Three men burn female dentist alive after her bank card only had $30

Cinthya Magaly Moutinho 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) A community in Brazil is outraged after thieves burned a woman alive because she did not have enough money to give them.

A dentist died in her suburban Sao Paulo office in Brazil after three thugs poured alcohol on her and set her in fire.

A police spokesperson said that three robbers burst into the office of 46-year-old Cinthya Magaly Moutinho de Souza, and demanded money.

She gave the three her credit card and her password. Two people went to withdraw the money while another remained in the office with the dentist and patient and held them hostage. When they tried to withdraw money from an ATM nearby there was only $30 in the card, which made them angry. They returned to the office to ask her for more money, but she had no more money, the spokesperson said.

Then, the suspects set the woman on fire, burning her alive. Police rushed to the scene where they found her dead. The spokesperson said a witness saw the attackers escape in a black car.

One suspect was arrested after his mother turned him in.

“This is sickening. How did these kids turn out so vicious? Why do so many young men want to sit around, not go to work and get money by robbing people or banks? The suspect’s mother must have raised her son better than that since she took the courage to call the police on her own son after hearing about the crime he allegedly committed. I applaud the mother, as she did the right thing,” Mariana Silva, 36, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil told after learning about the arrest of the first suspect.

One of the suspects 21-year-old Jonathan Araújo Cassiano, was identified after police posted his picture which was captured on the security camera near the store where the men went to withdraw money from the ATM, as you can see in the video below. Cassiano’s mother recognised her son from the photo and she called police, He was then arrested.

Police are still looking for the other two suspects.

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Muslim who planned to blow up New York synagogues gets 5 years jail

Mohamed Mamdouh 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A Muslim man was arrested and charged with terror related charges after planning to blow up synagogues in New York, according to New York Police Department, police reports.

The U.S. citizen of Moroccan origin who was accused in a police sting of conspiring to blow up synagogues in New York will spend five years in prison.

Mohamed Mamdouh was sentenced Friday in state court in Manhattan.
He previously pleaded guilty to charges including conspiracy as an act of terrorism.

The other defendant, Ahmed Ferhani was sentenced last month to 10 years in prison.
Authorities said that the two Queens, New York men wanted to avenge what they saw as the mistreatment of Muslims worldwide.

Mamdouh immigrated with his family in 1999. His parents are local business owners.
“Hopefully, the harsh prison sentence will send a message to terrorists to give up on terrorism and seek dialogue for peace,” Hillel Deutsch, 43, of Brooklyn, New York told after learning about the sentence.

As we reported earlier, a Muslim terrorist was arrested, charged and convicted after plotting to bomb synagogues in New York City, according to court proceedings in New York City.
Now, the Algerian man who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

Ahmed Ferhani was one of two men arrested several years ago after purchasing weapons in an undercover sting. Police called him a homegrown terrorist to avenge abuse of Muslims around the world, but a grand jury refused to indict Ferhani and another co-defendant of the top terror charge.

Ferhani apologized to his family in court, saying he was sorry and would use his years behind bars to strengthen his mind and character.

An undercover detective, who recorded Ferhani for several months, heard the unemployed aspiring actor say that he hated Jews and was fed up with the way Muslims were treated around the world, officials said. Ferhani and a co-defendant were arrested several years ago after telling an undercover investigator his desire to attack synagogues and take a step toward violence, officials said. Ferhani bought weapons, ammunition and a hand grenade.

Ferhani pleaded guilty late last year to conspiracy as a crime of terrorism, criminal possession of a weapon as a crime of terrorism, criminal sale of a firearm as a crime of terrorism and other crimes. He would have faced more jail time if he had been convicted at trial.

Ferhani said in his plea that he repeatedly spoke of his anger at Jews, admitted the purchase of arms and planning the attack.
"By attacking a synagogue, I knew it was a Jewish house of worship, in this way, was intended to create chaos and send a message of intimidation to the Jewish population of the city of New York. It was also meant as a warning to stop the abuse against Muslims," he said at the time.

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Chinese pharmaceutical company buys Israel's Alma Lasers for $240 million

Alma Lasers 
By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) A Chinese company has announced its plan to acquire an Israeli medical laser company, keeping up with the trend of foreign companies buying up Israeli companies at a quick pace.

Shanghai Fosun Pharma Group Ltd. today said it will invest up to $240 million to acquire up to 96.6 percent of Israeli based Alma Lasers Ltd., a manufacturer of lasers used in cosmetic surgery.

The agreement is the first major acquisition by Fosun Pharma which listed its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, late last year.

“This is awesome news for the State of Israel. It is also a vote of confidence in the Israeli economy as foreign companies come in to scoop up companies at a fast pace,” Barry Randall, 50, of Columbus, Ohio told after learning about the acquisition.

Fosun Pharma, a subsidiary of China Fosun International Limited, said the investment would, along with Pramerica-Fosun China Opportunity Fund, an investment fund owned by Fosun Group. In the video below you can see an advertisement for Alma Lasers.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Russia warns it will not allow adoptions in France if gay marriage is allowed

Two brides getting married illustration  
By: David Ross

(Scroll down for video) Russian lawmakers are standing up for the what they believe in.

Russian’s believe in traditional marriage, and they will not allow their children to be adopted by same-sex couples.

French President Francois Hollande has promised to sign the gay marriage bill into law recently.

In response, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia could change its arrangements for the adoption of Russian children in France and other Western countries if they legalize gay marriage.

Last year, the Russian Parliament, voted to ban the adoption of Russian children by U.S. families as a result of gay marriage being legalized in the U.S. The bill was signed into law by President Putin.

At a meeting with Russian lawmakers Putin said: "We respect our partners, but also ask they respect our cultural traditions, ethical standards, and morals. I consider it entirely appropriate to make changes to the relevant documents."

Legislator Marina Orgiyeva suggested the changes in adoption agreements with France to ensure that Russian children do not fall into the hands of same-sex parents.

“Every country has a right to make their own rules and pass laws they feel is good for their country. Russia has the right to demand their children be raised according to their standards. The world is a big place. Unfortunately, there are many abandoned children who need a good home. Same sex couples can adopt from places like the U.S. which recognizes gay marriage,” Vladlena Azarov, 36, of Moscow, Russia told after learning about Putin’s warning to France.

Russia decriminalized homosexuality in 1993 and officially removed it from the list of psychiatric disorders in 1999, but same-sex marriage was never accepted, and remains socially unacceptable. Almost no public figures have come out as gay.

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Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai: A fierce Zionist fighting the Roman Empire

Lag B'Omer fire illustration 
By: Shifra Unger

As hundreds of thousands of Jews celebrate the memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a popular Israeli kabbalist spoke about how the rabbi was a fierce Zionist and fought the Roman Empire.

By Anav Silverman

Tazpit News Agency For

Over 200,000 people have gathered in the tiny northern town of Meron to commemorate the Jewish holiday of Lag B'Omer today, which marks the anniversary of the passing of the great mystic Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans.

Police are expecting up to 400,000 people to visit Meron and the tomb of the rabbi, also known as the Rashbi, by the end of the two-day celebration. The Rashbi, who passed away on Lag Baomer, is attributed as the author of the Zohar, the foundation for Jewish mystical thought or Kabbalah.

A fierce opponent of the Roman regime, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai lived in ancient Israel after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE and was forced into hiding for over 12 years with his son, Rabbi Elazar. During that time, the two immersed themselves in Torah study and the Rashbi became one of the forefathers of the Kabbalah movement.

A central part of the Meron celebrations, in addition to the bonfires and dancing, is a 24-hour non-stop prayer vigil conducted by tens of recognized rabbis, most them authorities in the mystical study of Kabbalah.

"On Lag B'Omer, the 33rd day after the conclusion of Passover, our global focus as a people turns to miracles," said Rabbi Cohen, leader of Or Harashbi, a movement named after Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. "Of course many are skeptical when miracles are discussed, but this is the day when they happen intensely,” said Rabbi Cohen.

"We don't mind the eye-rolling or snickering," the Rabbi added, "In fact, our prayers at Meron on this day in recent years have resulted in well over 2,000 personal miracles happening for people for whom we prayed there."

Adherents of the Rashbi’s legacy firmly believe that prayer in his memory has special qualities that can make miracles come true.
"We are committed to spreading the light of Meron on Lag B'Omer around the world," added Rabbi Cohen, who recounts how the power of prayer at the Rashbi tomb has helped heal countless sick people and brought about other miracles in past years.

Elsewhere in Israel, bonfires were built across the country, with schoolchildren, who have Sunday and Monday off, collecting wood and participating in other traditional Lag B'Omer activities such as playing with bows and arrows. Both young and old were seen barbecuing and roasting marshmallows as well as singing and dancing on the holiday.

U.S. charity worker in India raped by Indian businessman

Indian women protest violence against women  
By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) An Indian man was arrested on allegations that he raped a U.S. charity worker.

The U.S. woman filed a complaint with Indian police after she was raped by the local businessman.

The businessman was identified as Dinesh Burman, 40, and he was arrested on Thursday after the U.S. woman filed a complaint with the police, according to Kaliappan Jayaraman, the police commissioner of Siliguri town, in West Bengal state, where the crime was allegedly committed.

The U.S. woman whose name was not released to protect her, is in her 50s. She claimed that “Burman raped her and threatened her with violence if she went to police,” Jayaraman said.

“The U.S. woman came to India to help the poor and disadvantaged people, she should be treated with respect. Rape against women here in India is out of control, we are angry and we are afraid for ourselves and our daughters to be outside alone,” Amelia Singh, 47, a mother of three young girls of Delhi, India told after learning about the latest alleged rape in India.

Anger is growing in India over the high incidents of sexual offenses in the country. Recently, a tourist vacationing in India with her husband was gang raped by a group of young men who tied up the victim’s husband, according to police reports in India. The 38-year-old Swiss national, who was taking a bike ride through Madhya Pradesh, was raped, beaten and robbed at gunpoint by at least six men on Friday night.

The victim, who is from Lausanne, Switzerland, was with her husband when the terrible incident took place. The two were cycling from Orchha, a place of heritage tourism, when they decided to camp in the jungle near Jhadia. Around 9:00 pm, several criminals, mostly in their 20s, broke into the camp, handcuffed the husband and raped the woman. They then fled, stealing mobile phones, a laptop and 10,000 in cash.

Battered and bruised, the couple took a lift from a passerby and came to the police station in the Datia district, from where they were taken to the hospital. A medical examination confirmed the rape by several people.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police, DK Arya, said an operation was launched to track down the criminals.
The Embassy of Switzerland also contacted authorities in Madhya Pradesh and called for a quick investigation into the incident, which is likely to harm the image of the state, popularly called the "Heart of Incredible India”.

The woman, a teacher, and her husband, a plumber, came to Mumbai from Iran, and were on a cycling tour since then. They had avoided going to Pakistan, thinking it would be dangerous.

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Teachers use women's underwear in protest to make their point

Panty protest 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) Teachers went to an extreme to make their point, as they wrote their message on a woman’s underpants.

The government in Johannesburg, South Africa said it was shocked and disappointed by the behavior of members of the South African Democratic Teachers Union or SADTU, when they publicly used a woman’s underwear in protest against female Education Minister Angie Motshekga.

"This type of behavior is demeaning, disrespectful, and violates the rights of women protected in our Constitution," government spokesperson Phumla Williams said.

"It is very worrisome that such acts seem to be normalized and acceptable socially,” the spokesperson added. Williams also said that the the Constitution promotes human dignity, human rights, freedom, non-racism and non-sexism, and that teachers should set an example.

“Attributing the underwear to Motshekga was a violation of her right to human dignity and non-sexism, and was degrading,” Williams said.

“This might not have been the right way to go about it, but it was a bold move by the teachers, as they got the attention they were looking for,” Jessica Pretorius, 30, of Gauteng, South Africa told after seeing the photo of the woman’s underpants used at the protest.

The union is demanding the resignation of Motshekga and her director general Bobby Soobrayan for corruption. Meanwhile, the African Christian Democratic Party or ACDP, said that teachers need professional wages for professional work, and a decent working environment.

"The African Christian Democratic Party agrees with South African Democratic Teachers Union, that the education department must urgently address corruption, really poor and overcrowded conditions in the poorest schools, but they believe that teachers should protest on school holidays not on school days. Also, they should not have the school children join them," ACDP leader Lydia Meshoe said.

Judge warns police to return marijuana to owner or face charges

Joseph Robertson 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A judge has ordered the sheriffs department to return marijuana to its owner or face contempt of court charges.

Officers in Tacoma, Washington may soon be in trouble for possession of marijuana.

Some officers at the Tacoma police department could face contempt charges if they continue to refuse to return a small amount of marijuana they seized from a man during a traffic stop.

Municipal Court Judge Jack Emery, reportedly ordered the department for the second time, to return the drugs to Joseph Robertson within seven days or be found in contempt.

"Appeal or comply within seven days," Judge Emery told assistant city attorney John Walker. "Or next week, when you appear, I will advise you to bring a lawyer," the judge added. The judge first ordered police to return the drugs earlier this year, but they refused.

Officers stopped Robertson for speeding. He was cited for driving without a license and misdemeanor marijuana possession. Prosecutors rejected the drug charge after the state's voters decided to legalize small amounts of the drug.

Robertson then asked the judge to order the return of his drugs. He provided proof that he is a legal holder of medical marijuana. The city refused to follow the order to return the drugs, which led to the judges warning to charge the officers involved.

“I am glad that the judge is prepared to punish the officers if they refuse to follow orders. If any citizen would refuse to follow a judge's order these same officers would have arrested the man. Officers who enforce the laws should hold themselves to the same standards as everyone else,” Christopher Jones, 24, of Minneapolis, Minnesota told after he heard about the judge’s warning to officers.

The pot, is now in the possession of the Pierce County Sheriff’s office, which operates the property room of the evidence seized.

A spokesperson for the Pierce County sheriff said the department wants to follow the judge's order, but they are concerned about the consequences of giving marijuana to a citizen. Under federal law, possession of marijuana is still a crime.

The sheriff's department said the drugs will be returned to the Tacoma Police Department to let them decide what to do with it and how to return it to Robertson.

Businessman buys baby on Facebook for $14,000

Noori Khan with her baby 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A man stole his daughter’s baby at birth, told her the baby was stillborn, and then sold the baby.

The baby was bought through Facebook by Amit Kumar, a New Delhi, India businessman.

The grandfather, Firoz Khan, believed he was helping his daughter when he stole and sold his grandson. Khan wanted his daughter, who divorced last year, to get an abortion when she became pregnant, but after she refused to get an abortion he hatched an evil plan.

He stole the baby at birth when the mother was sleeping and sold the baby to a hospital nurse who then sold the baby on Facebook. The sale was apparently part of Khan’s attempt to facilitate the second marriage of his daughter.

Khan, 47, of India, along with three others were arrested this week after the newborn was sold on Facebook. Feroz, who lives in Ludhiana city in the northwestern state of Punjab, allegedly abducted the baby from his daughter Noori Khan, at the hospital, shortly after birth, then he told his daughter that the baby stillborn.

The grandfather sold the baby to a hospital employee for 45,000 rupees or $830. The nurse then sold the baby on Facebook for $14,800.

“It makes me mad to hear that the father did this to his own daughter and grandchild. If the father honestly felt that this was best for his daughter then why sell the baby to a stranger for money instead of finding a good home for the baby,” Child advocate Sneha Verma of Haryana, India told after hearing about the police investagation of the kidnaping.

Noori filed a complaint with the police that her son had been kidnapped. After investigating, police found the baby in the house of New Delhi businessman Amit Kumar, who bought the baby through facebook. The baby was reunited with his 20-year-old mother.

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Islamist women protest in Gaza after Hamas arrests radicals

Palestinian Salafists hold protest 
By: David Ross

It seems like the Hamas rulers in Gaza are finally cracking down on Islamist radicals.

Families of Salafist Muslim Palestinian prisoners gathered outside Hamas headquarters in Gaza City on Sunday, demanding the government of Hamas free their children.

Dozens of women, dressed in black suits that cover the entire body, and some children gathered at the intersection of a city street with banners calling for the release of their children, who were arrested for participating in the launch of rockets into Israel.

Since a ceasefire brokered by Egypt between Hamas and Israel entered into force, late last year, the Salafists, an al-Qaeda style extremist group, with members in Gaza, have often claimed responsibility for breaking the truce and launching rockets into Israel.

Hamas, which controls Gaza, has intensified its offensive against the Salafists, which Israel said had fired rockets at least five times into Israel since the end of the eight-day cross-border fire.

"Our kids are fighters, not criminals or terrorists," read one of the banners of the event, where many of the participants said their children were illegally detained.
The sister of one of the detainees said they had been denied family visits from the beginning of April.

“It is definitely a step in the right direction. I hope that Hamas will eventually recognize that violence will not bring a lasting solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict,” Isaac Moser, 51, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania told after learning about the protest.

However, Hamas denies these militants are held for political reasons.

Israeli soldiers to get 21 percent pay hike

Israeli soldiers on a camel 
By: David Ross

Israeli soldiers have received some great news from the military this week.

They will still be earning less than the minimum wage, but from next year, Israel Defense Force soldiers will enjoy a significant salary bump. Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has ordered to increase the salaries of active duty soldiers by 21 percent.

Wages of soldiers remained unchanged for the past 11 years.

Today, non-combat soldiers earn 352 Shekels a month or about $95 while active combat soldiers earn 700 shekels a month or about $195. After the pay raise will go into effect, the non-combat soldiers will get an additional 1,000 shekels a year or $275 and combat soldiers will get an additional 2,000 shekels a year or about $550.

The pay raise will cost the Ministry of Defense an additional 170 million shekels a year or about $47 million, but the ministry is expected to ask the Treasury Department for additional funds. The Ministry of Justice is supporting the move.
“If the State of Israel owes anyone anything it is to our soldiers," the Defense Minister said.

“This is definitely a move in the right direction, but the soldiers are still getting very little pay in comparison to what other workers are earning. I think that Israeli soldiers should earn significantly more than the minimum wage,” Treva Michel, 19, of Brooklyn, New York told after learning about the pay raise.

Company starts selling sexy bras and thongs for men

Sexy lingerie for men 
By: Debbie Gross

(Scroll down for video) If you thought that sexy bras and thongs are just for women you definitely are mistaken, at least as far as one company in concerned.

The range of lingerie for men has proven to be a commercial success, the company said.

HommeMystere, an Australian company, came up with the idea after lamenting the lack of luxury men's underwear, and aims to solve this problem by producing and selling items such as bras and thongs just for men.

Brent Krause, founder HommeMystere, said: "Women have a wide range of fabrics, colors, styles and textures, but men have a limited supply. We decided to try different patterns and use satin with a touch of lace on the designs, and the response was much greater than expected."

HommeMystere said they are looking at expanding and opening stores in the U.K. as a result of the positive response received at home.

"Although many people see our line as something for the gay community is much more likely that heterosexual men will wear our underwear," Krause said.

"Often, women will ask why men need bras because there is nothing there is nothing to support, but it is the sense of clothing that is important, not the function.

After all, if we assume that clothing is to be used only for support, why do women wear underwear?
For those women who do not get the idea of seeing their man in HommeMystere, it is the feel of the fabric and adding a new dimension to the senses. Do not knock it until you try it!" The company said in a statement.

“This is just too weird. I hope my boyfriend doesn't come home one day wearing a bra. I would definitely freak out,” Margot Grubb, 32, of Dover, Delaware told after learning about the new lingerie for men.

However, not everyone agreed with Grubb.

“I think it is a cute idea. I am actually going to buy some items for my boyfriend to wear because I think he will look really cute in a bra,” Bobby Shipp, 21, of Newark, Delaware told video not loading? Click here to view

Man hits girl, 17, with his car then rapes her

Delaware highway 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

An evil man did the unthinkable after slamming into a female pedestrian, he came back to the scene, took her away and raped her, according to a statement by the Laurel County Police Department in Delaware.

The Delaware State Police said that the teenager was hit by the car, and then was forced into the vehicle by the driver who sexually assaulted her after driving her to a secluded area.

It happened early Thursday on County Seat Highway in Laurel. Troopers said the 17-year-old girl was walking home when she was struck by the car.

Police said the driver returned to the scene, forced her into the car and took her somewhere in Laurel, where he sexually assaulted her.

Authorities said that the man took the girl back to her neighborhood after he was done and let her go.
The girl was taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-fatal injuries.

“The evil shown by this man is absolutely unreal. After hitting her with his vehicle , the man then had the nerve to take advantage of the young woman's injuries and rape her. I hope the public can help the police track down this man and put him behind bars where he belongs,” Norris Crisp, 42, of Wilmington, Delaware told after learning about the assault.

Police described the suspect as a black man, average height, clean-shaven and wearing glasses. The suspect’s vehicle was described as a silver four-door passenger vehicle bearing a white plate of an unknown state.

Army of baboons caught in video invading family home

Baboons invading home 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

(Scroll down for video) A man was extremely dissatisfied after an army of wild baboons invaded his home when he was outside, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The video also confirmed something we have long suspected, that baboons are horrible house guests.

Howard James Fyvie and some friends saw a group of baboons climbing into a house located in Betty's Bay, South Africa, whose occupants were not home. the house was locked all around except for one second floor window, which remained open.

According to the video description on YouTube, the men called police and the owner of the house, and then climbed up on their own to try to help the homeowner get rid of the baboons. They climbed a staircase and found that the wild animals made one giant mess in the home.

Baboons, as you can see in the video, were everywhere, in the kitchen, where they raided the refrigerator, in the bathroom, on the furniture and everywhere else. They also destroyed several times, defecated in several places, and were enjoying themselves everywhere. Fyvie and several of his friends expelled the baboons from the house.

“Baboons are very cute animals, but when they destroy your home or property it is not a pretty scene. Also, this group of men shouldn't have done this on their own as they could have been attacked by the animals. If this happened to me I would have just called animal control and let them take care of the problem,” Derick Corey, 46, of Madison, Wisconsin told after watching the video.

In an interview, Fyvie said that when he returned to his apartment and told his roommate of the misfortune, his roommate told him that he was stupid, because "a baboon is as strong as seven adult men.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Woman calls police after seeing cats mating in her yard

Two happy cats 
By: Ryan Lee Hall

Some people just don't like animals at all and will do anything to get rid of them.
A woman called police after she allegedly witnessed two kittens mating in her front yard.

As ridiculous as it seems, is not the only time recently someone called police to report a cat. Several months ago, a Washington state man called police to report a stray cat that had gotten into his backyard. But at least in this case, the man was calling out of the concern for the welfare of the cat, as it was cold outside instead of complaining about its mere presence.

The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department included the truly bizarre call in its public list of calls received. However, there is still no information on how the department responded to the call of the unnamed woman.

And besides, at least one law enforcement officials has said that Wisconsin citizens should not be too dependent on their service, saying that people calling police for life threatening situations might not be the best option after budget cuts have caused delays in response times.

Either way, I doubt that this incident will do in the next installment of the "crimes Cat" series of books.

“If this woman really has a hatred toward cats she should not be calling the police to occupy their time for such things, she should have rather called animal control to take care of her problem. I believe that if she does this again she should be charged with misusing the police system as calling the police should be reserved for true emergencies,” Rusty Beebe, 49, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin told after learning about the strange police call.

Washington police chief caught on video mocking the homeless

Police Chief Jim Pugel 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) A Washington police chief came under extreme criticism after a video was released in which he can be heard mocking the homeless.

Now, the acting Police Chief of Seattle, has apologized for appearing in a 1986 video with other officers mocking the homeless in what the police department of the city said this week was an ugly piece of history.

Acting Police Chief Jim Pugel, who is carrying out radical reforms following a 2012 report from the Justice Department, which found that city police routinely used excessive force, appeared in the video when he was 26-years-old.

In the 5-minute clip, which authorities say was part of a training video, released this week, showed Pugel and a few colleagues wearing beards, dancing with bottles of alcohol under a highway bridge and singing songs to the 1964 parody song "Under the Boardwalk" by The Drifters.

"Even by the standards of 1980, the Seattle Police Department found that the video is insensitive and inappropriate" Pugel, who was appointed to his post earlier this month, said in a statement Thursday. "I regret my participation and professionally I apologize for my role in it. I do so publicly. I’m really sorry," he said.

“His participation in such a video seriously raises the concern that this chief might be unfit to lead the police department. I think the the Seattle Police Department should rather seek someone else to lead, given that the Justice Department found serious issues with the department,” Son Loomis, 47, of Seattle, Washington told after learning about the video of the police chief.

The chief takes over a department that has experienced a turbulent history with minority communities and is in the first year of a reform plan overseen by the U.S. Department of Justice to review the use of force by officers.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Girl magician, 7, seen on video performing his 400th magic show

Apoorva Mali receiving her award 
By: Eva Fett

(Scroll down for video) Who ever said that little children cannot act just like adults, and not like just any adult, but just as good as a professional.

A little girl, who is just seven-years-old, has already performed over 400 magic shows.

Apoorva Mali, of Mangalore, India, started practicing magic tricks when she was just 2-years-old, and recently picked up an award at the International Magic Festival 2013.

The genius was awarded the K Lal Memorial Trophy at the event, held at the All Utkal Magicians Club in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, last week.

Mali rehearses her magic tricks after completing her regular school programs, and can do a variety of tricks as pulling a white dove from nowhere and riding a bike while being blindfolded.

“I must say that this girl is good. When she will be all grown up she might be the best magician in the world after having started at such a young age,” Page Beam, 18, of Topeka, Kansas told after watching the video of the girl performing.

Not surprisingly, both of her parents are professional magicians. In the video below you can watch Apoorva Mali, doing some cool magic tricks.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view

Girl creates cute wedding dress from divorce court papers

Divorce papers wedding dress 
By: Eva Fett

When filing for divorce not too many people have their next wedding day in mind.

However, one art student has made an entire wedding dress ​​with divorce court papers, according to photos uploaded to the internet.

The strapless dress was produced by a 15-year-old as part of her GCSE assessment.
The amazing artist created a curl effect dress with the court documents, and was then published by the student's friend on a popular social media website, recently.

“I don’t think anyone associates divorce papers with a wedding dress. This young artist should be awarded for creativity just for linking divorce court papers with a wedding dress,” Barbie Cardona, 19, of Wichita, Kansas told after seeing the dress.

This is not the first time a special occasion dress was made from a usual household staple.
A Kansas teen created her own party dress made entirely out of duct tape.

17-year-old Brooke Wallace, from Solomon put together a Western-style dress and a suit for her date with 42 rolls of duct tape. She was awarded for her effort by being nominated for a spot at a national contest sponsored by Duck Tape design.

The wild girl spent more than 200 hours working on the design.
Wallace also made matching accessories from the tape, creating a bag and earrings for herself, and a bolo tie, bow, gun and holster for her date, Mark Aylward.

The pair could win $5000 for their school and a scholarship of $5,000 for them if they were to win the competition.

Three legged alligator disrupts U.S. Golf Tournament in Louisiana

Three legged alligator on golf course 
By: Moses Gold

(Scroll down for video) When an alligator decided it needed some fun in the sun it did not care that it is disrupting a U.S. Golf Tournament in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The U.S. golf tournament was temporarily halted when a three-legged crocodile wandered onto the golf course.

The 12-foot animal seemed oblivious to the sport and decided to bake the sun on the 12th hole.
Spectators and competitors at the Zurich Tournament Classic in Louisiana saw the reptile, nicknamed 'tripod', waddle its way onto the fairway from a nearby water hazard.

New Orleans Club members said that the Tripod alligator is known in the area and is kind of a regular.
“I watched the video and I freaked out. I can’t believe how some players just remained cool despite the imminent danger. That is some sportsmanship,” Kackie Whitmore, 21, of New Orleans, Louisiana told after watching the video.

This is not the first time an animal disrupted a major sporting event. As we reported earlier, a cute cat was able to stop a soccer game being watched by thousands and maybe even millions of people from around the world, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The major league Dutch soccer match was interrupted by the surprised cat running around on the field.
The game, which is known as football around the world is called soccer in the United States.

The game score of the Eredivisie match between FC Groningen and Heracles Almelo, was stuck at 0 to 0 before the cat made the game much more interesting to thousands of cheering fans.

The referee had to stop the game for some time, while the teams waited for the pet to be removed.
The cat was soon captured and removed by an administrator just before the break. It is currently unknown to whom the cat belonged to.

The Heracles team was possibly affected by the disruption, as they went on to lose 2 to 0 at home. The black cat may also have provided some bad luck, as the team was awarded a penalty when replays showed it should have been just a free kick.

“Pets make for some great entertainment. They are very cute and sometimes cause a lot of trouble,” Dawn Pearce, 18, who saw the game in Friesland, Netherlands told video not loading? Click here to view