Woman finds iPad stuck to her car bumper

iPad stuck to bumper 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman found an iPad stuck to her bumper after returning home from a shopping trip.

The iPad remained intact and fully operational despite being lodged in the bumper of her car for more than an hour.

Alexa Crisa from Georgia, was astonished when she realized that she had been driving around the area of Marietta, near Atlanta, Georgia with the device attached to the front of her Nissan.

"I went to Target and ran errands with this iPad hanging from my bumper. I had no idea," the 23-year-old woman said.
Her father, Nick, saw the iPad stuck on her bumper when she returned home from her shopping trip. The two used a hammer to remove the iPad from the bumper.

“Very interesting indeed. Under normal circumstances the iPad could have hit the ground, and it would've been smashed by other passing cars,” Lina Williams, 19, from Roswell, Georgia told YourJewishNews.com after waching the video.

Amazingly, even though the screen broke, it still worked and they were able to to get the owners information and returned it to him.
How did the iPad get on the bumper of her car? The owner of the iPad mistakenly left it on the roof of his car. When he drove off, the iPad flew off and hit Crisa’s car, cracking the bumper and staying lodged in the bumper.

The owner was able to get a new iPad through his Apple warranty plan, and offered to pay for a new bumper.

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Police recover diamond ring from man’s stomach

Ronald Perley 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Police officers took a man to the hospital in order to recover a diamond ring which the man swallowed.

Ronald Perley from New Hampshire tried to flee a Manchester jewelry store with a diamond ring worth $3,200.

Employees at Bellman Jewelers in Manchester said that Perley came into the store and was looking for an engagement ring.
After looking around for a while, Perley, 52, took a ring and ran to the door. When a worker confronted him, Perley put the ring in his mouth and swallow it, according to police reports.

Workers held him down until police arrived. Perley denied swallowing the ring. Police obtained a search warrant and took him to Elliot Hospital, where x-rays showed that the 14-carat white gold princess cut diamond ring was indeed in his stomach.

“Not only does he not have the ring, he might lose his girlfriend after she hears how he got of the ring,” Jennifer Oliver, 21, from Marlborough, New Hampshire told YourJewishNews.com after hearing about the arrest.

Perley was indicted on charges of theft and falsifying physical evidence. His bail was set at $50,000 which includes the recovery of the ring.

Jewelry store owner David Bellman said: “Once we get the ring back, we might just put it in the showcase so people can come in and see it. Maybe someone will be interested in buying the now famous ring.”

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Man arrested after after he gets beaten up for raping a woman

Utchey Cabane 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A Florida man made the job easy for police officers when he called to report that he was jumped and beaten.

A rape case had a strange ending when the rapist called police to report that he was assaulted. It turned out that he was beaten by the brother of a woman he raped earlier.

The alleged rapist, Utchey Cabane was so angry about the beat down that he wanted to press charges.
Orange County deputies already knew he was a suspect in the sexual assault. After speaking with the man he admitted to the rape.

According to the arrest report, Cabane, 27, approached a woman who was walking home from work on Wednesday night when, according to deputies, he told the woman that she should not be walking alone.

The woman who thought that Cabane was trying to protect her, made small talk with him as they walked on together. To her surprise, Cabane, pulled her to the side of the road, held a box cutter to her neck, and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The woman told detectives, that Cabane apologized when he was done and told her "you must learn from this situation."

The woman told her brother about the attack and they drove around looking for the attacker. The woman spotted Cabane talking to another woman. The brother then attacked the man and beat him up, according to police.

“This man is a danger to society, he made the victim feel safe and protected around him then he attacked and raped her. This is not the first time Cabane was arrested for rape, in 2011 he was accused of raping a woman after offering her ride,” Nancy Williams, 46, from Winter Park, Florida, told YourJewishNews.com

Deputies responded to the call of the battery and found Cabane, who said he was beaten and robbed by several men and wanted to press charges. He was treated at Health Central Hospital, released, and agreed to speak with detectives.

A that time, Cabane was not aware that a rape investigation was underway and that he was the suspect.
When detectives searched his backpack they found a box cutter and a camouflage shirt, the same one that the rape victim described her attacker wore.

During the interview, Cabane admitted that he met the woman who was walking home from work. Cabane was arrested on charges of sexual assault with a weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

Man sends toddler to steal package from families doorstep

Toddler holding stolen package 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A man was caught on surveillance video using a toddler to steal a package which has been dropped off by UPS.

The surveillance video captured a stranger approaching the house north of Seattle, Washington pushing a stroller with a toddler inside.

The man stopped in front of the house. Within minutes, the child jumps from the stroller and walks down the path to the front door, as she picks up the package and returns to the man, who immediately placed the package under the stroller.

“This is so wrong. It looks like the toddler knew exactly what was expected of her. After seeing the video, I don’t believe that this was the child’s first package theft offense,” Carl Dejesus, 52, from Kirkland, Washington told YourJewishNews.com.

Jared Brinkley, the owner of the house where the incident occurred, said that he and his wife realized that the Amazon.com package was stolen from their door after he tracked the package online. When they learned that the package has been delivered, they reviewed the security video and they were shocked by what they saw.

"It is just bizarre beyond belief," Brinkley said. He was shocked that a man would use a toddler to steal.

Brinkley noted that the content of the package was only worth about $15. He reported the incident to the Seattle Police Department who are investigating the incident.

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Teacher arrested for biting child as punishment

Robin Mullins 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested for biting a 5-year-old child as a punishment.

The Ohio day care teacher has been charged with assault for allegedly biting a 5-year-old to teach him not to bite others.

56-year-old Robin Mullins of Cincinnati was arrested Thursday. Police said that a visible bite mark was left on the arm of the child. The bite mark was clearly done by an adult. After an investigation, police learned that it was the teacher who bit the child.
Mullins works at the Andrew's Friends Preschool & Daycare.

“The teacher was wrong and she should not be around children. What lesson is she teaching the children? The message the children got was that it is not ok for children to bite but ok for adults to bite. That is very wrong,” Joan Helms, 33, of Cincinnati, Ohio, a mother of two young children, told YourJewishNews.com.

Mullins was arrested and was released after posting her bail.

Investment fund purchases 47 percent of El Al Israel Airlines

El Al plane 
By: Shifra Unger

A large portion of Israel’s national airline was sold to an investment fund, according to press reports in the United States.

The FIMI fund agreed to invest up to $75 million in El Al Israel Airlines in exchange for up to 47 percent of the company, the largest private equity fund in Israel said this week.

FIMI will form a controlling group in the airline together with with Knafaim Holdings, which owns 39 percent of the airline. Knafaim has an option to sell 30 million El Al shares to FIMI worth $5 million.

In the first stage, at the time the deal is closed, FIMI will invest up to $50 million for a 38 percent stake in El Al. The fund will receive two options worth $12.5 million each, and if both are exercised FIMI will hold a total of 47 percent of the airline.

The deal is expected to close by July 31, but FIMI may extend this period for a total of 90 days.
The company and its workers are negotiating a new collective agreement that will allow the airline to cope with the competitive environment in which it operates. The agreement is subject to the signing of a new labor agreement that is acceptable to FIMI.

"The challenges facing the company require many changes. Without generating this change the company will find it very difficult to compete," an airline spokesperson said.

“It is nice to see that El Al can attract large investments in order to keep it in operation. Many people just love traveling with El Al Israel Airlines over all other airlines,” Julie Krueger, 67, of the Bronx, New York told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the investment.

El Al posted a larger loss in the fourth quarter, affected by military conflict and the global financial crisis.

Turkey and Egypt block NATO meeting with Israel

Obama and Erdogan meet 
By: David Ross

A planned NATO meeting that would have involved Israel was canceled after Turkey and Egypt objected, according to press reports in Israel.

An initiative to bring Israeli ministers and ministers from six Muslim countries together in a NATO Mediterranean Dialogue Conference, for the first time since 2008 has been vetoed by Turkey and Egypt.

Officials from Turkey and Egypt both claimed that the timing for such a meeting is not right.

A Turkish official also noted that a rift between Egypt and Tunisia, two members of the Mediterranean Dialogue, did not want to attend the meeting either.

Established in 2004, the Mediterranean Dialogue brings Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Algeria and Jordan together in order to contribute to regional security and stability.

However, the last time the group met at the level of foreign ministers was in 2008 after tensions in the region escalated.
NATO leaders hoped that the meeting could have strengthened the ties between Israel and Turkey after the recent apology by Netanyahu for the Gaza flotilla deaths.

“It would have been a good opportunity to discuss recent developments in the Middle East. It is a shame that the meeting was canceled. Nothing bad could come out of talks,” Fred Dodd, 52, a Middle East political expert in Johannesburg, South Africa told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the recent develpments.

Turkey also admitted that Israel is the most optimistic participant in the group of seven.

Israeli population soars 1000 percent since independence in 1948

Obama's recent visit in Israel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) As Israel prepares to celebrate Independence Day statistics show that the Israeli population has jumped 1000 percent over the past 65 years, according to press reports in Israel.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency for

The Central Bureau of Statistics, in its traditional Yom Ha’atzmaut statistical report about the citizens of Israel, stated that Israel has now 8.018 million residents, almost ten times more the 806,000 citizens in its establishment.

The Jewish population stands at 6.042 million (75.3% of the entire population). Israel’s Arab citizens constitute 20.7% of its total population, some 1.658 citizens. 4.0% are listed as “others”.

Since the last Independence day Israel’s population has grown by 137,000, including 163,000 newborn babies and 19,500 new immigrants. 41,000 have passed away. This constitutes a 1.8% growth in Israel’s population.

At the conclusion of 2011 70% of the population were “Tsabarim”, Israeli born, as opposed to only 35% in 1948.
In 1948, only one city had over 100,000 residents – Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Today, 14 cities have over 100,000 residents; six of them have over 200,000 residents – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Haifa, Rishon Letzion, Ashdod and Petach Tikvah.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman arrested after killing her newborns and putting them in freezer

French police officers 
By: Eva Fett

A woman was arrested and charged with murder related charges after she admitted to killing her newborns and placing them in a freezer, according to court proceedings in France.

The French woman who has admitted to drowning her two newborn babies, whose bodies were found in her freezer, is a 32-year-old waitress. She was identified by authorities only as Madame C. She stated that she killed her two children, who were born alive, prosecutors said.

The woman was released from prison in 2010, five years after being convicted of killing another newborn, whose birth she had hidden from her friends and family. She put the body in a bag, and then persuaded her mother to leave the bag in an abandoned building. Madame C was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing her newborn, while her mother received a prison sentence of 18 years.

In these two additional cases, a baby was born in the fall of 2011 and the other a year later. Detectives are examining the corpses to establish whether they were born dead or drowned after birth. One body was found by the boyfriend of Madame C in a freezer in the apartment of the defendant in Amberieu Sunday.

Then he called the police, who found the second body in the freezer. Police believe that the boyfriend, who has not been named, did not live with Madame C, but he was however, the father of the baby. Police also said that the boyfriend had no knowledge of the birth.

“The big mistake in this case was that this woman was released from prison way before the completion of her sentence which indirectly allowed her to kill another baby. This is very sad. I hope this time this woman will stay behind bars until she is unable to have any more children,” Janice Archer, 39, of Lyon France told YourJewishNews.com after learning about Madame C.

Madame C was taken into custody in Lyon, where prison officials have placed her on suicide watch.

Woman lays dead in her France apartment for three years

Elderly people illustration 
By: Eva Fett

It took three years for authorities to discover a woman who was lying dead in her apartment, according to press reports in France.

The remains of the woman who is believed to have died in 2010 have been discovered in her Toulouse, France, apartment, police said.

Firefighters and police entered the apartment of Fernande Broca, who was 76-years-old, and found her lying dead on Thursday. Neighbors described her as quiet and lonely, and said she only left her house to go shopping.

Although her financial statements and other correspondence piled up at the front of her door, neighbors assumed she had moved away, according to a local newspaper.
The newspaper also said that her rent and utility bills were paid electronically.

"When I realized that her windows were closed for a long time I thought she had gone away to live in a retirement home," a neighbor said.

“It is puzzling that her neighbors and family members didn't realize something was amiss for three years. This incident should remind us all to check on our friends and family members as often as possible,” Frank Wang, 47, of Paris, France told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the discovery.

A preliminary medical examination indicated that Broca died three years ago, but it did not identify the cause of death.

Man gets seven years jail for stealing president's teleprompter

Eric Brown 
By: Eva Fett

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of theft related charges after stealing the teleprompter of President Obama, according to court proceedings in Virginia.

The teleprompter of President Obama may be more valuable than even his biggest detractors claim. After all, the man who stole Obama's teleprompter was sentenced to seven years in federal prison.

"The theft of government property is a serious crime," Assistant U.S. Attorney Roderick Young told the court during the sentencing hearing of Virginia resident Eric Brown. "The theft is even more serious when the object belongs to the Communications Agency of the White House," Young also said.

Brown, 49, agreed to plead guilty and receive the long sentence in order to avoid being prosecuted for 14 other thefts of trucks. Virginia Sentencing Guidelines calls for a prison sentence of 3 years for stealing government property.
In the past 30 years, Brown has been convicted of 36 offenses.

"If I had to sum up the character of Brown, would be that he is a thief," Judge John A. Gibney told the court.
However, defense attorney David Lett said that the prison sentence will allow his client to start a new page.

“That is exactly what happens to someone who steals property of the U.S. government. If the government would prosecute all those who steal maybe the crime rate will decrease,” Gregory Lozano, 38, of Richmond, Virginia told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the sentence.

Brown claimed he did not know that the black Ford truck he stole was owned and operated by the White House.

Police officer arrested after stealing $20 from suicide victim

$20 bill in wallet illustration 
By: Moses Gold

A police officer was arrested and charged with theft related charges after he was caught stealing from a suicide victim, according to police reports in Alabama.

The Montgomery police officer, who was on the force for 26 years, is accused of theft after a fellow police officer saw him taking money from the suicide victim's personal belongings being held by the Department.

The officer, Stanley Wilson, 48, is accused of pocketing $20 from the victim's personal belongings. The theft can cost the officer his job in the Criminal Investigation Division. He has been with Montgomery Police Department since 1987.

After being charged with third-degree theft, a Class A misdemeanor, Wilson was transferred to the prison in the city of Montgomery. Police Chief Kevin J. Murphy immediately initiated termination proceedings and placed him on leave.

"We hold our officers to the highest standards," Murphy said. "That's what the public expects and deserves. Theft of any amount is unacceptable and intolerable in our ranks," he added.

“Is is very surprising that such a veteran police officer would jeopardize his job for just $20. The head of the Montgomery Police Department did the correct thing by suspending this police officer. He should be punishged to the fullest extent of the law just like any other citizen,” Timothy Boyce, 29, of Montgomery, Alabama told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the charges.

Murphy also said that the actions of the police officer who reported the observed theft are consistent with the character and expectations of Montgomery Police Department.

Police officer arrested after teen commits suicide with his gun

Jacob Carver 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was arrested and charged with weapons related charges after a teen took his gun and committed suicide, according to police reports in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire police officer was charged with careless storage of firearms after the teenager used his weapon to commit suicide, prosecutors told news reporters.

Danville Police Chief Wade Parsons has been accused of failing to secure a service weapon after 15-year-old Jacob Carver killed himself with the gun inside Parsons’ house.

The boy's father, Geoffrey Carver, described the police officer as just very irresponsible. The girl's mother, Debbie Carver, is Parsons' girlfriend.

Rockingham County Attorney James Reams said he told the police chief Friday about severity of the shooting and his desire to send a message that gun owners need to take precautions.
Parsons, 54, may have to pay a $1,000 fine if convicted of a charge of careless storage of firearms.

“The police officer should be held responsible for the teen’s death. As a police officer he should have known better than to leave his weapon unsecured like that while leaving the house. I am surmprised the prosecutor just chose slap on the wrist charges while any other person would have been charged with murder related charges,” Eric Rankin, 27, of Manchester, New Hampshire told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the charges.

Reams said Parsons left his Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun on top of a secured locker where he usually stores his weapons.
The prosecutor said no one knows why the teen, a freshman at Timberlane Regional High School who wrestled and played football, committed suicide.

Parsons discovered the teen's body after returning from an errand.