Fisherman survives after shooting himself with spear in the face

Bruno Barcellos de Souza Coutinho with spear in his head 
By: Moses Gold

A fisherman is lucky to be alive after he accidentally shot himself in the face with a spear, according to press reports in Brazil.

The Brazilian fisherman who accidentally shot a spear through his face, survived with minimal brain damage, and did not even bother to seek medical attention for more than 10 hours after the incident.

Bruno Barcellos de Souza Coutinho, 34, was cleaning his equipment when the gun suddenly discharged, sending a foot-long spear about six inches into his skull, according to officials at Hospital Santa Teresa.

Instead of rushing to the hospital, Souza Coutinho apparently decided to relax at home and let the wounds heal on its own, which led to his aunt calling the fire department.

Souza Coutinho was completely conscious when he arrived at the hospital, despite having the spear piercing in his left eye, crushing his skull and lodging itself in his brain millimeters away from vital arteries. He underwent emergency surgery on Monday and lost sight in his left eye due to the misfortune.

“This man is extremely fortunate to be alive. Not many people can survive a spear through the head. However,had he not waited 10 hours to seek medical attention, doctors might have been able to save his sight in his left eye. People should learn from this and seek medical attention immediately,” Stephanie Philpis, 56, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma told after learning about the fisherman.

He remains in the intensive care unit of the hospital, and now learned to seek medical attention the next time he manages to survive a near-fatal accident.

Amanda Bynes ejected from gym after being caught smoking weed

Amanda Bynes seen in New York City 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A popular young Hollywood actress was kicked out of her gym this week after being caught smoking weed in the gym bathroom, despite the fact that the facility is a non smoking environment, according to press reports in New York.

The Hollywood actress was identified by the press as 27-year-old Amanda Bynes.

The former Nickelodeon star was ejected from the Planet Fitness in Harlem and had her membership revoked, when she was spotted smoking marijuana in the women's bathroom.

“Of all the places to celebrate 4/20, which is a day designated by pro marijuana activists for public protests, I do not think anyone would be doing that in the gym,” an employee of Planet Fitness said. The employee also said that Bynes did not take the news that the company would cancel her membership very well, and was seen storming out of the facility.

“Where are the police? Where are the Hollywood producers? She is corrupting our children by publicly smoking weed all over, and totally disregarding the law. She is acting like an elite citizen and thinks that the law does not apply to herself. She should be charged and punished to the fullest extent of the law,” Brenda Green, 56, of the Upper West Side in New York City told after learning about the latest Bynes weed incident.

Bynes has denied the claims of the gym, saying: "I do not smoke in the bathroom. Likewise, I do not smoke marijuana!"
However, Bynes was seen smoking what looked very much like a marijuana joint earlier this month in New York City’s Times Square.

Also, that former child star was facing eviction from her apartment because she was allegedly smoking weed "morning, noon and night", in the hallway of her apartment building which is a non-smoking facility.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Reese Witherspoon arrested after disrespecting police officer

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth mug shots 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) A popular Hollywood actress was arrested after disrespecting a police officer who was arresting her husband, Jim Toth, for driving in the wrong lane under the influence of alcohol, according to police reports in Atlanta, Georgia.

Reese Witherspoon, the Oscar-winning actress, was stopped early Friday after a police officer noticed the car driving in the wrong lane.

According to a police report: "Witherspoon began shouting out of the window and said that she thought he was not a real police officer. I ordered Witherspoon to sit and be silent."

The report continues: "Witherspoon asked, 'Do you know my name?' I said, 'No, I do not need to know your name.'” Then he added: "Right now." Witherspoon said: "You're about to discover who I am.” Witherspoon also said: “You'll be on the national news."

Witherspoon is charged with disorderly conduct for getting into a verbal fight with the police officer. Toth, whose level of blood alcohol was recorded as 0.139, has been charged with driving while intoxicated.
Witherspoon, 37, and Toth, 42, were released at 3:30 AM Friday.

“I applaud the police officer for not being intimidated by Witherspoon. All citizens are equal under the eyes of the law. The police officer did the right thing,” Martha Evans, 46, of Atlanta, Georgia told after learning about the Witherspoon arrest.

The couple had been in the Georgia capital to work on the film "The Good Lie". They married in March 2011 and welcomed their first child together, son Tennessee James, in September.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Burglar arrested after he uses baby as shield during police standoff

Raleigh Reynolds 
By: John Roberts

A man who was wanted for burglary by police, grabbed a baby as a shield before surrendering to police.

The Clackamas County police were called to a burglary. By the time they arrived, the suspect had already jumped a fence and ran to his sister's house, where he barricaded himself.

The alleged thief, Raleigh Reynolds, hid in his sister’s house, but when he was repeatedly ordered by police to exit the house he used his own baby as a shield in a confrontation with the police in Estacada, Oregon. Raleigh Reynolds allegedly held his seven-month-old son in front of his body, when he surrendered to authorities, according to the police report. Reynold finally gave his son to the police, unharmed.

“It is very scary that a father would put his baby is a situation like this, but sadly, people no longer trust that police officers will not use excessive force,” Jack Lewis, 51, of New York City told after learning about the baby being used as a shield.

Fortunately, the baby is fine and is now in the care of other family members. He has been imprisoned and charged with child neglect, resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

The last time Reynolds was in trouble with the law was when he accidentally called police in the middle of a drug deal.

Sober bar geared towards recovering alcoholic addicts to open in Chicago

The Other Side bar 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) People who are recovering addicts will now have a place to have fun and hang out in an alcohol free environment.

“The Other Side”, is set to open in Chicago, Illinois, later this month. The strongest drink served will be an energy drink, according to local press reports in Chicago.

The sober bar will be headed by a former heroin addict who himself is in recovery.

Chris Reed, a former addict and one of the minds behind the venture, saw the need for a place where recovering addicts can have a good time. Reed said that when he started living a sober life, he found very limited entertainment options which did not include alcohol.

“For those who are struggling with an alcohol addiction, it is best not be around alcohol at all, but that leaves people with very few places to hang out. I believe that this venue is a great idea and it will be successful,” Mary Smith, 33, who is a wife of a former addict in Aurora, Illinois told

The alcohol-free bar will have live music, couches, televisions screens and pool tables. "If you choose a sober lifestyle, the bar will be a healthy atmosphere. We are still young, and we want to hang out. It's going to be a nice place for people in recovery," Reed said.

The other side, will be open 4 nights a week and all proceeds will go to fund drug treatment and prevention efforts.

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Man tattoos his entire eyes black

Black eye tattoo 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Some people get really weird tattoos, but one guy got himself black eye tattoos, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The Brazilian man has had his eyes tattooed completely black.

Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, himself a tattoo artist, paid nearly $500 to turn his eyes into solid black.
The 39-year-old has covered 70 percent of his body in tattoos and is the 13th person in the South American country to undergo the black eye procedure.

"I cried black ink for two days," the man told a local newspaper.
“Now, my tears are still grey,” he also said.

Rafael Leao Dias, who tattooed dos Santos’ eyes explained that he used a special type of needle and ink for the procedure.
He also revealed that he had to go over the area three times to get an opaque result.

"I applied the ink between the conjunctiva and the sclera layer that protects the eye," he said. "I studied the process for two years and did my first procedure last year. There is no risk or discomfort due to the use of a specific eyewash," Rafael Leao Dias said.

“People get all types of crazy tattoos all the time, but this one is was over the top. I personally believe that his eyes are disgusting, and he looks like a freak as well,” Fred Young, 20, of Sao Paulo, Brazil told after seeing the tattooed eyes.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Thousands of Hungarians march to protest anti-Semitism and remember Holocaust victims

March for Life rally in Budapest, Hungary 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) Thousands of people in Hungary have joined together in a massive protest against rising anti-Semitism across Europe, and in particular in Hungary, according to press reports in Europe.

Tens of thousands of Hungarians gathered in Budapest on Sunday to protest against rising anti-Semitism in the country. The annual “March for Life” took place two weeks before the Plenary Assembly of the World Jewish Congress in the Hungarian capital.

The event usually has a few thousand participants, but this year, the event attracted a much larger crowd, with thousands walking in a square near the Parliament along the river Danube with Israeli and the European Union flags. "We had more people here than ever, but this means that there is a big problem," Gabor Gordon, chief organizer of the event told the crowd. "Racism, anti-Semitism. We have to stop this while we can," Gordon added.

“Finally, we are seeing ordinary Europeans coming together to fight anti-Semitism, now governments across Europe need to take the problem of racism more seriously and do everything in their power to stop the flames of hate,” Benjamin Long, 45, who partcitpitaed in the rally in Budapest, Hungary, told after the event.

A right-wing motorcyclists gang had also planned a demonstration on Sunday, but Prime Minister Viktor Orban ordered his interior minister to ban the parade under the slogan “Give Gas” because it was insensitive to the Jewish community, in the day the country remembers the deaths of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews who died in Nazi death camps during World War II.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Israeli Prime Minister to visit China after official invitation

Netanyahu meets with Chinese official 
By: Sarah Weiss

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will be visiting China next month after he received an official invitation from the Chinese government, according to press reports in Israel.

“The Chinese, are rising in the world military and economic scenes, and it just makes sense for Israel to enjoy close ties with China, especially since the recent turmoil in the Middle East caused by the Arab Spring,” Ryan Allen, 56, a political advisor in New York City told after learning about the schedule visit.

The last Israeli prime minister to visit China was Ehud Olmert, in 2007. Netanyahu attempted to schedule a visit during his previous term as prime minister, but his attempts were unsuccessful for a number of reasons, including lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Chinese, while the peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was frozen.

There was a scheduled visit to China in September 2011, but Netanyahu had to cancel the visit in order to attend a summit at the White House after being invited by U.S. President Barack Obama, who also invited Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. A visit scheduled for last year to mark 20 years of Chinese diplomatic relations with Israel was canceled due to China's internal political problems.

With the change of governments in both countries, the Chinese feel that the timing is right for the visit. The visit will focus on improving economic relations between Israel and China, and the Iranian threat facing Israel.

While the prime minister has urged his ministers to reduce foreign travel as much as possible, Netanyahu’s position is that India and China are the exceptions and placed improved relations with those countries high on their focus list.

Hundreds participate in 'Walk For Israel' in Wisconsin and Washington

Walk For Israel event 
By: Shifra Unger

A large solidarity walk with the State of Israel was held in the State of Wisconsin, according to press reports in Wisconsin.

Hundreds took to the streets in Fox Point, armed with Israeli and U.S. flags to celebrate the 65th birthday of Israel.

“The Walk for Israel” event was just one small part of the general celebration of Israel’s Independence Day, that day in the Jewish Community Center in Whitefish Bay. The event, titled "Israel at 65: Then, Now and Tomorrow", also featured an Israeli flag dance performed by students of Milwaukee Jewish Day School, camel rides, food demonstrations by Israeli chefs, coffee and conversation with Lt. Col. Yonayan about Israel and the opportunity to write a letter to the Soldiers of Israel.

“It was an extremely nice and heartwarming event to see all those who support the State of Israel come out for ‘The Walk for Israel’ event,” Jason Schmidt, 42, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin told after the event.

Another “Walk For Israel” event was held in Washington State, according to press reports.

Once a year, in April, the Israeli flag can be seen along Island Crest Way and in the center of Mercer Island, because of the “Walk For Israel” of Yeshiva High School to the Island Crust Cafe.

NYHS students, teachers and parents participated in the third annual march on Tuesday, in celebration of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. Representatives of StandWithUs, a non-profit organization for the defense of Israel, also joined the walk. The sophomore class was not present, as 10th graders are visiting Washington, D.C., for the study of government.

Sarah Varon, a NYHS student, began the walk for the tradition of Israel in 2011, when she was a senior.
This week, is "Israel Week" in the Northwest Yeshiva, and in addition to the walk, the school held a candlelight ceremony and a service project, making blankets to send to disadvantaged youth in Sanhedria Children's Home in Israel.

Jordan allows Israeli military to use its airspace for the first time

Israeli military route through Jordan 
By: David Ross

The Jordanian government has given the green light for the Israeli military to use its airspace for the first time, according to press reports in the United States.

Jordan has agreed to allow Israel to use its airspace to monitor the situation in the war in Syria, Western intelligence sources told a newspaper in France.

The report released Monday by the French newspaper said that two air corridors, one in southern Jordan to the Negev region in southern Israel and another one north of Amman, have been made ​​available to the Israeli Air Force.

Israel has expressed concern about the situation in Syria, including concerns about jihadist elements operating near the borders and about the stockpiles of chemical weapons in the country, the newspaper said.

Jordan's King Abdullah decided to allow Israel to use its airspace after meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Jordan in March, the newspaper said.

Abdullah's decision threatens the fragile situation facing Jordan because of the thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordan. The Syrian presence in Jordan has affected the country's economy.

“It is about time that moderate Muslim countries, like Jordan, realize that a strategic alliance with Israel benefits all parties involved,” Terry Kendall, 34, of Greenville, South Carolina told after learning about the alliance.

The newspaper also said that the Syrian President, Bashar Assad, has rejected all proposals for a ceasefire and in a recent television interview he issued a warning to Jordan.

"The fire does not stop at our borders. Everyone knows that Jordan is also exposed to the same crisis that is facing Syria," Assad was quoted as saying. The air access into Jordan will also give Israel an open corridor to reach Iran.

Man pays full airfare to fly his mannequin on trip as his companion

Mannequin on airplane 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man took his mannequin on a trip, and were flying together to Kansas City, Missouri.

Passengers on the Kansas City bound plane saw a strange sight, as 50-year-old Greg Cochrane, from Sarasota, Florida sat next to a fully dressed, full sized mannequin which he treated as if it was a real person.

Cochrane has an obsession with many things that are Hollywood related. He especially loves the show "I Dream of Jeannie". his favorite star in the show is Barbara Eden, and since he cannot have Eden in person, he uses a mannequin to replicate Eden. He also uses the mannequin as his companion.

He dresses the life-size mannequin is Eden’s iconic suit of "Jeannie". When Barbara Eden was acting in a play in Kansas City, Cochrane, packed his mannequin and went to meet her. He bought a plane ticket for his mannequin. In total, he spent about $1,000 on the trip, but he said that it was all worth it.

“It is very weird that a grown 50-year-old man would use a mannequin as his companion. He must be really desperate. Couldn’t he just have taken along a picture of his mannequin to show Barbara Eden, so people don’t see how pathetic he is?” Mary White, 47, of Orlando, Florida told after learning about the man with his mannequin.

After all, he had his life dream come true when Eden brought him on stage, where he got to meet her face to face for the first time, and he got to interact with her.

"I've waited 46 years to meet you," Cochrane said.
"Well, I'm very happy you did," Eden replied.

"After all these years of collecting, it finally paid off," Cochrane said. "Just watching Barbara in person, it’s not just a fantasy for me, it will always be part of my memory," he added.

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Fat woman, 42, grabs attention when she strips at press conference

John Roberts 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested during a press conference after she stripped in protest.

The South Carolina woman, John Roberts, 42, was arrested after she apparently stripped to her underwear during a press conference held at the Plaza of the State House.

The news conference in Columbia, was to promote zero tolerance for litter, and a campaign was launched in an effort to reduce littering.

“Apparently, parents have not taught their children to care for other people's property by not throwing garbage on the floor, costing taxpayers a lot of money in cleaning the dirty streets,” Tenisha Brown, 34, from Columbia, South Carolina, told after seeing photos of the grown woman striping in protest at the Palmetto Pride's Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign, confrence.

Dixon, threw her clothing and purse to the ground and walked slowly towards the crowed, before being stopped by police officers. Footage of the event captured the moment of her arrest.

In the video below, you can see Dixon, being arrested, while officers pick her clothing up from the floor. The speaker at the press conference was still talking as police handcuffed Dixon. He is heard making light of the woman’s stripping, saying: "You've got litter in all shapes and sizes, this is what I can say right now," he said, while the crowd laughed at his joke.

Dixon was charged with disorderly conduct and was held in a local detention center, pending a bail hearing.

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Mischievous orangutan steals caretaker's shirt and dresses himself with it

orangutan stole his caretaker's shirt 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A clever orangutan stole his caretaker's shirt and then dressed himself with the shirt.

Orangutans are known for their mischievous behavior. One orangutan named Carlo lives in the Crocodile Park, which is located in Davao, Philippines.

A visitor at the zoo, captured an amazing scene in which the animal stuck his hand through his cage and grabbed the caregiver’s shirt. After a struggle, Carlo managed to pull off the man's shirt .

The hilarious creature then pulls the shirt over his own body, and manages to put it on, although it was inside out. Carlo the orangutan, was proud of himself as he walked away and climbed up to his second story cage.

“This is very interesting, I didn't know that orangutans are so clever and determined. It wanted the shirt and the animal got it. It wanted to wear the shirt just like humans and managed to do so. I am impressed. I watched the video a few times and I enjoyed it very much,” Kimberly Smith, 20, from Detroit, Michigan told after watching the video.

Last year, a zoo in Indonesia worked hard to get a female orangutan to stop smoking. The female creature, Tori, developed the habit after visitors threw cigarettes in the zoo area where he lived. The animal picked up the cigarette and taught itsself how to smoke.

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South Carolina couple finds 12-foot alligator on front porch

Alligator found on couples front porch 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) A woman was horrified when she found a huge alligator sitting on her front porch.

A 1000 pound alligator kept a South Carolina couple hostage in their home for hours on Saturday before it was captured and taken away.

At 5:30 am, Diana Andrews was about to take her dog for a walk. When she opened the front door of the Hilton Head Island house she shares with her husband, Arthur, she saw the 12-foot alligator sitting on her front porch.

Andrews called the security guard of her gated community. The guard came with his truck and tried to scare the alligator away, but that only made the alligator more agitated. The guard told Andrews that she would have to "call the professionals."

“This is kind of funny. The woman called the security guard, but did not ask him why he allowed an “outsider” enter their gated community. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. People should not mess with alligators. We have professionals out there and it should be left to them to deal with it,” Emily Taylor, 23, from Aiken County, South Carolina told after hearing about the alligator incident.

Andrews called the Critters Management Inc. At first the company sent out one employee to handle the alligator, but when he arrived and saw the size of the animal he knew that he cannot handle it on his own. Additional six colleagues came to help remove the alligator. They tied its mouth shut and tied its legs so they could remove the animal from Andrews’ garden. "It was at least five hours from the moment we saw it until the time they took it," Andrews said.

Joe Maffo, who is one of the company employees who helped remove the alligator, estimated that the alligator weighed around 1000 pounds. The alligator was safely removed and no one was harmed.

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Man stands two months at bus stop waiting for the love of his life to return

Vitaly Shakhnazarov 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) It was love at first site for one Russian man, when he met a girl and fell in love with her as soon as he met her.

The two met at the bus stop. Vitaly Shakhnazarov, who lives in Irkutsk, Russia, fell in love with the girl who he knows only as Mariana. The two were chatting, laughing and having a good time while waiting for bus number 80, but their meeting was cut short when her bus arrived. "We liked each other immediately and when her bus came we agreed to meet the next day at the same place at the same time," Shakhnazarov said.

Shakhnazarov, 33, came to the bus stop the next day with flowers, but the girl never showed up. Lovestruck, Shakhnazarov did not give up, as he was determined to to meet the girl again.

For two months, he came and waited at the same bus stop to meet the girl one more time, but she never came. He has spent two months waiting at the bus stop and he rode the bus number 80 hoping to meet her again.

"I never believed in love at first sight, but now I do," Shakhnazarov, a freelance programmer said. I cannot believe that I will never see her again and I'll keep coming to this stop until I find her again," he added. He knows that the girl lives in the area, therefore, he has walked the streets to find her, but so far he was unsuccessful. Now, he is looking for the public’s help to locate the girl who he believes is the love of his life.

“Her first name is Mariana, she has long dark hair. I remember earrings with green stones, and two rings on her fingers. She wore a turquoise blue down jacket and jeans,” Shakhnazarov said. Shakhnazarov has a special message for the mystery girl: “Mariana, if you see me, I really love you and I'm waiting!”

“This seems to be a very romantic gesture, but if the girl was just being polite and making small talk while waiting for her bus, then this can be creepy. If the girl went out of her way not to use the same bus for the past two months then maybe he should give up looking for her. If it is meant to be, then they will meet some other way,” Anna Smirnov, 21, from Ukraine, Russia told after hearing about the man’s request for help in locating his mystery lover.

Every morning and evening for two months, Shakhnazarov spent hours standing on the street in anticipation that “his” beloved girl will arrive. He looked at the faces of every passing girl and hoped to see his love once again.

“I pray to God that we met again. I am here before work and after work I rush here in the hopes of seeing her again. I believe that one day I'll get lucky and meet the girl who I believe is my soulmate,” Shakhnazarov said.

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Chinese movie production crew crowd Downtown Jerusalem

Chinese movie production crew in Jerusalem 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) No, the Chinese have not invaded Israel, they are just shooting a movie in Jerusalem, according to press reports in Israel.

By Anav Silverman

Tazpit News Agency For

It is not every day that downtown Jerusalem is featured in international films. But this past Friday a Chinese film production drew local attention, as movie scenes for what is expected to be a blockbuster movie in China, were shot along the busy Ben Yehuda Street.

The film, The Old Cinderella, is a romantic comedy directed by Lu Chuan that will feature more than 15 minutes of shots depicting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Dead Sea. It stars Chinese film star, Zhang Jingchu known for her role in Rush Hour 3, and top actors Kenji Wu and Pan Yueming.

This was Zhang's second visit to Israel. The actress visited in January with the rest of the movie production team, which came to scout the country for suitable filming locations.

''The shooting has been going great and the people here are very kind,'' Zhang told Tazpit News Agency.
''The local Israeli production company is very professional and the improv scenes have been amazing thanks to everyone's support,'' said Zhang in the middle of her Friday shoot, referring to Jerusalem's De Masa café, which provided its venue and waiters for an impromptu scene shot for the film.

Aryeh, one of the café waiters, was asked to play the part of the waiter in the movie. ''I woke up this morning, came to work and did not imagine that I would be playing a role in a Chinese film,'' he recalled, smiling.

This is the first Chinese film to be done in collaboration with Israel, with the Israel Ministry of Tourism investing approximately $80,000 to promote the film.

According to Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov, the tourism potential for Israel from China is very great. ''One of the goals of the ministry for 2013 is to break through into the Chinese market. Undoubtedly, the effect of a movie, shot in Israel with leading Chinese stars, will be greater and more significant than other alternative marketing activities.''

In 2011 and 2012, more than 20,000 Chinese tourists visited Israel. A global survey released in January showed that last year 8 million Chinese selected international tourist destinations according to the countries that they had seen in movies.

The U.S. and Russia are Israel's largest sources of tourism, with a combination of over 1 million tourists in 2012. Other countries with significant numbers of tourists visiting Israel include France, Germany and Britain.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man takes on 33 jobs in 33 countries in just 18 months

Jan Lachner 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A man took on an extremely difficult challenge and apparently he is succeeding, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

A French man has taken upon himself to work 33 jobs in 33 countries.
Jan Lachner, an engineer from Paris, began his journey 18 months ago.

Now, he has arrived to the United Kingdom to take on his 31st job as a shark tank cleaner at the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The 25-year-old has also been a dance instructor in Spain, and a DJ in Belgium. He explained that one of his favorite positions was as an archaeologist in Greece.

He said: "My highlight has been being a brewer in the Czech Republic, a photographer in Iceland, a bartender in Dublin, Ireland and an archaeologist in Greece."

Lachner said he was motivated to complete the adventure, because the number of people who spend their entire working life with just one employer.

"Before this project, I was struck by the number of people who have spent their lives with just one company," Lachner, who has spent $15,000 so far to fulfill his ambition.
"I wanted to know what else is out there before returning to the aviation industry," he added.

“This man is very aggressive and it is paying off. He now has an amazing resume at the young age of just 25. I admire him,” Douglas Baker, 32, of Bismarck, North Dakota told after learning about the man.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

10,000 iPhones used to create amazing falling domino animation effect

Falling iPhones moving into elevator 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Move over little plastic domino blocks as iPhones have now replaced you, according to an amazing video uploaded to the internet.

The video, shows 10,000 iPhones falling like dominoes to create a massive animation video.

One scene shows how the falling iPhones move threw a moving elevator, which seems to be perfect timing allowing the chain reaction to continue as it reaches the next floor.

With over one million views, the video has been very popular, but not everything is as it seems.

It was uploaded by Atma Animation Studios, by an all computer generated sequence as an advertising concept imagined for the iPhone 5S.

"I would have loved to be there when this video was made. I am always left scratching my head after I watch these types of tricks and always wonder how they are made. This one is really cute. I now look at the iPhone differently," Donna Hill, 18, of Great Falls, Montana told after watching the video.

Only one iPhone was actually used to create the entire video.

In other iPhone news recently, do you want to be the proud owner of the world’s most expensive iPhone? Now you can, but it will cost you $15 million.

Expensive, high-end smartphones and smartphone cases are nothing new, as Vertu has a $9,600 Android phone and London’s Loutus made a ​​$300,000 iPhone case with crystals. Now, Stuart Hughes, a designer of aftermarket electronics, has surpassed all of the above with a $15 million iPhone 5, that is believed to be the most expensive smartphone in history.

The phone has a solid gold handmade chassis. The real cost comes from is the most expensive home button in the world.
That single home button is a 26-carat black diamond. The diamond is said to be worth $14.5 million.

The diamonds do not stop there. There are 600 white flawless diamonds located on the Apple logo on the back and around the edges.
The phone is not available to the general public.

Hughes spent nine weeks setting up the phone specifically for a Hong Kong businessman who Hughes only referred to as “Joe”. Joe had the black diamond for a while and decided he wanted to put it on an iPhone after buying other items, from Hughes in the past.
“I have been commissioned to do all iPhones since the 3G version came out,” Hughes said, adding that he gets most of his business through referrals.

“I cannot understand why a person would want to own a $15 million iPhone. The phone can easily be lost. If Joe will lose his phone he will suffer a $15 million lose. Maybe he is rich enough and just doesn’t care about his money,” Belle Mayes, 36, of Las Vegas, Nevada told after hearing about the $15 million iPhone.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Baby caught on video telling dad 'worry about yourself' after struggling with seatbelt

August Hunley 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Who would have thought that this little baby had the guts?
One baby has become a viral video sensation after she was caught on video bossing around her father, according to video uploaded to the internet.

In the video, the child, August Hunley, is struggling to fasten her seatbelt. When her father offers to help her, she yells: "Worry about yourself!"

The 47-second video was uploaded late last month, but has increased dramatically in popularity over the past two days.
Now, the video has accumulated nearly 1 million views.

“It must be that the child is constantly hearing one of her parents saying: ‘worry about yourself’. Children usually repeat what they hear at home,” Sharon Clark 31, of Billings, Montana told after watching the video.

In other sweet kid videos recently, a father has caught his little son on video dumping his carrots into a trash can in order to receive the ice cream he was promised for eating his carrots, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Little Kyle Chapman who is only 4-years-old, plotted the perfect strategy to avoid eating carrots and go directly to the ice cream.

First, he told his father, Dan Chapman, of Santa Clarita, California to close his eyes and ears very tight while he ate his carrots, then, once his father complied he was able to execute the rest of his plan.

Kyle however, forgot that his father loves to record videos with his iPhone, which recorded the entire operation while his father closed his eyes and ears.

The result, was a priceless video that the internet world loved. The video of three minutes, published by Chapman to YouTube, showed Kyle patiently waiting for his father to close his eyes and then dumped his entire plate of carrots into the trash as he assumed he is in the clear.

“Recording your child on video and then showing the video later as a learning experience is a great educational strategy,” Roy Birdwell, 50, an education expert in Hartford, Connecticut told after watching the video.

Chapman showed the video to Kyle later and used the occasion as a learning opportunity.
"We spoke of deception later that night," Chapman said, adding that Kyle did not get his ice cream, that night.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Fox News mistakenly identifies the Boston bomber as Zooey Deschanel

Screen grab of Fox News 
By: Eva Fett

In an extremely embarrassing mistake, those responsible for running the Fox News captions mistakenly identified the Boston bomber as Zooey Deschanel, according screen grabs uploaded to the internet.

People watching live coverage of the hunt for the Boston terror suspect on one local Fox News affiliate with the sound off may have been surprised when the subtitles on the network identified actress Zooey Deschanel as the marathon bombing suspect.

"He is 19-year-old, Zooey Deschanel," a title that appears on the local network to read as police and FBI agents searched houses in Watertown, Massachusetts, for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The "New Girl" star was alerted to the confusion via Twitter by actor Joel McHale.
"Whoa!" Deschanel wrote. "Closed Caption Epic fail!"

“While it is extremely embarrassing for Fox News this provided a great laugh for many people during this tense week. Who knows, maybe it was itentional by the station to cheer us up a little,” Peter Lewish, 31, of Charleston, West Virginia told after watching the news coverage.