New fire spitting dragon bridge unveiled in Vietnam

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) This has got to be the most coolest yet hottest bridge ever built and it promises to be a major tourist attraction, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Vietnam has introduced the new steel bridge that was shaped like a dragon and breathes real fire out of its mouth.
The bridge is 1,864 feet long with steel arches designed to look as a skeleton body of a dragon, which is modeled after one of the Ly Dynasty.

At night, the Dragon Bridge is illuminated by more than 2,500 LED lights and can spit giant plumes of fire or water.
The Dragon Bridge was unveiled after 38 years to the day since North Vietnamese forces captured the city during the last days of the Vietnam War. During the war, it was home to a major air base used by U.S. forces and South Vietnam.

The six-lane bridge is in the Vietnamese city of Da Nang, cost about $85 million to build and was built by the Louis Berger Group, a New Jersey construction company, and architecture firm.

"This achievement is the result of the determination of the leaders of Da Nang and the consensus of the local population," Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said in an opening ceremony. "The government always supports Da Nang in it becoming the center of interest, cultural and economic development of the Central Highlands region as well as the country," the deputy added.

“This is really the coolest bridge I ever saw. I can’t wait to see it in person,” Huang Zuang, 49, of Staten Island, New York told after watching the video.

Da Nang is a major port city of Vietnam and has become a backbone of economic and cultural activity in the country as well as a tourist destination.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man cuts off his arms inside California Home Depot

Police cars outside a Home Depot 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man is in serious condition at a hospital after he cut off his own arms inside a California Home Depot, according to emergency workers in California.

The man cut through his arms with chainsaws inside the Home Depot in West Covina, shocking employees and customers who saw the scene inside the busy store, the police on Wednesday night.

The man walked quietly into the Azusa Avenue store shortly before 1:00 pm Wednesday and grabbed the hand saws, the Police Department of West Covina said.

"He just started sawing away" Cpl. Rudy Lopez told news reporters. "It more or less did what it intended to do," the police officer added.

The man cut off his arms to the bone as panicked people called police for help. The man was unconscious when officers arrived, police said.

An off-duty Pasadena paramedic was inside the store and helped officials complete twine and rags, which were used to stop the heavy flow of blood, Lopez said.

“It was a frightening scene especially for all the children inside the store who had to witness what the man had done to himself. The man probably went through some kind of trauma for him to do such a thing in public,” Jennifer McCloud, 39, of Los Angeles, California told after learning about the incident.

The man was taken to the nearby Queen of the Valley Hospital, where he underwent surgery. Doctors said that they were able to save the man's arms and he is expected to survive thanks to the quick help the man received from the off duty paramedic.

Lopez said the store was closed for the rest of the day.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

High school student dies on his birthday after being hit by a ball during game

Taylor Dorman 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A boy tragically died after being hit by a ball at school during a game, according to hospital officials in California.

The California high school student died on his sixteenth birthday after being hit with a softball in the chest during gym class.
Taylor Dorman was playing a game called "Over the Line" in the area of ​​San Diego High School Wednesday when he was hit in the chest with the ball.

The principal of Taylor Dorman said he complained of chest pain, and then collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

Dorman’s friends and family gathered to remember him in a vigil Wednesday night, calling him a tough competitor in the sport, but a "gentle giant".

"We had planned our lives together. Were going to play football for two years and then join the armed forces," one of Dorman’s best friends told a local television news station. "Now that's all gone," he added.

“This is unbelievable. One minute he was enjoying life and the next minute he was gone. He will be missed by all his friends,” Sandra Kendrick, 20, of San Diego, California told after learning of Dorman’s death.

Friends also said that Dorman’s father had also died when he was young of a heart attack. The cause of the teenager's death has not been released.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Belt buckle saves store clerk’s life after it blocked stray bullet from hitting him

Bienvenido Reynoso shows the bullet logged on belt buckle 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) It was a scary moment for a store clerk when he heard shots being fired outside of his store.

Bienvenido Reynoso, was working in a grocery store when a stray bullet from a gunfight outside the store hit him.

Reynoso, 38, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania said he was about to take a hand truck outside Wednesday afternoon when the shots began to fly, so he laid down on the ground inside the store. Surveillance video showed a cake falling off the shelf over his head.

At first, Reynoso said he did not realize he was hit by the stray bullet until someone pointed out a hole in his shirt, and when he lifted his shirt he found that a bullet has indeed hit him but it was stuck on his belt buckle.

“He is lucky to be alive. It is truly amazing that he was not hurt. The picture of the bullet logged on his belt is fascinating,” Jeffrey Kellinger, 20, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania told after he seeing the photo of the belt.

Christian Vinas, 21, who was working behind the counter, also laid down on the floor when the shooting began. Vines, who moved to Philadelphia from Florida last month, said it was the second shooting in the past week in the neighborhood.

Police said one man was shot in the stomach on the street during the shootout. So far no arrests have been made.

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Man hit by New York police car then receives bill to pay for damaged car

Justin Johnsen 
By: David Ross

A man was shocked when he received a bill for the repairs to a police car that hit him, causing him to be hospitalized.

Justin Johnsen, 31, was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a New York Police cruiser, leaving him with a gash. He was taken to a hospital where he was treated. Johnsen’s gash required stitches.

However, Justin Johnsen, from Brooklyn, New York was horrified when he received a bill of $1263.01 for the cost to repair the police cruiser which hit him.

Johnsen said he was following the rules of the road before the accident, traveling in the bike lane and signaling to make a left turn when the unmarked police car suddenly hit him. "I think it's ridiculous. I was upset. I was in disbelief that this letter would be sent asking me to pay for damages of their car when they hit me," Johnsen said.

When the news reporters asked city officials about the incident, the city abruptly canceled the bill.
“It is very upsetting that the New York Police Department thinks they can get away with outrageous behaviour like this. It is only when they get exposed by the media that they back off,” Jamaul Brown, 42, from Brooklyn, New York told

This is not the first time that the city of New York was accused of sending invoices to car accident victims when officers are to blame.

In October, New York city officials were forced to apologize after the city sent a collection letter to the mother of Tamon Robinson, after Tamon was fatally struck by a police car in Brooklyn, New York. In early 2012, a pedestrian, 25-year-old Jesse Zorski, was billed $1028.08 after being hit by a police car.

The department finally acknowledged the bill should not have been sent, but the family of Jesse Zorski has already filed a lawsuit to cover the costs of his hospitalization.

Woman arrested for having sex with four underage boys

Courtney Reschke 
By: Eva Fett

A mother of two was arrested for having sex with four 15-year-old boys.

Courtney Reschke, 35, of Idaho, was getting too friendly with her son’s friends. She, is accused of providing alcohol to the minors before having sex with the boys. Reschke, is accused of having sex with four 15-year-old boys she allegedly met through her eldest son.

Police arrested the mother after they learned that she gave alcohol to the young boys before engaging in sex with the boys who were friends of her 10-year-old son. Her actions were allegedly discovered after her 5-year-old child was trying to get into the room while she was having sex, and Reschke ignored the child to continue having sex.

Reschke's two children, a 5-year-old and 10 year-old, were home during at least one encounter, according to Assistant District Attorney, County Deputy Prosecutor Jean Fisher. “The five-year-old was attempting to get into the room to get the defendant's attention during one of these encounters but the defendant ignored her,” Fisher said

“This is so irresponsible. Mothers allow their kids to spend time at their friends house, with the expectation that a parent is supervising the children so they are safe. This mother violated the boys by giving them alcohol and having sex with them,” Janet White, 44, a mother of two teenage boys in Idaho told

Judge Cathleen MacGregor Irby, ordered the mother to stay away from and have no contact with any children under 18-years-old, including her own two children. Reschke, who lists her status as “single” on her Facebook page,is being held on $250,000 bail.

Teacher quits her job to become full time pole dancer

Emma Nicholson  
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A school teacher surprised her students and their parents when she announced that she is leaving her teaching job to pursue her pole dancing career.

The primary school teacher has chosen a radical change of career by leaving the classroom to become a full time professional pole dancer.

Emma Nicholson, 36, from the United Kingdom, handed in her resignation to the school in order to focus on the pole dancing business she created while teaching.

“The teacher used her teaching job as a means to get to her main passion of pole dancing. Although, these two jobs just don’t seem to go together, it is what she enjoys doing,” Jackie Logan, 23, from London, England told

Nicholson started pole dancing seven years ago, and she fell in love with it. Now, she is competing nationally in the British Pole Superstar Championship.

Despite initial reservations from her partner of eleven years on the career change, she now spends six days a week hanging upside down from a metal pole while teaching other girls to do the same.

Nicholson, set up her own pole-dancing studio about two years ago.
She is the owner of the Studio Boutique Pole Dance studio on Beverley Road, in West Hull, United Kingdom.
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Teenage girls save father by removing 3,000 pound tractor off his chest

Hannah, Haylee and their father Jeff Smith 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A man is lucky to be alive and he has his two daughters to thank.

Farmer Jeff Smith, 36, from Lebanon, Oregon is very thankful to his teenage daughters, Hannah and Haylee, who saved his life. The girls managed to pull off a 3,000-pound tractor from their father who was trapped underneath. The tractor sat on their father's chest making it hard for him to breath.

Smith, was trying to pull a tree stump out of his garden with his tractor, when his muddy boots slipped off the clutch, causing the tractor to overturn. trapping him underneath.

Smith used all his strength to scream for help. Luckily, his daughters, 16-years-old Hannah, and 14-years-old Haylee, heard his cries. Somehow, the two young girls managed to lift the 3,000 pound machine enough so that their father can slide out.

Hannah and Haylee are still surprised by their sudden feat of strength. “I am a big guy and I don’t know if I could lift that,” Smith said.

“It must of been a moment of sheer panic to see their father lying underneath the tractor. We are glad it all worked out and he is alive and well. The girls are called heroes by all who know them,” Sean Winters, 18, from Oregon told

Smith suffered a broken left wrist, cuts and bruises, but he is happy to be alive and he is left with a deep love, respect and appreciation for his daughters.

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Woman arrested after shoving sex toy up her son’s rectum

Rickesha Burns 
By: John Roberts

A mother was arrested after she shoved a sex toy up her 2-year-old son’s rectum.

Rickesha Burns, 21, from Phoenix, Arizona was jailed after she allegedly pushed a vibrator so far up her 2-year-year-old son, that surgery was needed to get it out.

Phoenix police were called to Burns residence for “unknown trouble" at home. When officers arrived, they found the 2-year-old crying hysterically and bleeding from the rectum. The child was immediately taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital for examination.

At the hospital, doctors advised detectives that a foreign object, such as a sex toy or vibarator had been inserted into the child's rectum. Doctors also told detectives that the child has injuries around his rectum, according to doctors someone apparently used a hanger in an effort to remove the object from the child’s rectum, but was unsuccessful. The boy required surgery to remove the object from his rectum.

This is not the first time that child protective services was called to the home, according to court proceedings. The woman was investigated in 2011, and her child was taken away for some time, but was returned to her and no charges were filed at that time.

“It makes me so sad to hear child abuse cases like this one. How can a mother hurt her child so badly? I cannot imagine how much this child suffered at the hands of his mother before this incident became public,” child advocate Betty Evans, 34, from Queens, New York told

When detectives interviewed Burns, she told them she had been in a park with her son earlier in the day, while she was checking a text message for about 10 seconds, a boy, whom she did not know did something to her son and made her son cry.

Officials did not find her story credible. She was booked into jail on charges of sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse.

2,000 year old kosher Jewish ritual bath discovered in Jerusalem

2,000 year old ritual bath in Jerusalem 
By: Shifra Unger

A 2 millennium old ritual pool was discovered in Jerusalem that appears to be kosher according to modern kosher standards, according to press reports in Jerusalem, Israel.

The remains of the ritual bath was made recently by Israeli archaeologists.

The bath was unusually complex and was discovered near the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem. The bath has been in use at the time of the Second Temple, according to a statement issued Wednesday by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The remains were found in a rescue excavation before construction of a new road.

When entering the bath house, the user could have walked few steps into an underground chamber excavated in rock. The water for the bath was fed not by a nearby spring but from the channels that descended from three basins carved into the roof.

The system, Benyamin Storchan archaeologist said in the statement, is in accordance with the laws governing Jewish ritual baths "as the water collected naturally without human contact, and to ensure that water does not seep into the soil, the bath was treated with a special type of gypsum."

“It is an exciting find, since the find comes at a site that is being prepared for a new public road. The find also proves that Jews lived outside the Old City of Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple,” Ronnie White, 49, an observer of ancient discoveries in Chicago, Illinois told after reading about the find.

The bath was probably linked to a nearby community at the time of the Second Temple.

Israeli shekel rated best performer among major currencies

Israeli 200 shekel bill 
By: Shifra Unger

The Israeli shekel is performing so good over the past few months that the Bank of Israel had no choice this week but to sell down the currency in order to avoid hurting the export industry, according to press reports in New York.

The shekel was the best performer in the past six months among the 31 major currencies tracked by Bloomberg. Much of the gains was attributed to the gas that began flowing from the Tamar field, which is expected to have a favorable impact on the Israeli government deficit.

Yesterday, for the first time in two years, the Bank of Israel intervened in the foreign exchange market, after the shekel U.S. dollar exchange rate, fell to NIS 3.592. One source estimates that the Bank of Israel bought at least $100 million.

Stanley Fischer, who will leave office at the end of June, is credited by some economists as the person who helped Israel weather the global financial crisis by purchasing currency to curb shekel strength and support exports.

The Bank of Israel said it acted in accordance with a declared policy to operate in case of irregular changes in the exchange rate that do not comply with fundamental economic conditions, or when the currency market is not functioning properly.

As we reported recently, after years of relying on foreign imports from neighboring hostile countries for natural gas, Israel, has finally begun using its very own natural gas for the first time, according to a statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The natural gas has begun to flow from one of the significant gas fields located in Israeli territory.
the Israeli Ministry of Energy said that the gas from the Tamar offshore field started flowing for the first time on Saturday and will reach a processing center on the coast of Israel on Sunday afternoon.

Tamar was discovered in 2009 and has about 8.5 trillion cubic feet of gas. Another field, called Leviathan, is estimated to hold about 16 trillion cubic feet, and is expected to go online in 2016.

Until now, Israel has relied on imports to meet most of its energy needs. The new gas discoveries are expected to supply the domestic needs of Israel for decades and could turn the country into an energy exporter.

“This is not only a significant economic development for Israel. It is a significant security development as well as Israel will not have to rely on neighboring hostile Muslim nations such as Egypt for its energy needs,” Ben Young, 58, a Middle East political expert in New York City told

Palestinian Authority honors female suicide bomber Ayyat Al-Akhras 11 years after attack

Ayyat Al-Akhras praised as the bride of Palestine 
By: David Ross

The Palestinian Authority honored a female suicide bomber 11 years after a terror attack that killed several Israelis and wounded dozens, according to the media watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch.

On the 11th anniversary of the suicide bombing, 17-year-old Ayyat Al-Akhras who killed three Israelis and wounded 28 near a supermarket in Jerusalem, March 29, 2002, the Fatah party in the West Bank, chose to honor her on their facebook page, calling her the "Bride of Palestine.”

"Ayyat, we are committed to our promise. We are committed to the promise of freedom, O Bride of Palestine, Ayyat Al-Akhras,” the facebook post said.

“The Palestinian Authority claims to be the moderate voice among the Palestinians, yet, they continue to incite violence against Israelis and praise suicide bombings and terror activities. This is no way to acheive a lasting peace,” Norma Davis, 32, of Eilat, Israel told after seeing the Fatah facebook page.

The Fatah party facebook page also glorified Ahmed Masharqa, another suicide bomber. In 2006, he dressed as a religious Jew and hitchhiked to the city of Kedumim, where he blew himself up inside the car that gave him a lift, killing four Israelis.

Part of the Fatah praise read: "The Brigades of the Martyrs of Al-Aqsa, the military wing of Fatah south are pleased to announce the death of their hero martyr Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Masharqa.”

Two Palestinian terrorists arrested after stabbing Jews in Jerusalem and the West Bank

West Bank Highway 60 
By: David Ross

Two Palestinian men were arrested and charged with assault related charges after stabbing Jews in the West Bank and Jerusalem, according to court proceedings in the Israeli controlled West Bank.

Law enforcement officials lifted a gag order recently, in the arrest and indictment of two Palestinian Authority terrorists, both about 20-years-old, for the stabbing Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

One of the terrorists is a student from a city in Samaria. He is accused of stabbing a Jewish man at the Tapuach intersection. The Jewish man was rushed to the hospital with moderate stab wounds.The man was identified as Mistafa Aadel Barghouti. He confessed to the attack and also confessed to attacking Israeli soldiers in the past. He said he acted alone and was not part of a terrorist cell.

The second terrorist was a member of Hamas and lives southwest of Hebron. Police identified the suspect as Samer Ahmed Mahmoud Matar, who tried to kill a Jewish man in Jerusalem and confessed to plotting to kill an ultra-Orthodox Jew or a settler.

The second terrorist, also considered placing a bomb on a public bus in Beit Shemesh, a city located 10 miles southwest of Jerusalem.

“I am happy to hear about the arrest. The Israeli police are doing a good job catching the terrorists and putting them behind bars where they belong. Eventually, the Palestinian terorists will realize that peaceful negotations is the only way to acheive peace,” Barbara Myers, 31, of Jerusalem, Israel told after reading about the arrests.

Jimmy Carter slapped with $5 million lawsuit for writing anti Israeli book

Jimmy Carter hold up his anti Israeli book 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Jimmy Carter was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit after writing a book slamming Israel as an apartheid state, according to court proceedings in New York.

The former president has become the target of a class action lawsuit over the ostensibly mean things he said about Israel in his 2006 bestseller, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.

The lawsuit, filed in New York by an Israeli firm, alleges that the book "contained numerous false and knowingly misleading statements intended to promote the author's agenda of anti-Israel propaganda and to deceive the reading public instead of presenting the accurate information, as advertised."

The five American plaintiffs, two of whom are dual citizens of the U.S. and Israel, seek $5 million in damages over the book, on the basis that its criticisms of Israel violated the guarantees of consumer protection.

The plaintiffs alleged in a press release that the 39th U.S. president and Nobel Peace Prize winner "violated the law and, therefore, harmed those who purchased the book."

Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said that the court proceedings "will expose all the falsehoods and misrepresentations in Carter's book and prove that his hatred of Israel has led him to commit this fraud on the public."

“I read the book and it appears that some information published is extremely biased and outright fabrications. I did not expect a former president of the United States to make up stories against Israel,” Marty Herman, 40, of Queens, New York told after reading the book.
Publisher Simon & Schuster was also named in the lawsuit.

Simon & Schuster publishing company, dismissed it as a “frivolous lawsuit” and a "chilling attack on free speech that we intend to defend vigorously".

"This lawsuit is frivolous and without merit, and is a clear attempt by the plaintiffs, despite their claims, to punish the author, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a world-renowned statesmen, for writing and publishing a book with which the plaintiffs simply disagree," Simon & Schuster spokesperson Adam Rothberg said.

Former Palestinian Authority officer found guilty of murdering Jewish baby

Asher and Yonatan Palmer 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A former Palestinian Authority security officer was arrested, charged and convicted of killing a Jewish baby and his father, according to court proceedings in the Israeli controlled West Bank.

By Rivkah Rybak

Tazpit News Agency For

Michael Palmer, the father of Asher Palmer and grandfather of Yonatan Palmer, has been waging a long battle seeking justice since the tragic terrorist attack on September 2011 that took the lives of both Asher and Yonatan. Asher, an American citizen, and Yonatan were travelling to Jerusalem to pick up Puah Palmer, Asher's wife, who was pregnant at the time. Their car was struck with a two huge slabs of concrete thrown out of a car driving in the opposite direction, killing them both instantly.

At first the Army did not want to recognize that this was a terror attack. The Army initially claimed that Asher lost control of his vehicle while speeding down the highway from Kiryat Arba to Jerusalem. Evidence, later brilliantly presented during the trial by the military prosecution and legal representation Adrian Agassi, a former military court judge, proved otherwise.

Careful examination and deliberation of that evidence by the judges brought forth the much desired verdict Michael Palmer earnestly fought for approximately 18 months. Month after month, accompanied by many close friends and family, Michael persevered the stressful months of court presences, delays and setbacks, until the justice he diligently sought finally became a reality.

On Tuesday (April 2) 2013, in the Mahane Ofer Military Court, Former Palestinian Authority security officer Wail Al-Araja was convicted of two accounts of first degree murder. This ruling, by all standards, sets a tremendous precedence in today’s courts, as the judicial system until now has not acknowledged a rock to be a murder weapon.

All three judges stated that the intent to commit the crime was clear, based on several acts of terror this group had committed previous to the fatal attack, and that the defendants were fully aware of the fact that throwing a rock from a moving vehicle towards another has the capacity to kill, that this was not a spontaneous, single occurrence. The group had been practicing and achieved both accuracy and consistency in their results.

Tuesday’s success, albeit bittersweet, was a result of the Palmer family’s dogged determination. This resolve included hiring a lawyer to represent their interests, achieving a long awaited goal. Tuesday in court, Michael Palmer, accompanied by friends, family, acquaintances and the press, heard the accused taxi driver, who committed this horrendous crime, receive two convictions of murder. In light of this decision, two consecutive life sentences should be given in a few weeks, estimated Lawyer Adrian Agassi.

No words are able describe the pain and anguish. It is impossible to express in mere words or to understand how those who have lost loved ones in such tragic circumstances must feel. During the process of witnessing the trial procedures in the military courtroom, what captured this writer’s emotion was the determination, love and genuine desire of a father to bring justice that may someday help others.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Washington sues florist after refusing to provide flowers for same gender wedding

Florist Barronelle Stutzman 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A florist who refused to provide flowers for a same gender wedding ceremony because of religious reasons was sued by Washington, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court.

The lawsuit was filed by the Attorney General of the State of Washington.

The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday in Benton County, came nearly two weeks after the Attorney General Bob Ferguson said sent a letter to Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene Flowers and Gifts in Richland, Washington, asking her to reconsider her decision.

Stutzman is accused of violating the State Consumer Protection, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
On March 1, Robert Ingersoll, a long time customer visited the store and told Stutzman he wanted to order flowers for his upcoming wedding, according to the complaint.

Stutzman told Ingersoll she was unable to provide flowers for his wedding "because of her relationship with Jesus Christ," according to the complaint.

At the time of the order, Stutzman was aware that Ingersoll was looking to buy flowers for another man, the complaint said.
"The fact that Ingersoll, a gay man, was looking to buy flowers for his wedding to another man was an important factor in the rejection of Stutzman to sell flowers," the lawsuit said.

“If you want to run a business in the United States you cannot discriminate against your customers and violate the law,” Bobby Vanatta, 30, of Seattle, Washington told after reading about the lawsuit.

However, not everyone agreed.

“The government has no right to tell private business owners with whom they must do business. A florist is not a government sponsored entity, therefore, this woman should not be forced to work if she does not want to,” Ray Hicks, 31, of Tacoma, Washington told

Ferguson is seeking a permanent injunction requiring the store to comply with State Consumer Protection laws in Washington and pay at least a $2,000 in fine.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Vladimir Putin placed on criminal registry in Finland

Vladimir Putin 
By: Eva Fett

Some people might agree with Finland, but many of the political class in Russia certainly disagree.

Was Vladimir Putin, must banned from entering Finland?

Finnish police said that the name of the Russian president was placed on a secret criminal list that theoretically could have gotten him arrested at the border.

A local television news station in Finland reported Wednesday that Putin was placed on the list because of his association with the Night Wolves motorcycle gang in Russia. Putin was not suspected of a crime in Finland. The spokesperson of the National Police Board, Lardot Robin, said that the list was a mistake and that Putin's name was removed from the list.

"The National Police Board has investigated the case and in fact we find that such entry in the register was wrong," he told news reporters. "We have asked for the name to be removed and are investigating the case very thoroughly. We do not know how it got there," he added.

“This is a major embarrassment for this prominent police organization. The Russian government is not associated with crime or terror activities, and Putin has not committed any crimes for him to be included on that list. Those responible for his inclusion should be removed from their postition as this incident shows major incompetence,” Yuri Allmon, 60, of Kiev Ukraine told after reading about the incident.

The Finnish Interior Minister Paivi Rasanen, whose ministry oversees the police, conveyed his sincere apologies to Putin.

New York doctor busted for intentionally misdiagnosing hundreds with heart disease

Doctor Jose Katz 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A doctor was arrested and charged with numerous charges after he misdiagnosed patients with heart disease in order to make money off of the treatments, according to court proceedings in New York.

The cardiologist from New York, with offices on Fifth Avenue and in New Jersey admitted that he intentionally misdiagnosed up to 80 percent of patients with heart problems so he could collect millions in extra money from Medicare.

Doctor Jose Katz, 68, pleaded guilty to falsifying documents diagnosing patients with angina and other heart diseases so he could prescribe additional tests and treatments to hundreds of patients who did not need them.

Prosecutors said it was the biggest scam ever executed by a single doctor in New York or New Jersey.
"After years of prominence in his field, Jose Katz will now be remembered for his record of fraud," U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said.

In court, the doctor admitted that his action could have caused serious injury to patients. Overall, Katz admitted that his plan netted him more than $19 million.

“A doctor’s job is to help others heal. This doctor clearly did just the opposite. The doctor definitely caused extreme emotional stress for hundreds of patients after leading them to believe they have heart disease which they didn't have. I’m glad this rogue doctor was removed,” Frank Milk, 50, whose father suffers from heart disease in New York City told after reading about the fraud.

Katz faces up to 10 years in prison for conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.
Katz was born in Cuba but is a U.S. citizen. Prosecutors said he spent $6 million advertising on Spanish radio and television to try to attract patients.

Fishman said investigators are trying to contact all patients affected by the fraud.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man kills his wife and son fearing he gave her HIV after sleeping with prostitutes

Eugene Maraventano 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after he killed his wife and son because he believed she was infected with HIV, according to police reports in Arizona.

The man, who is accused of fatally stabbing his wife and adult son at his home in suburban Phoenix told investigators that he carried out the murders for fear that he had given his wife HIV from prostitutes he frequented. He was also concerned about what would become of his son after his unemployment.

Investigators said in court papers that Eugene Maraventano, 64, believed his wife, Janet Maraventano, 63, was sick and feared she might test positive for cancer or a disease that he had given her because he slept with prostitutes when he worked for a railway line in New York.

Eugene Maraventano, who planned to commit suicide after killing his wife, wondered what would become of his son, Bryan Maraventano, 27, after his suicide, explaining that his son plays video games all day and had no girlfriend or work, according to court documents submitted by the police. Bryan Maraventano lived with his parents.

Eugene Maraventano made several unsuccessful attempts suicide after the killings and called authorities Saturday to say that he had carried out the stabbing deaths a few days earlier, police said.
"I killed my wife and I killed my son," the paper quoted Maraventano telling the police dispatcher.

“This was clearly a fear driven murder that could have been prevented if treated properly by a psychiatrist. This man suffered from paranoia as shown by his numerous attempts to committ suicide,” Page Riggle, 50, a professional therapist in Pheonix, Arizona told after reading about the murders.

Maraventano was treated at a hospital for injuries sustained during his attempted suicide and is now in jail with bail set at $2 million.
Maraventano told investigators that he and his wife had been fighting the night of the murder.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man killed after holding four firefighters as hostages for hours

Scene of the hostage standoff 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was shot and killed by police after holding several firefighters as hostages for many hours, according to police reports in Atlanta, Georgia.

The gunman who was having financial problems held as hostages four firefighters for hours in a house in a suburb of Atlanta, demanding his electric and cable television be turned on again, before being shot dead when police stormed the house, officials said Wednesday.

The hostages all suffered from cuts and bruises when officers detonated explosives in order to distract the attacker before moving in, but are expected to be fine, a fire official said.

Minutes before a statement by the police, a large explosion was heard up to a quarter mile away from the house, setting off car alarms.

This morning, five firefighters responded to what seemed like a routine medical call and were taken hostage by an unidentified suspect inside the house, police said. The gunman released one of the firefighters in order to move a fire truck but kept the other four as hostage.

Dozens of police cars and rescue workers surrounded the house and a negotiator remained in contact with the gunman, police said. The situation remained tense until the explosion rocked the neighborhood of mostly two-story homes and manicured lawns. Residents were locked out from their neighborhood by the police cordon as the huge explosion went off.

Shortly after the explosion, agents exchanged gunfire with the suspect and a SWAT member was shot in the hand or arm, but should be fine, Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Edwin Ritter said.

“This incident showed again how our firefighters, police officers and ambulance workers are willing to put themselves in dangerous situations in order to help others and keep the public safe. They deserve our full respect and support,” Shanita Pell, 29, of Atlanta, Georgia told after learning of the standoff.

The attacker, who has not been identified, demanded several utilities to be restored, Ritter said. According to public records, the house is in foreclosure and has been owned by the banks since mid-November.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view