Couple swims 14 hours to safety after their boat sinks

Dan and Kate Suski 
By: Moses Gold

After their boat sank, a couple did not give up on life, they just began swimming until they reached the shore.

It all began when the couple went for a fishing trip off the rugged north coast of St. Lucia, that should have lasted all day, but about four hours into the trip, the boat's electrical system crackled and popped.

30-year-old Dan Suski, an expert in information technology from San Francisco, California had been fighting for his life on a rough sea, with the help of his sister, 39-year-old Kate Suski, an architect of Seattle, Washington.
They were trying to catch fish when water rushed into the cockpit and flooded the engine room, prompting them to radio for help.
They were told to abandon ship.

Less than five minutes later, the ship sank.
The couple was at least eight miles or 13 kilometers from the coast, and the waves were about 10 feet high.
"The captain was telling us to stay together, that help was on the way, and we had to wait," Kate Suski said.
The couple waited for an hour, but nobody came.

"I said, 'Let's swim, let's swim. We cannot stay here,"' she recalled.
When they began to swim, the Suskis lost sight of the captain amid the rising waves. Soon after, they also lost sight of land in the rain.

"We just saw swollen waves and gray," Dan Suski said.
A plane and a helicopter appeared in the distance flying over the area, but the siblings were not detected.
Several hours passed and the sun began to set.

They swam for 12 to 14 hours, talking as they pushed and rocked their way across the ocean.
When they reached the land, it was after midnight, and they did not notice any homes in the area.
In the morning they were found by a local farmer who called police.

The Suskis were hospitalized and received intravenous fluids.
"We are very grateful to be alive at this time," Kate Suski said.

“Their ordeal is truly a miracle. Not many people would have the courage to start swimming their way to safety. Luckily for them, they did. They might not have survived 24 hours in the water, which is the time it took rescuers to reach the captain of the ship,” Gabriel Braxton, 36, of Honolulu, Hawaii told after learning about the incident.

In several days, they plan to fly back to the U.S. to visit their father in Miami.

Man escapes from police officers after throwing bike in their faces

Man holding a bike illustration  
By: Sarah Weiss

Two police officers were injured when they tried to arrest a man. When police officers approached the man in order to arrest him he threw a bicycle at them in attempt to disarm them.

Police officers in Toronto tried to arrest the man who appeared to be high on drugs. In an effort to disarm the officers and get away from them, the man threw a bicycle at the officers, injuring them. The man, in the city of Cabbagetown launched a bicycle at the officers on the scene and then tried to disarm the officers as the three men got into a violent struggle.

After injuring the officers the suspect managed to escaped. Both officers were hospitalized. One officer has since been released, while the other remained in the hospital under observation.

An arrest warrant has been obtained for the suspect, 29-year-old Brian Christopher Hutchings. The suspect is described as a white male, who is about 5'9 and weighs about 180 pounds. He has short brown hair and green eyes.

“Bad move on his part, as assaulting a police officer to the extent of them being hospitalized, will land him in jail for much longer than the simple drug possession charge he was initially wanted for,” John Robertson, 22, of Toronto, Canada told after he heard about the incident.

The man is wanted for a host of charges which include, two counts of assaulting an officer, two counts of assault with intent to resist arrest, two counts of disarming law enforcement, escape from lawful custody and possession of marijuana, according to the Toronto police press report.

Treasure found after opening 100-year-old time capsule from church basement

Century Chest 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) It was an exciting moment when a hidden treasure was unearthed and its 100-year-old contents were revealed.

After a century of waiting, a treasure trove of interesting items from the 1910s was revealed. The time capsule was unearthed and opened in a church in Oklahoma.

The time capsule chest was buried for the past 100 years under 12 inches of concrete in the basement of the First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City.

The chest was made of vintage copper and was carefully buried by Ladies Aide Society of the church in 1913. It reportedly took a construction company a whopping 11 hours to unearth the container. When the chest was opened, the crowd that had gathered was fascinated as a collection of well-preserved artifacts were extracted from the time capsule.

Among the items were a period April 22, 1913 edition of The Daily Oklahoman, a map, a number of Native American artifacts, a pair of women's shoes, a pen used by President William McKinley to sign the 1900 free Homes Act for Oklahoma, and a phonograph record with voices of the people of that time.

"I was expecting some things that are damage, but everything looks in excellent condition," Oklahoma History Center research director Chad Williams said.
“It is always exciting to dig up a time capsule, as you never know what can be found inside, and this time it was no different,” Christine Redding, 35, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma told after the event.

All artifacts of the "Century Chest" will be preserved by the Oklahoma History Center and will be presented to the public later this year.

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News anchor fired after dropping f-bomb during first second in the job

AJ Clement as he drops the f-bomb 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A news anchor was fired from his job after dropping the f-bomb during his first second on the air, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Now, the news anchor has become an internet sensation and an unlikely media star.
After being fired for dropping an f-bomb in their first few seconds as the weekend co-anchor for NBC in Bismarck, North Dakota, AJ Clement was done.

The unfortunate rookie was looking down at his papers missing the on the air light as he struggled to get the names of the winners of the London Marathon right, causing him to express his frustration with two bad words "bleeping bleep". That was the end of his short career.

Or was it?
The video went viral, of course, and soon, Clement was telling his tale of woe to the friendliest people on television like David Letterman.

Not bad for a kid from Bismarck who could not make it through a night of delivering the local news.
His new media star status has become a plea for a second chance at a job in television.

“I don’t think that any news station should hire this guy, as he will be a liability for the station. He has shown to be an incompetent news anchor by dropping those curse words during his first seconds on air,” Doug Helms, 32, of Chicago, Illinois told after watching the video.

However, not everyone agreed with Helms.

“Every person deserves a second chance. He might have screwed up once, but I am sure he will watch himself in the future,” Carolyn Smart, 38, of West Palm Beach, Florida told

Clement told Letterman that he held no grudge against the television station that hired him, and then fired him.
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Four female prison guards get pregnant from same inmate

Prison inmate who got 4 prison guards pregnant 
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) Four female prison guards were arrested and charged after becoming pregnant from the same prison inmate, according to police reports in Baltimore. Maryland.

Police learned about the four female prison guards after busting a major smuggling gang within the prison system.

Two of the women had the prisoner's name tattooed on their bodies and he showered them with expensive gifts, cars and jewelry.
The four women were among 25 people facing federal charges, including 13 additional female prison guards.

The scheme involved smuggling drugs and cell phones into the Detention Center in the city of Baltimore.
U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said the 25 defendants participated in the management of the activities of the Black Guerrilla Family, a prison gang, from prison in the city of Baltimore.

Thirteen female prison officers, seven inmates and five alleged accomplices are accused of extortion, money laundering and possession of drugs with intent to distribute.

“This is an outrage, as the prisoners are supposed to suffer behind bars and learn not to engage in criminal activity. Instead, we have correction officers helping criminals continue their criminal activity while still in prison. How could this be going on in Baltimore?” Kenny Tang, 52, of Baltimore, Maryand told after learning about the pregnant correction officers.

Authorities said the 13 have been suspended without pay and the department is moving to dismiss them.
The statement said that prison officials helped members of the notorious Black Guerrilla Family gang smuggle cell phones, marijuana, prescription pills and cigarettes into the jail to sell to other inmates and make thousands of dollars.

Four prison officials, Jennifer Owens, Katera Stevenson, Chania Brooks and Tiffany Linder, also faces charges after allegedly becoming pregnant from an inmate.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man gets harsh sentence after having sex with two dogs

Kurtis Peterson 
By: John Roberts

A judge has sent a man to jail for fifteen years after he had sex with two dogs.

A Michigan sex offender has been sentenced to up to 15 years in jail for having sex several times with two dogs. Kurtis Peterson learned about his fate on Monday as Judge Timothy Hicks went above sentencing guidelines of the State to maintain the repeat offender in a controlled environment to prevent him from raping an animal again.

Under state guidelines, Peterson would have been sentenced to time in a county jail and probation, and since he had already served 321 days in jail, Peterson would have been released almost immediately.

“Raping a person or an animal is a horrific crime and the perpetrator should be stopped at all costs. That being said, this sentence cannot legally be upheld, as state guidelines were put in place for a specific reason. A judge can sentence people to the maximum of what the state guidelines recommend, but the judge cannot legally go above that guideline, therefore, I believe that the appeals court will overturn the 15-year sentence,” Steven Jacoby, 33, of New York City, who is in law school told after learning about the harsh sentence.

37-year-old Peterson of Muskegon pleaded no contest to bestiality, and charged as a habitual offender for the fourth time.

Peterson's attorney told the court that his client has severe mental health problems that require long-term counseling. The judge agreed that the defendant has "a low cognitive ability.”

However, experts from the Michigan Center for Forensic Psychiatry who previously examined him determined that he was sane while sexually abusing the dogs, and he was competent to stand trial.

Mother arrested after being getaway driver after teenager’s BB gun shooting

Susan Becker 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A mother is accused of being the getaway driver for three teenagers including her daughter and son, in a BB gun shooting.

A Long Island, New York mother is accused of taking her teenage children on a shooting spree, then driving them away from the crime scene.

According to Suffolk County police, Susan Becker bought the BB gun and gave it to her children. Cops said Becker, 43, of Long Island, New York was behind dozens of shootings of parked car windows. The East Northport mother allegedly drove her children around allowing them to shoot at cars with a BB gun she bought for them.

The East Northport woman was indicted on charges including ten counts of criminal mischief and eleven counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Her bail was set at $30,000. Police said she drove her 15-year-old daughter, 13-year-old son and another teenager around while they shot at parked cars with the BB gun.

“It is very disappointing to learn that an adult was behind all these car vandalisms. A mother needs to be a role model to her kids, and this mother did just the opposite, as she took her kids to vandalize the neighborhood, which cost many people a lot of money in car window repairs. She should be ashamed of herself,” Ashley Homes, 27, of Long Island, New York told after learning that police have finaly caught the culprit of the shoting spree.

Many people in the Long Island have called police to investigate damages to their car windows. According to police, there were more than 60 reports of car windows broken in areas of Iceland, Hauppauge and Commack, in Long Island over the past two weeks. A police investigation led to Becker and her teenagers as the culprits.

The police have not said what motivated Becker to buy a BB gun and drive her teenagers on the shooting spree.

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Judge arrested for tampering with citation to protect her son who is on probation

Rita Arnold 
By: David Ross

A judge was arrested after she allegedly hid a citation that her son received from police officers.

A Chester County, Pennsylvania Magisterial District Judge is in trouble after she tried to protect her son, who was on probation by making his citation disappear.

According to Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane, judge Rita Arnold, 56, resigned after she was arrested. According to the criminal complaint, there was an altercation at the home of judge Arnold among her children, and police were called. As a result of the altercation, one of her sons was issued a citation, which was presented to her the next day by an officer of her court.

The charges indicate that after Arnold received the summons, she allegedly did not file the summons and did not follow proper procedures to transfer the case to another district court. Officials said that judge Arnold hid the citation for two and a half months in an effort to protect her son from the additional sanctions with the Chester County Probation Department .

“I am happy to hear that the judge and her children are being held to the same standard as all of us. The judge is in her courtroom judging and jailing people for crimes they commit, but when it came to her son breaking his probation and possibly being jailed, her motherly instincts kicked in and she wanted to protect him, which is understandable. I just wish she would use that same passion when judging other people's children,” Monique Powell, 54, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania told after learning about the judges resignation.

Arnold, allegedly used her own username and password to enter the court system and docketed the citation, without the knowledge or approval of the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division, according to the criminal complaint. The judge’s son, Forrest Solomon, reportedly has a 12-year history of convictions ranging from indecent assault to drug offenses, and has been in drug rehab.

Arnold was charged with tampering with records and obstructing administration of law or other governmental function.

School custodian arrested after 14-year-old girl gives birth to his baby

Mauricio Hernandez 
By: Eva Fett

A school custodian was arrested after he got a 14-year-old girl pregnant.

Mauricio Hernandez, 51, was arrested by Irving Police in Texas, for aggravated sexual assault, after the girl gave birth to his baby.

He is accused of impregnating the 14-year-old girl who he had been sexually abusing since she was 13-years-old, according to police. The girl allegedly gave birth in a bathroom and did not tell anyone about the birth. When she came home from school her mother called police after seeing her daughter bleeding heavily and because she was not feeling well.

The victim told authorities about the sexual assault and the birth of her baby after she was questioned at the hospital. After an investigation, police found the baby. It was determined that the baby was born alive and was later found and pronounced dead, authorities said. Police suspect that the custodian was responsible for the baby’s death.

“Horrific, what is a 51-year-old man doing touching a 14-year-old girl. After he impregnated the young girl, he tried to get out of trouble by killing the baby, which is just sickening. I am glad that he was caught an did not get away with it,” Manny Reading, 46, of Irving, Texas told after learning about the baby’s death.

Hernandez is also being investigated for the death of the baby, after the victim told police that Hernandez gave her two pills and told her that he said it would make her feel better. After taking the pills, she gave birth to her baby inside a portable toilet.

The baby was found dead in a portable toilet in a soccer field complex, Irving police spokesperson John Argumaniz said in a press conference. Argumaniz said that Hernandez and the girl knew each other, but gave no details about their relationship. The girl was in her last trimester of pregnancy, Argumaniz said.

Hernandez bail was set at $100,000. The Irving Independent School District spokesperson said that Hernandez has been placed on unpaid leave pending the investigation.

Madonna's homeless brother arrested and injured while fighting police officers

Anthony Ciccone 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Madonna's homeless brother is making headlines again, this time he was arrested while he was intoxicated.

Anthony Ciccone, 56, was arrested by police in Traverse County, Michigan, for resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Ciccone was at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center, where he allegedly harassed workers and refused to leave the premises. Workers then called police. When police arrived they initially approached Ciccone to arrest him for an outstanding trespass warrant.

Ciccone was in the bathroom when police tried to arrest him. Apparently, he resisted arrest and was slammed to the ground causing his forehead to hit the floor. His head split open and he required nine stitches.
His blood alcohol level was recorded as 0.40, which is five times the legal driving limit in Michigan.

Although he is the brother of pop star Madonna, he is described as homeless. He was jailed Grand Traverse County and held without bail.

A we reported earlier, Madonna has many fans, but her brother, Anthony Ciccone, is not one of them.
Ciccone, 56, is a homeless alcoholic who lives in the icy streets of Traverse City, Michigan, for the past three years. Ciccone’s situation is fueling the dispute between the family and his famous sister.

"Madonna does not give a **** if I'm alive or dead," Ciccone told s British newspaper. "She lives in her own world." Ciccone spends his time drinking alcohol from paper bags, just 12 miles away from the Ciccone family vineyard where his father and stepmother live.

“I can’t imagine how I would feel if my sibling is a billoniare who refused to help a homless family member,” a homeless woman sitting on a park bench in a California park told after hearing the Madonna Ciccone story.

Although it may sound like Madonna, 54, is cruel when it comes to her older brother, the singer, whose wealth hit $1 billion, has apparently tried to reach out to Ciccone several times.

Madonna has allegedly paid for Ciccone’s rehab several times, according to press reports.

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Security officials at Ben Gurion Airport can now demand to read your emails

Security officer at Ben Gurion Airport 
By: David Ross

Have some private emails in your inbox that you don’t want anyone to read? If you are planning to head to Israel make sure you delete these private emails if you don’t want security officials at the airport to read them.

Israeli security officials at Ben Gurion Airport are legally authorized to demand access to tourist email accounts and deny entry if they refuse, the country’s legal official said on Wednesday.

The policy details were presented by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein in a written response to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel or ACRI, the group said in a statement.

Last year, the ACRI demanded clarification following media reports that security agents demanded access to email accounts before allowing tourists into the country.

"In a reply, the Attorney General's office confirmed this practice," ACRI said.
"However, the attorney general's office also noted that while a tourist can deny that request, it will be made clear that a refusal will be considered along with other relevant factors, to determine whether to be allowed entry into Israel," ACRI also said.

“After the recent Boston terror attack, Israel cannot sit by and take chances when it comes to its security. If you want to visit Israel then you need to allow your emails to be checked. Sometimes, a simple check of a person’s email can prevent deadly terror attacks,” Delma Waite, 46, of Hartford, Connecticut told after learning about the ruling.

U.N. ambassador compares Iran to mafia in New York City

U.N. ambassador Ron Prosor 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

A U.N. ambassador has compared the regime in Iran to the mafia crime family in New York City, according to press reports in Israel.

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency For

Ambassador Ron Prosor, Israel's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, spoke yesterday (April 24) during the UN Security Council’s monthly debate on the Middle East. During his statement he noted that: "Earlier this month, the Iranian delegate…had the audacity to say the following 'the transfer of arms to the Middle East…has gravely affected the security and welfare of the people of this region, and led to many lost lives in recent years.' It is quite an interesting statement to hear from an Iranian delegate. This is like the Mafia complaining that the crime rate in New York City is too high."

Ambassador Prosor further outlined in his statement a blueprint for lasting peace in the Middle East. He referred to "three pillars"—education, recognition, and security—that serve as the "foundation that will remain standing in the shifting sands" of our region.

He said that Peace must be built on a foundation of education for tolerance and coexistence. "It doesn't take an urban planner to realize that the Palestinians are missing the blueprints to build a peaceful neighborhood. From cradles to kindergarten classrooms, from the grounds of summer camps to stands of football stadiums, the messages of intolerance fill Palestinian society" he said about the first pillar.

Relating to the second pillar, he said: "Peace must be built on clear recognition that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people…President Abbas recently renewed his efforts to create a unity deal with Hamas –saying 'I don't see much difference' between the policies of the Palestinian Authority's and Hamas... Let me remind Mr. Abbas of a simple truth. Hamas and its extremist ideology are the enemies of peace. Their ideas do not empower Palestinians to build a brighter future. They enslave them in a darkened past."

The third idea delineates that "Peace must be built on security…After ten years and more than twelve thousand rockets, this Council has not done enough to condemn the perpetrators. Israeli citizens want sincere assurances for their security. The international community can do this by loudly and clearly denouncing the attacks."

He concluded by stating that "The architecture of peace has never been clearer. As we face historic challenges in the Middle East, it has never been more important to strengthen the pillars of tolerance, mutual recognition, and security. These are the blueprints that need to be followed by Israelis and Palestinians, and indeed by all people in the Middle East, if we are to live in peace, security and prosperity."

Modern Day Knights Speak Out About Their Return to Jerusalem

Modern day Knight walks to Jerusalem Israel 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) The modern day Knights spoke out about their return to Jerusalem, Israel this week to an Israeli based newspaper.

By Anav Silverman

Tazpit News Agency For

Nearly one millennium ago, a group of Armenian monks established a hospital outside the walls of Jerusalem to treat victims of leprosy, a chronic disease that was widespread during the Middle Ages. The hospital, known as the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, eventually served the Knights of St. Lazarus - European knights who had contacted leprosy or had been permanently wounded in Crusade battles from the point of the First Crusade in 1099.

When the Muslim conqueror Saladin invaded the Holy Land in 1187, the Order of St. Lazarus lost its main hospital and convent as well as many of its knights in Jerusalem. After moving to Acre, the order was eventually expelled by Muslim forces at the end of the 13th century, which terminated their 200-year presence in the Holy Land.

Throughout the centuries, the order, made up of an international community of Christians, has continued on with its medical and hospital care as well as charitable and orphanage work across the world.

“But now we've come back home,” says the order’s grand chancellor and delegate for the Holy Land, Count Phillipe Piccapietra, referring to the decision to move the order’s headquarters back to Jerusalem last year after a 720-year-old exile in France.

In a recent interview with Tazpit News Agency earlier this week, Piccapietra explained that “no one can understand the move [back] better than the Israelis.”

“Israel is the center of the world and here you can meet the whole world,” said the count, originally from Switzerland.

While the functions of the Order of St. Lazarus are slightly different today in Jerusalem – it no longer treats lepers and wounded knights – the organization seeks to heal minds, spirits, and bodies regardless of religious and political borders, says Piccapietra.

The order’s new project is to make Jerusalem’s Old City accessible to the handicapped via environmentally-friendly electric-run vehicles and mobility scooters. This is currently being carried out together with the Jerusalem municipality, which seeks to limit the number of cars driving through the narrow streets of the Old City and encourage the use of these smaller, more ecological friendly vehicles.

The order is also taking an active part in the Jerusalem municipality’s first international Jerusalem Symposium on Green and Accessible Pilgrimage this week, headed by Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur. The symposium seeks to welcome millions of pilgrims and eco-friendly travelers to Jerusalem every year as well as promote the city’s conservation of unique cultural, biblical, and natural heritage of all faiths.

The first pilgrim that the symposium welcomed was none other than a member of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus, Jorgen Nilsson, a Swede who walked 5,000 kilometers in six months to make his pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

“I wanted to make this journey to mark the order’s return home, and to bring a message for peace and take a stand against xenophobia,” Nilsson told Tazpit News Agency.

“It’s my first time in the Holy Land and the first time that a member of the order has ever made this trek by foot to Jerusalem in our history,” Nilsson said.

Nilsson left Sweden in November, trekking through Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, and Greece before taking a boat to Cyprus and onto Haifa. In Israel, the 39-year-old Swedish engineer did some more walking, from Haifa to Jerusalem, in time for the green symposium.

“I’m so happy to be in the Holy Land – I love the people and food, especially the hummus and falafel,” Nilsson added.
“I would love to come back again to the Holy Land, but next time not by foot.”Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Large egg bigger than human head sells for $100,000

Elephant bird egg 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A massive egg that is larger than a human head sold for an enormous amount of money this week, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

The enormous egg laid by a partially fossilized extinct elephant bird has sold for more than twice its estimate at auction in London.

Christie's auction house said Wednesday that the nearly foot long nine inch egg in diameter went for $101,813. It has been valued at $30,000 to $45,000 before the sale, and was sold to an anonymous bidder by telephone, after about 10 minutes of bidding.
Elephant birds became extinct several hundred years ago. The large egg, set on the island of Madagascar, is believed to date from before the 17th century.

“That is one enormous egg and it fetched an enormous price. I hope this egg goes on display in a museum so I can have a look at it. The egg is so large that just one of them can feed an entire family,” Abbie Ruff , 34, of London, England told after seeing the egg on video.

Elephant birds could grow to 11 feet high. Christie’s Auction said the elephant egg is 100 times the size of an average chicken egg.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Dog vending machines launched across London, England

New dog vending machine 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) When you are outside and get hungry or thirsty, what do you do? You run to the nearest vending machine of course, and buy your favorite snack or drink, but what about if your dog suddenly feels hungry?

Now, the world's first vending machine for dogs has been launched in London, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The vending machine, was first installed on Clapham Common, London, features a toy canine bone lever that the dog needs to pull, and a toy to shoot a tennis ball.

After the ball hits the right spot, mimicking the action of a person inserting a coin for a normal vending machine, animals are rewarded with delicious dog food.

The machine, was built to foster "fun and exercise" between owners and their pets, and it also uses sounds to encourage dogs to retrieve the ball.

“This is an amazing idea. I always panic outside when my dog suddenly goes hungry and I don’t have a treat for it. Now, all my problems are solved. I hope the vending machines are installed next to all normal vending machines that sell drinks and snacks for humans, so when I buy myself a treat the dog can buy one too,” Camilla Dubose, 53, of London, England told after learning about the dog vending machines.

The spokesperson for the company who launched the machines said: "Bakers Complete, is delighted to have served dogs for over 20 years, with delicious food, and now we designed a puppy vending machine designed with the needs of dogs in mind, rewarding each dog that interacts properly with the machine with a delicious treat."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Soft-hearted thief returns stolen cremated remains

Cremated ashes illustration 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Recently, a thief stole thousands of dollars worth of diamonds along with some cremated ashes, but luckily, the thief did a surprising thing that no one expected him to do, according to press reports in Washington.

The thief, also known as the thief with a good heart, inadvertently took home some cremated remains along with thousands of rare gems he stole from a truck in the State of Washington. Suddenly, the thief has mailed the ashes back to its owner, police said on Wednesday.

The owner of the truck had been playing golf in a suburb of Tacoma when his vehicle was attacked by a thief who stole a briefcase full of precious gems, 3000 Oregon sunstones, over 30 silver and gold rings and a bracelet with 34 colored stones, the spokesperson of the Pierce County Sheriff, Ed Troyer, said.

Also stolen was a green suitcase containing the cremated remains truck owner’s son, the sheriff spokesperson said. Days later, the anonymous thief mailed the ashes to an address that was listed on the truck owner's business card, which had also been stolen.

"The case is unique for several reasons. For one, because of the high dollar amount of the gems that were stolen and because you have a criminal, a thief, who has somewhat of a heart," Troyer said, without giving a value for the stolen valuables.

“Yes, this is quite a surprising act from a gangster. I am sure the man is grateful that he at least got his son's ashes back. His son’s ashes are probably more valuable to him than the stolen gem stones,” Gayla Cyr, 42, of Tacoma, Washington told after learning about the returned ashes.

It was not clear if the robber acted alone or had an accomplice, and Troyer said the thief likely randomly targeted the truck and did not expect to find the gems.

Researchers discover world's first voice recording of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Have you ever wondered how the world’s first voice recording sounded like? Wonder no more! It was recently uploaded to the internet.

Researchers have discovered the first recorded voice in the world: an audio recording of Alexander Graham Bell made the April 15, 1885 using a mixture of cardboard and wax.

The Smithsonian Magazine has released the audio recording, in which the inventor of the telephone announces: "In witness whereof, hear my voice, Alexander Graham Bell."

Despite its historical importance, the recording became a reality in humble surroundings, the interior of an old barn used by Bell and his cousin in Washington, D.C. Biographer Charlotte Gray explains that Bell was motivated to create the recordings in an attempt to improve a previous recording made by Bell’s rival, Thomas Edison.

“It is amazing to see how just a few people in American history were able to invent so many of the things we take for granted today. I wonder who will be the Bell and Edison of our time,” Tori Naylor, 32, of Orem, Utah told after listening to the recording.

Along with this precious recording, and the legacy of Bell for inventing the telephone, Bell is credited with another visionary technology too. In 1880, Bell patented an optical telephone system, which is seen as predicting the use of mobile phones and fiber, which are so widely used around the world today.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man caught stealing 102 bottles of nail polish after stuffing them down his pants

Nail polish in action 
By: Moses Gold

Someone forgot to tell this man that nail polish is used for the female fingernails.
A thief has been caught stealing over 100 bottles of nail polish.

Marco Gonzalez, was arrested by police in Middletown, Connecticut on Thursday, and was charged with theft related charges, after he was found in possession of 102 bottles of stolen nail polish.

Police said that the 42-year-old suspect entered a CVS pharmacy and left with about $870 worth of nail polish.
The nail polish, made ​​by Essie and Sally Hansen, was hidden under his shirt and pants.
Gonzalez allegedly admitted to officers when he was arrested around 9:00 pm that he did not intend to pay for the stolen goods.

“What was this guy thinking? Did he plan to open a nail polish store or something? What did he plan to do with 102 bottles of nail polish? Also, I can’t imagine how this guy was able to stuff so many bottles down his pants. Maybe he will be able to explain it to the judge,” Octavia Braswell, 32, of Park City, Utah told after learning about the stolen nail polish.

The man was charged with Grand Larceny, and was released on $10,000 bond.