Woman seen on video getting kicked off airplane for not having cool carry-on bag

Police escorting woman off plane 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) People are outraged after a video showing a woman getting kicked off an airplane for not have a cool carry-on bag went viral.

Also, Twitter users in Spain are calling for a boycott of the Irish-owned airline Ryanair after the video became an internet hit.

The woman, who came on board with several items which did not fit in her suitcase, was asked to disembark from the plane. The video showed the woman arguing with police officers as other passengers shouted "shame, shame". The video also showed the woman being dragged away by police officers.

Ryanair staff called police at the Manises airport in Valencia, to remove the woman from the plane.
Ryanair has defended the actions of its staff saying that the woman had become disruptive and had forcefully boarded the plane without showing proper identification or boarding pass.

“What Ryanair did to this poor woman is despicable. I can’t imagine anyone who will want to use this airline again after watching this video,” Sharee Aponte, 24, of Madrid, Spain told YourJewishNews.com after watching the video.

A spokesperson said: "This passenger was in violation of airport security rules, and had become a threat to the plane. She was successfully removed at the request of the officers of Ryanair."Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Police looking for Spider-Man superhero after snatching $6,000 in California

Spider-Man arrested illustration 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Parents will have a lot of explaining to do when their kids will ask: “Why is Spider-Man in handcuffs?”

Police are hunting for a gone bad Spider-Man after the masked web-slinger snatched a paper bag filled with $6,000 in cash and a credit card of an employee at Starlines Tour Bus company.

It happened Friday morning when the worker was at the Hollywood Boulevard headquarters of the firm, Los Angeles Police Department Lieutenant Rich Galbaldon, a commander on duty at the police station in Hollywood said.

Hoping that the superhero did not get too far, police have been stopping other Spider-Man impersonators who were seen hanging around the area, which is near the TCL Chinese Theatre, formerly Grauman's, a hardcore tourist destination.
So far, no arrests have been made.

Other local superheroes, including Superman, Batman and Catwoman, have said that they are helping police in their search of finding the criminal Spider-Man.

“People who dress up as children’s superheros should act like one. Our kids look up to these characters as role models. The thief should have just dressed up as one of the bad characters,” Mozell Huang, 38, of Los Angeles, California told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the incident.

Starline Tours is the oldest and largest tour company in Los Angeles, according to its website. It offers tours of Hollywood, the city of Los Angeles, and visits to homes of celebrities. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

President Obama look-alike appears in advertisement for Israel’s McDonald’s

President Obama look-alike in McDonald’s advertisement  
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) McDonald’s in Israel has released an advertisement showing the U.S. Secret Service ordering a burger for the President Obama look-alike.

McDonald’s is advertising a “Big American” burger in Israel and using a President Obama look-a-like to do it.

In the commercial, people dressed up as U.S. Secret Service agents round up some young Israeli teenagers who are McDonald’s employees, and force them to re-open the McDonald’s location.

The agents rush to the home of one Israeli boy and ordered him to come with them. Then, they enter a movie theater and pull out a young woman. Then, they go on to a nightclub where they remove another young woman. They took the teenagers to McDonald’s where they prepared a burger and fries.

“This is an interesting advertisement. By using the U.S. president Obama look-alike, McDonald’s got the reaction they were looking for, as the video is going viral,” Avi Ben-David, 24, of Rishon Lezion, Israel told YourJewishNews.com after watching the video.

When the meal was done it was delivered to a waiting black limousine. When the window rolled down, an Obama look-alike appeared in the car. He smiled and said: “God bless Israel, and the Big America.” McDonald's operates 170 restaurants in Israel, 40 of which are under kosher supervision. According to Wikipedia, all use kosher beef.

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Elderly Jewish woman swallows $5,000 diamond she won at charity party

Miriam Tucker 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) An elderly Jewish woman was the lucky winner of a $5,000 diamond at a charity event, but she struck out by accidentally swallowing her diamond she just won.

The idea behind the charity event, Women's Club of Tampa, Florida, was simple. For $20, you could buy a glass of champagne and a chance to win a one-carat, $5,000 diamond.

Organizers of Saturday's event placed a $10 cubic zirconia stone at the bottom 399 of the 400 glasses of champagne. The precious diamond, donated by Continental Wholesale, was placed in the last cup.

The problem? Eighty-year-old, Miriam Tucker accidentally swallowed it along with her drink.
Tucker said she did not want to put her finger inside the champagne, so she drank some. While laughing with the women at the table, she realized that she swallowed it.

Embarrassed, she had to tell the jewelers who were frantically searching for the winner of the real diamond.
Luckily, she was scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday. so she instructed her doctor recover the jewel.

“This is really a weird story, as the only person who accidentally swallowed the diamond that was placed inside the champagne glasses was the woman who won the real diamond. I just had to laugh when I heard about Miriam Tukcer,” Gale Richardson, 59, of Boca Raton, Florida told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the incident.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Man who was deported from Saudi Arabia for being too sexy, indentified

Omar Borkan Al Gala 
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) One of the men who were deported from Saudi Arabia for being too sexy was identified as Omar Borkan Al Gala.

Al Gala, is also identified as a poet, actor and internet sensation. As we reported earlier, Saudi Arabia began deporting men from the country who religious police deemed too good looking and causing Saudi women to sin with them, according to press reports in Canada.

Specifically, three Emiratis have been deported by the Saudi police force during an annual cultural festival and sent back to the United Arab Emirates after suggesting that women might find them irresistible.

The men from the United Arab Emirates were attending the Jenadriyah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, when religious police raided and evicted the based because "they are too handsome", according to a local Saudi newspaper.

"A festival official said the three Emiratis were pulled because they are very handsome and that the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice members feared female visitors could fall for them," the newspaper reported.

“After I heard about this all I could do is laugh. Seems like now, the Saudi government will force men to wear burqas so that women will refrain from sinning with them. Those who refuse will be deported or jailed of course,” Pamela Thompson, 36, of Miami Beach. Florida told YourJewishNews.com after learning about the deportation.

Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious and ultra-conservative society that forbids women from interacting with unrelated males and refuses to give them the same rights as men.

It is the only country in the world with a law that prohibits women from driving.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

New smart pajamas reads bedtime stories to your kids

Kids wearing the smart Pajamas  
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) Kids love bedtime stories, now their pajamas can read the stories to them.

The world’s first and only interactive pajamas, will keep your kids quiet in bed until they fall asleep.

The Smart Pajamas require downloading a free app and then scanning one of the dozens of dots on the pajamas with a smartphone or tablet. The device will then read a story aloud , or also sing a lullaby. It can also show pictures of animals.

Juan Murdoch, of Falls, Idaho, came up with the idea. Murdoch is a realtor and father of six children, ranging between the ages of 6-years-old to 18-years-old. “I can barely read a book to two children at a time, let alone keeping the attention of all six,” Murdoch said. He came up with the idea after he had to have a little extra help at bedtime.

Murdoch enlisted the help of a developer. There was many trial and errors. They came up with a system of pattern reminiscent Braille points, which could be used easily.

“This is a great idea. As a working mother, after feeding and bathing my children, I can hardly get around to read bedtime stories to them,” Mary Johnson, 26, of Baltimore, Maryland told YourJewishNews.com after hearing about the Smart pajamas.

The new line of sleepwear for children, called 'Smarts PJs’ contains almost 50 patterns working in conjunction with the application. The pajamas are available in pink and blue in cotton, and the cost is about $25.

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