Saudi Arabia deports men for being too good looking

Good looking man being detained in Saudi Arabia 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Saudi Arabia began deporting men from the country who religious police deemed too good looking and causing Saudi women to sin with them, according to press reports in Canada.

Specifically, three Emiratis have been deported by the Saudi police force during an annual cultural festival and sent back to the United Arab Emirates after suggesting that women might find them irresistible.

The men from the United Arab Emirates were attending the Jenadriyah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, when religious police raided and evicted the based because "they are too handsome", according to a local Saudi newspaper.

"A festival official said the three Emiratis were pulled because they are very handsome and that the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice members feared female visitors could fall for them," the newspaper reported.

“After I heard about this all I could do is laugh. Seems like now, the Saudi government will force men to wear burqas so that women will refrain from sinning with them. Those who refuse will be deported or jailed of course,” Pamela Thompson, 36, of Miami Beach. Florida told after learning about the deportation.

Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious and ultra-conservative society that forbids women from interacting with unrelated males and refuses to give them the same rights as men.

It is the only country in the world with a law that prohibits women from driving.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

City puts up 'sexual predator lives here' signs outside homes

Police putting up warning signsE 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Convicted sex offenders will now have no way to hide their evil past after big red signs are going up outside their homes to warn the entire neighborhood, according to press reports in Florida.

Bradford County Police are busy putting up those huge signs in front of the homes of convicted rapists and child molesters, in an attempt to warn children and parents about their potential danger.

"If it prevents a victim in my community, I've done my job as sheriff," Sheriff Gordon Smith told a local Florida newspaper.
The signs cost $10 each and, so far, 18 have been put on display throughout the area.

All of this is part of a campaign to keep citizens informed about predators living in the community, Captain Brad Smith told the newspaper.

“This is a great idea. Many times, new people move into the neighborhood and they do a good job of hiding their evil past. Now, I won’t have to worry about someone hurting me or my children,” Patricia Lewis, 45, a mother of 4 children in Bradford Country, Florida told after learning about the signs.

The police captain denied suggestions that such type of signs could lead to vigilante attacks.
"We do not expect that to happen, and if it does, we will do everything in our power to protect the rights of the person," Captain Smith said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

5 Israeli Muslims arrested after planning to kill Jews near the Western Wall site

Al Aqsa Mosque 
By: Sarah Weiss

5 men were arrested and charged with terrorism related charges after planning to kill Jews near the Western Wall site in Jerusalem, Israel, according to police reports in Jerusalem, Israel.

An Israeli court on Thursday filed charges against five Muslim men of East Jerusalem accusing them of masterminding deadly attacks against Israelis at a religious site in the city, court documents said.

A statement by the internal security service, Shin Bet, said that the five were among seven suspects arrested last month. They planned to open fire on police in the complex of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the heart of the old city, and it also had a specific scheme to kidnap and kill Israeli civilians.

"The charges filed today against the group included conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, conspiracy to aid the enemy in time of war, contact with a foreign agent, possession of weapons and obstruction of justice," according to a statement by police.

The statement also said that three of the defendants picked up a Jewish hitchhiker intending to kill him and steal his weapon, but let him go when they realized that the Israeli did not have a weapon on him.

“I am glad that the police arrested the group. The more terrorists are taken off the street the safer Israel will become and the sooner Palestinians will release that terror attacks are not a way to achieve peace,” Rachel Gilbert, 27, of Rishon Letzion, Israel told after learning about the charges.

The complex of Al-Aqsa mosque is known as the Temple Mount by Jews and Al-Haram al-Sharif by Muslims.

It houses the Dome of the Rock Mosque and Al-Aqsa and is considered the third holiest site in Islam, while at the same time is venerated by Jews as the site where King Herod's temple stood before it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

Google adds Israeli public transportation data to Google maps

Israel on Google Maps 
By: Sarah Weiss

If you always found it difficult to navigate the public transportation location points in Israel on Israeli websites you can now use Google maps for an extremely easy navigation experience.

Israeli transportation information is now available on Google Maps in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Google, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Israel Railways has made bus, rail and light rail routes available to the public information on the popular Google Maps app.

Google Maps will help public transportation users plan trips around Israel, and within cities including driving and walking directions.

“Transit planning is part of our effort to make Google Maps more complete, accurate and useful for millions of people in Israel and around the world who take buses and trains to their destination," Google Israel said.

The data includes information from 21 transport operators, including Egged, Dan, Israel Railways, CityPass, Kavim, Metropolin and Superbus, and covers more than 25,000 bus stops and 53 railway stations throughout Israel. Worldwide, Google Maps provides information for over a million stops in 800 cities.

“I use to find it very difficult to plan a trip on the Israeli public transportation websites, while some transportation operators did not even offer a trip planning app. Now, I will not have to search multiple websites and just get all the data from Google Maps. I am very excited,” Julie Coleman, 21, of Ashdod, Israel told after learning about the new addtion to Gogle Maps.

Transportation information is available on Google Maps for desktop and Google Maps for Android and iPhone.

Tongue-eating louse found in fish bought at Tesco

Fish with Tongue-eating louse 
By: Debbie Gross

A man was horrified after he discovered a Tongue-eating louse in fish bought at Tesco.

Rick Beattie, 32, bought a sea bass for dinner at Tesco. When he prepared the fish, he found an alien-like parasite protruding from the fish's mouth.

Beattie paid about $3.50 for the fish at his local supermarket in Belfast, Holywood, United kingdom. While he was cleaning the fish and shook it by the tail the louse popped out of the fish's mouth.

The parasite, destroys the tongue of the fish and then attaches itself to the stub of what was once its tongue and becomes the fish’s new tongue. Experts believe that fish are not harmful to humans unless picked up alive, in which case they can bite.

"Seeing that small creature coming out of the fish’s mouth must of been disturbing and disgusting. For me just seeing at it in a photo makes me not want to eat fish," William Nelson, 19, from Bath, United Kingdom told

A Tesco spokesman said: "We have very high standards of food quality. We and our suppliers have robust controls in place to ensure that the food meets the standards. We have asked Beattie to return the product , so we can start an urgent and thorough investigation with the supplier."

Judge reprimands inmate after he grabs his crotch in court

Judge and defended  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) An inmate got a scolding from a judge after he grabbed his crotch in court.

A judge in Osceola County, Florida scolded Jorge Garcia, on Monday after he grabbed his crotch as he approached the judge during his bond hearing.

Video from the courtroom shows Garcia grabbing himself during his first appearance before Judge Carol Draper, who was handing out bond amounts to a group of inmates.

"Oh, stop with the grabbing the penis routine," Judge Draper said as she shook her head.

Garcia who supposedly speaks only spanish, smiled after hearing what the judge said. "He understood that one," the judge told the translator. The translator then repeated the judge's reprimand in Spanish.

Garcia was given his next court appearance, along with a second warning from the judge and translator to "stop grabbing at himself".

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Man arrested for hiding father's remains under trailer to collect money

Theodore Corey Starks 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) An Oregon man was arrested for hiding his father’s remains under his trailer.

Theodore Corey Starks who is 38-years-old, was jailed after he allegedly put his father’s remains under his trailer, in Port Orford.
He then continued to collect his father’s social security checks.

According to police, an investigation began after the owner of the property found bones of an elderly man who apparently died three years ago. The victim's son, Starks, was arrested and later admitted to hiding the remains under the trailer, because he was unemployed and wanted to collect his father’s social security checks, according to local press reports.

However, Starks claims that his father died of natural causes. Starks reportedly collected more than $50,000 in benefit checks before the scam was finally discovered.

“It was very upsetting to learn that the remains of the body were found lying under the trailer, without a proper burial. A son should have more respect for his father than dumping his body like that,” Larry Brown, 71, from Gearhart, Oregon told after learning about the death of Stark.

Investigators said the remains of 74-year-old Charles Stark were found in the Anchor Inn RV Park in Port Orford, where his son lived for a while. The body was discovered when the owner of the trailer was in the process of having the trailer removed from the property.

Charles Starks’ remains were sent to Eugene, Oregon for autopsy and reconstruction. The official cause of death has not been determined yet. Starks was booked into jail on charges of second-degree abuse of a corpse. The case remains under investigation and other charges may be pending.

United States Postal Service is losing $25 million a day

By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) In this high tech world where people use electronic communication rather than paper, the United States Postal Service is suffering great losses.

The U.S. Postal Service announced another staggering loss, according to a recent press release. The U.S. Postal Service said its losing $25 Million every day.

“When my brother and I first opened my business, we strongly depended on the U.S. Postal Service for communicating with our clients and to send them paperwork. Nowadays, it’s mostly done via email, we hardly use regular mail anymore,” Joseph Schaffer, 50, who is an accountant in Long Island, New York told

In an effort to save money, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it will stop delivering mail on Saturday, which will result in thousands of job losses, according to press reports. The plan of the U.S. Postal Service to end Saturday delivery angered unions because of job losses and faces an uncertain future in Congress.

But the decision was needed, the Postal Service said, in order to save $2 billion a year, while most people couldn’t care less about Saturday delivery. "Actually, no one sends letters anymore," David Braunschweig, 63, said while he was in the Arlington Heights post office in Illinois to send a gift. "Putting away mail on Saturday and Sunday, will not kill anyone," he said.

Hammered by the competition that includes the Internet, the Postal Service lost about $16 billion last year and said that the removal of first class mail on Saturday is essential to their recovery plan.

"It's an important part of our return to profitability and financial stability," Postmaster General and CEO Patrick Donahoe said on Wednesday at a press conference in Washington. "Our financial situation is urgent," he added.

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Man, 56, arrested after getting 10-year-old stepdaughter pregnant

Mariano Antonio Castro 
By: Sarah Weiss

A man was arrested after violating the trust of a 10-year-old girl when he molested her a and impregnated her.

The man was in jail, on charges of raping his stepdaughter since she was 8-years-old, and got her pregnant at age 10.

Mariano Antonio Castro, 56, sexually abused his stepdaughter on a daily basis. Police said the crime took place in an apartment in Santa Ana, California where the victim lived with his mother, sisters and Castro.

When the girl got pregnant at 10-years-old, she allegedly told her mother about the rape. Police said the girl's mother then kicked Castro out of the house, but later took him back. The mother denies the allegations that she knew about the rape.

“The mother should be held responsible. When her daughter gave birth at such a young age, why didn't she investigate who the father was. All it takes is a simple DNA test to find out the truth,” Carolyn Lewis, 46, from Orange County, California told

The victim, who is now 18, broke the silence about the sexual abuse and spoke to a priest, officials said. She said the abuse continued until six months ago. Authorities said Castro threatened the victim in order to keep her quiet.

Police arrested Castro and charged him with rape, forced oral sex and repeated sexual abuse of a minor.
Castro, 58, was convicted by a jury of multiple counts of child sexual assault, and is facing life in prison.

Rapist removes monitoring device during house arrest, rapes girl, 10, kills her mother

David Renz left, murder victim Lori Bresnahan right 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A family was left shattered after a man raped a 10-year-old girl and killed her mother who was trying to stop him from raping the girl.

Shockingly, David Renz, 29, was released from jail and placed under supervised house arrest after he was accused of downloading and possessing child pornography, according to police,

Renz, from New York, was ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet while awaiting trial on charges of child pornography. Renz managed to remove the monitoring bracelet, left his house and raped the 10-year-old girl before stabbing her mother to death.

It only took a few hours for Renz to claim his first two victims.

Investigators said Renz followed the 10-year-old girl out of a the building to the parking lot where he abducted Lori Bresnahan, 47, a school librarian and her daughter as they left a gymnastics class at the Great Northern Mall in Syracuse, New York.

Renz then entered the vehicle and forced the woman at gunpoint to drive to a remote area. Renz then allegedly tied up the mother and proceeded to rape the girl while her mother was forced to watch. Bresnahan was yelling at her daughter to escape. While the girl managed to jump out of the car and ran to get help, Renz strangled the mother and stabbed her several times in the head and chest. Bresnahan was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“This is heartbreaking. The man is a danger to society, it makes me scared to leave my house. I am scared for myself and for my 8-year-old daughter knowing that there are people like Renz roaming our streets,” Mary Taylor, 34, from Fairmount, Syracuse told after heearing about the murder.

The girl flagged down a passing motorist who came to help her mother. The motorist called police. He told dispatchers that he saw a man running from the scene. Police were quickly dispatched to the scene and a sheriff's helicopter began searching the area. Renz was caught a short time later near a wooded area with blood on his clothes and he had Bresnahan’s car keys in the pocket.

Now, Renz is facing charges of murder, kidnapping, and rape. Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence without parole.

Cops: man kills woman, rapes her child

Israeli man elected as president of Yale student union

Daniel Avraham 
By: Shifra Unger

An Israeli man was elected as president of a Yale University union for the first time, according to press reports in Israel.

Daniel Avraham, an honor student from Israel, has been elected to serve as president of the YCC, the student union of the University of Yale.

The 24-year-old Avraham is a native of Jerusalem, a high school graduate from Gymnasia Herzliya in Tel Aviv, a former intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces and sophomore at Yale exclusive program for ethics and economics.

“I am a very proud Israeli today as another Israeli has reached a major milestone that no Israeli has ever reached before,” Danielle Turner, 28, of Long Island, New York told after learning about the appointment.

Yale University is a highly prestigious school with former Presidents George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., and Bill Clinton, attending the school. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of State John Kerry, prominent philosophers, statesmen, and CEOs of major Fortune Global 500 companies, have also graduated from the school.

Hospital loses baby in the laundry

Hospital nursery 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A baby went missing, and was found in a blanket while a cleaning operation was washing the laundry.

A Minnesota hospital apologized Wednesday for mishandling a deceased child, whose body was found in the bedding that had been sent to a laundry service, off site.

Officials at the Regions Hospital in St. Paul said the body was found by an employee of the laundry service. The remains had been wrapped in blankets and was supposed to go to the morgue, but somehow it ended in the hamper which was sent for cleaning.

"This was a terrible mistake, and we are deeply sorry," Chris Boese, who is the hospital nursing director said in a statement. "We have processes in place that should have prevented this, but did not. We are working to identify the gap in our system, and to make sure this does not happen again," he added.

The hospital said the baby was stillborn in the beginning of the month, at 22 weeks of development.

The baby's body was found when he fell from a blanket at a cleaning service about 45 miles southeast of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The laundry service employees called Regions Hospital, which immediately sent workers to collect the body before police arrived.

“What a disgrace. A body goes missing and nobody realizes that it is gone until it falls out of a blanket at the cleaning service. That is terrible,” Patricia Moore, 41, of Red Wing, Minnesota, told after hearing tabout the missing body.

“Regions Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the Twin Cities, handles about 2,500 births each year and around 20-25 of these children are stillborn,” Boese said. The families of the children are given the option to make their own arrangements or the hospital will work with community groups concerned with the burial or cremation. Boese said patient privacy laws prevented the hospital from saying if the family of this child had expressed a preference.

"We are very sorry and sad that this event occurred," she said. "This has never happened before to my knowledge, this is an unfortunate event," she added.

Boese said the hospital has offered support and counselling service to employees of the laundry service who were traumatized by the experience as well as for hospital workers involved.

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Bounty hunter arrested for kidnapping after capturing fugitive who raped 3 women

Andrew Luster 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A man was sentenced to 50-years-in prison after he drugged and raped several women.

Andrew Luster, 49, from Ventura, California was convicted of drugging and raping three women at his upscale home.

Luster was arrested and charged with giving three women the drug GHB, at his beachfront home and while they were unconscious, he raped them.

He jumped the $1 million bond and fled, during the trial. Luster was hunted down by bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, who found Luster living in Mexico.

While on the run, he was convicted of 86 felonies. He was hunted down and captured in Mexico by reality television bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, who was in the courtroom at sentencing.

Luster was originally sentence to 124 years in prison, but after an appeal on Tuesday his sentence was reduced to a term of 50-years in prison.

Luster said he was "very grateful" for the new sentence. "I did some really stupid things without thinking which caused so much harm to so many people. There is more to me than this salacious and creepy story," Luster said.

“I believe in second chances. He did the crime and he has to pay for it, but people change and get better. Jailing him for life seems to be cruel and unusual punishment,” Richard Harris, 48, from Ventura, California told

Under the new ruling, he will be eligible for parole in 15 years, prosecutors said.

Last month, the judge rejected a request to throw out the conviction, but has granted Luster a resentencing hearing. The judge wrote in his ruling that the court "failed to state specific reasons for imposing full consecutive sentences" as the law requires.

After they found Luster, the reality television bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, was arrested for kidnapping Luster. See the video below.

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Palestinian television shows children singing poems calling to destroy Zionism

Palestinian children on Palestinian television 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Palestinian children were shown on Palestinian television singing poems which call to destroy Zionism, according to video uploaded to the internet by Palestinian Media Watch.

Over the past few months, Palestinian Authority television repeatedly aired Palestinian children reciting a violent poem calling for war against Israel. The Palestinian television named the videos, "War! To destroy the soul of Zionism."

The poem was written by Bilal Abdullah, an actor and Palestinian-Danish poet. Bilal Abdullah received the Artist Award by the Danish Refugee Council in 2004.

This is the poem as translated by Palestinian Media Watch:

“I am a Palestinian, my name is Palestinian
I’ve etched my name on all the town squares…
Saladin (Muslim conqueror of Jerusalem), calls to me from the depths of my heart
All my Arabness calls me to vengeance and liberation…
Thousands of prisoners and thousands who are jailed
call to this great nation and call to millions
They say: To Jerusalem, the [first] direction of prayer [in Islam]
To war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionist’s soul
and raise the Palestinian banner in the world’s sky
And strengthen my word that goes on: Palestinian, Palestinian, Palestinian.”

“This video is shocking, as it shows how the Palestinian leadership is poisoning the youth against Israel. Palestinian Media Watch is doing a good job exposing the hate so the world can see which party is truely seeking peace in the Middle East,” Susan Crabtree, 38, of Reno, Nevada told after watching the video.

“Since numerous children were able to recite the poem it seems like this poem is being taught in school to all children by the Palestinian Authority educational system, according to the Palestinian Media Watch.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Pope Francis launches Israeli Project 'People of the World Inscribe the Bible' in Argentina

Pope Francis 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Pope Francis I, who hails from Argentina, helped launch People of the World Inscribe the Bible in Argentina by writing the first verse at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires in 2006. At the time he was known as Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. He was joined at the launch by former Israeli Ambassador Rafi Eldad. His verse of choice was the first verse in Genesis.

The project, run by the Israeli "Bible Valley" nonprofit organization and led by Amos Rolnik, has been launched in 45 countries under the auspices of the Israeli embassy in each country. In November 2012, the Bible Valley helped pass Government Resolution 3813 on the establishment of an international Bible hall in Jerusalem. Based on this resolution, a planned Heichal Hatanach (The Hall of the Bible) is to be built at the City of David in Jerusalem, which will house the bound versions of the inscribed Bibles, including the Argentinean version.

“It's no secret that in most of the countries participating in People of the World Inscribe the Bible, the Christian communities are the main source of writers” said Rolnik. “We are very proud that Archbishop Bergoglio wrote the first verse of the Bible, and I hope that Pope Francis will pen the last verse in the Bible - '... All the kingdoms of the earth has the Lord G-d of the heavens delivered to me, and He commanded me to build Him a House in Jerusalem, which is in Judea. Who among you is of all His people, may the Lord his G-d be with him, and he may ascend.'”

Recently, an internet edition of the project was launched – Tanach b'Mirshetet (Bible on the Net). Under the auspices of the Prime Minister and Communications Minister of Israel, this edition invites Israelis and Hebrew-speakers to select a verse on its website, and offers the option to personalize and dedicate the selected verse. Approximately 8,000 people have already chosen their verse, and within a few months, every verse of the first grassroots internet Bible is expected to be completed.

Upon the completion of the Hebrew edition, four other versions are slated to be launched – in English, French, Spanish, and Russian. The launch of the Hebrew website is part of a global project run by 'The Bible Valley' in which hundreds of thousands of people from around the world, of all faiths, are copying the Bible in their own handwriting, in 100 languages. This project was preceded by the Bible Valley's inaugural project "Children of the World Illustrated the Bible", in which over 800,000 paintings were submitted from 91 countries.

Officials warn to look out for Boston terror attack charity scams

Boston bombing 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) Just days after the tragic terror attack at the Boston, Massachusetts, Marathon event, which left 3 dead and more than 150 injured, officials have warned about fake charities which began to pop up on the internet, according to press reports in the United States.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau are warning people to be on guard for possible charity scams after identifying a group of scam artists fundraising to benefit Boston Marathon bombing victims.

To avoid being misled by a charity scam, officials of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance are encouraging people to be thoughtful and cautious about who they are giving money.

Some of the tips offered are:

• Research the organization in order to find out how the donated funds will be used.

• Visit the website of the charity and seek financial records to verify how the money is spent.

• Do not click on links asking for donation from an unknown email address or text message from an unknown number.

• Encourage friends and family to be careful about giving too.

“Fraudsters will stop at nothing in order to be able to get their hands on an extra dollar, therefore, people need to be very careful to whom they give their hard earned cash to. I advise, to donate only to major recognized chaity orginazations in order to avoid being scammed,” Sharon proctor, 50, of Boston, Massachusetts told after learning about the warning.

This is not the first time scam artists launched fraudulent charity organizations immediately after a tragedy. Just recently, after the Sandy Hook, Connecticut school shooting, several were arrested and charged with theft related charges after fraudulently fundraising for victims of the school shooting.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

10-year-old girl arrested after filing rape claim with police in India

Anti rape protest in India 
By: Eva Fett

A little girl was arrested after she and her parents filed a rape claim with police in India, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The family of the ten-year-old girl, who was arrested after complaining that she had been raped by a neighbor is now under police protection amid accusations that she will be stoned to death if they do not withdraw the complaint.

The overnight detention of the young girl from Dalit, India, alone in a cell in a special female police unit, has caused growing anger across India, as it seeks to improve the safety of women after the gang rape and murder of a student in Delhi, late last year.

Four female police officers of the police station in Kotwali near Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, were suspended pending an investigation after a television crew from India, who was in the police station recorded the girl behind bars.
She had gone to the police station with her mother, after she was found unconscious in a field. She claimed that a 35-year-old upper class man raped and beat her.

The girl is classified as coming from a poor family in a town dominated by upper class citizens. Since making the claim, the family has been under intense pressure from the elders of the village to recant the claim and accept a monetary settlement instead.

In an interview with a local Indian newspaper, the girl's mother said the family had been warned they would be killed if they did not back down. "They have been threatening to kill, burn our ancestral house and stone my daughter to death if we do not cancel the rape complaint, the mother said.

“This is outrageous. What normal society would jail a rape victim. Hasn’t she suffered enough? The government needs to rid the small towns of their so called ‘elders’ and install the rule of law. the police officers are clearly corrupt as well,” Paul Rangel, 35, of Scottsdale, Arizona told after learning about the arrest.

Ranjana Kumari, a champion of women's rights, said the arrest of the girl highlighted the obstacles to justice for poor women in rural areas. "Despite the laws that are in place, there is no justice. This incident shows how neglected the justice system has become," ​​she said.

Company recycling metal body parts into road signs, lamp posts, car parts

Recycling metal body parts 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) In a shocking new report this week it was revealed that companies are using metal body parts for a large range of different products.

The metal body parts are recycled and used in traffic signs, light poles, auto parts and aircraft engines after people are cremated.
The project has raised $1.5 million for charity since it began in the United Kingdom in 2004.

Hip steel plates, screws of legs and screws of skulls are collected after a person is cremated and sent for recycling.
Even the metal plates of the dentures and tiny filling fragments can be recovered and reused, along with metal coffins accessories.

High value metals surviving 1,000 degrees cremation are sold for use in the automotive and aeronautics industries.
They include cobalt and titanium, which is in some dental implants and prostheses. Cobalt is used in jet engines.
However, other less valuable metals are melted down and sold for more general use, including traffic signs, highway barriers and poles.

The metal recovered from the cremation is put into large containers with wheels and collected by contractors who carry specialized plants for recycling.
The Dutch company behind the recycling said that 260 cremation companies have signed up for the program that is generating 75 tons of metal a year.

Family members are asked if they want to keep the metal parts of their loved ones before participation in the program.
The vast majority said they have no need for them and sign a consent form agreeing to the recycling program.

“I cannot believe that a company is doing this. It is even more surprising that numerous companies are willing to use metal body parts in their products. I don’t understand why the government is allowing this practice despite the fact that family members sign consent forms. The government should have more respect for its dead,” Donald Lugo, 31, of Pheonix, Arizona told after learning about the practice.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

New 'Mexico Barbie Doll' slammed after being packaged with passport

The new "Mexico Barbie" 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) The makers of the Barbie Doll came under extreme criticism after launching a new Mexico Barbie Doll that comes with a passport, according to press reports in the United States.

Dressed in a colorful dress and hair ribbons with a pet Chihuahua in tow, Mexico Barbie is hitting the shelves of a toy store near you.

The Mexico Barbie Doll "dresses for a fabulous party with her vibrant pink dress, with ruffles, lace and ribbon," according to the description of the doll on the website of Mattel Inc., the makers of Barbie Doll. For just $29.95, you will also get a pet chihuahua, a passport and sticker sheet to record Barbie’s travels.

Part of the new collection "Dolls of the World" by Mattel, Mexico Barbie joins the ranks of international dolls representing countries like Chile, Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, India, China and France.

While all the dolls in the collection come with a passport, some critics say Mexico Barbie is representative of a cultural insensitivity, rather than an educational tool that "teaches girls about the culture, traditions and ancestral attire of Mexico" as described by Mattel on their website.

An activist for Mexican immigrants in the United States told a U.S. television news station that while she was relieved to see that all the "Dolls of the World" have passports, it was shocking to see Mexico Barbie have one, taking into account the discussions of immigration policy in the United States.

"I think many people would like to pretend that there is no racism and that people do not face barriers because of their origin or of their culture," she said.

“I don't know why people have an issue with this Barbie Doll, as all Barbie dolls came with passports. I would however, understand the anger if the Mexico Barbie was the only doll that came with a passport,” Valarie Flood, 24, of Forth Worth, Texas told after learning about Mexico Barbie.

However not everyone agreed with Flood.

“Mattel should have been more sensitive to their large consumer base. Despite the fact that all World Barbie dolls came with passports, the Mexico Barbie should not have come with one due to the sensitivity of the issue,” Luke Hartley, 25, of El Paso, Texas told

While some have lashed out against Mattel’s Barbie accessories, the company vowed to maintain its product.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Canadian man's letter in bottle to his friend mary washes ashore in Croatia after 28 years

The letter in the bottle 
By: Moses Gold

A man who promised to write to his secret love Mary, apparently forgot to ask for her address, so he decided to place a letter inside a bottle and throw it in the ocean, according to press reports in Croatia.

The Canadian man’s message in a bottle to honor his promise to write to the woman, has finally appeared again, 28 years later.
Surfers cleaning debris from a beach at the mouth of the Neretva River in the southern Adriatic encountered a half-broken bottle with a paper inside, a local Croatian newspaper reported this week.

A 23-year-old local surfer, who gave her name as Matea Rezik, almost threw it away when she saw a wet paper inside the bottle which contained a message from Jonathon in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located on the east coast of Canada.
"Mary, you really are a great person. Hopefully we can keep corresponding. I said I was going to write. Your friend forever, Jonathon, Nova Scotia, 1985," the message said.

“This report moved me to tears. This man probably was in pain for not being able to correspond with the woman he so loved. Hopefully, with the international attention the message in bottle got, it will finally reach Mary,” Ann Gold, 23, of Nova Scotia, Canada told after learning about the letter.

One thing to learn from this story is to write with a waterproof ink pen.