such haircuts.

Witnesses also said that some of the shop owners were beaten and had their clothes burned.
“Young kids are afraid to go to school because they fear the police. Every day we hear of another child that was captured by police and severely beaten because of the clothing or haircut they choose for themselves,” Mohamed Ismail, 46, a father of 7 in the Gaza Strip told

"Forcing young people to sign a written commitment in the police stations in Gaza is totally unacceptable," Ibrahim, a human rights activist in Gaza, said.

Israeli soldiers visit Auschwitz concentration camp in full uniform

IDF officer in Auschwitz 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Israeli soldiers visited the Auschwitz concentration camp in full uniform, according to press reports in Israel.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

Unique delegations of IDF officers, dubbed "Witnesses in Uniforms", continue to fly to Europe. These delegations consist of some one hundred and eighty IDF officers from various units, including reservists. The delegations visit the concentration and death camps, the ghettos and the old communities of the destroyed European Jewry.

These trips are preceded by extensive studying and preparation that the delegation members undergo, including a tour of Yad Vashem. They study Jewish history in general and specifically that of the Holocaust. Each delegation is accompanied by a Holocaust survivor who adds their personal story and contributes their perspective on the Holocaust.

Major Evyatar Rabinstein was a member of the IDF's 169th delegation, a delegation that met with the German military. Major Rabinstein, 35, is a reserves infantry company commander. He comes from a family of Holocaust survivors. His maternal great-grandfather and great grandmother and many of his mother's family were murdered in the Holocaust. His family originated in the Niscko region, his great-grandfather serving as council member and communal leader, whom he is named after.

He shared his unique experience with Tazpit News Agency.

This is not the first time Rabinstein has been on a mission to Poland. As an educator he has led youth groups to Poland. This is his fourth visit in the past five years, yet this last one was very different. "The IDF knew I took a real interest in the Holocaust, and decided to add me to one of their delegations. This is not my first time, but this last trip was very different. Traveling in IDF uniform created a completely different experience. Furthermore, the delegation members were my age, and the discussions during the trip were of a different sort."

The eight day mission was broken into two segments – an official visit to Germany and a tour of Poland. The IDF delegation members were official guests of the German army. They held a joint ceremony at the cemetery plot for Jewish German soldiers killed during WWI. This included a German honor guard and a military band.

"The German anthem was played during the ceremony. We had to salute as it was played. This was not easy for everyone. We all did so at the end, out of respect." Beyond the official visit, the soldiers from both armies had time to sit together and discuss various issues. They talked about Judaism, politics, Islam in Europe and other pressing issues.

"The meeting was awkward at first. We shook hands, which was odd for me. After a while the relations warmed. We discussed our lives and family. I was surprised to discover that they were descent people. They are well aware of their country's dark past. They take responsibility; do not feel guilty, but do not deny it or try to conceal it. They feel it is their duty to ensure that such a catastrophe does not befall humanity again, anywhere. They explained that as a result of German history, it was very unpopular to be a soldier in Germany." Israel's strong bunds with Germany were stressed.

The delegation moved on to Poland. Their entrance into Auschwitz was a very charged moment. Rabinstein talks of a sense of great pride when he marched through the infamous main gate to Birkanau, under the guard tower.

"We marched in uniform, in military formation. The procession was led by the Holocaust survivor who accompanied us throughout the trip. She was joined by the mission commander, a soldier carrying the Israeli flag, and a soldier carrying a Torah scroll. I tried to march as erect as possible, imbued with a true sense of pride. We marched to the train platform where victims would disembark from the train and then be subjected to the infamous selection process. We stood in formation, and the entire mission saluted the Holocaust survivor. That date was of great significance to her. It was her birthday and the anniversary of her arrival at Auschwitz. Many other visitors were deeply moved by this scene."

In general, Rabinstein speaks of a reserved group. "Maybe it's because of the military nature, I'm not sure. There was one moment when everybody broke down. One of the IDF officers got up to speak about her family which perished in the Holocaust only a few feet away from where she was standing. She then called her grandmother, a survivor, now living in Israel. Her grandmother was very moved, as we were all, as she spoke of her pride of Israel and the IDF. Her granddaughter concluded by stating that the lesson learnt here is that we have no other country."

The IDF officers went through Auschwitz with the survivor, hearing her story. The visit was concluded with a very emotional ceremony.

During their trip they visited the remnants of the once splendid Jewish communities of Poland. The officers were ordered to wear civilian cloths during these visits, for security reasons. Security officials are worried that the soldiers in uniform could become targets. This bothered Rabinstein. "It seems that some things haven't changed, even after all these years. We fear to be identified as Israelis, as Jews; but those are the orders."

Two non-Jewish IDF officers were members of the delegation. "The trip was of great meaning to them. They felt a deep connection to Israel. Israel's history and roots are of great importance to them. They wanted to learn about these roots, and pass this knowledge onto there families and relatives."

Although this is not his first trip, Rabinstein came away with new understandings and objectives. "This last trip further clarified the necessity and my desire to educate my soldiers, even though we only meet for short periods of time during our reserve stints. I want to teach them about military history and its lessons, geography and knowledge of the Land of Israel, and the history of Holocaust. This specific IDF delegation also gave me the opportunity to meet with other segments of Israeli society, and that is very important to me".

"Are these delegations important? You don't need to be on one to be a Zionist, but it does contribute to your perception and understanding. As in previous trips, people came back more happy with their lives, closer to their families, country and nation. They came back with a closer bond to the important things, and that is very positive and important." He concludes.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Some panic as they believe KFC will stop selling famous drumsticks

New KFC boneless meat 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) “I will eat KFC drumsticks every day because I believe that it might be knocked off the KFC menu soon and it will never come back,” Rachel Jones, 26, an avid KFC drumstick lover in Orlando, Florida told

First, Kentucky Fried Chicken reinvented itself under the name, KFC. Now, they are trying to please the masses with a new product, boneless, skinless white and dark meat available nationwide from next week.

Rick Maynard, a KFC spokesperson, told a television news station that the company is only adding to their menu and will not remove anything from it, for now.

"We will still have the original drumsticks, with the bones,” the spokesperson said.
KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky and a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, has more than 17,000 KFC outlets in more than 115 countries and territories worldwide. The company said that more than 13 million people visit a KFC restaurant in the U.S. every week.

"We have never seen such a positive reaction to a test product," the U.S. president of KFC, John Cywinski, said. Extra crispy fans take note, because the company said that there are currently no plans to offer boneless meat in the original version.

KFC will air two 30-second commercials a week before the release of the food as part of their "I ate the bones!" Marketing campaign. The commercials were directed by David O. Russell of "Silver Linings Playbook" recently nominated for an Oscar for Best Director.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Scientists claim they can now read your dreams

Sleeping woman illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Are you having wonderful dreams, but by the time you wake up you forget all about it? Don’t worry.

Scientist have now found a way to be able to read your dreams, according to press reports in the United kingdom.

If you want your dreams recorded, get pattern recognition software and some MRI equipment.
Japanese scientists said that they have found a way to read people's dreams, using MRI scanners to unlock some of the secrets of the unconscious mind.

Researchers have achieved what they said is the first in the world night vision decoding.
In the study, researchers at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, used magnetic resonance imaging to pinpoint what part of the brain is activated during the early stages of sleep.

Then, they woke up the dreamer and asked what images they had seen, a process that was repeated 200 times. The responses were compared with brain maps the MRI scanner produced.

Next, the researchers were able to predict the images the volunteers had seen with a rate of 60 percent accuracy, reaching more than 70 percent with a total of 15 specific topics, including men, words and books, they said.

“I think that I would want to record some of my dreams and see them after I wake up. Sometimes, I cannot remember my dream but I know it was a good one,” Ralph Hall, 52, of Tokyo, Japan, who is an experienced fortune teller told

"We concluded that we have correctly read some types of dreams with a distinctive high success rate," Yukiyasu Kamitani, senior researcher in the laboratory and head of the study team, said. "I think this was a key step in the direction of dream reading," the scientist added.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman offered $15 compensation after eating mouse baked into her Tesco sandwich

Katie Crabtree 
By: Eva Fett

A woman was offered a laughable $15 compensation after she ate from a mouse that was baked inside her Tesco sandwich, according to press reports the United Kingdom.

When the hungry mother of two bit into her delicious sandwich with chicken, bacon and lettuce, she ate the piece she was not expecting.

Katie Crabtree was surprised to discover that a furry creature that looked like a mouse inside the pre-packaged sandwich bought at a branch of the supermarket chain in Stockport.

The 31-years-old was horrified after seeing the furry animal only after swallowing part of it, thinking it was a piece of burned bacon.

She said: "I took a bite and saw this big black thing in it, but I thought it was just burned bacon and swallowed it.
Then I realized that there was something horrible in the sandwich.

It was black, had hair and I could see a little leg. It was horrible."
Crabtree said that the shocking discovery made ​​her feel sick.

"I cannot eat another packaged sandwich ever because I just think of that awful thing,” she said.
She also said that the supermarket giant ignored her despite following up her initial complaint with the store and head office.

“I spoke to them a few times, with the office of the store and head office, but no one seemed to know what was going on,” she said.

“In the end I got a bonus of $15,” she continued.

“I think that I will not be able to buy another sandwich. This is the most disgusting thing that could happen to a person. I cannot believe how the supermarket giant had the nerve to offer this poor woman just $15 for her trouble,” Kimberly Moore, 23, a working single mom in London, England told

Tesco sent a letter of apology and said they would investigate and offered $15 in compensation.

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We take any such case very seriously. Unfortunately, this time, our food safety procedures did not work as it should have done.
We have apologized to our customers and we are urgently investigating the matter with our supplier.”