Drunk woman calls police dispatcher because she felt lonely

Fleurette French 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with misusing the emergency telephone system after calling police dispatchers because she felt lonely, according to police reports in Florida.

Police officers in Vero Beach, Florida said that the 64-year-old Fleurette French dialed police several times last month because she was lonely, according to the statement on the arrest warrant.

A dispatcher said that French made an emergency call around 8:00 pm, to report a medical problem. The woman also told the police dispatcher that she had been drinking. The operator said that the woman "was not in obvious danger."

A doctor who was sent to French’s house told deputies when he got there, that French admitted that she really just called "because she was lonely", but nevertheless was taken to a local hospital.

The investigators then found that French had called police five times during a one week span. During each call she told police that she was drunk, and every time she was transported to the hospital, according to the affidavit.
Doctors found that French had no medical problem.

“Calling police for no reason can create a dangerous situation because if a real emergency happens at that moment, police won’t be available to respond,” Wendy Barnes, 67, of Dania Beach, Florida told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the charges.

French was charged with emergency telephone system abuse.

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Woman punches female train passenger after she rejected her kiss

The suspect 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest and charge a woman with assault related charges after she punched a female train passenger because she rejected her kissing advances, according to police reports in New York.

The police hope the public can help find the woman accused of assaulting an elderly woman on train number 6 on Wednesday. Police said that the suspect first tried to kiss the 68-year-old woman and attacked her when the other woman rejected the kiss.

According to the New York police, around 8:00 pm on Wednesday, the 68-year-old woman boarded train number 6 on East 59th Street. The suspect sat down next to her, and "put her hand on the victim and kissed her on the forehead.
When the victim refused the advances of the suspect, the suspect became aggressive and grabbed the victim's hair, and punched her in the head and face."

The suspect fled at the 68th Street stop. The victim suffered a head contusion.
Police described the suspect as a black female in her mid 40s, about 5'11", 150 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. Police also released a photo.

“The public should help police catch this violent woman, because this is no way to treat a senior citizen riding alone on a train,” Cindy Long, 24, of Brooklyn, New York told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the attack.

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25 percent of Britain's best young writers list are Jewish

Naomi Alderman 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) The latest list of the best young writers in the United Kingdom is occupied by a lot of Jews for the first time, according to a U.K. magazine.

The son of a rabbi and the author of a book about the daughter of a rabbi have been named as two of the country's most promising novelists.

In a sign that the Jewish literary scene in Britain now rivals that of the United States, 25 percent of the 20 men and women featured in the prestigious list, which is released once every ten years by Granta magazine, are Jewish, more than any of the three previous lists.

"It's an exciting time," Adam Foulds, author of four books, including The Truth About These Strange Times, said. He was selected along with Naomi Alderman, Benjamin Markovits, Ned Beauman and Adam Thirlwell.

“It is nice to show the world that Jews can also write great novels and contribute to society in a meaningful way,” Sarah Hamilton, 44, of Tacoma, Washington told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the new list.

In other news about smart young Jews, an Israeli man was elected as president of a Yale University union for the first time, according to press reports in Israel.

Daniel Avraham, an honor student from Israel, has been elected to serve as president of the YCC, the student union of the University of Yale.

The 24-year-old Avraham is a native of Jerusalem, a high school graduate from Gymnasia Herzliya in Tel Aviv, a former intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces and sophomore at Yale exclusive program for ethics and economics.

“I am a very proud Israeli today as another Israeli has reached a major milestone that no Israeli has ever reached before,” Danielle Turner, 28, of Long Island, New York told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the appointment.

Yale University is a highly prestigious school with former Presidents George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., and Bill Clinton, attending the school. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of State John Kerry, prominent philosophers, statesmen, and CEOs of major Fortune Global 500 companies, have also graduated from the school.

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U.S. to invest another $400 million in Israel's Iron Dome

Iron Dome in action 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Israel will receive hundreds of millions in additional funding in order to improve the operation of its Iron Dome missile defense system, according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

The Pentagon has requested an additional $220.3 million for 2014 to strengthen the missile defense system "Iron Dome" of Israel despite wider cuts to U.S. military spending, according to budget documents.

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is also requesting an additional $175.9 million in fiscal year 2015 for Israel’s homegrown missile defense network, according to the budget proposal published online by the agency.

The Pentagon has invested $204 million into the system in 2011 and $70 million in 2012.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has promised that Washington will continue to fund anti-missile weapons systems, including the Iron Dome, despite fiscal pressures.

The details of the budget were made public before the planned visit by Hagel to Israel next week, his first as defense secretary.
The Republican majority in the House of Representatives in May 2012 requested additional funding of approximately $680 million for the Iron Dome program.

“This is great news for Israel and the U.S., as the Pentagon is confident the the Iron Dome, is a system that really makes a difference. This news comes as a relief, as several reports recently have questioned the effectiveness of the Iron Dome,” Dwight Green of Washington D.C. told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the funding.

The U.S. military aid to Israel amounts to about $3 billion a year to ensure a "qualitative military edge" of the country in the region, as required by law.

For its part, Israel has spent $1 billion dollars in the development and production of Iron Dome batteries.
Israeli officials said that the Iron Dome program was successful in battle.

In the video below, you can see the Iron Dome in action shooting down multiple incoming missiles.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Parents win $90 million from BoE after their daughter died while crossing to waiting school bus

School bus illustration  
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) After a long fight, a family won their wrongful death lawsuit against the Maryland Board of Education.

A jury in Prince George County, has awarded the family a settlement of $90 million to the family of a 13-year-old, who was hit and killed while crossing the street to her bus stop.

13-year-old Ashley Davis was walking to her bus stop when she was hit and killed by a Lincoln Continental in front of her classmates. The car also hit a 17-year-old boy.

The teenager, who was a freshman at Crossland High School, suffered horrific injuries in the accident and died two weeks later.

In the lawsuit against the Board of Education of Prince George County, the Davis family alleged that her daughter was not provided safe and adequate transportation. On Monday, a jury of six awarded the family $90 million in damages, in addition to the medical and funeral expenses.

"The school board was negligent," John Costello, the lawyer for the Davis family said. Costello claimed that the school was negligent when they did not pick up Ashley on her side of the street,
forcing her to cross the street which led to her death.

“Everyone is mourning the loss of life. It is surprising that the Board of Education can be held responsible for an accident which was caused by a driver who did not stop for the bus, as required by law,” Steven Jordan, 59, from Washington D.C. told YourJewishNews.com after hearing about the jury’s verdict against the Board of Education.

"She was doing the right thing. She went to school. Was a good girl. She did not deserve this," Ashley’s mother said.

Parents smother crying baby so they could have sex

Rodrigo Rodriguez and Angela Petrov 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A couple was arrested and charged with assault related charges after their baby died from asphyxia.

The couple is accused of smothering their baby who was crying while they were trying to have sex.

Rodrigo Rodriguez, 29, is accused of covering his baby’s mouth, three times, as the mother, Angela Petrov, 21, allegedly watched.
The couple from Chicago, Illinois is accused of choking their youngest child unconscious before placing her back into her crib so they could have sex, police said.

Rodriguez is accused of smothering his 5-month-old baby girl, named Angelina, with his hand on Thursday night, as the mother, 21-year-old Angela Petrov, watched and did nothing to help her baby.

The two were allegedly drinking before they went to the room and had sex before falling asleep. In the morning, the couple realized that their baby was unresponsive, so Petrov called police.

The baby was rushed to the hospital, where she later died. The parents were arrested after doctors found injuries on the baby which was consistent with ongoing abuse.

“How can a father kill his own child? This is an unthinkable tragedy. Ironically, one moment of pleasure will leave the couple with a lifetime of pain. Hopefully, their other children are in good hands now,” Maria Jones, 33, from Arlington Heights, Chicago told YourJewishNews.com after learnig about the baby’s death.

The parents were charged with aggravated battery to a child. The couple’s older children are being cared for by family members, Department of Children and Family Services spokesman David Clarkin said.

Clarkin also revealed that the couple were already being investigated for other allegations of abuse involving another child.

The couple is being held on $5 million bail.

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Video shows sinkhole as it swallows three cars in Chicago

Sinkhole swallows car in Chicago  
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) One person was left injured and three cars were damaged after a huge sinkhole opened up in a residential area in Chicago.

A massive landslide in the South Side of Chicago came after a night of heavy storms and rains in the area.

At around 5:15 am, the sinkhole gave way and two cars fell inside. Shortly after firefighters arrived, a third car was seen sliding into the hole. A fourth car was towed away from the scene before it, too, would have been swallowed, according to witnesses.

“This is very unsettling, knowing that the the road underneath us can open at any moment and swallow a person, car, or house at any moment,” Jasmin Walker, 24, from Chicago, Illinois told YourJewishNews.com, after seeing the car falling into the sinkhole.

Three to five inches of rain fell overnight in the Chicago area, causing problems with flooding, road closures, school closures and delays in public transport in the Metro train system.

Chicago Water Department Commissioner Thomas Powers said the blame for the sinkhole was not the rain, but the nearly one hundred year old sewer system of the city. “When the water main broke, it breached the sewer below it, undermined the soil underneath the pavement, and washed it into the sewer," Powers said.

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Bus driver punches passenger after he asked too many questions

Bus driver confronts passenger before the assault 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A bus driver lost his job and was charged with assault related charges after he punched a passenger who asked him too many questions.

A Lincoln, Nebraska bus driver was caught on surveillance video assaulting a passenger, then physically dragging him off the bus, and leaving him on the side of the road before he drove off.

Lincoln officials released the video and identified the bus driver as 43-year-old Troy Fischer. He had been dismissed from his job at the StarTran bus service, where he worked for four years.
“What a shame that two adults could not communicate like grown men, instead they fought, causing both to suffer. I think that the driver got the bad end of the stick when he lost his job over the fight,” Betty Harris, 31, from Omaha, Nebraska, told YourJewishNews.com.

The video shows Fischer communicating with the man who was his only passenger. At some point, Fischer became irritated by the man, and attacked the man. The video shows Fischer punching the passenger 18 times. Then, he dragged him off the bus and left him at the side of a road before zooming away.

Fischer was remorseful during the disciplinary hearing, according to authorities. He has been cited on a misdemeanor assault charge.

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U.S. Army Captain attacked in Walmart by man who hates the military

Soldier being assaulted  
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A U.S. Army Captain was attacked and suffered injuries while shopping at Walmart.

The Captain was dressed in his full U.S. military uniform, when he was attacked at the checkout line of Walmart in New York.

The store surveillance camera captured the incident showing the moment the 47-year-old Yiqiang Wu, attacked the U.S. Army Captain “just for being in the army”, according to police. Wu, is accused of cursing the unidentified Army captain, who was waiting for his turn to pay for his purchases at Walmart in Albany.

The soldier told cops that Wu, from Schenectady, New York shouted offensive remarks about the U.S. and his service to the nation. When he walked away, Wu went after him and hit him in the face several times. The soldier however, never fought back. Albany Police officer Steve Smith praised the 43-year-old captain, and said: "He displayed a great deal of restraint, which is consistent with the armed forces, law enforcement and public service guidelines."

“The man should have thanked the Captain for his service, as he put his life on the line fighting the enemies so others can be safe. Nobody forced Wu to live in the United States. If he does not like the country, he can leave,” Steven Armstrong, 25, from Orange County, New York told YourJewishNews.com.

Albany police released the video after Wu was arrested and charged with assault as a hate crime. He has since been released on bail. The captain suffered bruising to his face and a cut above his eye. He was treated at the scene by personnel from the Albany Fire Department.

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Woman, 97, rescued after falling out from window

Elderly woman being rescued  
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A 97-year-old woman in Ukraine is lucky to be alive after she fell out of a building window hitting an air condition.

Firefighters managed to rescue the elderly woman after she fell out of the window and hung on to an air conditioning unit.

Angela Artyomova from Rivne, hung 35 feet above the ground after she apparently fell out while cleaning her windows. Despite her age, the grandmother managed to grab onto the air conditioning unit. She then stuck her foot into the air condition bracket for better grip until she was rescued.

People who heard Artyomova scream for help, called firefighters. She was still hanging by the time firefighters arrived. One firefighter rushed up the ladder while another one entered the house and together they brought her to safety.

Officials of the fire brigade said they realized that the situation was desperate when they arrived and did not have time to set up an air cushion.

“This could've been tragic. Thankfully, it all ended well. At her age, it is surprising that she was strong enough to hold on to the air condition like she did. I wish her well. May she live in peace and be healthy,” Viktor Koslovsky, from Poltava, Ukraine told YourJewishNews.com after seeing the dramtic rescue on video.

After she was rescued, the grateful grandma thanked the firefighters, and joked that she fell out while trying to close the window in order to keep her sex life private, according to the video uploaded to YouTube.

The grandmother was taken to a hospital and treated for shock.

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McDonald's to pay $700,000 to Muslims after selling non-halal chicken

McDonald's location serving halal 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) The world’s largest burger chain will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Muslims after it was caught selling non-halal chicken, according to court proceedings in Michigan.

McDonald’s agreed to settle a lawsuit for $700,000 for false advertising of its meat as halal. The Dearborn Heights, Michigan man sued after learning the chicken sandwich he bought was not halal.

The fast food chain will pay the $700,000 to the Muslim community after falsely advertising its Detroit location as halal, or prepared according to Islamic law.

A judge agreed to the settlement of $700,000 agreement between members of the Muslim community in Michigan and McDonald’s.

Ahmed Ahmed, the Dearborn Heights man who represented the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit, said he bought a chicken sandwich at the restaurant, but he has found later it was not halal.

“McDonald’s should not deceive the Muslim community who only eats halal. They are a disgrace. I am glad that they will have to pay us Muslims for serving us non halal meat,” Mohamed Talal, 50, of Detroit, Michigan told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the settlement.

There are only two McDonalds in the U.S. that sell halal and both are in Dearborn, which has one of the Arab and Muslim communities nation's largest. Overall, the Detroit area is home to about 150,000 Muslims of many ethnicities.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Foreign Muslims buying up women for 'one month marriages' in India

Child brides in India 
By: Eva Fett

A new type of sex tourism was exposed in India, where wealthy Muslim foreigners are buying up women for “one month marriages”, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

A 17-year-old girl has revealed the new type of Islamic sexual tourism in India, where Muslim men from the Middle East and Africa are buying women for sex, but just for one month.

Activists for the rights of Muslim women, said that the short term "marriage" is illegal in India, and forbidden in Islam, which are increasing in Hyderabad, a city in southern India, where wealthy foreigners and government appointed imams, are exploiting poverty among Muslim families in the city.

The victim, Nausheen Tobassum revealed the extent of the problem when she ran away from home last month after her parents pressured her to consummate a forced marriage with a middle-aged Sudanese man who had paid about $1,800 to purchase her for one month.

She told police that she had been taken by her aunt in a hotel where she and three other teenagers were presented to a Sudanese oil company executive. The man, Usama Ibrahim Mohammed, 44, married with two children in Khartoum, later came to her house, where an imam held a wedding ceremony.

The wedding certificate stated that the marriage expires at the end of one month.
"The next day, the man came to the house of the girl and demanded to have sex with his new wife, but she refused," a local police officer told a leading British newspaper.

Her parents assured the man that they would persuade their daughter to have sex and said they would punish the girl if she refused. The girl then ran out of her small apartment in Hyderabad and she alerted police. Police arrested the man, aunt of the victim and the imam. Police have also issued an arrest warrant for her parents. Nausheen is a minor, therefore, under Indian law she cannot marry until age 18. Her parents are in hiding, but were charged with organizing a child marriage, violating the modesty of a woman, and conspiracy.

“This man is an animal. In any society, this practice would be considered cruel and inhuman. I am glad to see that police in India have started taking these offenses more seriously, and I hope this practice is completely stopped,” Timothy Cook, 47, of Seattle, Washington told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the charges.

The police officer also said there are dozens of illegal marriages of short-term contracts in the city, and that the Sudanese man arrested had come to Hyderabad after a friend in Khartoum said that he had purchased a wife of one month in the city.

Female sex counselor, 70, charged after undressing, asking female patient to sleep with her

Nice hotel room illustration 
By: Eva Fett

A female sex counselor was charged with sexual harassment related charges after she undressed and approached her female patient’s bed and asked for sex, according to proceedings in the United Kingdom.

The 70-year-old sex counselor took her patient to New York and paid for a luxury hotel where she got undressed in front of her, a disciplinary panel was told.

Over a period of 18 months, Trisha Birch lavished the woman with gifts, treated her to restaurants, gave her money and sent her inappropriate text messages.

Birch, who is a psychosexual counselor, also told the patient that she had never slept with a woman before while sitting naked on the edge of the bed, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

The nurse was working for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, when the alleged incident with the woman, known only as patient A, occurred.

She took her on vacation to New York, where the couple shared a hotel room, and she gave her $250 to spend.
During the trip, Patient A said she awoke at 4:00 am and saw Birch naked at the foot of the bed and she said: "Never slept with a woman".

David Clark, for the NMC, said that the patient refused to testify because she suffers from "nightmares" after the experience.
In a written statement, she said: "I would like to put things behind me."

Birch admitted to sending text messages to Patient A, giving her gifts, taking her to dinner, allowing her to visit her home, taking her on a trip to New York and providing her with approximately $250.

She denies the allegations that she was naked in front of the patient and denies making the comment about sleeping with a woman.

“What this old woman did to her patient is completely unacceptable. Instead of helping out those in need this psychotherapist made things a million times worse. She should not be allowed near another patient ever again,” Joyce Adams, 39, of Canterbury, United Kingdom told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the charges.

If found guilty of misconduct, the nurse could be struck off the register and prevented from working in the profession again.

California man in court describes life after wife cut off his private part

Catherine Kieu 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A man in court described his bad life after his wife cut off his private part, according to court proceedings in California.

The former husband of a woman accused of cutting off his private part said it was as if his life ended the night of the attack.

"I was killed that night," the man said Wednesday, the first day of the trial of Catherine Kieu, 50.

Orange County Deputy District Attorney John Christl said in his opening speech that Kieu, angry because her husband was dating a former girlfriend, spiked his food with sleeping pills, then tied him to a bed, cut off his private part and put it in the garbage disposal.

"I'll never have a sex life again," the husband, who underwent a surgery that allows him to urinate said in court. Doctors were not able to reattach the cut off private part. "My mental state is improving, but it never be what it was before," he said.
The husband said he remembered waking up tied to the bed. "Suddenly I felt a sharp pain," he said.

“This is an extremely cruel attack and this woman should be jailed for a long time. Violence is not the way to deal with issues, also, the man was already separated from his wife, therefore, he should have been allowed to move on with his life and date other women,” Evelyn Dixon, 48, of Los Angeles, California told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the cruel attack.

In his opening statement, Deputy Public Defender Frank Bittar told jurors Kieu’s traumatic childhood during the war in Vietnam caused the mental illness that should prevent her conviction on charges of aggravated assault and torture.

Prosecutors played audio in court that was captured by a voice-activated recorder Kieu was hiding in the bedroom, according to Christl. She was shouting "You deserve it" three times before the attack, on the recording.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

25 workers hospitalized after being fed poisoned bread

Plate of delicious sandwiches illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Workers at a car part factory were rushed to the hospital after they were poisoned, according to press reports in Germany.

Twenty five factory workers have been sent to the hospital after eating snacks that were laced with rat poison.

Workers at the Mueller-Technik, a company that produces auto parts in the northwestern city of Steinfeld, ate snacks that were left along with a thank you note at the front entrance and the side entrance of their building Tuesday morning, keeping up with a German tradition of giving bread.

Workers described the bread as old and dry before discovering the poison beneath the meat and cheese.
Emergency services were called immediately and 25 workers were sent to the hospital for observation in intensive care units, although none are yet to show signs of poisoning.

Contaminated bread samples were sent to a laboratory in Berlin, where it was confirmed that they contained small amounts of rat poison, but not enough to kill.

Police are saying that whoever left the sandwiches must have been familiar with the company and their routine of bringing food to work for other colleagues, but that the small amount of poison indicated that the perpetrator was likely someone with a grudge rather than with the intent to kill.

“People need to be very careful before consuming a questionable product. If these sandwiches had a little more poison it could have been fatal. I hope police hunt down the person behind this terrible attack against hard working citizens,” Amanda Daniels, 27, of Babenhausen, Germany told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the poison bread.

Helmut Kohanke, the CEO of Mueller-Technik, said a press conference that there had been no problems with employees recently and that no one had been fired.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view